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Lost Finale | Jumin x MC Fanfic

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe)

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

Summary: This is the finale of the Lost mini fic series! For those who wanted to view the other parts, click these: Lost 1. Lost 2. Lost 3. 

Genre:Angst/Fluff/General Fiction

A/N: Thank you for staying in tune for this mini fic! I appreciate all the messages I received in the process of completing it. Thank you dear readers! Until the next request~  ❤️️ I hope you will like what I did with the finale. tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL PEOPLE I LOVE YOU CHUS EVERYONE

Spoiler alert to each character endings, everyone!

Your head hurts.

A lot.

You woke up from your slumber with a mind crashing pain throbbing inside your head. You gripped your sheets badly as you massaged your temple and shutting your eyes, hoping to ease the pain.

You’ve been dreaming.

It’s a man. You couldn’t see his face but you can feel his warmth. Your heart flutters whenever you see his smile and whenever you notices him looking at you. It has been happening a lot lately on your dreams. You couldn’t make out who it is. But you do know you feel something for that man. His face isn’t clear and whenever he speaks you couldn’t hear anything. He makes your heart flutter and rejoice in ultimate happiness. Seeing him smile makes you 10x happier.

It has been the same dream over the years. It comes at times you didn’t expect it to. Little by little… you can only dream of small scenes from the two of you. You’ve had nothing but an empty slumber before. You strangely feel full whenever this dream comes to you.

Who is he?

“MC?” you heard a soft knock on your door then someone stepped in.

“My head hurts… so bad.” You tried to muster up the words while gripping, now with both of your hands, the places where it hurts the most in your head.

“It’s time for your medicine. You should drink it. It’ll help.” He spoke again, sitting on your bedside and lifting your chin up. You couldn’t look at him properly because of the pain. You need to focus on the pain. It hurts badly. It’s been getting worst lately.

“Come on. It’ll make you happy… you’ll feel less of the pain.” He spoke, ever so gentle. You loved that voice of his. It has been what’s guiding you for the past years. It has been your light. He helped you in those times you only felt grieve and sadness. You couldn’t remember who you are. He helped you.

He made you remember. He’s your savior. He told you he’s your partner. You will be happy by staying with him. Your past didn’t matter. You just need to stay with him and it’ll be fine.

You nodded, receiving the tablet he gave you. You drank it along with the water he brought. In a few minutes, the pain subsided. You felt drowsy. You laid down again, him guiding your head back on the soft pillow just as he softly caressed your face.

“Remember… you only need me. Stay with me. Here in Magenta… you’ll always be happy.” Those were the last words you heard before you drifted on your slumber.

I’ll be happy with him. I only need Magenta.

“I came as soon as I received the text.” I lifted my gaze up on the silver-haired man who came into the meeting room just as he removed his sunglasses. “Gahhh! I couldn’t even go out without anyone knowing who I am!”

“Who wouldn’t? You’re famous now, Zen. You’ve got your beautiful face on every corner of the streets in this city.” You heard Ms. Kang compliment Zen. Some things does not change over the years.

“Awe! I do know I have the face that surpasses Zeus’ immortality. But gee, thanks Jaehee!” I rolled my eyes at this. Here we go again.

“You’ll grow old. You’ll get ugly. You’ll die.” I butted in and I immediately felt Zen’s glare on me. I shrugged, tapping the wooden desk. It’s the truth. Why would I lie? I was told not to lie…

“Shut up. Nothing ever comes good out of your mouth.” The lovely thing about teasing Zen is that he’s so hot-headed you just want to piss him off more and more.

“Jeez! We’re only going to see each other now and you’re fighting again? Don’t you two ever grow old?” the door creaked open and another one arrived—Yoosung. He’s still in his hospital gown. “I came here as soon as I received the text too! Ahh, I needed to close the hospital early so this better be important.” He walked over to my side and pulled an office chair and sat on it.

“We’re waiting for two more…” I said as I leaned in to the table with both of my hands under my chin. “Ms. Kang, are you sure they received the urgent notice?”

“Yes, I made sure of it. This is an important matter after all.” Ms. Kang went over to the laptop and clicked a few buttons. In a few moments, the projector came to life. “We do need Seven’s partake in this. I asked for his help to re-hack the deleted files after all.”

“Re-hack? Deleted files? What the hell are you two talking about?” Zen, who has been fixing his hair finally took interest and sat down on one of the swivel chairs inside the room. “What in the world is this about, Trust Fund Jerk?”

“It seemed to me that you grew fonder of me over the years. You couldn’t still let go of your pet names for myself.” I smirked. He glared at me once more. Ah, the pleasure of making Zen mad is by rubbing it in his face.

“What the hell, dude?” His eyebrows furrowed as he stared at me. I laughed. This is a good stress reliever. “You’re gross!”

“Zen didn’t grow up, did he? And Jumin too…” I heard Yoosung laughed on his end. “They’re still at it just like before…” Honestly, I’m relieved that nothing has changed over the years.

“It seems that Mr. Han is ultimately fond of seeing Zen’s mad face. I couldn’t blame him. His face is a depiction of perfection.” Ms. Kang said, fiddling on the gadget in front of her.

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anonymous asked:

can you do prompt 42 and 3? john watson x reader, thank you 💜

Of course my dear! I’ve secretly always wanted to write something about John haha I love him so much

Prompts here x

“Now that was… new.”

John chuckled lightly, his beautiful deep blue eyes finding yours.

“Welcome to my world. We solve crimes, I blog about it and he locks me out of my own flat.”

“Interesting, this mind palace thing.”

“Most of the time: Yes. But today, after stopping a bloody madman from destroying the London Eye? I wanted to go to bed, man.”

You threw your head back and laughed loudly.

“Well, at least you get the chance to invite me to some fish and chips now. I’m starving.”

He seemed to be surprised by your words for a moment but then shrugged it off and went along.

“So Fish and Chips it shall be. Did you know Henry VIII invented it?”

“You’re making that up.”

You giggled and linked arms with him.

“Yes I am.”, John murmured close to your ear, as if no one was allowed to hear it.

Your laughter echoed through London’s empty streets as the two of you started searching for a place to get your admittedly very late dinner.

After half an hour of wandering through the most beautiful city in the world you found a little pub very close to where your apartment was located.

You enjoyed round after round of good old English beer, talking on and on for hours, until the place’s owner threw you out around 3am.

“Well, then… Talking to you was an immense pleasure, just as always, and thank you so much for saving me from Sherlock in his most annoying state.”

“Oh no, Doctor Watson.”, you exclaimed a bit tipsily.

“Please don’t tell me you’re actually planning on going home already? I haven’t had such a good time in ages and you’re making falling in love with you so beautifully easy!”

It took you a few moments to realise what you’d just said.

You’d just admitted your feelings for the man in front of you. 

Out loud.

Thanks, beer.

“Wait, you- you like me?”

John blinked in confusion.

There was no going back now, so you just shrugged.

“Is that so surprising?”

A breathy laugh escaped his lips.

“Yes of course it is! Because you’re-” he made an uncoordinated hand move into your direction, “you’re you! And I’m- I’m just me!”

“John, I solemnly swear that if you ever call yourself ‘just me’ again, I’ll punch you. Hard. You know how good I can do that, right?”

He smiled and shook his head.

“Oh yes I do.”

You were talking about today’s case, where you’d brought your suspect to unconsciousness with one single, well aimed blow to the head.


You looked at John again.


He stepped closer.

“I think I’m gonna kiss you now, because otherwise I’ll say something stupid that I’ll definitely regret.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I think I could live with that.”

So John closed the last space between you within one step and captured your lips in a soft and yet so passionate kiss.


He whispered after the two of you had parted.

“I’ve been waiting for this so long.”

You kissed him again.

“Interested in continuing this at my place? It’s not really far…”

“That’s almost as good of an idea as my idea to kiss you.”


You smiled and took his hand.

Your hands were closely intertwined, just the way your fates had been the second you met.

This was, without doubt, the most beautiful day in your life.

