thank you elisa for the name!!!

So I guess this is the place where Elisa works? Looks like it’s named Occam Aerospace something something (can anybody make out the last two words?). A reference to Occam’s razor maybe? Also, I like how the decorative tiles form an almost scale-like pattern. You can see a similar effect in the wallpaper in Elisa’s apartment.

Edit: Occam Aerospace Research Center. Thank you @windandhurricane and @katerinaskyland!

PSA - Pirate Lavellan AU Needs Your Input!!

So, thanks to @dirthamensbird​ and @savvylittleminx​, I’m gonna work on a short little Lavellan pirate AU story. This should be interesting. Solas will be the LI. I’ll think of the story details, but I want to try something new! I want your help to create Lavellan!

I am creating a survey, trying to keep it…not too long, but long enough to have good details. I think I have about everything hashed out, but I would also love name suggestions for two things - Lavellan herself and her ship!

So far, our Lavellan name suggestions are: Emma, Charlotte, Rayvan, Angelique, Simone, Isabella, Rebecca, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Elisa, Adhlea, Athera, Davhalla, Kenna, Alexandra/Alexandria, Luceia, Juno, Genevieve, Lena, Miranda, Mariah, Astrid, Siobhan, Eirdhava, Iselan, and Enasalasa.

I did not realize we had that many already. Thank you, everyone who suggested some!!

The only ship name I have is: Aravel! It’s fitting, eh?

Anyways, I am here to ask you to suggest Lavellan names and ship names! Also, to see if there’s even any interest in participating and creating an awesome group Lavellan! From hair style to hair color, eye color, scars, skin tone, body type, class, and so forth! Let me know what you think! If you like or reblog this, I’ll consider it as you being interested. I’d appreciate it!!

A Sabriel oneshot

I kinda hate myself rn. I’m procrastinating again. Nevertheless, this idea would not leave me so I decided to write it. Based on this tumblr post I made last night. (also you might wanna check out @kkii2miinebiitche2 ‘s version of this here)

Summary: Sam moves into a new apartment building and realises soon, that the person living one floor below him masterfully plays the piano. He starts to fall in love with the music. Gabriel is an unsatisfied concert pianist, who is desperately needy for some love. lmao this is so fluffy. Fuck. 

Tagging the usual suspects: @lacqueluster @janimoon (you seemed interested) @mrsgabrieltrickster (cuz u know ily) and @luciferthecookie (who inspired the little girl’s name). 

“Dude, how the hell do you even have so much stuff?” Dean’s voice was gruff as he spoke, but there was a certain fondness to it, that not even the most gifted impressionist would be able to replicate. Said man was currently struggling to keep a box, filled to the brim with textbooks and novels, upright.

“Stop whining, Dean - you promised to help me out,” Sam retorted as he sped by Dean, skipping steps as he quickly climbed the staircase.

“I still don’t get why you couldn’t find an apartment with a lift,” Dean continued with an eye-roll. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he climbed the next flight of stairs.

“It’s healthy!” Sam called from a few flights above Dean. The elder Winchester groaned again and turned his head slightly to look at his husband, Castiel.

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Originally, these cartoons were produced by Wally Suckerpunch in 1932 following the loss of Rocket the Robot three years prior, and starred Sly “JT” the Raccoon as he stole from snobby high-class suckers and the like, with a foxy and spunky police dame named “Chase” following his tail. (Chase is considered by some to be a pinoeer for other strong and independent cartoon women, so whenever you think of Elisa from Gargoyles, you know who to thank for her.)

The three cartoons produced were well-received and did well with theaters, but had issues related to competiton with Jason Andrew Naughtydog’s Y the L'f cartoons, and thus Sly and his dear gal pal Chase were retired until around 1943, when they made a cameo appearance in a single frame of a The Fox and the Crow cartoon.

At the same time, Suckerpunch shut down his cartoon studio and started shifting towards comics, where he created the famous The Adventures of Cole McGrath series, which outsold its main competitor, Marcer the Madmen.

Wait, what do you mean none of this makes any coherent sense? Sly was in a what now? Oh, for pete’s sake, her name has always been CHASE, people! None of this “Carmelita” stuff! Honestly, the nerve…!

This is so creative.

Submitted by: “Blurry”

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name: Elisa
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favourite animal: Owls
average hours of sleep: it depends on how I’m feeling
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blankets you sleep with: two or three
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why I made my tumblr: because I was obsessed with Sherlock and TJLC
reason for my url: I love Luna from HP and Annabeth Chase from PJO

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mrbarbacarisi  asked:

idk if Elisa learns sign language but if she does, what kind of name signs do you think she would pick for her daddies and Oliver? Like what subject/trait would she pick to use in their name signs?

Ooooh, I’ve actually never considered this before! What an interesting ask, thank you for sending this in! <3

So, yes, Elisa does learn sign language! Her hearing impairment isn’t severe enough to necessitate it, but I can see her wanting to learn it once Sonny and Rafael tell her a little bit about it in their explanation of the deaf/hard of hearing community in general.

For Sonny, Elisa obviously chooses the sign for “sun”. And for Rafael, the sign for “coffee”, because of course.

Then when Oliver’s born, and Elisa considers what would be best for him, she immediately picks “bear”. One of Oliver’s many nicknames is “Ollie Bear” after one of the nurses sent him home with Sonny and Rafael with a teddy bear in tow, so clearly that’s the perfect sign to use for her baby brother.

Asexual and Pregnant and That's Okay!

I want to share this letter someone sent me about their concerns about the implications of my pregnancy in light of my public asexuality, as well as my reply and their subsequent response, just in case there is anyone else out there who might have similar concerns or questions.  I am always open to LGBTQIA-related discussions, and am proud to represent my place in humanity’s spectrum! 

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themelancholyofblackandwhite  asked:

About that post that you reblogged about the people who follow you but you don't know anything about: Hi, I'm the shyest person on the earth and one of your fans since.... many, many months (the name is Elisa, Hi!). My favourite color is black, my favourite ship is soukoku (But I'm a multishipper and I'm in love with everything that has Chuuya in it) . My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee and yes, I have a cat and also a dog! And finally I have overcomed my shyness so I can say : HI!

Hi Elisa-san! (Yes I’m a weeb, can I call you that or is Elisa fine? c: ) OMG FANS WHAT FANS, I HAVE SOME? OMG but thank you so much for following me!! 😊 You’re so nice!

Omg no worries sweetie, I’m shy too (even if I don’t sound like it here HAHAHA).

Black is indeed a beautiful color!! YAAAAS ALL HAIL SOUKOKU!!! 👏👏👏 (That’s okay! I’m a multishipper too and bless you for loving anything with our dearest beautiful smol redhead Chuuya! 😘) COFFEE! I 👏LOVE 👏COFFEE 👏AND 👏COFFEE 👏FLAVORED 👏FOODS AND DRINKS TOO more so for ice cream!!! 👏! bless you.

And !!! You have a catto and a doggo!!! JKLSKALS that’s amazing! What are their names? I’m sure they’re great! 😊💕 You’re cool!

Thank you for letting me know more about you and don’t hesitate to talk to me anytime! I hope you’ll have a lovely day! 💕

Requested by cookiemnster74: Hi! Im sorry if I sent this wrong but I was wondering if you would mind making me a text with Harry where I’m sick and he’s taking care of me? My name is Elisa. Thanks! P.S. your blog is absolutely amazing!♡