thank you everyone who made community so perfect

So I’ve reached my one year blogiversary! - I made this side blog due to a persistent need to draw these two idiots, mostly due to a certain bench scene and hair perfection (see my first post here). It’s been quite a wild ride since then but I’ve had a lot of fun becoming part of this little community of fans. Thanks to everyone that has encouraged me in my drawing and given me requests and comments and reblogs and likes and comments. Thanks especially to those of you who flail in the tags. That’s always a lot of fun for me to read. 

In honor of my first year here, I give you a back hug and happy Robron, god knows we need a little bit of that right now as we head into hell week. Perfect time to celebrate! Haha!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! i know my activity on here has been really, really spotty but i just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who’s stuck with me through the tornado that was 2017 & all the new friends i’ve made this year. i know i’m still really new to the bnha community but i gotta say, the reception to my aizawa and jirou both were both so incredible that i’ve like.. never in my life felt so welcomed so thank you so much for that, it was really the perfect way to end my year. here’s to another? haha, thanks. i don’t know what else to say! happy holidays and stay safe.


*squints* Does that say…

…it does! 

Thank you all so, so much… by your word of mouth, you’ve shared the magic of SDM with far more people than I ever dreamed of. The community just keeps growing!

Perfect timing, too, I’ve got a little something to give back – the 40k AMA video is done! Big thanks to everyone who submitted questions, this was definitely the best yet.

…it also has my cat Salvatore in it throughout, so that automatically makes it way better. Take a look!

(Direct link:

Big thanks to all of you that made this happen… get ready for lots more comedic craziness in the new year!