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Healing Part I - Kitten and the Don

“They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite” - Cassandra Clare 

This is a tribute for the ‘Kitten and the Don’ Untertale AU by the two wonderful @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff, that revolve around Don G, an old-fart Gaster!sans and his right hand human Frisk, who is around 30 years old and just recently began working for this suspicious skeleton.
I’m sorry to disappoint everyone but this has nothing to do with the “First Choice” post but is a simple standalone fic, that started with my wonderful friend @candiedconstellations posing the question: “What if Frisk got ill?”. And from that point on the idea expanded to a TWO PART fanfic with fluff, action and ruthless mafia business as well as a slight touch on Frisk’s past.
Dedicated, of course, to @candiedconstellations my wonderful friend, my greatest help and motivation! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!
And also thanks to you dear reader! I hope you enjoy!

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Starfish and Coffee (Reader x Lafayette)

Written for this prompt. Thank you dear! It was a pleasure writing this one, it was a break from the usual prompts, @fandoms-all. I hope I did you justice! I’m gonna be trying to write the prompts as ideas come to me now, instead of just trying to power through them with no direction.

Guess what song I had on repeat as I was writing this.

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Beautiful Day LokixReader

Originally posted by hxcfairyhasmoved

Prompt: A Birthday request for Loki/AvengersxReader for the lovely @georghiousophia​ HAPPY SWEET 16 MY DEAR 😘 Thank you for being an awesome reader!

Words: 1.8k

Warnings: adoption/foster care references

Today was going to be normal, well at least you hoped, because no one knew it was special. Birthdays weren’t something you often celebrated because you didn’t see the point. You never got a cake in all your years in the foster home on the day you were born, so after all these years it never bothered you.

So the morning you turned 28, you hopped out of bed and into the shower at the crack of dawn (early as every other morning) humming Ed Sheeran under your breath. Like always, your soap smelled like raspberries and watermelon as you washed away the problems of yesterdays fight.

Even though you didn’t need other people to know about your birthday, you still felt the need to treat yourself a bit. So after your shower you tool the time to blow dry your hair and properly do your eyeliner so you’d look just the tiniest bit cuter today. 

You lay in bed for another hour, lounging and reading a book that Wanda had lent you almost a week ago. With constant training you never had time to read anymore. But when your stomach growled in betrayal, you chucked the book to the end of the bed and headed downstairs. You were slightly surprised when the smell of something sweet wafted down the hallway, considering it was far too early for anyone on the team to be awake.

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Dear you,

Thanks for making it through the day. We did it together without me actually being there. I appreciate you gritting your teeth and bearing it. Can we talk for a second? It’s been awhile. I missed you and wanted to take time to really sit down and tell you how much you’re worth. I know you didn’t forget, but just in case you were having doubts, i kinda feel like you needed someone tonight.

How have you been? Everything okay? My week has been pretty tough itself so i understand wanting to stay in bed and wasting away into your mattress. Unfortunately, time still goes by regardless if you decide to get out of bed or not. But if you went outside today, even at least went downstairs and put some distance between you and your room, i’m proud of you. If you didn’t leave the bed at all and have no motivation to leave it tomorrow, i understand.. i wish i could be there to keep you company but if you need to talk about something, i’m here. I’m always here. Sometimes all you need is a soundboard, at least from my experiences. 

You look great by the way! I meant to tell you that earlier but i was missing you far too much. You always look great to me though. Even in the shittiest of days, you’re still an attractive human. I know you don’t believe me, which is fine. Because i’m going to tell you that i find you attractive every single time that i see you. So good luck on changing my mind, i can get pretty determined. 

Mainly i just really needed you to know how much you’re worth. There are days where i can’t find my own worth, so i know how important it is to remind yourself over and over again that you are worthy of living and being loved. I will continue to tell you how much your worth means to this world, especially mine. Even if we’re strangers. I mean, i’m writing this to you and you’re probably saying to yourself, “she doesn’t even know me like that!” I don’t have to know you in order to appreciate and remind you of your worth. But you also can’t depend on me being your constant reminder, let alone someone else. My greatest hope for you is that you find your own self worth. That when you wake up, and you’re mad at the world for living another day… that deep ..deeeeeep.. really fucking deep down you have a glimmer of a reminder that you value your worth enough to wake up every single day. Because my dear, you are worthy of every beauty, love, passion, and joy this world and any other world has to offer you. You are priceless and i absolutely adore every single bit of you. I do. I really really do. 

So i hope this letter finds you in good spirits. If it doesn’t i hope it at least makes the black slug living inside you quiet down to a somber for even a split second so you can enjoy this. Tomorrow is another opportunity to make changes and improvements. It’s also another day to congratulate yourself for surviving. I appreciate you and if i was there i would give you the biggest of bear hugs. These words are gonna have to do for now. Remember, i’m here if you need me. Sweet dreams, good morning, and have a good day.

Love always,


Stars [Scott McCall x Reader]

Hope you like the imagine, dear! Thank you for requesting! Apologies, Isaac is a bit out of character. 

x start x

You sat next to Stiles on the bench, breath coming out in visible puffs as you turned towards Coach Finstock, who was screaming something at a player on the field.

You rested your elbow on your knee, chin in your hand as you leaned forward, watching your puppy-dog-eyed friend, letting out a small cheer as he scored another goal.

Scott’s eyes scanned the field, connecting with yours, and he flashed a smile, causing your heart to flutter, and cheeks to redden as you smiled back.

“God – you two make me sick.” Stiles snorted, and you turned to him, raising an eyebrow.

“You make me sick when you pine after Lydia, but I don’t say anything.” You retorted, taking a sip of water, and Stiles sputtered, glaring at you.

“Why don’t you just ask him out already?” Stiles questioned, and you choked on your water, leaning forward, gripping your throat.

You turned towards Stiles, hurriedly whispering under you breath.

“Shut up- he might be able to hear you!” You stumbled, over your words, before sighing and throwing a longing glance at Scott.

“Besides, I don’t think he’d like me back.” Stiles raised his eyebrows, forehead creasing as his lips parted in awe.

“Are you kidding me? He’s head over heels for you, as soon as you walk in the room he does that puppy dog thing where he stares at you until you notice him, It’s kind of annoying actually…” Stiles muttered complaints under his breath, and this time you raised your eyebrows.

“You really think?” You asked timidly, and Stiles sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Trust me, I know.” Stiles stated, just as the game finished, the loud buzzing reverberating through the chilled air.

The bleachers burst out into cheers, and you and Stiles stood up simultaneously, clapping as the players on the field returned to the sidelines.

You picked up your helmet and lacrosse stick, following Stiles to go congratulate Scott when an arms slipped around your shoulders, pulling you into someone’s chest.

“Isaac!” You whined, pushing against your older brother’s chest, as he pulled you into a sweaty hug.

“So, is there any reason why you were benched half the game?” Isaac asked, and you rolled your eyes.

“I may or may not have pissed Coach off, and besides, I’m still better than you.” You teased, and Isaac pulled off his helmet, ruffling up your hair.

“If you were better than me, you wouldn’t have been benched half the game.” Isaac smirked, and you playfully scowled.

“And if you were smart, you’d keep your mouth shut, Lahey.” You sung, running off to have a shower.

“Remember, after party at David’s house, text me when you get there!” Isaac called worriedly, and you rolled your eyes, flashing a thumbs up before sprinting to the girl’s change rooms.

x at the party x

You had texted Isaac a while ago, telling him that you made it to the party safely and that you were going to hang out with a couple friends. You didn’t tell him those friends were Scott and Stiles, though.

“Hey, Scott!” You lifted a hand to wave, and his head immediately jerked up towards you, his mouth pulling up into a smile, and you couldn’t help but think that if he were a dog, his tail would be wagging at the moment.

“[Y/N], hey!” Scott called, and you placed your cup onto a nearby table, crossing your arms over yourself as your cheeks tinged red again, and you hoped that Scott didn’t notice the flutter of your heart.

“You were really good today- like usual.” You complimented, and his smile widened, ears practically perking with joy.

“You were great as well, even though you were off half the game.” Scott raised an eyebrow and you chuckled sheepishly, playing with your fingers.

While you were distracted, Stiles gestured wildly at Scott to take you somewhere more private, flailing his arms and mouthing random words.

“Uh, h-hey, [Y/N], can I show you something?” Scott asked, and your eyes widened, cheeks burning as you nodded your head, Scott grabbed your hand as he pulled you up one of the many flights of David’s house (David was kind of rich).

