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A week ago I had the most incredible evening. And it was all because of the individuals you see here. All of these wonderful, incredible and beautiful people seen here made a magical night all the more magical. And I am so glad I’ve crossed paths with all of them, and for everyone that I met that night. Because of them, they turned one of the hardest years of my life into something so hopeful and positive. And I am grateful to all of them. So thank you. I love all of you ❤️

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anonymous asked:

Hey Turtle, I really love all your art , you've got an amazing art style. I especially love how the way you draw bodies and proportions compliments your style. I saw this before and after Aigis pic you drew and the improvement was insane so I was wondering if you could offer any advice for improving anatomy and making your drawing look more natural. Thanks and once again keep up the amazing work!

Hmmm I can offer some of my experience in how I improved, but it honestly varies for everyone!

1) Life drawing. I took a class and it really helped a lot. Then I moved on from that and just made sure to gloss over people irl and pictures online.

2) Let people critique your stuff. Lay your heart bear for feedback so you can improve. You’d be surprised, your artist and non-artist friends alike can sometimes point out very big problems in the anatomy of your drawings. 

3) Play with shapes. Understand that the world is basically a plane, and there are objects in it. An arm is just a glorified cylinder with small curvy bits here and there. Foreshortening is just that same cylinder but coming towards or away from the screen.

4) Avoid chicken scratching your art. Use confident lines even if they don’t look good at first. Don’t be afraid of messing up or it’ll hinder your ability to get better with line quality. (Drawing with pen is very helpful. It trains your mindset to avoid erasing)

That’s all I can think of for now. Practice does make perfect, but make sure your practicing is meaningful. Don’t draw blind without a plan. Always figure what you want to work on. (EX: I want to work on arms, or the torso, body positioning, flexing, etc) I wish you the best of luck!


Bangtang needs a little push to increase their fame outside of Korea. BigHit Entertainment thinks that it’s a good plan if two of the members pretends to be in a relationship.

This is an idea I’d been working on for a while. I know I was posting my Jikook Trip AU, but some liar said that I stole their idea and Tumblr took my posts down. So, hey liar, this is for you to see that I don’t need to stole ideas from other ones 🙃

For everyone who took the time to read this, thank you so much. As always, my dm it’s always open for anyone whi wants to talk. And I’m sorry for any mistakes that I could (and I’m probably would) make.

PS: Bangtang doesn’t need any push to become more famous because everyone already loves them 💕

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You are literally the cutest person. I was going through your blog and reading your replies and I identify with a lot of what you were saying (depression, it making you want to spread positivity, your response about the person thinking you're sucking up and being taken advantage of, even a high pitched voice, lol). I'm just saying you're super cute and reading your responses made me really happy. Have a nice day.

+ nonny: hi!!! i really adore your edits and your typing style and you just seem like a really really kind person . have a great day!! <3

!!!! :+((( you guys!! like seriously okay i honestly don’t deserve this love :+( !! there are other people who do deserve it more aasjdhf but thank you for taking the time out of your day + everyone who msgs me on a daily basis w/ positivity in my inbox :+( you guys are my little family & i love you guys sm askjdhf here’s me hugging everyone + crying yeup ok ily please stay safe kids + stay hydrated 

Beta-Testers Chosen!

I have sent emails to everyone who got through to the testing! Congrats to all of those people :)

Tomorrow I will start sending emails to those who didn’t, just so as you know :)

I really did not want to turn anyone down as everyone was so amazingly supportive in their messages! Hopefully, for the next book, I will be more experienced and able to accommodate more people!

Once again I just want to say an absolutely MASSIVE thank you to everyone who volunteered! The response was so amazing, and I was overwhelmed by your lovely messages wanting to make my work the best it can be, and just giving me positive vibes- it has given me such a boost for getting Wayhaven finished, you have no idea!


