thank you dev team!

3rd Birthday!  Thank You, Everyone!

Hello all you wonderful people!

Yesterday marked the third year since I started writing A Very Important Date!

There have been a number of highs within this last year.  We’ve picked up the amazingly talented Geoff Moore as our composer, who has already created nearly half of our soundtrack!  Through @darkenmarr, we made the steps to move our sprites to Live2D!  Our background artists created over 20 backgrounds!  Through the hard work of our programmers, we got our visual novel’s engine to run smoothly!  Justin, Darkenmarr, and I visited our first conventions under the Naïve Sprites name!  We even dipped our toes into Kickstarter!

But with the highs come the inevitable lows.  This past year has been a really rough one for a lot of our team members.  We’ve lost loved ones, new health situations have cropped up, and other unavoidable life events have affected the team, and these have been incredibly difficult for us.  But from those we persevere.  We press on.  We’re still moving forward as best as we can.

One of the main reasons for pressing forward is because of all of you.  When I say that you’re wonderful people in my posts, it’s not just because I’m trying to make an Alice in Wonderland styled turn of phrase.  It’s because that’s what all of you are; wonderful, amazing, understanding individuals that I cannot thank enough.  Thank all of you for sticking with us, cheering us on, giving us feedback, sharing our links, and most of all, for giving this little upstart crew a try.

Right now, after adding in the money from A-kon to Kickstarter, we’re sitting at 65% of our goal.  Words cannot express how happy I am to be at this point.  I want to extend my gratitude to my team, my boyfriend, my friends, my family, and all of our fans and backers for getting us to this point as we turn our eyes to the next year.

spacewifespock  asked:

my girlfriend and i have been dating for over a month and we matched on tinder because i put in my bio that i learned all my flirting skills from love is strange so you're directly responsible for some Gae Shit thank you dev team

This is such an awesome story!! Congratulations to you and your girlfriend :D