Scott had pulled you into a large room, on the top floor, one of the long walls was simply glass, and you awed quietly, tugging on Scott’s hand as you ran towards the window, staring at the breathtaking view of Beacon Hills, lights shimmering as your eyes slowly rose towards the sky, thousands of stars twinkling overhead.

“Wow- this is…” You trailed off, too awed to even think of a worthy word.

“Beautiful.” Scott breathed, and you turned towards him, noticing that his eyes were trained on your face.

“Nah, I was gonna say ugly.” You joked, and he smiled, chuckling under his breath.

He reached one hand up, the one that wasn’t clutching yours, to push a lock of hair from your face.

Your breath hitched, your heart jolting as your cheeks reddened under his gaze.

“Scott…” You whispered, trailing off, and he hummed, staring into your half-lidded eyes.

“Kiss me?” You squeaked, and his smile widened, one hand grasping your cheek as he pulled your face towards his, lips connecting with yours.

Your lips moved slowly, sweetly, parting as you moved your hands to intertwine them behind his neck. You parted, and your teeth latched onto his bottom lip, causing him to grin.

Once you had finally parted, you grinned, eyes wide and cheeks flushed.

“Wow, that was way better than I thought! Not that I thought you were gonna be bad or anything! Or not that I thought about it at all or – uh…” You trailed off, ears turning pink as Scott moved towards you, capturing you in another kiss, hands falling towards your waist as he pulled you against his chest.

You pulled away, and the two of you just stared at each other until you got sheepish and looked away.

“Are you going to say something?” You asked, cheeks burning, heart fluttering momentarily.

“I am, actually.” Scott chuckled, and you waited, staring up at him through your lashes.

“Will you, [Y/N] Lahey, be my girlfriend?” Scott asked, and your smile widened, if that was even possible, moving to press your face into his neck as you squealed a small yes.

Then you were kissing him again, melting against his body as his strong arms rested on your lower back, thumb rubbing the exposed skin on your hip from your ridden up shirt.

“[Y/N]- Scott? What the hell!?” Isaac yelled, standing at the doorway, causing you both to pull apart.

“What the hell are you doing Scott? What’s wrong with you?” Isaac yelled, and through your rage you noticed Stiles stumble into the room behind your brother.

“Isaac!” You yelled in panic and confusion, narrowing your brows.

“What’s gotten into you? I thought you’d be happy!? You know I’ve had a crush on Scott for forever!” You cried in outrage, and Isaac practically seethed, stepping towards you.

“That’s all it is, [Y/N] – a crush! You’re so hung up over one guy! Just because you’ve been alone for so long, you pounce on the first guy you get your hands on!” Isaac yelled, and you froze, tearing up.

“Dude! That was uncalled for!” Scott yelled, pulling you to his chest, like he could somehow hide you from Isaac’s harsh words.

“I’m just telling her the truth, Scott! You don’t even love her! She’s just your rebound from Allison!” Isaac seethed, and you felt tears streaming down your face, pulling away from Scott, even Stiles winced from Isaac’s words.

You didn’t expect him to act like this. Isaac and you were close, you had lost everything and still managed to keep each other, so you pegged Isaac’s reaction to him just holding on.

Isaac continued ranting, but it all just seemed like garbled muttering to your ears, tears streaming down your face as you sniffled, wiping at your eyes. It was one of those moments where everything just got tuned out, where your breathing quickened and you the only sound was the blood rushing through your ears and your pulse banging at your temple.

“I hate you.” You whispered, because it had been silent for a couple seconds as Isaac took in a deep breath, about to continue his rant, before you had interrupted him.

“I hate you so much.” You continued, looking at his shocked face, at the look of hurt that flashed through his eyes. For a split second you regretted saying it, but you shook your head, tears spilling down your cheeks.

Why couldn’t he just be happy for you?

“You’re just like Dad!” You screamed, and his eyes widened, mouth falling open as you pushed past him, running out the door, not only hurt, but embarrassed, embarrassed because Scott had to see that crappy exchange and embarrassed because you thought that Isaac would actually feel happy for you.

You found a small door that led to a large balcony, the sound of electronic music fading as the door softly closed by itself. You sat on the floor, back against the wall as you kicked your heels off, resting your face in your hands, sobbing quietly to yourself.

You remembered your father, always saying that you wouldn’t find anyone. That you weren’t smart enough or pretty enough, you just weren’t enough. For years and years you believed him, you believed that you’d die alone, or just drown in unrequited love. Then Scott came along. He was nice and funny, and kind of dorky, and he cared for you.

Isaac dug that hole again, he threw open the closet doors and picked at your skeletons, even if you screamed for him to leave them alone. You felt sick to your stomach, not only with sadness, but also with rage. He had no right to speak to you like that; you were his sister for God’s sake.

You sniffled, resting your head against the wall as you stared up at the stars, but without Scott they didn’t shine as bright, without Scott they weren’t as beautiful.

Then the door flew open and you blinked, wiping hurriedly at your face to try and get rid of the stray tears on your cheeks.

“[Y/N].” Scott breathed a sigh of relief, dropping next to you as he slung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you towards him.

You stayed quiet, breathing in his cologne, trembling in embarrassment and panic.

“Do you still like me?” You whispered into his chest, and he rested his chin on your head, his thumb kneading at your bare arm.

“Yes, [Y/N], I still like you.” Scott whispered, and you sniffled in relief, pressing yourself into his chest.

“I like you a lot.” Scott continued, and you let some tears slip out, throwing your arms around him.

“Thank you.” You whispered, and Scott smiled, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

The two of you remained silent, staring up at the stars.

“You’re going to be just fine, [Y/N].” Scott reassured, and you squeezed your eyes shut, holding back tears.

“I know.” You whispered, looking at Scott’s face, then back at the stars, clutching his hand.

“I know.”

We Shall (Draco Malfoy x Reader) (Requested)

Gif not mine

Request by Anon: Hello! Could you please do a Draco Malfoy x reader one? Like Draco’s teasing and being mean to the reader bc he likes them? Thank you dears! :3

Word count: 816

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Fate brings you together, fate pulls you apart, fate teases you, and fate rewards you, as long as you are willing to go along for the ride.

Riley meets a Cowboy, and Lucas meets a City Girl, but will they meet again and when?

Cross-Posted to

{ Sixteen going on Seventeen } { Seventeen going on Eighteen }
{ Eighteen going on Nineteen } { Meeting in the Dark }
{ Nineteen going on Twenty } { New Year’s Eve }

Author Note: You my dear readers have all been super amazing. Thank you so much for all the wonderful reviews, even if I am destroying your souls, making you pull out your hair, or causing you to want to throw things. You all rock!

Oh, What a Night

On the Line

Maya slammed the front door of the apartment, after Lucas had gone all weird and giddy over a copy of Paper Towns Riley had called her, begging her to come over because she hadn’t gone to Philadelphia and needed help with something, she called ring power on her. Riley never called ring power.

Zay looked up from the TV, “Why are you so mad?”

“I’m cold I’m tired I just spent three hours walking around this stupid city with Riley hanging up these.” She slammed the last one she had on the table.

Zay picked it up, looking at the wrinkled piece of paper, “You’re fucking kidding me.”

“Nope” She sank down on the couch, “Where are the others?”

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Holy cow, this morning we hit the 1000 followers milestone, more than 300 new friend just in one night. Incredible! The muns, @allesiathehedge and @furgemancs are really grateful for the positive feedback we recieved for the comic. You guys can’t imagine how much this mean for us. Honestly we were hella surprised that you, dear readers already in love with the story.

Thank you so much!!! 

Arcade Day

Characters: Team Free Will x Reader friendship (Dean x Reader implied)

Words: 657

Request from anon: “Can I request a TFW x reader like day of fun. You know just them relaxing and being weird something funny happens idk (maybe some implied Dean x reader) thank you dear!!!”

I had a lot of fun writing this. I have some really good memories with my dad in some old fashioned arcades. Anyways, enjoy!

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New SuperCat Fic: This Is What You Came For

Summary: When the ultimate threat unleashes its fury on Earth, Supergirl discovers new powers and must begin to accept her true identity, along with the connection she shares with Cat. Femslash.

