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As a thank you for everyone’s support, I have designed a Graphig papercraft of Keith in his casual outfit that I’d like to share with everyone. If you decide to make this papercraft, please share it with me! I’d love to see your creation. Thank you for all the love and I hope you enjoy this small gift. 

Original blank Graphig template credits to Nasos (NCEmpire) (email:

Sometimes I have a reoccurring dream where i’m standing on a lake full of frozen flowers at night.

Also today I was surprised that this blog has suddenly gotten a lot of attention because one of my illustrations was placed under staff picks (0_0), so thank you so much for your support! it’s really appreciated! (i’ll try to post more from now on).

I was unsure whether to call this a follow forever or a fic rec post, since it is somewhat a combination of both? Shit, I don’t know. But I reached the 3,000 follower milestone today and honestly, I cannot thank all of my readers enough. I know I always say that I write for myself, because I do – but every single one of you helps me to push on and pursue my writing dreams with your wonderful comments, likes and reblogs. There is no feeling greater than seeing your personal opinions on my pieces, no matter if it is a detailed review, or if it is incoherent, caps lock screaming.

Thank you for supporting me, whether you have been here from the very beginning of my persona journey, or if you have only just discovered me now. I think, throughout all of my blogs, I have never created a follow forever so I believe now is about time that I show some appreciation back to the writing community of the BTS fandom. They never cease to amaze me, and I am absolutely positive they will floor the rest of you whom may have not happened upon some of these incredible writers just yet.

As a writer, your greatest source of inspiration, support and encouragement can not only come from your readers, but your fellow writers. Thus, this post is dedicated to my favourite writers who have always, without a doubt, left my hands overflowing with infinite inspiration and have left me awestruck, laughing from the pit of my belly, and even in tears at times over their phenomenal works. Feast your eyes!

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Back in 2011 a friend of mine showed me a Youtube video of two men roleplaying in Minecraft. I ended up watching the whole series of SoI and the Yogscast became a part of my everyday life.

Now, almost 6 years later, I often find myself looking back (sometimes at old fan arts) thinking about all that’s happened and changed in my life and in the group/company. It’s been quite the journey and I’m glad I became a fan back then! I’m thankful for every Yogscast member, the fandom itself and for being able to share fan art with you throughout the years!

also I have no idea what happened in 2014, maybe I hibernated the whole year 

follow forever ♡

credit for the edit @minsvga thanks buttface

WOW SO, I don’t even know where to start but I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long ass time and I figured right now would be as good a time as any because I JUST HIT 10,000 FOLLOWERS. 10k WHAT. it’s so insane to me because when I first started writing on here I had no idea I was even gonna get passed 1k so it means so much that people have actually enjoyed my writing and continued to stay with me even when I have little moments where I’m literally doing nothing except for reblogging jikook pics and gifs (like right now its literally the only thing on my blog.) I know I haven’t said it in a while but I’m so happy that I decided to make this blog because its made me so much more confident in my writing & I’ve made such amazing friends along the way!!! ♡

under the cut will be a few little things about my closest friends on here, as well as a list of all my fav blogs that I’ve followed throughout the year that I’ve been on here. again, thank you everyone for sticking around with me ily :-)

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IT IS HERE!!! Please be sure to tag Mini and Jay on Twitter (now, as of March 6 2017 8pm PST) and put in the #AskMini tag!! I do hope they see this <3

I want to thank everyone (will be in a cut below) who joined this collaboration. It honestly put me to tears just creating this and I am so honored to have joined such a wonderful community to make this amazing video. 

And to Mini and Jay, we love you sooooo much <3333

And now, the thank you’s 

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I reached 1k+ followers and I wanted to do some ruffle art or maybe give away? Well, I have to prepare first when I got time.

Thank you for the support you guys, I dunno what else to say, since I am not a woman with big words when coming to this. I wanted to say I am very happy for sticking with me. I had a lot of challenge to the rest of my path, it may be tough but I am very motivated because of you guys, especially to all my friends and to my closest. Without their words to give you determination, to keep moving on.

When I finally organize what to do for the 1k followers, I will post it.

Thank you again you guys, love you all.




I know I usually have a cute piece of art to put up here but my hubby is already hard at work for that and it will take some time, but I just couldn’t wait to thank you all! You all bring me such great joy and I hope that I bring some sort of happiness to your lives in whatever small way that I can. 

So now is the time for some shoutouts to the peeps on here that help make my world spin, friends and creators alike!

