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Malec!AU: Magnus becomes a famous beauty vlogger on Youtube after posting a video about guys wearing make up. Alec plays bass in a band with his siblings and their label think more exposure on social media, so they make a deal with Magnus to post a series of videos featuring their band. After Izzy set them up on date, they become the cutest couple on the internet. 

based on this AU by @isabellebiwoods

Oh the moment that you let me kiss your face 

You burned in my soul never to replace…

a reylo playlist:

• wilderness: jon bryant • don’t you know: jaymes young • now we fall: tors• falling up: mike dupree, maddi jane • only you: yoke lore • nobody: niia • i found: amber run • river: bishop bridges • love like this-acoustic: kodaline • song like you: bea miller • zimt: lissa • burning bridges: bea miller • can’t get you out of my head: the sweeplings • ghost: johnny stimson • feel something: jaymes young • closer: emma jensen • waves (feat. koa ho): cassie marin • make it holy: the staves • stomach it: crywolf, eden •walk the line: halsey

listen here

note: creating this playlist has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I am thankful that the wonderful, @panda-capuccino was able to make this gorgeous piece to accompany it. I will continue to update the list as I find new music! I hope all of you authors, artists, and shippers enjoy. x

List of Yuri pairings

First of all, there’s no order in this list. Secondly, the list is not complete because that’s a lot of work. But if you don’t know one of these pairings, give them a try! Or reblog with a pairing you ship so it can be put it on the list! When you reblog, please reblog from the last person that reblogged pairings, so it can be 1 long list of yuri, thank you. 

No-rae x Seol-a, Fluttering Feelings

Kumiko x Reina, Hibike! Euphonium

Asami x Korra, The legend of Korra

Sun Jing x Qiu Tong, Tamen de Gushi

Sungji x Sumin, What does the fox say   I don’t ship Sumin x Seju 

Mei x Yuzu, Citrus

Keiko x Ran, Stretch

Mew x Donut, Lily Love

Mari x Akko, Girl Friends

Fate x Nanoha, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Nadie x Ellis, El cazador de la bruja

