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pairingkim namjoon x reader
genre /warnings smut, santa! namjoon, SANTA ROLEPLAY (honestly if you’re not into it then don’t read bc getting freaky with santa isn’t everyone’s cup of tea), dirty talk, kinda cracky, kinda fluffy?? etc etc

summary— it’s christmas eve and you and Namjoon are about to partake in some peculiar roleplay… 

author’s note: look who couldn’t stay away for long. This is the result of a sex dream I had about a *cough cough* REAL person I KNOW, and I really needed to vent and write this out, so here we are! I want to thank Ave for sending me that grinch santa porn, my curiosity probably stemmed from there!! But OBVIOUSLY namjoon isn’t dressed up as the grinch……that would just be weird, right? Right??? Also, Amy this one is for you!! I was thinking of you when I wrote the mistletoe in!! ENJOY, EVERYONE….maybe…../sweats profusely/

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Do you want to share a list of fics that have made you cry? I'm in need of them. Thank you!

Oh anon, I love you. Thank you for giving me something to do. LOL! YES! I would LOVE to. I’m going to preface this with the fact that I cry VERY easily and for many reasons, but I don’t do well with SUPER heavy angsty fics (like the brain cancer fic) so, read this list with that in mind. And read the tags, just in case!

Fics That Made Me Cry

like a bastard on the burning sea by vashtaneradas

au; harry breaks louis, louis breaks everything.

the impossible now by stylinsoncity / @alienproof

A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction.

Take My Breath Away by @realitybetterthanfiction

There is a prestigious school in the British Royal Navy classified as Premier Delta - or as it is known by its flyers, 1D. These select pilots are an elite set of Naval lieutenants who are trained in the skill of aggressive aerial combat. They are instruments of war, trained in times of peace. They are dogfighters, relentless and fearless in their mission to protect their beloved country. From their lofty vantage, they are always watching, waiting, and ready to lay it all on the line.

Lt. Harry Styles, call sign Sparrow, is a prodigy when it comes to flying. The owner of an unrivaled Naval pedigree, being a pilot was always written in the stars for Harry. With his trusty RIO, Lt. Niall Horan, Harry has made an unprecedented ascension in the ranks of the Naval aerial combat elite, and has been recruited to the esteemed Premier Delta flight school, carrying on his family’s legacy. What he finds there are unexpected friendships, perilous challenges, and something beyond what he ever thought possible. Because as his father had always told him, before the great Captain Styles went tragically missing in combat, you don’t fall in love with the sky, you fall in love with what keeps you on the ground.

No One Does It Better by nodibs

Harry’s an alcoholic and Louis is a bartender. The first time they meet isn’t the first time they’ve met.

Tug-of-War by @cherrystreet

Louis’ husband dies suddenly and he is left with nothing. Well, not really nothing. He has Harry. And a St. Bernard puppy named Link, whom his late husband left behind for him. Louis takes care of Link and Harry takes care of Louis. Everything is okay until suddenly, it isn’t.

a grocery list pinned to blue by dangerbears

AU. after eight years, louis finally has everything he’s wanted. except for harry.

finding you was so hard (but loving you is easy) by togetherwecouldbealright

An incredibly shameless vampire!AU filled with stupid jokes, endless dates, flappy bird, a bro man dude pal sleepover thing and there also might be some sex in strange places.

Also known as the one where everyone is a vampire, Louis is oblivious and somewhere along the way it becomes a bit too much like Twilight.

Then a string of thoughts make themselves clear in Louis’ head. First, Harry is a vampire. Second, Louis is a dumbass. Third, Louis is also unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. Fourth, he’s pretty sure he just quoted the back of the Twilight book.

I’ll Crash Until You Notice Me by stylinsoncity / @alienproof

Louis sets off to Barbados to oversee the massive resort his family owns known as Sandy Hill. For years, he’s been looking for a change in the monotony of his life, seeking adventure and perhaps love too. What he doesn’t expect is the bright eyed boy who spills a milkshake on his shoes.

Cue the summer loving.