There are no words for how much I love these characters, and yet, funny enough, I wrote this fic. I’ve been working on it for a few months, falling more in love with this pairing all the while. It is set after Season One, though I have taken a few liberties with when certain things happen and how much they matter, and didn’t deal with that mystery pod at all. I’m also not a scientist, but I did do enough research to hopefully make it believable in the comic book realm. All that said, I truly hope you enjoy this, SuperCat fandom. If you do, please let me know in the comments. Thanks so much to my beautiful wife for helping me as always, and thank you, dear readers. Enjoy!


Also, big thanks to all the other fic writers, SuperCat and otherwise, who have inspired me over the years, especially blackgrl71, author of “Gift or Curse” in the Mirandy verse, who particularly inspired elements of this one for me. <3

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Dear Readers: Thank You!

Do You Offer Your Throat to the Wolf with Red Roses?

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your enthusiasm, encouragement and kindness in reading, reviewing, “kudos”ing and bookmarking this fic. I really appreciate the response! I had no idea when I started writing this one shot that it would go as far as it has nor how much people would enjoy it. So, again, thank you.









Dear fan fiction readers,

I just want to say thank you, on behalf of all writers, to everyone who reads fan fiction. It’s insane to know that people actually take time out of their day to read the things we writers write. It means the world to us, and when you send us messages talking about what we’ve written and how it has affected you, it makes all the difference. 

So, thank you so much for supporting us and inspiring us. 


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Dear Readers and Friends, 

Thank you all for being so patient with my fickle, fluttery self as I rant and rave and tease about one of my many beautiful projects of 2016: a magical little anthology titled Paper and Bones. This collection of my work has been a long time coming, encouraged by all of your beautiful words and notes of support. Now, at the final stages of the book’s draft ( and after finally having a grasp on the tricky timelines and process of self-publishing on CreateSpace ), I’m very happy to share some concrete information on the book out this month - including an official release date and synopsis. 

TITLE: Paper and Bones by Naiche Lizzette Parker

RELEASE DATE: March 15, 2016

PRICE: 8.99 - 9.99 USD ( estimate, price not set ); international and kindle prices to come

SYNOPSIS: “What a shame. Somehow we became godless and unafraid of a sky where there are no stars left to tell our stories.”

Paper and Bones is an anthology of poems and tales surrounding magic, romance, and the gothic written and illustrated by Tumblr writer and fantasy aficionado Naiche Lizzette Parker. A collection of both her old and new work, the poems weave the heartbreak of love and loss with the thrumming song of enchantment.

The anthology is ribbon-tied by three short stories. In “Ghost Towns,” a group of misfit youth board a yellow bus across America to find themselves in the places that time forgot. In “Battle Strung” emerges the flip-side of New York City, an underground battle of the bands run by bloodthirsty, rockstar fae. And in “Paper and Bones,” the title story, a girl finds a boy’s journal on an airplane home from Paris, returns it, and begins a relationship struck by intense love, loss, and plain madness over the course of ten years when they are continuously forced apart.


Deerperfalls Chapter 3: A Case for Lord Mystery Ham

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Chapter 3: A Case for Lord Mystery Ham 

It wasn’t his alarm clock or the sun that shone through the triangular window that ripped Dipper out of his dreams but something that tugged on his forcefully on his duvet, sending him with a sleep fogged mind and a startled bleat into the new day.

Dipper blinked his eyes, to find himself face to face with his sister. Mabel eyed him with surprise and turned her head to the side, a gesture that Waddles, sitting beside her, copied with ease.

“You’re still all deery…” She reached out to stroke her brother’s flank, as to point out her argument, sending shivers down Dippers spine. He looked down at himself, not surprised at all.

Of course he still was a monster - what else was new? Despite him knowing, he couldn’t stop the dryness in his mouth. It was hard to not tell Mabel that her hopes were for nothing.

He wouldn’t change back.

Not now. Not ever.

But he couldn’t tell her that, she wouldn’t understand, she wouldn’t accept his decision.

So he had to play along. The sigh that escaped him was just as real as the sadness in his voice.

“Seems so…” he said. It was already hard to deal with but Mabel’s next sentence made his chest tighten regardless.

“Don’t worry Dipper.“ He looked up to meet the comforting smile of his optimistic sister who patted his back to calm him down. He let her, as if the soft touch soothed both of their troubled minds while he listened to her. “I’m sure you’ll change back soon!”

´No I won’t.´ His insides were screaming to tell her, to end this dark game he was playing. But instead he was at lost for words while Mabel’s hand brushed softly down his fur. Dipper bit his lips, debating with himself, but in the end it wasn’t the truth that his meek voice formed.

“Yeah… Of course, you’re probably right.” He swallowed.

Silence stretched between them until he was able to face her again.

“Thanks Mabel.” he said.

But his sister’s attention had shifted during his search for words, she didn’t meet his gaze but instead rubbed her cheek in his fur while she made a happy exclamation under her breath.

“So soft.” she cooed.


She looked up to him, slowly lifting her head from his back. “But Dipper, it´s true! You’re super fluffy.”  With that Mabel rubbed one of his with spots with her index finger, her smile growing a little sad. “I might miss seeing you look so cute when you change back. And you will, just so you know.”

But Dipper just made an annoyed face to the first part of her comment. Not that that could stop her cheerful voice from breaking the tension.

“So stop looking all mopey and get up! Stan’s waiting for you with breakfast downstairs. Not that your veggies would go cold anyway.” She muttered the last part to herself. Dipper just nodded and got himself out of bed.

“Okay, but I’m going to shower first.”  This time it was Mabel´s turn to stare at him in silence, her eyes big as saucers.

“You- what?” she yelled.  She ran up to him and laid her hand on his forehead. “Are you ill?”

Dipper groaned, and put her hand away while he spoke. “No it´s just… my fur is kind of itchy, that’s all.” Mabel had a hard time closing her gaping mouth, her gaze went over her brother’s rump until she managed a small nod.

“Alright, then! I’ll be downstairs, so just call if you need help getting to the tough spots with your hairdryer!” she giggled

“No!” Dipper said. But Mabel was already running down the stairs. Dipper sighed, shaking his head as he grabbed a fresh shirt and made his way to the bathroom. Even if Mabel was right, he wasn’t really looking forward to drying his fur out.  

After he maneuvered his deer butt into the cramped shower and began to appreciate the warm water pouring down his body, hitting his fur until he was completely soaked.  His hand reached out for the knob to shut the rush of water off. Dipper shuddered when he took a deep breath as he steppe out of the shower. The air around him was heavy and smelled like a mix between his manly shampoo, one he filched from Stan, and the scent of wet animal. All in all - disgusting.

He looked down at himself, his wet fur was already creating a puddle on the floor. Dipper took one of the towels, rubbing his hair dry before he turned to his deer half.  Three wet towels later Dipper had given up, now fiddling with the hairdryer but even with the warm streams aide he was hours away to be dry again.    

´That´s why I don’t like showering in this form!` The half deer sighed, holding the dryer to another spot of his fur, while a bitter taste made itself known in his mouth. ´Well, at least it´s better than licking myself.´ He shuddered but at that very moment the hairdryer decided to abandon it’s work. Dipper just groaned flicked the electric device off and on but nothing happened. His wet fur had killed it… somehow.

“Great.” he grumbled. With a deep breath his hand reached out to grab a new towel when a cold breeze raked through his wet fur, making the pre-teen shiver.  But it was more than a simple quiver of his skin. Before Dipper was able to react, his whole body was shaking, fast.

His ears stood up, while every muscle of his body seemed to have a mind of it’s own. And as suddenly as it started it was over again, leaving a startled Dipper behind. Black spots danced before his eyes for a moment, reasoned away by the fast movement of his head. He blinked them away, to meet his own confused gaze in the mirror.

´What the hell was that?` he wondered.

The deertaur looked back to his furred half, his pelt fuzzy and still a little damp but his skin finally felt dry again. Dipper swallowed, his gaze moving through the small bathroom, well, he might be dry again but the same couldn’t be said for the room around him. The walls, floor, mirror, cupboards, even the ceiling, everything was sprinkled and dotted with water.

His ears flopped down in guilt and distress while his eyes again wandered to his picture in the mirror.