Canaan x Maria, Canaan

Tokaku x Haru, Akuma no Riddle

Yomi x Kagura, Ga rei: Zero

Q-feuille x Ascoeur, Kiddy girl -AND

Chikane x Himeko, Kannazuki no Miko

Riko x Maki, Love Lab

Milano x Alita, Murder Princess

Sachiko x Yumi, Maria-sama ga Miteru

Mireille x Kirika, Noir

Shinobu x Takako, Collectors

Love Songs
  • Aries x Aries: all i need - the frights
  • Aries x Taurus: still in love - jahkoy
  • Aries x Gemini: i can feel it - hey violet
  • Aries x Cancer: love buzz - nirvana
  • Aries x Leo: burning desire - lana del rey
  • Aries x Virgo: she is love - parachute
  • Aries x Libra: toothbrush- dnce
  • Aries x Scorpio: r u mine? - arctic monkeys
  • Aries x Sagittarius: not on drugs - tove lo
  • Aries x Capricorn: always - panic! at the disco
  • Aries x Aquarius: girlfriend - ty segall
  • Aries x Pisces: better than love - hayley kiyoko
  • Taurus x Taurus: chasing cars - snow patrol
  • Taurus x Gemini: everlasting light - the black keys
  • Taurus x Cancer: video games - Lana del rey
  • Taurus x Leo: girl - the internet
  • Taurus x Virgo: let me love you - dj snake
  • Taurus x Libra: disconnected - 5 seconds of summer
  • Taurus x Scorpio: i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys
  • Taurus x Sagittarius: bright - echosmith
  • Taurus x Capricorn: our love will always remain - the aquadolls
  • Taurus x Aquarius: anyone else but you - the moldy peaches
  • Taurus x Pisces: i only have eyes for you - the flamingos
  • Gemini x Gemini: all I want is you - Barry Louis Polisar
  • Gemini x Cancer: lottery - kali uchis
  • Gemini x Leo: sweater weather - the neighbourhood
  • Gemini x Virgo: location- khalid
  • Gemini x Libra: rumors - gnash (ft. mark johns)
  • Gemini x Scorpio: lucky ones - Lana del rey
  • Gemini x Sagittarius: $1,000,000,000 - everyone everywhere
  • Gemini x Capricorn: think of you - bleached
  • Gemini x Aquarius: falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg
  • Gemini x Pisces: i don't mind - defeater
  • Cancer x Cancer: oh, it is love - hellogoodbye
  • Cancer x Leo: something - gnash
  • Cancer x Virgo: good to love - fka twigs
  • Cancer x Libra: first day of my life - bright eyes
  • Cancer x Scorpio: cherry wine - hozier
  • Cancer x Sagittarius: say it, just say it - the mowgli's
  • Cancer x Capricorn: proof - paramore
  • Cancer x Aquarius: BITE - troye sivan
  • Cancer x Pisces: religion - Lana del rey
  • Leo x Leo: love me like you do - ellie Goulding
  • Leo x Virgo: adore you - miley cyrus
  • Leo x Libra: miss yer kiss - swmrs
  • Leo x Scorpio: pure - hey violet
  • Leo x Sagittarius: king - niykee heaton
  • Leo x Capricorn: i am so in love with you - jill andrews
  • Leo x Aquarius: swim down - moose blood
  • Leo x Pisces: palace - Hayley kiyoko
  • Virgo x Virgo: you've got the love - Florence + the machine
  • Virgo x Libra: hey angel - one direction
  • Virgo x Scorpio: 400 lux - lorde
  • Virgo x Sagittarius: hey thanks - the wonder years
  • Virgo x Capricorn: all the small things - blink-182
  • Virgo x Aquarius: fall in love - phantogram
  • Virgo x Pisces: transatlanticism - death cab for cutie
  • Libra x Libra: flowers in your hair - the lumineers
  • Libra x Scorpio: melting - kali uchis
  • Libra x Sagittarius: happy - never shout never
  • Libra x Capricorn: howlin' for you - the black keys
  • Libra x Aquarius: corona and lime - shwayze
  • Libra x Pisces: roman holiday - halsey
  • Scorpio x Scorpio: electric love - børns
  • Scorpio x Sagittarius: can't help falling in love - elvis presley
  • Scorpio x Capricorn: gangsta - kehlani
  • Scorpio x Aquarius: high for this - The Weeknd
  • Scorpio x Pisces: be alone - paramore
  • Sagittarius x Sagittarius: brand new moves - hey violet
  • Sagittarius x Capricorn:
  • Sagittarius x Aquarius: Tungs - the frights
  • Sagittarius x Pisces: lonely eyes - the front bottoms
  • Capricorn x Capricorn:
  • Capricorn x Aquarius: lets do it (let's fall in love) - Ella Fitzgerald
  • Capricorn x Pisces: the reason - lower than atlantis
  • Aquarius x Aquarius: closer - the chainsmokers
  • Aquarius x Pisces: first dance - never shout never
  • Pisces x Pisces: jackie and wilson - hozier

I don’t know if I’ve talked about this on here before but my favorite thing about The Last of Us is the fact that Ellie, attacked and nearly beaten unconscious by a man who apparently wants to rape, kill, and/or eat her, grabs a machete and just fucking lays into him like she’s chopping down a tree with a dull butter knife.

and, okay, the entire time this fight is going on, we’ve seen Joel making his way to the building they’re fighting in. and the game makes you think, oh great, Scruffy Thirty-Something Action Hero Man is going to show up and save the Small Vulnerable Teenage Girl, how original. except he doesn’t. by the time he gets there the creepy fucker is already dead and Ellie is just getting her frustrations out by relentlessly beating him with the machete like the world’s least appetizing piñata.

and Joel, Gruff Laconic Emotionally-Closed-Off Dude Joel, becomes what? emotional support. he hugs her and tells her everything’s gonna be okay after she’s been through hell and saved her own damn fuckin self thank you very much. I just. I love that so much. inverting tropes is my shit and Ellie is a bamf. thank you.

ayo beez and beauties, your local nerd beezy aka belle is back again!!! its been a while since i did something like this and since my blog’s first anniversary was last month and i reached my goal i thought it would be a great moment to do this. since starting this blog there were dramas and downs but also a lot of ups and i met so many great people. even if we don’t talk much or haven’t talked in ages i want to tell you i still love and care. i want to thank all of my mutuals for sticking with me, y’all are awesome even if we’ve never talked before bc im too shy or awkward.

(sorry in advance if this fucks up you notifications)

so yes, here’s my mutual appreciation post! let the post begin:

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Olivia Ellis here from 'Magic Celebs Weekly' You two are quite the wizard of Celebrities so could I ask you a few questions? *raises quill* 1.) Draco, what conditioner do you use? 2.) Harry, could you possible leak some of Mrs. Weasley's recipes? 3.) What are your favourite positions in bed (NSFW)? 4.) Who are you wearing right now? Kalvin Kline? Dumbleclothes? And finally 5.) Who are your idols? Thanks boys!

Draco: Oh, I’ve been waiting for one of you to show up!