Your Name is Tattooed On My Heart by mcpofife

Louis is ready to find the love of his life, but first he has to stop falling for the punk rocker next door.

210 Days by @cherrystreet

Harry is in the army and Louis is back in New York. Together, they get through Harry’s six month leave by sending a series of letters back and forth. They’ve done it before, and they can do it again.

And down the long and silent street by @whimsicule

The year is 1881 and if you’re alone in this world you might as well be dead, because starving dogs have no mercy.

Or: Wherein Louis and Harry are on the opposite ends of the social ladder, but their paths still cross on the filthy streets Louis calls his home. The odds are staked against them from the beginning, and even more when Louis’ past finally catches up with him.

Save your loving arms for a rainy day by BriaMaria / @briannamarguerite

“What’s got your panties in a twist, then, pop star?” the man finally asked, his gaze returning to Louis’ face.

Something pressed against Louis’ chest and for a moment Louis let himself wonder what it would be like to let all his secret spill out. To fall into the space between them and be devoured by this stranger. Terror mingled with bliss, tangling into a sharp throb he had to swallow hard against.

“Absolutely nothing,” Louis said instead. “Happy days, yeah?”

The man clicked his tongue once, a disappointed, wet tetch that Louis felt. Actually felt.

“My mistake.”

Louis turned desperate eyes on him, blinking too fast. He could see his own lashes flutter. “I’m living the dream, mate” he said and even he could hear the way his voice cracked along the edges. “What would I have to be upset about?”

Or the one where Louis is a pop star who has lost his voice and Harry helps him find it.

Finding Lou by stylinsoncity / @alienproof

Louis is the nomadic stranger who wanders into Harry’s bookstore. Harry is the skeptic who falls for him.

things have gotten closer to the sun by starseas

it’s strange, making the choice to face his past—it almost feels like he’s heading for the sun straight on, like he’s screaming come on and burn me, i deserve it.


when a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand.

Gods & Monsters by velvetoscar / @mizzwilde

The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Harry Styles. Not once did they discuss the option of Louis actually falling in love. So, naturally, that’s exactly what he did.

I really want to include Where Your Heart Is, because it’s one of my favorite fics, but it’s been deleted. I haven’t read Fire for A Heart because it’s TOO much for me to read MCD, but I’m sure it would make you cry. It’s also been deleted, but if anyone wants either of them, you can download them from here

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you know I had to do it to em: Senator!Ben and Jedi!Rey at a senate masquerade ball, please and thank you <3

send me senator/jedi prompts! 

“You know, Senator,” drawls the Chancellor, his hand on Ben’s shoulder as he surveys the ballroom, “I think it’s high time you found a wife.”

“A wife?” Ben sputters. “I—erm, I don’t think my work allows the time for—”

“Nonsense!” he retorts. “Think of your mother! And Force knows your grandmother found enough time, even on the eve of the Clone Wars, to contract a secret marriage with a Jedi.”

Ben coughs loudly into his fist. 

“Now, I have a little project for you,” says the Chancellor, pausing and turning toward the edge of the room, where a solitary figure stands by the window. “Take a break from all your political talk and see if you can’t draw that lovely thing out of her shell. I can’t for the life of me tell who she is.”

Ben studies the young woman under the Chancellor’s finger. Her hair is drawn up in a magnificent array of twists; her mask feathered, long and mysterious over her face; her slim, athletic figure outlined by a delicate gown of blue-grey satin that clings to her tanned, freckled skin. He thinks dimly of Rey, and something like shame twinges in his chest, but he can’t resist approaching the mysterious creature who lurks in solitude at the edge of the floor.

“You know,” he says slowly, “you’re the only one here that the Chancellor didn’t recognize.”

“Am I?” she murmurs in response, tilting her head. “Then I’m only one who truly committed to the spirit of a masquerade.”

“Yes. Yes, I suppose you are.” There’s something familiar in the curious yet mocking tilt of her head, the long, freckled slope of her neck—

“Do you dance, Senator?” she asks in a curt, clipped tone, drawing him sharply out of his reverie. 

He gulps. “Occasionally.”