He just had shook himself dry.

Like a dog, or any animal would have done.

An animal. Not a human.  

Dipper could feel the panic crawling into his veins, but he tried to focus himself, brushing his hand against his fur and forcing a strained smile to his lips to fight the fear of his core.

´At least that´s a useful instinct.´ he tried to reason. The boy swallowed, searching for his now damp shirt.

´Alright, Dipper, no need to go haywire about all of this. You need to get used to it… after all, that’s what you are now.` But the brave expression Dipper tried to manifest on his face broke in the very moment when he tried to slip into his shirt and his eyes cached a glimpse of his human back. He took the shirt off again, slowly turning around to get a full image of his spine in the mirror while his face slowly lost his color.  


But not just on his deer half, but all over his back, stretching over his shoulders until it vanished beneath his hairline.

Dipper’s heart stopped for a second, the panic was back as he looked at the new addition which matched his deer end perfectly, merging more of his human self with the animal.

´Okay, Dipper, breathe. There must be a logical conclusion to all of this.´ he swallowed and looked back into the mirror again. ´Maybe it´s just puberty finally hitting you.`  A hysterical laugh escaped his trembling lips.

“Yeah, that must be it. Just puberty.”  He reached out for his shirt again, throwing it on. But the itchy feeling of his new fur beneath the more and more useless fabric couldn’t fool his calming thoughts.

Something was wrong.

Horribly wrong.


“What´s your brother doing up there?”  Mabel looked up from her second bowl of Froot Loops, murmuring with milk in the corner of her mouth.

“Hepf pfobapfly stuck impfide the shower, pmfcause of himf cute fluff buf.” she tried to choke out. Stan just rolled his eyes with a dry laugh.

“Really kid, I didn’t get half of what you said.” With an elegant flip he turned one of the ‘Stan’-cakes in the pan, looking up again catching a glimpse of the kitchen window. The pancake forgotten, so that a bitter burned scent filled his nose while his brows knitted together. The picture before him made his chest tighten, his voice firm as he spoke to Mabel.

“Mabel, get your brother inside here.  I want him to eat with us. Why else would I be burning all this disgusting green stuff for?”  

Mabel blinked in surprise, running around to peek out of the window herself and, indeed, there was Dipper, grazing peacefully in the morning sun.


Her confused face met her Grunkle’s before she left the table and made her way outside.

“Dipper? What are you doing out here?”  His ears shot up to the sudden sound of her voice. For a few seconds Dipper watched her with wide eyes, like a deer in the headlight. Then he blinked and swallowed the rest of the grass and walked up to Mabel with a shy grin on his face. Dippers voice shook and Mabel noticed that his eyes never met hers.

“Ah, sorry Mabel I- Um, my fur was still a bit wet and I thought the sun would help and then, well…” Mabel eyed him suspiciously, but at least Dipper’s high pitched voice told her that he’d been lying to her.  But maybe he was just embarrassed, or scared that his instincts betrayed him.  To Dipper the whole monster situation was always the most bothering compared to the rest of them.  A small smile made it to her lips as she led her brother back to the Shack.

“No problem, bro-bro. Now get your fuzzy butt to the table before Stan throws half of your breakfast away!”             

Dipper ducked his head, his ears brushing his cheeks when Stan eyed him as they reentered the kitchen but without a word or an stupid comment Stan placed his plate, filled with salad, fruit and vegetables in front of him before he seated himself in front of his scrambled eggs. He spared the fried ham this time, for his nephew’s sake. His eyes scanned Dipper skeptically, he used his growling voice to get the answers he wanted by an other way.

“So what´s up with you today? Are you going to look for a cure again, kid?” he asked.

But even that seemed to started Dipper, so maybe it wasn’t such an indirect question after all.


Dipper’s ears shot up. Not meeting his eyes he played with his food instead. “I- yes. Yes, I mean probably, but only if you’re sure you don’t need me or Mabel to help out in the gift shop?”

Dipper offering his help in the shop? Yeah, there definitely was something off here.  But he wouldn’t make it so easy to him.

“Nah.” The old man waved Dipper’s question away. “It’ll be fine with Soos and Wendy back to work.”

Dipper’s mouth was already opening to answer his Grunkle but Mabel was faster than him. The thoughts of looking for a cure that didn’t exist made him feel itchy all over.

With a wide smile she spoke up. “Yeah! That´s going to be great! You’ll see, Dipper, we’ll find out why you’re still like this and before you can say ‘Dippingdots’,  you’ll be your old, nerdy self again.”

But her brother hadn’t been listening to her but instead scratching furiously behind his ear.

“Darn, this itchs! I´ll bet Wendy’s fleas moved on to me now!”

He seen Mabel’s and Stan’s mouth wide open when he looked back up again.

“What?” he questioned.

“How are you doing that?” Mabel asked.  But Dipper just flicked an ear in confusion.

“Doing what?”

“Scratching like that.”

“Huh?” But he paused his movements only to see his hind leg right beside his head. Dipper could feel the panic creeping back into his vines, with a loud thud did put his leg down again, his ears lying flat against his head. “I- um, instinct?”

But Dipper’s fake smile and suddenly pale face couldn’t fool them any longer, leaving Mabel and Stan exchanging worried glances.

Above all, it couldn’t fool Mabel any more.

They were twins after all, and she was sensing that something strange was going on here.

Her suspicions grew when these events increased over the next three days she watched her like a hawk.  And Dipper stayed the way he was.

The only ‘monster’  in a normal - well, no, not ordinary - town.    

It was no wonder that even the otherwise blind people of Gravity Falls noticed that something was off. They began to wonder and pity the small boy who had been working so hard to change them back. Maybe the whole curse thing had been his mistake in the first place, but this was Gravity Falls after all, sometime or another something like that would have happened anyway, with or without the young Pines twin.

The whole town had been watching him peel the bark from one of Lazy Susan’s trees in front of the Diner until his sister shooed him away. But the one that worried the most about Dipper Pines’ behavior was definitely Mabel.

Mabel watched every step he took between searching for a cure and working in the Shack. She encouraged him to try this and that, but the imagined spark of hope her brother’s eyes faded with every failed attempt.

Instead his strange behavior got worse, no matter who was nearby.

Even in front of Wendy, who Mabel knew Dipper had a crush on, he couldn’t hold back any longer. It was this morning when they worked in the Shack helping to stock the new merch in the proper places, when the redhead suddenly poked her in the side, nodding towards Dipper.

Her brother had been helping Wendy with the new mugs, until his gaze had fallen on axe on Wendy´s belt.

And now Dipper was-

He was chewing on the wooden handle of the sharp tool.

Drool already covered the bottom of the handle, just starting to drip on the floor.  Wendy shot his twin an alarmed glance.

“I just got to say tahat that’s not normal. Not even for him the way he is.” Wendy said. Mabel just nodded and observed her brother’s ears and how they moved, his animal side obviously heard them but his human brain wasn’t listening.  

“No, it´s not. Eww…” She watched how Dipper nibbled on a few of the splinters he had chewed up.

“Well, we can’t let him keep doing that. That´s my favorite axe - or, it was my favourite.”  Wendy grumbled, slowly turning to the deertaur beside her.

“Hey Dip-“

“Wait!” Mabel hissed, while she snatched her phone out of her sweater pocket, taking a fast picture of her brother nibbling on the ax of his crush.  Wendy looked at her questionably, but Mabel just winked with her eyebrows, a wide sinister smile formed on her face.

“I´m sure that will be useful one day.”  A dry laugh escaped Wendy’s lips.

“That’s brilliant. Brilliant, but cruel.”

But when they brought Dipper back to reality, all humor was gone because he reacted the same way he had for days. With a pale face and red cheeks, he muttered quiet apology under his breath and fled the room before any of them had the time to ask questions.

Dipper had avoided her for the rest of the day, he had gone to bed early but she had watched his trouble to find sleep, so that Mabel was somewhat relieved now that his chest finally was slowly rising and falling under his blanket.

Dipper was asleep, finally.

With a last glance to her brother she got herself out of bed, tiptoeing down the stairs with Waddles at her side and Sergeant Carrot tugged under her arm. Mabel’s goal was the old abandoned room she and Dipper had been fighting for a few weeks before this whole monster stuff had happened. She placed the stuffed animal in front of the door and gave him a grim look.