First of all, I need to thank everyone for being so patient while writer’s block beat me over the head with a stick…repeatedly.  I see other authors all the time dealing with people ask rudely for the next update.  All I have ever received from you all was love and encouragement.  I hope this chapter reaches your expectations.  I was happy with the chapter earlier but when I keep looking at it, I keep finding things wrong with it.  So I hope it is okay.  

Please let me know what you think. 

I am now going to go and take more medicine for my head cold and then hopefully pass out.  I will try to take on the Demon Leo chapter tomorrow.

Love you guys!! <3


“He just went to sleep?”

“Yes! I couldn’t believe it! All…THAT…just to get me to wear his hoodie!”

You laughed at JiYoon’s frustrations. The boys were currently on stage while you two were hidden away in the waiting room gossiping about what had happened last night. Thankfully, the guys had to dull their senses while performing because it would mess with their timing and concentration. Otherwise, they would hear a lot of things you didn’t want them to.

“But, you didn’t have any…problems?” You grabbed a couple of sodas from the snack bin and handed her one.


“Yeah, like with Wonshik. I mean, you were comfortable with him doing all that?” You were concerned that given her previous situation, that she would be afraid of being closer to someone. They had been together for a while but you worried about how far JiYoon wanted to go.

“Oh! Um, strangely, no. I always thought that I’d never be able to have someone touch me again but Wonshik makes me feel different. I’m not afraid with him. I honestly don’t think it would have worked with anyone else. I-I don’t think I would have stopped him if it went further.” A heavy pink dusted her cheeks as she smiled shyly. You were happy for her.

“Well, at least you got further than I did! Ugh, I was so….frustrated. And do you realize how heavy he is? Took me forever to get him off me and rolled over!”

“THAT’S why you’ve barely spoken to me all morning?!”

You froze when you heard Taekwoon’s voice. You’d been so focused on JiYoon’s story that you hadn’t noticed his heartbeat getting stronger. You looked at JiYoon, wide-eyed, and she laughed.

“You should probably run.”

“God, no! He likes it when I do that.”

The growl you heard sent a chill up your spine. You’d left him so confused this morning when you gotten up, got dressed, and was ready to go to the venue without even waking him up. You met JiYoon for breakfast and let Taekwoon’s manager wake him up. JiYoon had done basically the same thing except Wonshik had already been awake.

You turned to see Taekwoon’s red eyes ignite before Hakyeon ushered him forcefully into the dressing room. Luckily fo you, they had only come back for a wardrobe change. What you really had to worry about was when the concert was over.

Unfortunately for Wonshik, he had come into the waiting room a little too late and hadn’t been able to hear what JiYoon had said. He walked by and gave a shy wave to JiYoon, giggled, and made a beeline for the dressing room.

Turning to JiYoon, you both rolled your eyes and laughed. As soon as the boys were dressed in different outfits, they hurried back out to the stage. You knew Taekwoon was itching to come after you. Especially now that he knew you had wanted to go further than you had last night. He never missed an opportunity.

“JiYoon, you know, we never really hang out. We live close but we never go out by ourselves. Maybe we should do something together tonight.” The tone in your voice was mischievous to say the least. And JiYoon caught on quickly.

“Oh, you’re right! We never do anything! What should we do?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. We can just walk around the town and see what catches our eye.”

You stayed until the end of the concert and then persuaded one of the managers to drive you to the hotel. Right after you arrived, Taekwoon called you.

“Where did you go?”

“JiYoon and I came back to the hotel for a bit to change clothes and such. We decided to have a girls only date since we never really hang out.”

“Oh. Okay, well, um….keep your phone on you and call me if you need something. You’ll come back to our room, right?”

He sounded so hopeful that you didn’t have the heart to even pretend to refuse him. You had yet to really discuss what happened last night nor did you reveal that Hyuk had taken a video of some of it. And you hadn’t been mad that he’d left you hanging but it was too sweet not to torture him. He was just way too cute when he got riled up.