“Well,” she answers, taking his hand, “I think this is as good an occasion as any.” 

They move to the middle of the floor, much to Ben’s chagrin, and begin a slow step as the music starts up. “You’ve trapped me in a waltz,” he mutters apprehensively.

“Don’t worry,” she responds, fingers tightening over his shoulder. “I’m a good teacher.”

Ben gulps, doubting her. But as they dance, he feels his uncertainty bleed out of him, and he moves lightly, dreamily, as if his feet are conveyed by the Force itself—

Suddenly it all comes together: her small, sinewed hand in his, the soft bow of her mouth, the Force light and almost gleeful around them. “Rey!” he hisses lowly, in shock. 

A half-smile shades her lips, and she murmurs, “I was beginning to think you weren’t as clever as they say, Ben Solo.”

Ben blinks, startled, and studies her eyes more closely, notices now the telling flecks of gold that swim in her green-brown irises. “But you—my uncle—I thought you were accompanying him to Ahch-To.”

“I was,” she responds. “We came back a day early, and I thought I’d come here to make sure you were safe. Discreetly, of course.” Her lips twist into a scowl. “It’s a good thing I did. Do you always dance with alluring strangers when I’m gone?”

“I—well,” he sputters defensively, “are you really going to blame me for that?”

She quirks an eyebrow. 

“You’re you,” he murmurs, cheeks heating. “Somehow, deep down, I sensed it.”

Her answering smile is soft, and it flashes as if with starlight. “I know.”

In time the music slows, and they draw closer together, there before half the Senate, and the wealthy banking classes of Hanna City, and all the richly dressed ambassadors and tradesmen from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. It sends a thrill of triumph through his blood, and his grip grows tighter around Rey’s waist. 

When the music draws to a close, Ben draws her off to the edge of the floor, lifts her hand to press a chaste kiss to her knuckles. But his eyes flicker up to hers, catch a mischievous spark in their shifting green irises, and he turns her hand to kiss her palm, now her wrist, now —


“Hmm?” he hums into her forearm.

“People are staring,” she whispers.

“I know, Jedi,” he says, pulling her into his arms. “Thrilling, isn’t it?” Now he bends to kiss her, his lips a mere whisper — or maybe a promise — over hers. “I think you should come to masquerades more often.”

This is Taylor (@welcometonewyork-13​) and I at the last show of the 1989 World Tour in Melbourne on December 12th, 2015 aka the last time we saw you. We live in Sydney (me)/Wollongong (Taylor). We met 3 years ago at the Sydney Swiftnic when you were in the country for Shake It Off promo. We both had doubts about going but we faced those fears and did. And if we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have become best friends. Since then, we’ve both gotten jobs. I’m a happier version of you in Ours with my own desk with photos of the loves in my life and Taylor is teaching the future that you are our future queen. I moved out of home while Taylor moved homes. I had my first heartbreak and Taylor picked up the pieces. I had to move back home and Taylor supported every move I made. I’ve driven 2 hours every few weeks south to see Taylor where she is always welcoming me back. And on December 28th, 2017 we depart on the biggest adventure so far of our lives when we come to New York City for New Years Eve and most of January. @taylorswift we want to thank you for bringing us together and for introducing us to the city of New York through your music. If you have any recommendations, send them over!


Author: @punkof-pop
Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of alcohol
Request: Anon: 2, 25 & 44 of the holiday prompts with theo? love your writing so much.
Fireworks gif credit: (x)
A/n: Thank you <3 I hope you enjoy this :)</i>
Winter/holiday masterlist

Prompt list
Winter/holiday prompt list

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Top 3 Fave Jazekiel Moments (requested by anon) 3/3

And, of course, we have this scene from ‘and the Eternal Question’ where Ezekiel ‘doesn’t do punchy’ Jones is able to do all this. Which is mostly being Jake’s makeshift weapon, but still, you can’t convince me they haven’t practiced this before. Also: (Ezekiel’s chest peaking through his shirt. jk. not really tho.)

