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Livestreams have become such a fun and amazing part of our cosplay lives, we’re so lucky to get to talk to you guys and interact with you!! Thank you to everyone who came to our NaruHina one, it had me cracking up so much! If you missed it and want to check it out, it’s here!

Hope you’re having a great day! <3

Patience and Faith

prompt:  We’re roommates and I heard you crying in the shower when I came home, are you okay?
pairing: destiel
tags: roommates, hurt/comfort, angst, burgers cw
a/n:  part one,  wrote this during my writing livestreams. thanks to everyone who joined, you’re amazing <3

Shopping bags bounce against Dean’s legs as he runs up the stairs. He doesn’t work out as much as he used to, so the elevator might have been a better idea. Instead, he tries to look tough and take all five stairs without ending up like an asthmatic rhino. He takes a few deep breaths when he ends up in front of his door with a red, sweaty face. He fumbles with the keys for a while, cursing under his breath because they’re slippery between his fingers.
Still cursing a little, he enters the small hall which is just large enough to get in a coat rack. He puts down the bags so he can slip off his leather jacket and hang it next to Cas’ trenchcoat.

“Hey!” He calls, but there’s no response. Maybe Castiel is focused on his school work again, or found a book in the library that he didn’t already know. Dean brings in the shopping bags himself, muttering he would’ve preferred a little help. Once he is in the kitchen and leans against the counter, he hears the sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom. He can use a shower right now too, so he decides to take a shower once Cas is finished.

Humming some AC/DC song, he begins putting away the groceries. He bought ingredients for burgers, a little surprise for his roommate because he passed his English test. It was no surprise to Dean, but Castiel had been worrying the entire week. Dean forgave all his grumpiness days ago. But Cas apologised so many times yesterday that Dean wants to show him it’s fine that he was a bit absent-minded and pettish. To be fair, it’s actually kinda cute when he’s frowning and his hair is a mess because he keeps running his hands through it.

Castiel normally doesn’t shower so long. At first, Dean doesn’t pay attention to it, but once he puts away the last bottle of coke, it occurs to him that Cas has been in there for more than five minutes now, and he was already in there when Dean got home.
A little hesitant at first, Dean walks over to the bathroom and carefully knocks.

“Cas, buddy, you okay in there?”
No answer. Dean frowns and knocks again. He puts his ear against the door, but that doesn’t really work. Just as he’s about to knock again, he hears a sound that’s definitely not the shower. It’s a sob, soft and weak. But Dean is sure, even though he never heard Cas cry before.
Castiel is crying.

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Results from the livestream c: it took long because well I had to color the last pictures and I added 3 doodles for myself which is my Fallout 4 character Marjorie, Amy Wellard from Shardlight (the game im currently into) and Tangerine my squid child of hell.

So Its written next to it whos is whos c: if you want your request cut out and sent to you privately I can do that just send me a message! Also at request, the request from Laser is for their friend so I hope their friend likes it!! 

Thanks for attending everyone it was hand breakingly fun!!


Thank you @ everyone who came to the livestream, again! ♥ I had a lot of fun!

Well then, I hope you’ll have fun as well with this silly little comic. I’m sorry, Nico, I only ever draw you in comical situations…


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I wanna thank everyone who came out to our underground Aesthetic Party you all made me feel so alive.

Can’t wait to throw another DIY Party in the future.

Shouts out to
@pagangold for hosting
@squishynoize for projection and livestream along with Unrealities Journeys
And @GeorgeClanton for being wavy.

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         Can I take it to a morning,
   Where the fields are painted gold?
And the trees are filled with memories,
          Of the feelings never told

 When the evening pulls the sun down
       And the day is almost through.
   Oh, the whole world it is sleeping,
              But my world is you.


Thanks to everyone who came to the Livestream and watched me draw this!!

I love getting to interact with all of you at my streams. You’re all such amazing people, and your love and support inspires me to keep drawing every day.

So thank you.<3

Art by me

Please do not use without my permission


Thanks to everyone who came to tonight’s livestream! I promise I drew more than just this thing haha but here’s a doodle from the stream when I went AFK for a while :)

That gorgeous Chara in the back of course belongs to @flavor-text-chara! If you don’t know what I’m referencing back there, then you should exit this blog, go to theirs, and read their beautiful comic until you understand :3


livestream requests for @ottomanliest, @madredhattie, @romanianwarrior, and @vampiressmyrnamaeve …. click on the pictures for the descriptions of the requests! thank you to everyone who came by (even those who couldn’t stay for very long) - it was really fun seeing you all!