thank you eoin


I know some of you may not see it as a big deal but…
I never thought I would get this far, both in followers and the blog itself. Never thought I would have stuck with it this long.

But thank you all for your overwhelming support and kindness that you have given me, this story and the characters involved! Ya’ll have stuck with me through choppy/long updates and through my various breaks that I’ve had to take.

Just thank you all so much for your support <3 <3 <3 <3

take the cuffs off of him n o w
hey, it was for his own protection.
p l e a s e

I feel like Tumblr should talk about the Artemis Fowl series more. I mean we have a smart ass kid (like Sherlock) who can’t do exercise for shit and worries about his appearance, fucking fairies, a fairy who is badass and is the first female police officer, a bodyguard who can take down like 10 men at once and likes romance novels. And a girl who likes wrestling and being girly! Plus two WoC!

anonymous asked:

Hey, do reckon Kanda is going to become the youngest general? I kinda hope that Timothy gets like super competitive and is like, I bet I can become an even younger general than you. If only so Kanda can be like good luck with that, since we're the same age except you were born a month before me. (Someone needs to acknowledge Kanda's age in some ridiculous fashion at some point right?)

Oh my gosh that would be absolutely priceless! <3

Think about Timothy challenging Kanda to a fight every morning because he thinks that if he can prove that he’s stronger than Kanda, they’ll appoint him instead. And Kanda entertains him because in the end it’ll make Timothy stronger, and the stronger he is, the more likely he is to survive this war and Kanda is tired of seeing kids die around him.

So he teases Timothy every time they train together because, “Wow you’re older than me and that punch was absolutely pitiful.” and he just constantly pushes Timothy to improve and better himself and Tiedoll and Klaud just watch the two of them and are astounded by how great a teacher Kanda ends up being.