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Would you guys happen to know what photoshoot it was where Jin was wearing round glasses and a beige turtleneck shirt? Thank you!

This was for one of the second muster photoshoots! Big Hit posted a few pictures on Facebook here.
- Kylie

Inexpensive "thank you" for your vet

I’ve posted about this before but I cannot overemphasize just how much a simple “thank you” is to your veterinarian. We don’t hear it often enough.

Want to do something more but you’re broke? Write a really great review about your vet and post it on a few sites. Just copy and paste, no need to write something different for each one. A nice Yelp, Google, and Facebook review costs nothing and not only makes us feel good but attracts more clients for us. Vets often get lots of negative reviews related to the fact that we aren’t free, but not many people take time to write good ones.

Another inexpensive gift is a photo of your pet. I treated a very sweet parrot for cancer and we ended up seeing one another almost weekly for months. Eventually he had to be euthanized which was heartbreaking. Later on the owner sent me a nice thank you and a photograph of my patient. I really liked it and the picture is framed on my desk.

Finally, gift cards. A Starbucks or Dunkin gift card is always wonderful and it doesn’t have to be for much.

Just show you are thankful and appreciative anyway you can and I promise it will make your vet’s day.

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I don't think you understood that ask. People (at least the ones I follow) don't doubt harry's love for the band. They're annoyed that his team, his T E A M seems to be following the harry vs ot3 story. This is about what the media will say about this and not that we think harry hates the boys. It's the media and it's the perspective the gp will have with this

i understand that you’re saying this is harry’s team continuing to foster the image that harry himself has done everything he could to destroy. i’m saying he deleted EVERYTHING off his facebook. it’s not like he went on facebook and deleted their group photos or deleted everything during his time during one direction but only kept up dunkirk stuff or even anything like that. he literally just wiped it clean. that’s it??? and he’s never used facebook before for promo related items, and now his facebook is the only social media platform where they made an actual post about the snl performance - it seems like it’ll take a much larger emphasis in the future when it never has in the past (or at least for the past several years). why is it so wrong that they just wiped it clean?? it makes it easier to keep updated with the stuff that he’s doing right now. it looks better in this way, in my opinion, as the last post was what? from november 2015?? it keeps the page looking fresh for updates on his solo career, which he can certainly use that platform for, it doesn’t have correlation to him dissing the band or his team trying to imply that he dissed the band. at all.

if his team was fostering the harry v ot3 image, they wouldn’t have tweeted about the brits. harry’s social media presence is incredibly controlled right now - they could have not had him tweet his thanks or tweet his support to niall. he did. he talked about how much he loved the band in his am interview. and i’m sure in interviews to come, he’ll talk more about how much he loves the band. and i guarantee you the gp is not going on his facebook and thinking “hey why doesn’t he have any pictures of 1d” they are just going to assume that it’s been created for his solo endeavors. most fans didn’t even know he had a facebook because he so rarely use it. him wiping it clean to use for promotional purposes from here on out =/= fostering a harry v ot3 narrative

Vocabulary : on the the Internet (인터넷에서)

편집 : to edit
복사하다 : to copy
붙이다 : to paste
저장 : to save
삭제 : to delete
홈 : home
좋아요 : like (on facebook)
완료하다 : complete, finish
블로그 : blog
메일 : mail
보내다 : to send
짤 : a gif or a meme
답글 : an answer
댓글 : a comment
공유하다 : to share
중 : not an actual translatable word, more of a way to say that something is in the middle of happening. Ex : “저장 중” = “saving”, “로딩 중” = “loading”, “다운로드 중” = “downloading”
카메라 : camera
조회수 : views
전체 선택 : select all
취소 : cancel
유튜브 : youtube
페이스북 : facebook
트위터 : twitter
트윗 : a tweet
리트윗 : a retweet
인용하다 : to quote
미디어 : media (pictures, videos)
마음에 들어요 : like (on twitter)
팔로워/ 팔로잉 : followers/followings
쪽지 : DM (on twitter)
알림 : notifications
계장 : an account
맞팔하다 : to follow each other
선팔하다 : to have followed first. Ex : “선팔 감사합니다” = “thank you for following me first/on your own”
탐색하다 : to search
포스트 : a post

Don’t hesitate to correct me if you see any mistake.