You took a shower and got dressed. You wanted to dress in something sexy but alas, it was just not your forte. Opting for shorts and an off-the-shoulder blouse, you decided that it was the best you could do. You went to knock on JiYoon’s door to find her already dressed and ready to go. Her tight jeans and even tighter tshirt left nothing to the imagination. Although, her modesty compelled her to wear a light jacket over the ensemble.

“Wonshik would keel over.” She laughed shyly and followed you as you both rode the elevator down to the first floor.

You had only made it about a block from the hotel when you noticed the company van headed down the street towards you both. You nudged JiYoon and gestured towards the van. The van slowed a bit and the middle window lowered. In the middle seats sat Jaehwan and Taekwoon. You spotted Wonshik breaking his neck to move to the middle seat to see JiYoon.

You both threw your hands up, smiled, and waved at the group. Taekwoon’s eyes slowly traveled down your body and back up again. The action caused your face to heat up.

“Well, you ladies look like you’re up to no good.” Jaehwan snickered beside Taekwoon, leaning back as the panther all but sprawled over him to lean out the window.

“Do you want any company?” Taekwoon’s voice indicated that desperately wanted out of the van.

You curled your arm around JiYoon’s and shook your head.

“Nope. This time it’ll be just us girls. You guys must be tired from the concert. Just go back and relax.”

“I’m not tired.” Wonshik spoke up, bright blue eyes trained on JiYoon.

“Hyung, you were just passed out a minute ago until we saw the girls.” Hyuk laughed when Wonshik growled at him.

“You girls go have some fun and we’ll head back to the hotel. Don’t worry about us!” Hakyeon waved us on and spoke to the manager to drive on. Both Taekwoon and Wonshik gave Hakyeon a look that would have withered a weaker man.

You gave one more look back at the van as they drove away and made a mental promise to make it up to Taekwoon later. Maybe.

After grabbing something to eat, you both decided to just walk around and take in the town. It had been at least an hour and you were surprised that your phone had been quiet the whole time.

“You know, I hate to say it because I might jinx it, but its nice to just walk around without murderous hybrids after you.” JiYoon sighed as you took a turn down an alley that headed back towards the hotel.

“Very true. Its been a really crazy year. It definitely wasn’t what I expected when I moved here. But, even with all that, I don’t regret it. I’m happy. And I know you’re happier. Wonshik can’t stop smiling.”

JiYoon giggled and you started to say something but stopped. The hairs on the back of your neck stood up. Listening carefully, you heard Taekwoon’s heartbeat close by. Very close.

“Oh, no.”


You turned slowly and stared down the long alleyway behind you. JiYoon turned to look as well but neither of you could see well in the darkness. Plenty of lights were in the direction you were walking, but the other way was pitch black.

Finally, down at the end of the alley, you saw two sets of eyes. One blue. One green.

As soon as you saw them, you heard the growls. Adrenaline coursed through you and your heart picked up speed.

“We’ve apparently been gone too long. We’re being hunted.” You smiled a bit at the excitement.

“So, what should we do? Call it a night?” JiYoon laughed and you heard the slight challenge in her voice. It mimicked your own.

“Hell no.” You forced your eyes away from the green and looked at her. “They’re not gonna win that easily.”

After a couple of seconds, you both nodded your heads that you were ready and took off. You headed straight for the hotel with JiYoon hot on your heels.

You could hear the footsteps behinds you coming faster and faster. The sound only urged your body to run faster. You knew you couldn’t outrun a panther. But, you were definitely going to try.

You made it to the end of the alley and turned sharply to the right, heading towards the back entrance of the hotel. Everyone had used this entrance when you’d first arrived to minimize any possible ruckus. Now, it was your only choice in order to win.

You knew you could have used the front entrance and the amount of people there would have forced Taekwoon to stop chasing you. But there was no fun in that.