“It´s up to you to keep the cost clear, Sergeant carrot. I´m counting on you!”  The old, faded stuffed rabbit looked up at her with it’s one bead eye and a button where the other should have been.

“You know the password? It´s sweet-chocolate-strawberry-cheesecake-with-sprinkles-on-top.”


“Fine. Wish us good luck. We´ll be back… hopefully.”  

With that she closed the door and flicked the light on, before she turned to waddles with a pen and a paper pet in her hand.

“We all know why we are here right?”  The pink animal blinked.

“We need to solve the riddle of… Deerper Falls.” she intoned. Waddles squealed in response.

“To the facts.” She pointed to the glittery picture of her deer brother on paper, counting down the list of her work over the last days.

“He is half deer.

“The river changed all of us but we all turned back, except him.

“It seems to be getting worse.

“How do we know that? Good question Sir.”  The pick ripped his head on the edge of a locker but Mabel just flipped the pages of her pet, showing the fitting drawn pictures of Dipper, to prove her words.

“We’ve seen him grazing, mumble at his own pillow, shaking himself dry after the rain like a puppy, eat Lazy Suzan´s trees, chew on Wendy´s axe and, ewww, even though he denies it, licking himself.”  She brought the pen to her mouth, chewing on it thoughtfully.

“Something strange is going on here and I´m sure Dipper knows about it.” She looked back to Waddles and the pig gave her a low grunt, making the smile appear on her face and lifting him up.  

“You’re right, we need to get to the bottom of that and that means-“ She turned around and raised the pic as height as she could. “A new case for Lord Mystery Ham!”

Breathe Me In Part II

A Series Following the Early Tayvin Relationship 

Part I

I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you to everyone who read and responded to the first part of this story. It was my largest response to a story thus far, and it made me immensely happy. Also, a quick thank you to my followers. I just reached 200 and I so appreciate all of you, you fill my dash with wonderful Taylor Swift posts and make me laugh on my gloomiest days. So thank you dear readers, you make writing a pleasure and I am so grateful to you all. I hope you enjoy Breathe Me In Part II. 

Adam sat in the darkened car, glancing at the clock on the dash every couple of seconds. It was moving at an agonizing pace, ticking down the moments until he would see her again. He had left his hotel room too early, the drive only took a couple minutes, but it had been too quiet, too nerve wracking to sit in that lonely room, thoughts of her consuming him. She hadn’t left his mind since their last parting, her presence dictating his every action. Her texts had brightened his days, illuminated his nights. She already owned so much of his soul, after tonight he wondered if there would be any remnant of himself left, or if they would combine to form one entity. TaylorandAdam. One person, one heartbeat. The thought of that might scare a younger man, but Adam couldn’t imagine a better possibility. He was not a nervous teenager, fresh faced to the warmth of love’s gaze. He was a grown man, determined to spend however much time he could with the woman who had so spectacularly disrupted his life. 

His hands started drumming on the steering wheel, a small bit of his nervous excitement leaking out into the physical world. He was the type of person most would judge as the strong and silent kind, but anticipation was making him jittery. He wished he had a keyboard or a guitar so he might pour out the rhythm that longed to escape his errant heart. He could almost imagine the piano line, soft and sentimental. Nothing like his usual dance fare, the melody of her voice harmonizing and flowing over a simple tune. If his mind had been able to focus on anything other than the thought of her these past few days, he might have gotten some actual work done in his studio. But every time he had attempted to work out a new rhythmic beat her face would appear in his mind, the sound of her laugh echoing in his ears. 

His eyes meandered around the car, searching for a distraction. He settled on looking out of the tinted glass, face tilted towards the windows he knew belonged to her. Soft light spilled behind translucent curtains, a tantalizing glance into her world. His heart sped up each time a shadow passed in front of the light, hoping he might catch sight of her. 

Under normal circumstances he would have been eager to explore Nashville, a relatively unknown city to him. He had arrived the previous morning, flying in from London. As soon as his feet touched the ground, though, all he could do was wonder about her. Had she walked where he stood? What was her favorite place in the city? How had this southern town shaped who she was today? He had wandered around the streets for a while, listless without her presence to guide him. 

His phone buzzed in his pocket, alerting him to an incoming message. His heart jumped a bit, but it was not from her. His phone had been like a grenade the past few days, he couldn’t stop the rush of adrenaline each time it rang. The hope it was she who deigned to contact him was all consuming. While most times it wasn’t, they had exchanged dozens of texts. He cherished every electronic missive he received, hoping he sounded clever and funny but mostly just attempting not to sound a fool. She was relaxed and carefree over text, her guard weakened by the anonymity and security of virtual communication. He almost didn’t mind that he couldn’t hear her voice over text, as he could imagine her saying every word. From her simple greetings to her lame cat jokes, he held onto each, pieces of her he would never lose. 

His phone this time, however, only alerted him to a text from one of his friends. He knew they had noticed something different about him after the Brits, but he had been able to shrug them off easily enough. Adam was not typically a hopeless romantic, so no one knew to look for the obvious signs he was falling into infatuation. He was glad no one had noticed, as he doubted that he would be able to effectively cover up the extent of his feelings for his golden haired beauty. 

He sent back a quick reply, checking the time again to see if he could reasonably go up to her door yet. Still half an hour till seven. His massive hands wavered over the screen of his phone. Before he could talk himself out of it he sent her a message, asking to come up. Adam didn’t mind if she thought it was dorky of him to arrive so early. If it meant seeing her an instance sooner it would be infinitely worth it. 

Her name flashed on his screen, he couldn’t help the smile that it brought to his lips. His eyes scanned over her words, affirming his hope. He was out of the car in a flash, nearly forgetting the bouquet of lowers that had been resting on the seat next to him. He knew bringing her flowers on a first date was traditional and cliche, but he thought she would appreciate the gesture. 

His journey to her door was a complete blur, his anxious excitement blinding him to his surroundings. When his long strides finally brought him to her doorstep, though, everything froze. His heart stammered, paralyzing fear shooting through his limbs. Standing there, at the precipice of a great divide in his life, he couldn’t stop the notes of panic that told him not to do it. Not to expose his heart to such strong possibility of rejection. Not to put so much hope in this one night. Not to let this woman become his world. 

All of these thoughts, however, were quieted when he remembered that standing on the other side of the door was a woman who had managed to turn his whole life around in the most wonderful way imaginable. He had been floating through existence, most days a blur of monotony, when she had burst into his grey-scale life. Even if this was their only night together, it would be worth any pain. 

He raised his fist and knocked, already across the divide, heart on his sleeve, fate resting in her delicate hands. The door opened, and every fear in his jumbled mind was instantly silenced. He knew he had made the right decision, as a deep calmness overcame him at the sight of her. She looked magnificent, in her crop top and sinfully short skirt, but his eyes were immediately drawn to her face. The face that had haunted his dreams since he had first laid eyes on her. His gaze swept over her features, just as he remembered them. He grinned when he saw eyes roving over him as well. It gave him a small measure of confidence to think that she might be as effected by his presence as he was by hers. 

“Hello.” Her eyes lifted to his as he spoke, and he feasted on the opportunity to explore her oceanic orbs. He noticed the slight blush in her cheeks at being caught staring, it only fueled his intoxication. 

“Hi.” Her voice sounded small and unsure. He wanted to reassure her that nothing she could possibly do would turn him away. 

“You look beautiful.” The compliment slipped out, he didn’t want to make her more nervous but it was the absolute truth. Well, the truth was she would be beautiful wearing a chicken-feed sack, but her fashion choices only further accentuated her natural allure. 

“These are for you. I know it’s not a traditional bouquet, but Scottish thistle is good luck.” He bashfully held out the bouquet, second-guessing his choice to bring her the simple buds. She may have expected something more customary, like roses, but Adam had seen the thistle at the flower market and known he had to buy it for her. Scottish thistle was not what one would consider a conventionally beautiful plant, but Adam had always been drawn to its muted colors as he wandered the heather of his homeland. His parents might not have been Scottish, but the essence of the highlands flowed in Adam’s veins. He relished the untapped freedom of the land, the spirit it held. He hoped that Taylor would appreciate his small nod to that spirit in his choice of flowers. 