Leonardo is the Head of the Hamato Family 100% Confirmed

So I messaged Brandon Auman about “Requiem” last night on Facebook and asked him just for confirmation if Leo is now the head of the Hamato family or if that position belonged to Karai and he answered that he is.

(Showing a screenshot for proof because I know how some people think on this damn website. I’m friends with him up on Facebook and I ask questions from time to time but not a whole lot. He’s an awesome guy though!

So this confirms that Splinter is officially out of the picture you guys. No coming back from the dead, no time turning events, no fugitoid here to save the day. Leo is officially the head of the Hamato clan and I’m very intrigued to see where this series goes from here. 

Leonardo, Head of the Hamato Clan and Father figure of his brothers, is officially 100% canon. 

(Thanks for not removing anything or editing anything. You’re Great

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But how will the team from your beautiful au would react to Lance 'dying' as said in an interview by Jeremy??

I’m assuming that when you’re referring to my au (thanks for the compliment btw~) you mean: how would they react to not Lance actually dying for real but to the totally not probable rumor on the internet that he might?
At first I thought about Lance jokingly asking Pidge to run all his social media accounts, so he can haunt them from grave.

But then I thought about Lance’s actual Facebook page on Earth, inactive for months (maybe longer, time in space and all the jazz) on which his profile picture is lighted candle and some people post things like: “we miss you!” and other idiots hack it to pretend a ghost.
For some reason I don’t think that this would happened to rest of the crew’s social media.


Hi there! I know I already left a review but that was before I finished this cross stitch! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. I made it into a decorative pillow for my mom and I’m giving it to her for Mother’s Day. I’m planning to share it on my social channels on Sunday or Monday (I’m still undecided on the day) and I’d love to credit you! Do you have a Facebook and Instagram page to give you the proper credit?! This was my very first cross stitch ever and I only decided to give it a try because of how cute this pattern is. I’ve included a picture of the finished piece because I’m so dang proud of it and I had to thank you again for the pattern! So… THANK YOU!

Thanks Courtney!  Glad my design was your first try.

She does those cool thrift store repaintings on her etsy!  I made one of those, but I couldn’t find a painting to paint on so I made a shitty painting that I painted better on.  It’s not done though :(


Pictures from Barbie Style stories.  Thank you to  Muhammed Bagci for posting on The Doll Cafe facebook.  I’m glad to see the Kira sculpt here.  Can’t wait for more Kira!!  Apparently the AA doll at the top is a new head sculpt.  

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The person who runs the nut hut facebook page didn't have time to keep up with the page due to personal/family reasons so she took it down :^(

Thank you for telling me! I’m publishing this so everyone knows, and in the mean time like I said, I’m going to keep the blog so all of the pictures already published won’t be lost.


Your very official very real source for the cast of the new chaos walking movie starring two adults!

Mistress Coyle will be played by the Wine Drinking Model from this image. So niche! 

Mayor Prentiss will be played by this guy! Aka Stanley from the Office! Good to see him diversifying his portfolio!

Manchee, in a shock decision, has been recast as Biggie Cheese

David Prentiss Jr Will Be Played by whichever 4chan artist made this stupid dumb ass unfunny pro-Ted Cruz meme. The idea is to reach out to the 3% minority that yell a lot on facebook posts. 

Aaron will be played by this freaking lefty’s (me) political alignment! I hope he succeeds in the role :)

Hammer, one of the Mayor’s generals, will be played by Bill Shorten australias opposition leader. It makes some sense depending on the day and how powerful the Labor Right faction is feeling that day! As his first major motion picture, Bill admits to a bit of nervousness. I say we all give Bill a big clap!

Thanks everyone for watching! will fill you in on more as the details come to me

Hello :) Wondered if you can help, I’m running a campaign for the promotion of autism acceptance and educate against autism speaks as a part of my a level media studies. I am looking for people with autism to help me out, i am currently in the process of being diagnosed, if you could please share with your followers. I am asking for anyone with autism to take a photo, draw a picture or anything. (E.g. Taking a picture of holding sign saying whatever.) about anything to do with autism, SI or anything you like. This is to be used on my facebook campaign, website and instagram all in the idea of promoting education etc. If you could please help I would be grateful, thanks. For more info please see my blog post on here. People can email queries or pictures to

let me tell you a beautiful gay story for pride month

okay so I have this cousin Celia, right? And Celia is the sweetest person of all time, just the biggest heart of anyone I know. I have always been protective of her as my little cousin but moreso since I found out she was a CSA victim. I loved her and wanted her to be happy more than anything, and it broke my heart to see her grow up struggling with severe depression and an eating disorder. once when we were still teens, I saw her social media profile list her sexuality as bisexual. I mentioned it like “whoa me too!” Because at the time that was how I identified, but she didn’t feel comfortable talking about it, so I never mentioned it again.