Harry: She seems decent, love, it’s alright.

Draco: Decent? She’s asking for our favourite positions in bed.

Harry: She’s also asking about your conditioner! Don’t you want to tell them about that special stuff you brew?

Draco: Yes… Well, the secret to it is– Wait, what am I doing? 

Harry: Revealing the secret ingredient in your conditioner.

Draco: *sneers* I’m not telling anybody that. It dies with me.

Harry: But, I mean– Like… you’ll tell me right?

Draco: Why one earth would you even want to know?! You don’t care about hair products. *pointedly eyes Harry’s untamed mane*

Harry: No, but… I’m your husband.

Draco: So?

Harry: So… you’ll tell me right?

Draco: No. 

Harry: Why not?!

Draco: Because it’s a secret!

Harry: *impatient huff*

Draco: Now tell them about one of Molly’s recipes.

Harry: *grumpily* I don’t ask for her recipes, I just eat her food.

Draco: *snorts* Lovely.

Harry: But I’ve seen the way she makes cocoa and it’s honestly the best cocoa I’ve ever had.

Draco: Go on then.

Harry: So she boils the cocoa and sugar in some water until it’s really thick and sort of…heavenly. And then she pours in the milk and adds a pinch of…wait for it– salt!

Draco: Well, fuck. Now I want cocoa.

Harry: I’ll make you some if you tell me the secret ingredient?

Draco: No.

Harry: Well, in that case… Favourite positions, hmm– Well, I love taking him from behind, I mean, it’s when I’ve got the best view, right?

Draco: *steadily turning pink in the face*

Harry: Although I also love it when I’m on top ‘cause let me tell you, his expressions as I fuck him are fantastic.

Draco: *pursed lips*

Harry: He’s told you he loves being bent over things. Well, he also loves being on top– and boy, can he ride my cock like a fucking pro–

Draco: *wild shrieking* Alright, enough! I’ll tell you the fucking ingredient later!

Harry: *smug* 

Draco: I hate you. *irascibly* And we’re not wearing brands right now, what the fuck? We’re at home and are bloody barefooted, can’t you fucking see.

Harry: Most of his suits are Armani, I think?

Draco: Well, their suits are fabulous.

Harry: And do we have idols? Do I have an idol?

Draco: I’m pretty sure you are one.

Harry: Ugh, Jesus.

Draco: I’m sure you’re secretly so flattered.

Harry: Ugh, fuck you.

Draco: In what position?

(❤️ to @o0o-chibaken-o0o for the recipe and the shared love of salt in cocoa, LOL)


20-minute sketch with pastel pencils.

…Because - just like Killian a few minutes later - I needed to get this out of my system because HOT DAMN. :-) This is the first sketch in my “Pancake Series,” because I just can’t get enough of this scene. Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Please don’t crop or Tweet, and please reblog instead of reposting. Thank you!

You can find more of my art here on my blog, or on Redbubble.

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The Elements of a QUIET SCENE

I got a great question from @jailmom on the post “The 7 Elements of a Scene”. The question was about how that post could apply to quiet, distinctly-not-actiony scenes. I didn’t even think about writing a post like this, so thank you for the excellent observation! 

Anyway, here’s how the elements apply to a low-conflict scene, illustrated by a scene from Up.

Mr Fredricksen, Russel, Dug, and Kevin are on their way to Paradise Falls, but must set up camp for the night. Russel has tried and failed to make a tent. 

What’s at stake? Mr Fredricksen’s resolve to remain unattached to anyone.

Russel’s Goal: He really wants to be Mr Fredricksen’s friend. 

Carl’s Goal: He really doesn’t want to be friends. Thus far, he’s regarded Russel as a mildly annoying obstacle, slowing down his goal of getting the house to Paradise Falls. And since he’s stuck with Russel, he wants to keep him as a mildly annoying obstacle. Growing attached to anything would be the worst thing that could happen (he believes). 

Escalating Conflict: They’re “fighting”, meaning their goals conflict. It’s not outright of course, not an argument; they’re not even aware what’s at stake, and what the significance of the situation is. But really, the subtext is battling over what their relationship is going to be. Annoyance and annoyed guy? Or kid and grandfather-figure?

Beat One

Russel: “Awh. Tents are hard.” (Exhausted) 

Carl: “Wait, aren’t you ‘Super Wilderness Guy’? With the GPM’s and the badges?” (Grumpy derision)

Beat Two

Russel: “Yeah, but … can I tell you a secret?” (Sheepish) 

Carl: “No.” (Russel wants to share something. Carl doesn’t wanna hear it.) 