  • A) Obviously, there’s the “I can’t do this alone.” “You got me.” “Glad you feel that way.” exchange which was amazing and one of the highlights of this episode.
  • B) Like, really, we know Jake has been training with Eve, but I feel like Jake’s gone to Ezekiel after a few of their sessions and been like, “Dude, you gotta let me show you how to do this.”
  • C) That arm-holding-while-running is both really cute and really unnecessary.
Under the Mistletoe

Request:  Can you write a Christmas imagine about Jason repeatedly trying to get Dick and the reader under some mistletoe? Please and thank you 😊

Word count: 864

Warnings: None

Tagging: @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @little-lesbean-queen @geeky-girl-394 @gokusanfan @ti0261 @batfamily-imagines @lucianacornwell @angstytodd @yj-tt-batfam-forlife @lovingmytelevision @aworldwideapart  @loverandomness2    @pinkwitch21 @schninner-writes-some-stuff @comicbookworm @ms-crxne  @alohalisha @tweedledee84

(wanna be tagged? just send me an ask!)


Requesting rules (for when request are open)

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jk jk is all good love you all!! So recently many of you have followed me and i just want to say hi and HAPPY HOLIDAYS :D  

If any of you would like to talk to me or anything just send a message or an ask and ill be more then happy to respond :)

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I hope you have an amazing new years eve! Also Kori, she deserves a special new year! :3 But seriously this year went by in a flash and yet I can't wait for the next one. My lucky number is 18 so I have a good feeling for next year. I hope I can send that luck to you. 😊

Thanks a skeleton! Me too! :D

Pretty sure Kori will have lots of fun in the next year. XD

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"This is, by far, the dumbest thing you've done."

Thank you for sending this in! (And I’m really sorry for how long it’s taking me to reply to these prompts… If you sent one in and haven’t seen it yet, I swear I’m still working on it! I’m just slower than a turtle wandering through peanut butter right now.)

Because I haven’t written a Medical AU for these two yet (and that’s pretty much required for me) I decided to try that out with this one. Enjoy Dr. Cassian Andor treating Jyn on a snowy Christmas Eve!


“This is, by far, the dumbest thing you’ve done.”

“Bodhi,” Jyn hissed through her teeth, clutching her arm – her definitely not broken arm – to her chest. “I really just need to you to drive without judging my life choices.”

“I’m going to either be judging you either internally or externally. Take your choice as to which one,” Bodhi countered, glaring sideways at her as he made a turn into the hospital parking lot. “You decided to race my boss’s boyfriend across a frozen parking lot wearing heels.”

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Hi guys! I need your help.

A short while ago I reached a follower milestone (2k people!!! wtf????) and I wanted to do something for that. Now this something can sadly not be too long, because I am currently in my exam year and school is killing me


I have thought of something fun (I think), which is a drarry advent fic. Basically, I am going to post a fic every day of advent, starting on the third of December and ending on christmas eve. It’s one fic with 21 short chapters. 

I won’t disclose the plot just yet, but it would help a great deal if you send in gift ideas. These would be gifts from Draco to Harry, so basically

Send me ideas for what you think Draco would give Harry for christmas in 8th year

This can be an actual gift (like a sweater or a kitten), but also a quote. An encouraging message. A drawing (and I will kiss the ground you walk on if you actually make me a drawing). A photo. Anything. 

Thank you for reading this far, and I hope this won’t fail

roll call for diverse dragon age inquisitors!

My name is Ev and im Creating my first Zine featuring diverse inquisitors (Wether it be racial, body types, genders, sexualities, etc)

 I only have about 4 inquisitors lined up for the project and i’m looking for about 20 total!! Please send me a message or ask INCLUDING references of your inquisitor, their gender, pronouns and sexuality (for lgbtq inquisitors so that i can include lil pride flags)

Those who participate will get a free PDF copy of the book + having their inquisitors drawn in full color by me!