Sometime later she starts dating this guy named Jay and… I don’t like Jay. There’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way. He’s one of those white dudes who goes out of their way to be offensive because they think it’s funny and uses the insult “special snowflake” unironically, right? A total dillweed. BUT I concede I don’t know him well. My cousin lives a few States away and everyone seems to like him. So I kind of try to ignore my bad vibes that I’m getting and keep my mouth shut. My cousin was with him for something like seven years so I think hey there must be something about him that makes her happy and that’s what matters to me

So anyway about… A year ago maybe I get this message on Facebook asking me for my advice. Celia tells me about how the second she told Jay about her bisexuality he got really excited and started asking her about girls, whether she found random girls they met attractive. They had sex with a few together but after a while it started to make Celia uncomfortable. She told him this and he ignored it. He started pressuring her to make moves on women when she wasn’t interested. He coerced her into sex on a number of occasions… Suffice it to say, I am livid while reading this and just done with this dude immediately

Then she goes on to tell me about this girl she works with that she’s developed feelings for. She mentioned to Jay that she found her attractive (as he was always encouraging her to do)… And he became angry.

Now I should mention that this girl, Mandy, is super butch. Like… A lot of people think she’s a dude when they look at her. She’s beautiful, but definitely not conforming to social standards of how women “should” look.

So Jay gets really nasty about it. He’s super grossed out and mocks Celia endlessly about it. Celia becomes upset and tries to get him to drop it but he refuses. She starts to realize just how out of touch she and Jay had become, how they had grown apart. She still loves Jay, but he no longer makes her happy. And there’s a part of her that falls more and more for Mandy every day and worries she will miss her chance at happiness if she stays with Jay.

Of course you can imagine what I told her, so I won’t even get into it. She thanks me for my advice and says she still nervous to tell Jay or Mandy how she feels. She doesn’t want to hurt Jay either. Eventually she deletes her Facebook but keeps Instagram. I never mention the situation again because I know she needs to figure things out for herself.

After a while I begin to notice that she no longer posts pictures of Jay on IG. I become curious and cautiously optimistic but again say nothing because I know my cousin and how private she can be.

And sure enough a little while later I start seeing a very cute butch girl appear in her pictures. I am definitely optimistic now! The pictures start becoming more frequent and then really adorably cute and sappy. They are definitely dating.

Fast forward to today and Celia is head over heels for Mandy who seems like a really caring person. By the way she talks, Celia seems genuinely happy for the first time. she and Mandy are an absolutely adorable couple who are wild for each other, and Jay’s miserable butt is nowhere to be seen.

Moral of the story: Happy pride month everybody, gayness is amazing, and please make your neighborhood fetishistic heterosexual white dude miserable today!!!!

TIMELINE: February 2012

Wow. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I actually finally got this timeline done almost 6 months after I posted January 2012. That’s in part to album promo, the holidays, etc., but also due, in large part, to the scope and length of this timeline. As I’ve progressed through 2011 and into 2012, there are much more articles, tweets, pictures and videos to wade through and make sense of. 

But I think this one will be worth it.

August 2011 was what I call “bulletproof weeks.” February 2012 had a similar feel. Harry had “broken up” with Caroline at the very end of January (the same day he flew to America to start his American career wow what a coincidence) and Louis and Eleanor were barely half-assing it. These 4 weeks are so important, as I believe they were the last weeks they had where they were able to publicly display the reality and nature of their relationship without a lot of negative consequences. 

And they did not hold back.

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#Cosplayer @cheesu_does_stuff as #Zerosuit#SamusAran. #cosplay #nintendo #metroid

Regrann from @cheesu_does_stuff - The first official CheesuCosplay
picture of Zero Suit Samus Aran 😍 already up on Patreon in full high resolution as a download :* For all other peebs it is now available as a print with maximum size of 50x75 or smaller :3 just dm me 😆
Thanks again for all my precious Cheesies, without you I might had lost the will to do any Cosplay again.
Photo and Edit: @a_pretty_much_long_name
Feel free to visit me on:
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