Reaching the door, you pulled it open and ran in. Turning around, you expected to see JiYoon come in after you but, instead, she ran past the door. You pulled the door towards you, closing it and looking through the large window, just as Wonshik ran past to follow JiYoon. At almost the same time, Taekwoon appeared on the other side of the door, smacking his hands on either side of the door jam, causing you to jump. Both of you stood there, frozen. The pure predatory shine in his eyes caused your heart to skip. He must have heard it as his lips turned in a sinister smirk. He could easily pull on the door and have you in his arms in seconds. But, that would ruin the hunt. Taekwoon preferred to play with his food.

Your hotel room was only on the third floor and the stairs were right behind you. However, you knew you would never make it. There was only one thing that would slow him down and he knew it. You just didn’t want to use it.

Hesitating only a second more, you took off again. You let go of the back door, turned and slung open the door to the stairs. You raced up the steps, almost losing your footing a time or two. You were almost to the first landing when the door behind you swung open again. You expected him to run up the stairs towards you but he just stood there.

You stood on the first landing, panting. Although there were lights in the stairwell, they paled in comparison to the green glow coming from Taekwoon’s eyes. You kept eye contact with him as you climbed the next step. He mimicked your movements and ascended one step as well. Neither of you said anything to the other. It was a silent game of cat and mouse.

When you reached the last set of stairs before the third floor landing, he began to take two steps to your one. You furrowed your eyebrows and stopped.

“You’re cheating.” You started up the stairs again to see what he would do.

“I’m hunting.” He stopped when you finally reached the landing for third floor. “I can’t take the risk that you’ll get away. I seem to remember you agreeing to be my prey last night.”

“You remember now?” A flush set upon your cheeks as you saw his eyes glow even more.

“About an hour ago. Wonshik too. I saw him at the elevator earlier and we set out to find you both.” You twitched towards the door when he set his foot on another step.

“Well, who says I still want to be your prey? Maybe I changed my mind.” He chuckled at your attempt to throw him off. It was a dark laugh and it went straight to your belly.

“Your heartbeat tells me differently.”

As soon as his foot hit the next step, you hurled yourself out the door. You heard the growl behind you and you squealed. You took off down the hallway, grabbing the key card out of your back pocket. You’d be lying if you said this wasn’t fun. You couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Thankfully, it was so late at night there were no people wandering about. You reached the door and tried to put the card in the slot on the door, hands shaking. When you got it in there you looked to your left but didn’t see Taekwoon. Before you could look to your right, and arm snaked around your waist and a short, rough growl sounded in your ear.

“Gotcha.” Taekwoon hauled you up against his chest, lifting you clear off the ground, and swiftly carried you through the door.

Once you both were on the other side of the door, he turned you in his arms and lowered his lips to yours. You had expected him to be agressive but he was the exact opposite. His lips were gentle and his hands leisurely encased your hips. After a few moments, he released your lips and placed his forehead on yours.

“Is that how you plan on carrying me across the threshold?” You laughed though you were breathless.

“Maybe. Only if I get to chase you.” He brought his arms fully around you and pulled you closer to his body. “I’m sorry I passed out on you last night. That is definitely NOT how I wanted the evening to end. I wanted to celebrate you agreeing to marry me but I drank too much. Are you mad?”

You placed your hands on his chest and looked up at him.

“I’m not mad. Honestly, you are quite cute and playful when you’re drunk. Hyukkie even gave me a video to keep forever.” You laughed at his obvious displeasure at the knowledge of evidence.

“I assume you’ve locked that away in your phone to use as blackmail later.”

“Of course. And when I need a little laugh every now and then.” You shrugged and laughed but it died quickly and he leaned down and hauled you up on his shoulder. A moment later you landed on the bed. You attempted to move away but his hand wrapped around your ankle, cutting off any escape.

“Don’t move.” He let go of your ankle and slid his hand up the length of your leg. Goosebumps rose on your skin as his fingertips stopped just underneath the hem of your shorts. His eyes slowly met yours as he crawled up the bed to hover over you. He truly looked like a big cat closing in on his meal. Black danced around the edges of his irises and you brought your hand up to cup his cheek.