Beat Three

R: “Alright. I never actually built a tent before. There. I said it.” (Says it anyway. Honest. Mostly, sweet.)

C: “You’ve been camping before, haven’t you?” (Surprised, slightly judgmental.) 

Beat Four

R: “Well, never outside.” (Honest again.)

C: “Well, why didn’t you ask your Dad how to build a tent?” (Curious, in spite of himself.)

Beat Five

R: “I don’t think he wants to talk about this stuff.” (Suddenly concerned)

C: “Why don’t you try him sometime? Maybe he’ll surprise you.” (Helping him, in spite of himself.)

Beat Six

R: “Well, he’s away a lot. I don’t see him much.” (Explanatory)

C: “He’s got to be home sometime.” (Trying to prove that Russel can fix this on his own.)

Beat Seven

R: “Well, I called, but Phyllis told me I bug him too much.” (Now kinda sad)

C: “Phyllis? You call your own mother by her first name?” (Beginning to be emotionally involved, so covers it with contempt. Kids and parents these days!)

Beat Eight

R: “Phyllis isn’t my mom.” (Surprised.)

C: “Oh.” (Realizes he’s been wrong about him.)

Beat Nine

R: “But he promised he’d come to my Explorer ceremony to pin on my Assisting the Elderly Badge, so he can show me about tents then, right?” (innocently optimistic, hopeful. Sad.)  

C: “Hey, uh, why don’t you get some sleep. Don’t want to wake up the traveling flea circus.” (Danger! This kid is invading Carl’s closed-off little world. This must be avoided.)

Beat Ten

R: “Mr Fredricksen, Dug says he wants to take Kevin prisoner. We have to protect him! Can Kevin go with us?” (Worried)

C: “Alright. He can come.” (Relenting, though keeping up the grump act)

Beat Eleven

R: “Promise you won’t leave him?” (Hoping to rely on him, trust him.)

C: “Yeah.” (Agreement, still grouchy) 

Beat Twelve

R: “Cross your heart?” (Sleepily, one last promise.)

C: “Cross my heart.” (This is the turn of the scene, and the moment that Russel “wins” it. Because this is something Ellie said to Carl. Something that symbolizes her, part of the moment he started loving her. Saying it again signifies the turn.)

Beat Thirteen

Russel is sleeping peacefully. 

C: "What have I gotten myself into Ellie?” (Looks at his floating house, the symbol of his attachment to the past and to Ellie. Knows he’s lost the battle. Russel isn’t just an annoyance anymore.)

Turn: Well, Carl is officially emotionally attached.  

So! Scenes work no matter the level of conflict. As long as there is conflict present – two characters (or more) in opposition – the scene will work. Anyway, this was really fun to write. Thank you to @jailmom for the excellent question!

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and last but not least, a special shoutout to the lovely @artsyeven who i’ve enjoyed messaging with and is always there to scream about skam together. I love talking to you so much!

I’m sure i’m missing people and there are so many awesome blogs that i follow so just know that I love you all so much!!


That’s the story of how I met Tom Ellis (and how he discovered that Iain De Caestecker is my favourite actor) - #day1


  • Thank you so much to everyone! The book is full of lovely messages and I’m so happy about that!
  • Tom loved the book, he told me he would have read it later during the night!
  • He thanked me. HE. THANKED ME. HE?! I MEAN. HE!!!
  • Tom’s laugh live, is the most wonderful thing in the world!
  • Tom singing, is even more wonderful! I mean, I HEARD HIM SING!
  • Can you imagine when he repeated my name out loud to be sure he understood it well? CAN YOU IMAGINE? I died.
  • Then the photo op.


  • TOM ELLIS IS SOFT! So skinny but SOFT!!!
  • AND TALL!!! I mean, I’m tall but look at how he had to lower himself!

Then. It’s always better if you go with a photo on your phone if you want a particular pose.
Mine was this one down below, of course the Iain-Ming pose.

So when I showed him the photo he actually patted his cheek like to say “c'mere, cheek-to-cheek”.
Then he pointed at my phone and said “Is that Iain?”
And I replied with a big “Yeeep!”
Then he said to me “He’s one of my best friends!”
And I was like “I know… he’s my favourite actor!!!”
So he smiled so much and actually grabbed me to hold me tight!
I love how we turned out mostly because he was so tired and in a lot of photos he wasn’t smiling or he was talking!
In mine, he just smiled and ahhhh! I think you can totally see my happiness in my eyes!
Plus when we got out from the photo room, the door was still open and he stuck out his tongue and ahhhh!

I can’t write all he said in the panel because I’m actually really tired. But we’ll read tomorrow with other news and stuff about him!