Thank you! And please spread the word by reblogging if you can! c:


I chose my contest winners! 😆🎉🎉 There were so many amazing entries for my Femina and Fauna Cosplay Contest with Dark Horse Comics that It was such a tough decision 😅all of you blew me away, truly you are all outstanding 🙌🎊….. but i did find my grand prize winner Kristi (@fox_frazier) for her cosplay of my painting The Beekeeper !!! 👏💙💛 The look you created was so soft and pretty and like my painting came alive! 😍 Congrats girl!! You won the copy of “Femina & Fauna 2nd Ed.” with a sketch inside and a signed print of the “The Beekeeper” 😄 And I’m not done yet! I chose 3 more, my 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners which will get a copy of my new art book! First Place is Melissa (@melissamadfx) who did “Eve”, Second Place is Camille (@ceemilo) who did “Aria” and Third Place is Kim (@theamazingspiderkim) who did “Sweet Peacock” 😄🎊🎊 I loved all of your looks and it made me so happy to see such creative interpretations of my paintings!😚 Thank you so much! 💕 And a big thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. 🤗💝 I chose some runner ups that I’ll send a postcard too signed by me with a thank you note!! You’re all so lovely and I appreciate your support! 🙇❤ Big Hugs and I hope you had as much fun as I did! 💟

100 + Followers?????



In case you came late to the party, to celebrate reaching 100 followers, I am taking COSTUME DESIGN REQUESTS! Just in time for All Hallows Eve! I will take any character and sketch them in a new get-up of your choice!

Just send me an ask or put it in the comments!

Thank you to all of you!!!! Shout out to every one of my followers! You are all lovely people!

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Hewwo! I wanted to give you a prompt! You’re prompt is “drunk cuddles.” Do what you will, but maybe keep it more on the fluffy, cutesy side. Thank you! Keep up the good work btw 🖤🤘

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! it’s now 12am and no longer Christmas Eve where i live but i still thought this would be cute as a Christmas Eve thing.

Thank you for this prompt!! I hope it wasn’t too short.

everyone, remember you can send me prompts (: fluff, smut, angst, you name it. i love to write your shit.

It was Christmas Eve night. Dan and Phil were up North spending their holiday with the Lesters. Both were happy and content. Dan still had yet to see his family, and while he wasn’t looking forward to it, being able to spend time with practically the other side of his family made him feel even more content.

The day had been warm, in a sense. Both woke up not too early and well rested, taking a train to get to Phil’s parents. Martyn and Cornelia greeted them first, many hugs were exchanged. Phil’s mom even slightly teared up once she wrapped her arms around Phil.

They all laughed plenty during dinner. Finally came the time they all sat to watch a Christmas film. This was the time alcohol was brought out.

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didn't washington have not so good relationship with his stepson?

George Washington first met John Park “Jacky” in mid-March of 1758 when he courted his mother Martha Dandridge Custis. Jacky was on four years old at the time. While Washington adopted both Jacky and his sister Patsy, they retained their Custis surname. The children arrived to reside at Mount Vernon with their own slaves–Jacky’s was a ten year old named Julius. In his diary, Washington sometimes referred to his stepchildren as “Jacky Custis” and “Patsy Custis” as if they were visitors.

Although Washington enjoyed his children, “his formal presence tended to freeze their jollity.” His adopted grandson said, “They felt they were in the presence of one who was not to be trifled with.” He doted in Patsy, a girl who enjoyed music, while Jacky studied the violin and flute. He also hired a dancing master at Mount Vernon for the two children. Washington once himself stated that he had a more relaxed style with girls and that he could govern men not boys. Jacky shared many traits with his late father and the differences he had in temperament with his step-father created issues. Washington was harsh at the same time he was reluctant to apply discipline to Jacky.

Jacky was outwardly sweet and affectionate towards his mother but showed a degree of reserve and disrespect for Washington. His feckless nature was intolerable to Washington and he found himself in a predicament of wanting to disciple Jacky for his actions without seeming brutal to his wife. Towards the end of 1767, Washington sought to find a new teacher for the thirteen-year-old and contacted Reverend Jonathon Boucher, an Anglican clergyman who ran a small academy for wealthy boys in his home near Fredericksburg. In his introductory letter, Washington described Jacky as “as promising boy” who was “untwining in his morals and of innocent manners” but confessed his “anxiety to make him fit for more useful purposes than a horse racer.” Washington rode to Boucher’s school with Jacky, Jacky’s personal slave Julius and two horses.

