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Dads play Dream Daddy
  • Dadsona: Wow...Why does everyone else look sexy and I look like a waffle that's been run over and left to die in the sun?
  • Joseph: -squirms uncomfortably as his secrets of being disloyal are spilled- I...Dont Wanna play this game.
  • Robert: I'm gonna bang Craig.
  • Craig: I'm gonna bang Craig.
  • Brian: You can't buy a dog?? This game is trash but I love that guy with the beard.
  • Mat: I'm glad Joseph picked his wife. I feel...heart broken, but that's okay ;u; . As long as he's happy! I should have picked Damien.
  • Damien: Tasteless. But I like Mat.
  • Mat: Aww! Thank you!
  • Amanda: Ew ew ew that angle! Gross! someone fix me!! Look at me!
  • Dadsona: Sweetie, you look fine.
  • Hugo: I have a cheat sheet to all their good endings and.. Joseph's..cult ending??
  • All: -turn towards Joseph-
  • Joseph: I told you I didn't wanna play. -nervous laughing-

Jeremy: I can turn stuff on and off, Like if I turn a car on I can move it around for a bit but it’s tiring. I can mess around with the house lights too!

Brooke: You should show them the scary thing you do with all the lights flickering Jesus.

Rich: catch Jeremy too lazy to move from the couch and using his power to switch the channel

Michael: or turning the tv off when I’m wining at a game!
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Additional Tags: One Shot, Fluff, fluff central, this is just blatant indulgent fluff, FLAGRANT abuse of pet names, Also Flug is just RIDICULOUSLY tired, Also Black Hat doesn’t know how to process emotions

When Flug gets tired, his verbal filter tends to fall through.
This can lead to many problems from snapping back when he’s not supposed to, to forgetting to elaborate and explain his thoughts.
Oh, and also he tends to call people pet names.

(He regrets that last one.)


Fair warning - this is kinda long? At least for me? ^^
If you’d like some background music - I’ve been listening to this while writing this… thing ^^

The Great Lake is calm today. There’s only a gentle breeze. It caresses Draco’s face softly as he watches the clouds on the horizon. They’re dipped in pink and gold from the evening sun, which has already vanished behind the mountains. Draco can already feel the melancholy rise from the pit of his stomach. He clutches his knees tighter to his chest as his eyes search the sky. When he finds what he’s looking for, he just stares.

The evening star.

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if Matt greeted you at the door would that make him a welcome matt

if Matt sat in a box would that make him packing matterial

if there were two Matts would that make them mattching

if Matt got married would that make it holy mattrimony

if Matilda had a child would that give her matternity leave

if Matilda ruled the world would that give her a mattriarchy

since Matt is an adult does that make him matture

if someone slept on Matt would that make him a mattress

is the daytime showing for Matt on Matt Action called a mattinee

if Matt was Jewish would he eat mattzo/mattza/mattzah balls