“Green, Taekwoon. I have to be able to walk to the van in the morning.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, glowing green eyes stared back at you. You didn’t mind him losing control but it worked out better when you didn’t have to be around people the next day. His broad shoulders blocked out the light above and you were trapped in his green gaze. His thumb lazily glided back and forth over your thigh, coming dangerously close to where you really wanted it to be. But, of course, Taekwoon liked conversation.

“I promised my parents we would come back for a visit. Maybe we can also visit JangPil….and the hanok?”

You laughed heartedly at his suggestion. “Are you gonna bring me breakfast in bed when I lose my ability to walk?”

He chuckled because he knew he had been caught. “I’m sure I can arrange something.”

He wasted no more time and brought his hands to your shirt, deft fingers undoing the buttons. Once your shirt was taken care of, he moved on to your shorts.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to leap out of that van earlier when I saw you dressed like this.”

“I am embarrassed to admit that I had wanted to dress sexy to rile you up a bit for revenge for last night. But, I am afraid that sexy is not one of my abilities.” You reached up and tugged on his shirt until you were able to get it over his head. He grabbed it and threw it across the room.

“I really wish you could read my mind right now.” He placed a kiss on your stomach as your shorts joined the current pile of clothes on the floor. “Everything you do is sexy. Because you are you. Not just your body. Your heart, mind and everything that makes up you, is sexy.”

He took your hand and kissed the ring on your finger. He wrapped his hand around your wrist and placed it next to your head. Soon after, the other hand was secured to the bed on the opposite side. A barely audible growl rose from his chest as he brought his lips mere centimeters from yours. “And I am so relieved that you are mine. Panthers aren’t really known for sharing.”

AikyanBlog 11-21-17: Seoul.

Once again, for coming on 11/18 to
Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Club Activity LIVE & FAN MEETING Trip to Asia -Landing action Yeah!!-   IN Seoul!!

Gamsahamnida! (Thank you!)

I really wanted to talk with you all in Korean,
but my head went blank,
so I don’t think I said anything right
except for “yeoreobun”, which means “everyone”…


“Yeoreobun oneul nora boja!”
(“Let’s have fun today, everyone!”)

I even practiced that(;_;)

I’ll practice so I can have
another chance to say it!!!

This time, for Aqours’ Fan Meeting,
we left Japan, and went to Seoul!!

Everyone sang
“Landing action Yeah!!”
with us in Japanese.

…don’t tell anyone, but it made me want to cry.

Our languages are different,
but we can enjoy music together
Our hearts were connected!
I felt like everyone was so passionate!(^_^)

To everyone who came to the venue to see us,
and everyone at the live viewings,
thank you very much!

It felt like the kind of fan meeting
where were were able to close the distance between us.

“Let’s have fun!” “See you again!”
I’m always aiming
for a fan meeting just like that.

I’m looking forward
to having fun
with people in different places!!!

Wait for me~~💓

Well…in Seoul,
I ate some delicious dakhanmari…

It’s fun to eat different foods
in different places(^o^)nomnom.

Everyone, please recommend me
some of your local foods!\(^o^)/

And then,
when I got back to Japan, I watched episode 7
That scene with the first years
And Chika-chan’s speech made me cry.

And the ending theme,
“Yuuki wa Doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni!”
Have you heard it yet?

(I got the Yohane card, and I was so happy that I put sparkly stamps all over the picture)

And in this last picture, our clothes happened
to match the colors of a traffic light 🚥
First years.

       \Kyan/                                                      \Kin/                                  \Furi/

By the way,
I’ve been jumping all over the places
So sorry if this was a little hard to read…

Thank you for reading until the end!

Also, today is #HamuRiha!
Make sure you watch, everyone!