Boucher’s first letter home described Jacky as a little angel, “a boy of so exceedingly mild and meek a temper” that Boucher worried he might be too artless, with “all the harmlessness of the dove” and none of “the wisdom of the serpent.” He concluded, “I have not seen a youth that I think promises ferried to be a good and useful man than John Custis.” However, a year later, Boucher whistled a different tune. “You will remember my having complained of Jack’s laziness, which, however, I now hope is not incurable,” he wrote to Washington. Later he wrote, “The chief failing of [Jacky’s] character are that he is constitutionally somewhat too warm, indolent and voluptuous.” He added, “Sunk in unmanly sloth, [Jacky’s] estate will be left to the management of some worthless overseer and himself soon be entangled in some matrimonial adventure.” Jacky saw little need to apply himself to his studies.

Martha Washington was a very overprotective mother who would not allow her son to swim because she feared he would drown. In the end, Jacky became so uncontrollable he began staying with other friends after his lessons and often spent the night elsewhere. “I would beg leave to request,” Washington told Boucher, “that [Jacky] may not be suffered to sleep from under your own roof … nor allow him to be rambling about at nights in company with those who do not care how debauched and vicious his conduct may be.” Boucher soon admitted he’d “Neve did in my life know a youth so exceedingly indolent to so surprisingly voluptuous. One would suppose nature had intended him for some Asiatic prince.” Boucher suggested the best way to control Jacky was to send his two horses back to Mount Vernon but Martha, his mother, refused.

Washington attempted to give his stepson everything education wise that he never got to have. He monitors Jacky’s education so narrowly because he took seriously his role as guardian of him. Early 1773, Washington found it high time to send Jacky off to college. For Martha, College of William and Mary would of been desirable considering it’s location, but Washington wanted to send Jacky off to College of New Jersey, however, Boucher wanted to steer him toward King’s College. After, Washington was decidedly in favor of King’s. In December of 1771, unfortunately, Jacky began to court Eleanor “Nelly” Calvert. Washington disapproved of the marriage but told Mr. Calvert to wait for marriage for two or three years until Jacky had completed his education. 

When Jacky returned to Mount Vernon, he had with him in tow Charles Willson Peale who painted a portrait of Washington while there and miniatures of Martha, Patsy and Jacky. In May 1773, Washington accompanied his stepson to New York City and enrolled him in King’s College. Instead of socializing with other students, Jacky dinned with President Myles Cooper and his turbos. “I believe I may say without vanity that I am looked upon in a particular light” by the faculty, Jacky told his mother. “There is as much distinction made between me and the other students as can be expected.” He also bragged he and his friend Joe had their own suite rooms. When Patsy, his sister, died, his fiancee, Nelly, was staying with the Washington’s and her presence proved providential and she stepped into a huge emotional void left Patsy’s death, becoming like a second daughter. 

During their first year of marriage, after Jacky dropped out of King’s College, Jacky and Nelly divided their time between Mount Airy and Mount Vernon, despite Martha’s wishes that they move permanently to Mount Vernon. Washington found solace that her son, of whom she was so attached to, may now provide emotional support for her and care for her. He asked Jacky and his bride to stay full time at Mount Vernon. While Washington was in Cambridge, on November 16th, 1775, accompanied by Jacky and Nelly, Martha piled into a carriage set for this destination. They arrived on December 11th, 1775 have not seen him since May. Washington soon pressed Jacky into service as a messenger. 

In a letter in which Jacky intended to be solely about his mother’s recovery from her smallpox inoculation, he used the occasion to express gratitude for everything his step father had done for him, thanking him for the “parental care which on all occasions you have shown me. It pleased the Almighty to deprive me at a very early period of life of my father, but I cannot sufficiently adore His goodness in sending me so good a guardian as you, Sir. Few have experienced such care and attention from real parents as I have done. He is best deserves the name of father who acts the part of one.”

