thank you fine arts!

for @ladyliberty7476 who wanted some more usnavi and sonny,, aka the worlds best cousins who love each other very very much

terra-terrible  asked:

What methods do you use to make your art look so animated anyway? :0 It seriously looks great!!

Well there’s the obvious, of course. Line of Action, all that

use of weight and gravity to energize a pose, that helps show that it’s mid-motion

utilizing angles for just a lil’ extra spice

but also, there’s a sort of mentality. 

In drawings, you’ll have to get a little creative with animated expression. After all,

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In which Akaashi is probably the most cherished person on the world


screencap redraw # 3

speedpaint here!

Heh it’s alright ya don’t need to draw a part of the comic, I’ll finish it myself!
And don’t feel bad, not your fault or anything X3 I was the one who wanted to do this

Yeah I’m doing fine, and your welcome :D no, thank YOU for existing
Pop art stuff?? :00 sounds awesome!

Grumbles about cosplay being left out as part of “fan art”

Realizes that gif makers get almost no recognition

Realizes people sing fan songs with no recognition

Realizes people build the damn car from the ground up with no recognition

Carefully hangs plaid shirt back up in closet to fight another day

So, two years have passed, and I’m still on Tumblr.
And in these two years a lot of things happened. I was on radar, I was on trending blogs, I had many reblogs and blue tags and I found many nice friends. I was fortunate to meet three wonderful people (and Pete) in real life.
When I started this blog, I only took photos with my iPhone, but last year in July Pete was so nice to give me his old camera (and a lens). He will get his cake, I promise.
I joined PWS, camera-raw and PWS-fine art nudes. Thank you for accepting me as a member. I really enjoy working with you all.
Many people here influenced me and my work in these two years. With support, inspiration and friendship. Some of you know that they did, some don’t know it.
I will show these blogs/people my appreciation next week.
Thank you all for this wonderful time.

She was small, I was straight

We left our love in a bedridden gate

[Basil & Claire, characters of dellbelle39’s :) ]

its transparent!


hey uh

taking a break from animation hw to um

say thank you or smthing???

thanks for all the really sweet tags that compliment my style and praise my expressions and just generally-REALLY nice stuff?

idk this is already weird i just feel like i should express my gratitude cause reading tags and getting asks like, it all makes something I love doing all the more worth while and I’m really, really thankful for that.

sorry to intrude on your feed okaayyy