Kobayashi will do her best at rehearsal🐷



I just want to say how thankful I am for this fandom, and everyone I’ve met through it. When I started this blog, I was going through a really hard time and coming on here allowed me to escape real life problems and bond with so many people all around the world. I just want to say how much I love and appreciate everyone of you. If any of you ever need someone to talk to, or just want to say hi, I’ll always be here!:)

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank for for 1k! I’ve only had this blog for about two months, and I’ve already come so far. I love you all so much! And to thank you, I will be doing blog rates!

↳ Just leave which loser I remind you of and which Bowers Gang member is your favourite!

↳ OR, which Party Member from Stranger Things I remind you of. And which Steve’s Gang is your favourite! (Carol, Tommy H, Nancy, Steve, Barb.) even tho two of them aren’t in there, I’m counting them.

And some quick rules;
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My Commentary:


Honestly, she is the sweetest person ever. She was also one of my first friends I made on here! She met me when I barely had 50 followers.

Holy shit, Jazzy here is so amazing. She invited me to a group and helped me meet all these amazing people. She helped me get the courage to start being more Social.

They are just a giant bundle of love and sweetness and I love them.

Oof, they’re my meme dealer. They’re always tagging me in the best things, and asking the cutest, yet weirdest questions and I love it.

Don’t even get me started on this babe right here. She is the sweetest, funniest and most amazing girl I know. She is also my very best friend now and I love her. She also makes me 20% gayer hello

This lil bean here is so sweet and kind. They actually helped me come up with the idea to do blog rates and a follow forever thing. Ilysm, keep being a cutie!

Actually such a nice person. I love them so much, they understood everything I said so deeply. And I was just happy I had someone to talk to.

just a bit of a psa: my taglist for just a bet is LONG AS HELL but i promise ill tag everyone that asks. BUT i can’t tag everyone on the actual fic, so those of you asking to be on it around part 5 will most likely be tagged on a separate text post with a link to the actual fic if that makes any sense. just dont be confused if you have to click a link pls. 

also!!! idc how long it is, alright? ill do it bc i love you guys and i love that you want to be notified when theres a new part!! pls dont feel bad about asking bc i really dont care!

thank u 

yall are amazing

Thank You!

Thanks Everyone for the lovely Birthday Day wishes! ^^I had a great day with my family and coming back to your wonderful messages and art really put a smile on my face. I’m going to bed now. I’ll definitely get as much rest as I can so I can make a speedy recovery and draw more stuff for you guys!

Goodnight and thank you so much! <3

Don’t You Forget About Me

anon asked: Heyyoooo! Do you mind writing a fic where Sam and dean have a 13 year old sister and it’s basically just what it would be like if she was inserted into the scene where Jody talked about birth control at the dinner table😂? Ik ik weirdd request but I think it’d be funny. Can she like try to leave and Jody’s like ummm no you must listen to all my lecture! And like she should ask questions and make everyone else feel uncomfortable cuz like why not. ANYWAYS THANKS LOVE BYEE❤️🤷‍♀️

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, sister!reader, Jody Mills, Claire Novak, and Alex Jones.

Warnings: season 11 spoilers, talk about sex and birth control. All that stuff.

Word Count: 1,301

A/N: I’ve actually thought about this before!! So excited to finally write it. And yasss, all the gifs! Also I feel like this is a good fit in time for Thanksgiving, lol.

Originally posted by ahoyspn

You, Jody, Alex, Claire, Sam, and Dean all sat around the dinner table at Jody’s. Sitting down and having a home cooked meal as a “family” wasn’t something you got to do a lot, so you were trying to enjoy yourself, until the peace was ruined.

Dean let out a loud “mmm!” obviously enjoying the meal. “Oh, this bird is fantastic.” “When you mix it up with - the potatoes and the, the beans, you guys eat like this everyday?” Dean exclaimed.

“It’s just chicken.” Jody said.

“It’s shaped like chicken! Not a patty, or a nugget!” Sam added.

“Can we get to the case?” Claire blurted out.

Keep reading