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I’m With Papa: Story of Not Giving Up

As many of you know, I have created the #imwithpapa simply to show Papa support in the time of need. To show him he has us and he is not alone.

On the 4th April, 2017 I came up with this idea to start a thread where people upload photos showing their support. A thread that was inspired by my at-the-time friend’s letter she wrote/posted on Instagram. I came up with the idea of making a collage out of the photos we will receive then later she could give it to Papa when she’ll go see them. So I came up with the hashtag ‘imwithpapa’ so we could find the pictures easily. This friend has helped me start the thread and even though we had fallen out I am still thankful for her support and standing by me in this.

People on Instagram, Facebook (and as I later found out here on Tumblr) has joined us in this. We received many photos and it was amazing to see how many people has stood by him and supported him. It started out so well then just like everything else it started going down. People mistook it and turned into into a drama. Many has bashed and attacked us because we were supporting Papa. I probably have been bullied more throughout this period than I have been in high school. Then the fandom fallen apart…

I lost it. All my faith was in Papa and I was determined to help him but seeing what was going on was overwhelming and I hated myself… I had panic and anxiety attacks for all that was going on and I was ready to give up. I just wanted to say screw it, he will not gonna get it anyway and probably he wouldn’t care after all its nothing major. Then I remembered the note he wrote to me and what he said to me…

28th March 2017, Leeds. After the gig which was my very first ritual we have stayed behind to meet him and we did. He was absolutely lovely and patient. I had really bad anxiety, I was shaking and stuttering yet he still smiled and patiently signed all the shit I gave to him, then… I bit the bullet and asked him. I wanted something from him what I can get tattooed, something that will remind me of that day, remind me that things will be okay. So with shaking hands I handed him my note book asking him if he could write Never Give Up and sign it for me as I would like to get it tattooed. The first thing he said was: It won’t look anything gothic though. I explained to him why I want to get it tattooed, and explained that I am going through a tough time and I just need a little reminder. He nodded and said he’ll sign it like he does with his albums. So he took his time to write/draw it, then once he signed it he gave the note book back to me, as he did that he looked at me and said: 

I know things seems tough, but things will get better” as a cynical asshole I was I straight away without thinking I replied with: 

Yeah… that’s what I’ve been telling myself the past two years” wasn’t the most polite and smartest answer, now was it? yet… He still turned back to me and said:

Believe me, things WILL get better” 

Remembering back and looking at that note has reminded me how he changed my life, and how I should never give up. I want him to be proud of me and that his words meant something to me and wasn’t just a speech that went straight through my head. So I swore in that very moment no matter what will happen, no matter what people will say; I won’t give up. I will stand by him, I will stand my ground and support him no matter what. 

And I did. 

No matter how much people bashed me, or the names they called me I kept it going. I kept standing by him, I kept strong and didn’t let anyone break me. I have stood my ground. I started it… I’ll finish it

And here we are. After 3 months of pretty much constant bashing, insulting and bullying I have finished it. I made the collage it was just the matter of giving it to him somehow. A very dear friend of mine have offered to do that for me. 

She did. And this is what happened (taken from my friend’s instagram post ) :  I told him, This is for you my friend Danny worked really hard and never gave up on doing this and the way his face lit up when I handed him the paper was priceless, he kept staring at it and touching it and repeating “oh wow…thank you..really thank you..thank you to you and your friend." 

I did it. After all that I was going through I reached my goal. Throughout my whole life I always given up. I always thought giving up is easier than fight for it, but not this time. Thanks to him for him I stayed strong and stood my ground and the reward? Knowing that he knows how much we love him, and no matter what we will support him is more than anything I could ever ask for. We made him speechless and we let him know we always be there for him and that’s all that matters. 

In life you will always run into obstacles, something always will happen that will bring you down but the most important thing is to get up and believe in yourself. Fight for what you love and stand for what you believe in. If you do that you will reach your goals. Don’t give up. 

Lastly I would like to thank each and everyone of you who supported him and helped me create the collage for him. Without you this would not have been possible and I’m With Papa would not have a meaning. And thank you to my beautiful darling Savannah, my queen, my babygirl, my everything for always supporting me and helped me throughout the past few months.

Thank you,

Papa T. aka square.hammered


I just hope that you guys can enjoy staying here and enjoy my arts as much as I enjoy it myself 😊 🙏🙏✨ and last words, keep shipping Otayuri guys ahahahaha //sending lot of kisses and hugs 💕💕💕