“They’re lovely, thank you. Why don’t you come in and I’ll put them in water.” Her small hand brushed his as she took the bouquet; he had to stop his fingers from ghosting over the back of her hand. He longed to twine his fingers with hers, capture her palm in his and keep it close. 

He followed her into the apartment, noticing the high ceilings and eclectic decor. He attempted to observe everything without falling behind her step, a sensory overload as he catalogued each item he came across. Everything in the place seemed to represent her; he could sense her spirit about the room. From the dreamy design to the cluttered ornaments and baubles, every item was an ode to Taylor, to her innermost thoughts and dreams. His eyes fell back to her as she began to speak. 

“This was the first home I bought for myself. It’s a little cluttered because I couldn’t stop buying knick-knacks for it when I first moved in. I was kind of going for a vintage chic sort of…” He heard her stop, sensing that her babble was a result of nerves. He didn’t mind, though, as he could listen to her speak about anything and be completely enthralled. 

“Sorry, you probably don’t care about my decorating philosophy.”

“No, I don’t mind hearing about it. This place fits you.”

“Well, thanks I suppose. It seems like so long ago that I decorated this place I’m not sure if it’s me anymore.” Adam recalled reading about her move to New York, how she had taken her lovesick country girl image and turned it on its head. He could certainly relate to moving someplace new for a fresh start, but time had made Adam realize that trying to escape from the past is futile. The joys and pains of experience shape who we are as beings, and as much as we try we can never truly begin again. 

“Just because it represents a younger version of yourself doesn’t mean you can’t still be that person sometimes.” He kept his eyes on her, not wanting to make her uncomfortable, but wishing she would see the sincerity in his sentiment. 

“I hadn’t thought of it that way.”

His attention was briefly drawn from her as he noticed a feline slink over to the barstool he rested on. He reached a hand down, rubbing the cat’s neck. His gesture seemed to work as the cat jumped onto his lap and started pawing at his pants. He saw Taylor come around the counter and start shooing the cat. 

“Meredith, get off! I’m sorry, she’s going to get cat hair all over you.” He smiled down at Meredith, she appeared to have grown rather attached to him. 

“It’s alright, I don’t mind. A little cat hair never hurt anyone.”

“I’m surprised she’s even in the room, usually when I have guests she goes and hides under my bed.” Adam liked this cat more and more, as it pleased him to think that he had won over the stubborn feline so easily. If only her mistress was such an easy catch. He shifted his gaze back to her, a cheeky grin already playing on his lips. 

“Guess I just have a way with the Swift women.”

“Well, we’ll just have to see about that.” He hoped that he would have the opportunity to woo Taylor. He knew it wouldn’t be as easy as it had been with her cat, but he had never been put off by a challenge. 

He slid off the barstool to follow her retreating figure, brushing himself off as he went. She had been right about the cat hair, a fine layer covered his pants. 

“So, since you wouldn’t tell me over text, where exactly are we going?” Adam was glad she couldn’t see his face at the moment, as an embarrassed flush crept up his neck. He had agonized over where to take her for their first date. He wanted somewhere special but not too formal, quiet but still exciting, somewhere perfect. This was the first date of what he hoped would be many, but a first date had to be memorable. It had to bet he kind of night they told their grandkids about one day. 

“I’d thought we’d go to a restaurant downtown, a French place. Is that alright?” He had heard the wisdom that simply going to dinner was a bad idea for a first date, as it could be awkward with nothing to do but talk. But all he wanted to do was talk to her. So he had thrown caution to the wind. There would be plenty of time for more exciting outings in the future. 

“Sounds good to me.” He watched her locate her purse and head towards the entrance, she appeared ready to leave. 

“Do you need to grab a coat or anything, or are you good to go?” He walked to her side, slightly worried that she would find his question overbearing or controlling. He just didn’t want anything to ruin their night, including her freezing to death in the early spring chill. 

“It’s supposed to be pretty pleasant outside for March, so I should be fine. Shall we?” 

“Absolutely, I’m parked just outside.” He exited the apartment first, giving her space to lock up. They made their way to his car, casual conversation flowing between them easily. He felt relief at the lack of awkward silence, everything felt completely natural. 

The drive to the restaurant was short, but Adam couldn’t stop glancing over at her while he navigated the city streets. The twilight glow transformed her hair into a fire-tinged halo. She radiated light. 

They reached the destination quickly, Adam pulling up to the valet and efficiently exiting so he could open her door for her. He wasn’t old-fashioned, but he still believed in treating any lady with respect and kindness, especially one he wanted to impress. His eyes swept the area, alert for any signs of paparazzi or flashing cameras. He had been concerned whether she would feel comfortable out in public with just him, but she seemed at ease. 

His hand found her back as they entered the restaurant, a natural gesture he didn’t think twice about. The silky band of skin between her shirt and skirt was smooth to the touch. His fingers unconsciously traced circles on her skin as they walked through the restaurant, trying to memorize the feel of her heated flesh beneath his fingertips. 

His hand lingered until they reached the table, reluctant to part with his connection to her. He looked down at the chair in front of him and had to suppress a sigh. Being tall had parks but trying to fit into tiny chairs was not one of them. He sat down, attempting to fold his legs in a semi-comfortable manner when he heard her chuckle from across the table 

“Something funny?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t going to break that poor chair!” He had to agree with her, he felt like he was sitting in a seat meant for a small child, precariously balanced on shaky legs. 

“I’m sure the chair will be fine. And if it breaks we’ll just have to share yours.” His smile was devilish, as he contemplated her sitting on his lap in one of the tiny chairs. It was a dangerous train of thought. He tried to distract his mind by returning his attention to her voice. 

“You must think my face is permanently tomato hued. I’m surprised you wanted to go out with me at all.” He wondered if she knew how enchanting it was when her cheeks turned rosy. Their red hue was a testament to his effect on her and there was nothing he liked more than knowing he disrupted her perfectly poised appearance. 

“I think you’re adorable. I happen to like making you blush.”

“Well, you’re certainly succeeding on that front then.”

Conversation engulfed the next several hours, interrupted intermittently by rich French food. He drank in every story she told, each revealed a small, previously unknown part of her. He talked about himself a little too, telling her about his music and his childhood. The topics of conversation flowed and intermixed, deftly jumping from one subject to the next. He wanted to know everything about her, but he managed to stop himself from asking the barrage of questions that flooded his mind every time she revealed a new factoid. He loved making her laugh, it was almost as enjoyable as making her blush. She didn’t seem to mind his goofy sense of humor, something that even his confident persona couldn’t disguise. An element of flirtation was ever present, but it didn’t stop them from having meaningful conversation. By the time the waiter brought around the check it felt like he knew her almost better than he knew himself. 

He did, however, notice that she shied away from any topic that touched on her reputation or celebrity status. He respected her obvious wishes, not probing too deep, but he recognized that it was a conversation they would eventually need to have. No matter how normal this seemed, if they wanted to continue seeing each other they had to confront the issues of the media and public image. He could tell this made her nervous and he wanted to do nothing more than calm her fears. He knew she had seen relationships go up in flames because of her fame, but he was not afraid to face the storm if she was by his side. She was worth any amount of secrecy, attention, or scrutiny. She was worth it all. 

When the natural lull in conversation arrived signaling the end of dinner, his thoughts scrambled, trying to think of a way to extend the date. They had ben talking for hours but it wasn’t enough, it would never be enough. 

“I know it’s already late, but do you want to walk around for a while? Go to a park or something?” He looked up at her, voice a little hesitant. He understood if she wanted to go home, he couldn’t be too disappointed as their night had already been more than he hoped for. But still, a small part of him wished that she was just as hesitant to leave his company as he was to leave hers. 

“That sounds perfect, we could walk by the river. It’s not too far from here.”

They soon exited into the cooling darkness of the spring night, the quiet hum of the city surrounding them. He reached out his hand, capturing her much smaller palm in his. When she didn’t reach away he wrapped his long fingers around hers, warmth flowing between their two palms. He saw her glance down at their hands and smile, his expression mirrored hers although his gaze stayed on her profile. 

