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The Only Exception - Part 5

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Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: you don’t believe in romantic love, you find it pathetic. But maybe, you make an exception when you meet James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.

A/N: after a loooong time, I am finally back with another chapter of this series I love so much. I have not been active these weeks because they have been exhausting, but I made some time between duties to write as to not abandon this series. As you may know, or maybe not, I am a big BIG fan of The Strokes and I have watched the shows they have done these past weeks so, there are a few things that are similar to what happened at The Strokes’ shows and the days after them. I hope you enjoy this part and thank you to all of you because you make me really happy!

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You reappear on the stage and the public goes crazy with their shouts.

“We were talking backstage guys and we said that we cannot leave you yet.” Again, your words are the reason why the audience shouts. You are lying if you say you are not excited and moved when you see that all these people are here to see you and your band. “Ok, we ready?” you ask to the guys of your band, they nod with their heads and the chords of the guitars and of the bass start, then the drums follow, and so does your voice.

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Powerpuff Girls Concept Fan Art!!!

With The Powerpuff Girs being remade in 2016, I decided to make my own version of the iconic super trio in honor of CN bringing them back! I hope you guys and gals like what I thought of! You can check out my Powerpuff video on my Youtube here: Thank you!

chikas101 said:

Hi Steph!  I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while from a side line, and I’m wondering if you could help me.  I’m a Japanese johnlock fan who lives in the US.  I’m planning to visit my family in Tokyo this August and wondering if there are any friendly fans who would like to hang out in the Tokyo area or maybe go to Comiket the weekend of August 11, 12, and 13 with me.  Do you know if there a place where I can network with other fans?  Thank you so much!

Awww, Lovely!! I sadly do not know with certainty! Perhaps one of my followers will be able to help you out!! :D


Hello hey hi I’m Emma (totallyswifted) and while blogging tonight I came across the fact that I along with some others did not know a lot of Canadian bloggers who are swifties. Although we seem like a rare breed these days, I think thats bullpoopy and we’re all hiding out there somewhere! 

SO onto my point, I have decided to create a Canadian Swiftie Network. This will be a priate page where canadian fans can interact, make friends and even possibly arrange meetups and other things! 

There isn’t really much criteria for this other than:

  • Must be Canadian (Obviously)
  • Must be following me and the other fans on the network
  • Must have a blog that is at least 50% Taylor (BUT if you’re multifandom or personal you can still be in the chat, but people don’t have to follow you) 
  • You must adore the flawless human that is Taylor Swift. 

If you are a Canadian Swiftie and want to be apart of this network please submit your: 

  1. First Name 
  2. Where you live in Canada (be as specific as you like although province is a minimum.)
  3. Why you love Taylor

To me and I will add you to the chat! 

There will be NO CUTS for this network, as I hope to speak to and get to know as many of you as I can! 

Even if you aren’t Canadian I still ask if you could be kind enough to reblog this so your followers can see:) THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!

The Black Kpop Fan Network is for any black kpop fans that would like to make friends and share any of their art with other black kpop fans! Our goal is to make a place where you can meet other black kpop fans that share the same passion for groups you like and to meet black kpop fans that might live near you! 


  • YOUR BLOG MUST HAVE SOME DEGREE OF KPOP. It does not have to be a full kpop blog but at least 30% kpop 
  • YOU MUST DISCLOSE THE TIMEZONE YOU LIVE IN. This is so you do not disturb others while they sleep and to match up people that live near each other 
  • RESPECT THE OTHER MEMBERS AND ADMINS. You will be removed from the network if they is unnecessary behavior 
  • REBLOG THIS POST. It will help spread the word and get an estimate of how many people would like to join. We will only be counting reblogs. You may like this to save for later 
  • FILL OUT THE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION HERE We will only be accepting 20 members at the moment because of the number of admins. Once there are more admins we will begin to accept more 
  • IF YOU WISH TO BEING AN ADMIN PLEASE FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION HERE AFTER FILLING OUT THE MEMBERSHIP APP. Right now it is just myself so please apply! The more admins the likelihood there will be more members accepted!


If you have any question about the applications please message this blog or my main blog @tiny-mints (You do not have to follow any or the admin’s blogs but it would be nice if you did)




We love Jensen Ackles. He’s gorgeous, for starters, as well as talented, funny, charitable, and an amazing husband and father. He’s fantastic, and the Supernatural family are lucky to have him.

BUT, there’s just something about Misha.

Maybe it’s the knitting? Watching him cook with West? Seeing him wear aprons, dresses, nail polish, and baby Maison? The way he opens up and shares so much of himself with the fans, about his childhood, and his love for Vicki, about his love for his fans? Maybe it’s that when he’s done sharing with us, he shares himself with the world, with Haiti and all his other projects with Random Acts. With GISHWHES. He just shares so much.

Or maybe it’s just that you love Castiel. It’s why we’re all working together, right?

Misha gives so much to us, it’s time that we do something for him!

It’s E! Alpha Male Madness again, and right now in the semi-finals it’s Misha vs Jensen.

Voting for this round closes on Wednesday, April 9 at 5 p.m. PST.

As of this post going live, Misha is losing.

This isn’t going to be easy either, Jensen wins this poll EVERY YEAR.

And we love Jensen, we do. We just think this year it’s time we redefine Alpha Male and win this for Misha.

Voting is unlimited, so go on, vote your fingers off and win this for Misha!

Thanks again for everything you do!

-The Castiel Fan Network

on twitter @angelwarriorcas


We’re sure you all remember this recently happening during the Zap2it Social Media Showdown…

Misha went on to win that round, and to win the entire tournament, in the end being crowned as King of Social Media!

That was awesome.

BUT now we have ANOTHER Misha vs Jared showdown to fight!

E! Alpha Male Madness has reached the Elite 8, and Misha needs you to win this for him and to show Jared just what it means to fight like a girl :D

So go on, vote your fingers off all over again in support of the Overlord!

Thanks again for everything you do!

- The Castiel Fan Network

on twitter @angelwarriorcas