Martha, temporarily away from her husband at Mount Vernon, was there to witness the birth of her second grandchild to Jacky’s wife on New Year’s Eve in 1777. However, Jacky soon dwelled in selfish ways when he stalled in settling debts to his stepfather so he could repay in cheaper currency. With four children, Jacky took up residence at Mount Vernon in Washington’s absence and even named his last child George Washington Parke Custis in honor of him.

Jacky, in 1781 volunteered his services as an aide to Washington while before contributing only modestly to the war effort. Amid the unsanitary conditions at Yorktown, Jacky contracted camp fever and, knowing the condition most often to be fatal, expressed a last wish of witnessing Cornwallis’s surrender. He was carted thirty miles to Eltham in New Kent County, the estate of his uncle and his mother, his wife and his father-in-law were summoned to attend to him. By the time Washington arrived he learned the doctors had failed and Jacky was dying. The young man expired a few hours later, three weeks before his twenty-seventh birthday. On French observed remarked that Washington had a profound emotional response to Jacky’s death and was “uncommonly affected.” Washington remained in Eltham, attended to Jacky’s funeral before escorting his stepson’s recent widow and his wife. 

Jacky left behind three small daughter and a baby boy. The Washingtons decided to adopt informally the two youngest children, Eleanor Parke Custis, then two years old called “Nelly” and George Washington Parke Custis, seven months old. Washington took seriously his duties toward the children and wrote in his will that it had “always been my intention, since my expectation of having issues has ceased, to consider the grandchildren of my life in the same light as I do my own relations.”

Jacky Custis left behind a murky legacy. Many years later his eldest daughter Elizabeth, raised by her mother and stepfather told how her father would hoist her on a table and forced her to sing indecent songs that he had taught her in order to divert his inebriated friends. “I was animated to exert myself to give him delight,” she wrote. “The servants in the passage would join in their mirth and I, hold my head erect, would strut about the table to receive the praises of the company. My mother remonstrated in vain.” Because he had not had a son until later, Jacky told his guests that little Elizabeth “must make fun for him until he had.”

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Headcanons for a tall Omega who gets picked on/ bullied?

~ Everyone thought they’d present as an Alpha or Beta
~ Gets picked on by other Omegas
~ Alphas make fun of them for being “alpha like”
~ “Nobody will want to be mates to such a tall Omega”
~ “Alphas won’t like that”
~ The omega has mostly only beta friends
~ Family always making comments on their height
~ Sam Winchester
~ People staring while the omega is at the mall trying to find clothes
~ Eventually meeting their mate who’s a tall alpha that loved their height

It’s Christmas Eve for me!! I might not be on at all tomorrow but feel free to send in asks or submissions and I’ll get to them when I’m able!! Thanks for the ask and I hope you enjoy anon~
I don’t do ships.

People asking for ships based on their body types, I never said I would do that. After the body ships I did (and eve though they went great and everyone loved them) I started feeling really bad about it. I don’t want anyone feeling bad about their bodies or creating some type of stereotype based on on who I ship each person with. The members would like ppl based on their personalities I’m sure more than their looks. Plus, who am I to tell you smtg like that? We’re all beautiful human beings so please stop sending your body type and asking for ships. Thank you 💕

So It’s Xmas Eve again. 3 years ago today I read my first Johnlock fic…and meta…and more meta…up till the early morning in my partner’s Grandmother’s house in Sussex in front of the fire.

I know things have changed in the last year here but I love you all.

Thinking of you all this xmas eve/xmas…I know I’m shit at keeping in contact with a terrible mix of work and anxiety, but I am really thankful for the friends I’ve made here @hudders-and-hiddles @watsonshoneybee @sofficisaffiche @bimartin @ewebie @glassofgaytea @heimishtheidealhusband @librarylock @miadifferent @twocandles @pukajen @vanetti @toxicsemicolon @mollydobby @ladymacphisto @thechristmasrapture @hotsmugstache @atikiology and all those I’ve either stupidly forgotten, those who have changed their URLs and ?? (anya…dante…etc…lol), or who we’ve lost from this site.

Anyways. You all mean so much to me. Whether the holidays are great or suck for you, I’m sending you all my love. <3