As they walked down the dimly lit street he saw a slight shiver run through her. Barely a second passed before he shrugged off his jacket, wrapping it around her unprotected shoulders. He smiled as he saw her slip her arms into the sleeves, it dwarfed her slim figure. Adam liked the fact that she was tall, it made him feel like less of a giant. But even with her model-esque statue she still looked tiny in his clothing. His mind started to wonder how she would look wearing one of his t-shirts before her voice snapped him back into reality. 

“I swear, I didn’t wear inadequate clothing just to have an excuse to steal your jacket.” 

“Even if you had I still would’ve given it to you.” He silently considered if she would keep it after their date, intentionally or unintentionally. He wouldn’t mind, as he liked the idea of her having something of his. Maybe it would keep him in her thoughts. 

She led them to a bench shaded by an arbor of trees, sheltered from the prying gazes of others. They hadn’t been stopped by any fans yet, but he worried that if they stayed out in the open too long someone would snap a picture. He was scared that if the media got ahold of their relationship too soon, she would run for the hills. He knew she expected the same thing from him, but he was prepared to face any amount of media attention for her. 

They settled onto the bench, his arm stretching behind her to rest over her shoulders. He felt her shift so that her head was leaning against his chest, and in that moment he swore the earth stood still. He could feel her light exhale of breath against his neck, the comfortable pressure of her body pressing into his, the weight of her head resting just above his heart. 

She had realigned his world, her presence the new focal point of his existence. He thanked whatever star had made him glance at her that night, whatever shift in the cosmos had allowed them to walk the same plane. He would give up everything if only he could stay with her until the end of days. What good was the rest of the world when she was his universe? He tried to memorize every sensation, never wanting to lose this memory. Her hesitant voice interrupted his thoughts. 

“So, why did you?” Her question puzzled him; he didn’t know what she was referring to. He inferred that she had spoken directly from her thoughts. 


“Change your name?” Her query came out of the blue, but it was not entirely unexpected. It was a question he received frequently, but until now had never answered honestly. 

“Oh, that. I dunno. I suppose when I left Scotland to really try and break into the music industry I felt like I had to leave everything behind. Small town boy, small town life. My name sort of went with that. I didn’t realize until later how wrong I was. How much I needed to be Adam instead of Calvin sometimes.It works out, though. It makes it easier to separate what matters from everything else. All the parties, the money, the fame, all that, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s just music and family and” you his mind silently supplied, but he knew it was too soon to say anything of the sort. “you know, life. Sorry that was a really long explanation for a simple question.”

“No, I get it . It sometimes feels like Taylor Swift isn’t me anymore. It’d be nice to just be Taylor for a while.” He looked down at her head resting on his chest, heart hurting for the pain he could hear in her voice. He had seen the papers; he knew what people said about her. It amazed him that anyone could be so cruel to her, he wanted to make those people pay. He wanted to tell her that he would protect her, that he would stop people from making up lies about her just to sell magazines. But he knew that was a promise he couldn’t keep. So he made her a promise that he could. 

“You can be her, with me.” 


“Yeah.” He paused for a moment, but then continued on, determined to combat some of her hesitance. “I know you’re scared of what’s happening between us. But I just had arguably the best date of my life and it was all because of you. Please, just give us a fair chance.” He tried to keep the desperation from his voice, but he knew some had slipped through. He realized that he was being too intense, but he couldn’t help it. He needed her in his life and he was willing to do whatever was necessary to make that happen. 

“I, I’m trying. I hope you know that. I truly am trying. It’s just scary, you know? You seem like this perfect guy and I can’t help but wait for the other shoe to drop. For you to decide that I’m not worth everything that comes with dating me.” 

“You’re the perfect one. And I’m not leaving you. Not ever if you’d only let me.” He spoke directly from his heart, his face whisper close to hers. He stilled as he felt her hand reach up to his neck, her lips pressing into his. He leaned into the kiss and reached a hand to gently cup her cheek. He was trapped in the moment, his mind silent and still. Nothing could disturb the effervescent joy that consumed his being except the tinge of sadness at the thought that no moment could ever eclipse the happiness he currently felt.  

She pulled away, a hesitant smile on her lips. They wrapped themselves in a cocoon of long limbs, his arms tucked around her small figure. If he were granted a single wish in that instance, it would have been the ability to never forget. The waves of time spare no man, Adam knew one day he might not remember the way the moonlight reflected against her locks. He might not remember the way she gazed at him and how he saw his own heart reflected back. He might not remember the way it felt to hold her in his arms. All he wanted was to be able to relive his life just as it was in this moment. He would never wish to stop time, as she became more beautiful with each second that passed. It was almost too much to take in, the heat of her lithe figure pressed against his, the scent of her musk, the sound of her breathing. He closed his eyes, overwhelmed. 

“What’s wrong?” She sounded nervous, unsure. He tilted his head down, a soft smile on his lips. 

“Nothing, nothing at all.” She nodded and snuggled against his chest, he felt the contours of her face pressing into his sweater. His hand softly stroked her spine. 

“What do you dream about?” His tone was soft, nearly a whisper, but her head was pressed so close he knew she could make out his words. 

“I used to dream about a lot of things, but so many have come true I’m not sure I have the right to dream anymore.”

“Why? Because you went out and achieved your goals? Because you became famous and successful?”

“In a way. It seems unfair that I should wish for anything else when my life has been so blessed.”

“But you still do?”

“Yeah, I still dream about one thing.”

“You should always have dreams, Taylor.” She mumbled something incomprehensible into the fabric of his sweater. 

She stayed wrapped in his embrace a while longer, as they exchanged whispered snippets of stories and secrets. When at last they untangled, he held no complaints. The date had been beyond his wildest imaginings. He had broken through to her in the darkness of the evening, seen her soul. He had been devoted to her since their first interaction, but now he knew, they were in this together. 

He held onto her hand until the last possible moment, lingering on her doorstep and exchanging final kisses. Their parting did not sadden him, though, as he knew they would meet again soon. He was already texting her as he got back in his car, sending her his affection as they drew further apart, the only evidence of their meeting the memories he would carry with him forever. 

A Place For Us To Dream || Normal Life

Title: A Place For Us To Dream (22/?)
Rating: T
Summary: —Doomsday AU— What would have happened if the Doctor’s lever had been the one to slip? If the Doctor had been the one trapped in the parallel universe? Rose has to pick up the pieces and carry on in his place. After all, someone has to be the Doctor.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble
Notes: This story was inspired by a number of things — namely badwolfrun trying to keep me entertained at work by sending me this ask, which became this graphic and this graphic made by MK, and subsequent discussions with MK and perfectlyrose. Enjoy!
Notes: “Sam what is this?” Why thank you dear reader, I’m glad you asked. This is the prologue for my version of “Human Nature/Family of Blood.” I decided to post it tonight because it’s short and I’ll post the full chapter tomorrow.
Also this new layout bites for posting stories. Just saying.
***Catch up here!***

Hold on!”Her voice is strained against the howling wind, as if somehow herwords would save him as he clung to the lever.

But it was no good. She could onlywatch, terrified, as his fingers slipped.


A shout slipped off his lips as hetumbled towards the void, and she was about to let go herself, to tryand catch him…

Rose’s eyes flew open as her alarmwent off, jerking her back to reality.

She’d just turned off the offensivenoisemaker when the sound of knuckles against wood echoed through theroom, and Martha peeked in. “You awake?” She glared at the other woman blearily. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Too early,” she mumbled, dropping her head back onto the pillow and tugging the blankets over her head. “G’night.”

“Nope.” Rose squealed as the blanket flew away from her body.

Cold!” She whined, grabbing about blindly as she curled up tight, but Martha stepped out of her reach.

“Come on, you gotta get up. You’re supposed to open the shop today.”

“Don’t wanna.”

Rose.” Blimey it was like taking care of a three year old.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine.” Rose finally dragged herself out of bed, rubbing her eyes and yawning as she stumbled off to the bathroom. Martha shook her head as she dropped the blanket back on the bed, smiling fondly.

One shower and a cup of tea of later Rose was mostly awake, though her words were still punctuated by small yawns as she and Martha talked over breakfast. Rose was not, as Martha had learned, a morning person. Once she’d woken up she was her usual perky self, but before that she was a nightmare.

It was kind of amusing actually.

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