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Women's Wrestling

I’ve said it for weeks, Asuka should not lose tonight and she did not. But I will say this: I love Ember Moon and what she did tonight. It was honestly amazing.

And I will also say this: if this says ANYTHING, these two women are way too good for the main roster and Triple H nerds to fight to keep them off the main roster because if Vince has anything to say about it, they will not be pushed as amazing as they are not. Thank Asuka and Ember Moon for Stealing the show.


Rapids Pixel Adventures Level 3 Will Return On April 21st

Here are some previews of upcoming events, characters and environments.

  1. An abandoned watchtower, that leads into the sewers.
  2. The [Low Tier Rot] templates, and some upcoming enemies.
    Rot Scrounger, Rot Stalker, Rot Hunter, Rot Chomper, Rot Assassin, Rot Grave
  3. Miz the Red Fairy, Stan the Obsidian Golem, Eiona the Silk Trader, Omax the Wandering Axe, Yvil The Lonely Bard, Tieka the Blacksmith out for a stroll
  4. [Magical Perfumes], Both Generic and Name Brand.
  5. [The Ember Tavern]: A gif made for using submitted OCs that will be featured as NPCs later.

Thank you all again for your support and I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for you all.

Golden Ember // E2!Barry x Reader

Request: Can you do an E2 barry imagine where the reader is central city’s hero maybe she has fire powers and during a hostage situation at the ccpd she gets wounded trying to “save the day” and e2 barry grows a pear and decides to help her after seeing her trying to play it off and she later “thanks” him

Warnings: more smol sweet BBY E2 Barry
Author’s Note: I’m (probably??) going to make more parts to this because I’m loving this character tbh.

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// What are some of her fears for being in a relationship with Ace?

Question my muse about their relationships! ( . ALWAYS ACCEPTING )

When it comes to Ace, a majority of the hummingbird’s fears stem out of a fear for him rather than a fear for being with him — but I’m going to mention a few that come to mind: 

  • Initially, Ace had rejected Rosa’s love, and while the pair had found a way to overcome that, it is needless to say such an experience does have a huge impact on someone, particularly when said person is as sensitive as the hummingbird; which is why I think through the first stages of their relationship, Rosa would always be scared he would change his mind again.
  • She is also fearful of failing to realize what he’s going through, failing to be there for him as she clearly fell for his lie regarding not loving her, she wonders what else had she been blind to? — due to this fear, Rosa would become even so much more attentive to her love, attempting to assure him many times he can trust her with his feelings.
  • Rosa lost Ace once, and it is more than just simply losing touch with someone, but he had been taken from her, assumed dead for a whole two years, which may not seem much but feel infinite when mourning. Due to that, her fear of abandonment and losing her loved ones, is so much more extremely heightened when it comes to Ace.

    The mere thought of losing him again, leaves her panicked and restless, occupying her thoughts both during the day, and in nightmares during her sleep. 
  • To add on to the previous point — Ace is also slowly dying; his injuries from Marineford were fatal enough to keep his body damaged and discovering that would only add on to her fear of losing him at any moment. 
  • Then there are the somewhat more common relationship fears of insecurity — Rosa may have found the boldness to confess her feelings first, but underneath that courage, she remains insecure she is not good enough to be with him. The hummingbird, needless to say, thinks too highly of Ace, in a sense where she definitely deems him deserving of someone stronger, prettier, etc. thus her moodiness and jealousy any time someone approaches him in a flirty manner. 

    She is insecure about her petite appearance and childlike enthusiasm just as she is insecure about how soft and sensitive she can be, and these fears of hers while unrelated to him, would also motivate her jealousy and fears related to the relationship itself, thinking he may prefer someone bolder, louder than her.

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Kinda feels like that was Ember's last match and she's on her way to the main roster.

crowd seems to think that too, i heard ‘’thank you ember’’ chants

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"would you take back your confession if you could?"

Anonymously ask me, “Would you…” ( . @xpyre )

    |     ♪    Three words she let slip that night, three words changed everything she had ever known, condemned her to nights of heartbreak and tears as the hummingbird cried over a love, she now knew, would never be hers.

    Memories of a life before those three words flashed before indigo eyes, a lifetime of laughter and memories, closeness and carefree as the pair had been inseparable in every way — he was her best friend, after all, and yet, to pretend love hadn’t played a factor in their bond then would be naive.

    If she hadn’t confessed, they could still have that; their friendship unchanged, but if she never did, she would have lived her whole life wondering of what could have been, if he ever loved her back and the regret she suffered once due to that very same mistake was not one Rosa had been eager to experience again. 

    However, above all her own worries and concerns, his voice rung in her ear.


    —he had said, and those very words would serve as a deciding factor, allowing her to easily provide an answer to the question now presented. It made him happy, and that meant she could never take it back, as the hummingbird had long decided, his happiness was one she would always put far above her own — all the pain and heartache was worthwhile as long as it made him happy.

    ❝ No.. I would never — I wouldn’t take it back for the world.. ❞