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completion; part three

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“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever. - Keri Russell.”

For the next week, Daniela was quiet. Not her usual upbeat, teasing self. The team knew her first real case affected her deeply. It wasn’t their usual cases; this one was hard even for some of the seasoned agents. Each member of the team tried to reach out to Daniela in their own way. Penelope baked her sweets, JJ tried to empathize with her by telling her stories from her time as a communications liaison. David tried to show her his outlets; cooking and writing. Emily commended her on a job well done. Tara tried to speak to her, just to talk. Luke left her alone, knowing she’d pick herself up eventually.

During a lunch break, it was Daniela’s turn to pick up the specialty coffee. As she wrote their orders down, Spencer volunteered to go with her to help her carry the coffee; it was a really a two person job.

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I agree with you: it's more interesting to know the person behind the blog than only the content they create/ reblog. Besides, it's your blog: ignore the people who think they can boss you around! You do you! Lots of love from another Daniela :*

ikr it’s one of the things I take into consideration when following people haha I like seeing ppl commenting on the stuff they reblog too, or farming their own memes,, it’s cute
Thank you very much Daniela <3

heyyy your louis loving hoe here… my blog just turned two and i just hit 2k! thank you all for following me and putting up with my posts (thank you for reblogging them and putting sweet things in the tags) but most of all thank you for 2k! so heres my 2k follower forever!

first my favorite person and advice giver @alwaysinmycorazon thank you daniela for putting up with me and helping me with all my problems ily so much 

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Tagged by : @holdnarrytight thank you Daniela for tagging me :) Much love ❤

One insecurity:
1. My skin(eczema) and weight occasionally

Two fears:
1. Never being able to do the things I love
2. People getting tired of me

Three turn-one:
1. Passion
2. Confidence in standing up for themselves
3. People who are fine with spending time with me in complete silence and enjoy my company for me only

Four life goals:
1. Find a job that I enjoy
2. Be in a group of LGBT+ friends who I can trust
3. Be financially stable
4. Give happiness and comfort to people around me

Five things I like:
1. Things I can listen to (music, podcasts)
2. Musicalsssss
3. Talking about shared interests with friends
4. Animals
5. English

Six weaknesses:
1. Very bad at speaking and communicating in general
2. A major pushover, not being able to say no
3. Extremely subjective, mostly ruled by emotions
4. Unable to think flexibly, only doing things in one way
5. Not motivated to keep friendships even though I really want to
6. Cannot handle insults well

Seven things I love:
1. Things that can provoke strong emotions
2. ANGSTY musicals/books/movies/tv shows with good messages at the end
3. Feeling supported and loved
4. Feeling safe enough to express all my opinions
5. My family and friends
6. BABY animals
7. Knowing more about weird and uncommon stuff

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thatnerdyblondegirl  asked:

ohmygod jess!! you are so SWEET!! thank you so much!! and congrats on 2.5k!! you deserve that and so much more!! i'm so glad to call you a friend!! and don't call your tags stupid because I LIVE FOR THEM!!!

ahh thank you, my dear daniela! for being a sweet friend and for liking my silly tags! SEE exhibit A of why i’m so glad i thought to make a tumblr for my kpop feels; i got to meet lovely people such as yourself 💕 

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

1.  We weren’t supposed to be out so late. “A film and then home” we told our parents. It wouldn’t have been the first time we lied. Summer was nearing end and we both felt backpack buzz around. I’d mastered my first few chords on the guitar. I was also the most distressed I’d ever been and my body knew it. We took to the hill behind my parents house. “We aren’t far”–we justified. 

  You liked wearing white tanks and baggy jeans, even on a cold night like this. Converse tied tight round your ankles. You groaned to a slant, laid your head down on the wet evening grass. How much longer till the snow hits? I wondered. I came down next to you without a moment’s hesitation. 

  We loved each other, we felt. I climbed atop you like we did the hill. Tucked arms inside myself on your chest. We spoke of dreams or maybe we didn’t say very much. 

That evening, our naivety and the bristles against my legs, your arms, still lives inside me in a brighter way than the heart break that quickly followed.

2.  “I’m in love, that’s why” I thought to myself. A soft smile on my face. But of course I wasn’t going to say it out loud was I? Almost. You and I felt so taxing. A tired tree with tired leaves, hanging tight after an exhilarating fall. Despite how hard my fingers ached from overtime hours, I’ll never forget the excitement of getting through that last stretch of line.  A validation of arrival. Customs.

         This is not where you are from, take a moment–why are you here?


Our love was a lead up to the build up. You taught me the value in waiting for a good moment, even if it was brief. That still shines brighter than the tragic heartbreak that followed.

3.   When I think of you I think of how the light would bend onto your bed in the morning; softs sheets framed your face like a portrait, one of my favourites to date. A step into your space was met with clear lines and put together thoughts. You were meticulous with how you held me, tender like the warm accents of your home placed gently on your tables.

                       “It doesn’t take much effort to place a thing back.”

   When I called us off I saw a look on your face akin to the one you’d give me when I didn’t put your precious things back. They were precious to me as well. I’d take out the duster, follow boarders to corners like a mouse on a hunt. Every detail spoke of you. I’d pick up your crumbs and dead skin without a mind. You made me feel like I finally knew what the ground was. I was real and so were you. It took time, to sink, to fall, to trust. But we got there, Snowed in and snuggled like a blizzard. One day, in an inevitable turn of the wind, I opened the door and grabbed a shovel. I wanted to open the windows and see the other side. I hurt you. It still kills me. I pummelled my way out and being selfless as you are you helped me find my way. You even told me to keep warm. You let me go without holding me back.  

That will always shine brighter than the heartbreak that swallowed us and spit us back into something beautiful.

                                           Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

- Daniela

I made this myself and I think you might enjoy it. Thank you!

My name is Daniela de la Torre and I´m an artist in the making. This blog is where I post everything I create.

Nash Grier imagine for Daniela

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Could you make an imagine where nash gets in a fight with my ex. My name is Daniela. Thank you 😙

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Originally posted by jackgilinskikme

“Babe lets go home im tired” I groan , grabbing Nash’s hand and pouting for extra effect.
Nash stared at me , before rolling his eyes and leading me out the club.
“Daniela!” Someone shouted , making both me and Nash turn around .
I rolled my eyes when i spot my ex stumbling towards me .
“Ugh” I say , disgusted.
“Hey baby , long time no see” He slurs , making Nash wrap his arms around me protectively .
“What do you want” I growl , making him smirk at me .
“Easy baby , i just miss you . I miss us .” He says , stepping closer to me .
Nash put his hand up , “easy man , back up” Nash says , his eyes glowering .
My ex looks between me and him , finally noticing Nash’s arm wrapped around me.
“Wow , you moved on already?” He slurred , and i looked away .
“What a fucking slut” He spits , and before i realize whats happening , he’s on the floor , Nash on top of him .
“Nash!” I scream , watching as he punched my ex in the face.
“You wanna say that again man?” Nash growled , gripping his shirt and pushing him into the floor .
“Nash please stop” I whimper , grabbing his arm in attempt to stop his blows .
Nash stopped when he heard my sobbing , getting up from the floor and bring me in his arms .
My ex groaned , holding his stomach . His nose was bleeding and it looked broken .
“We have to get out of here” I whisper , and we both scurry to the car ,Nash pulling out (no pun intended)
After a moment we both burst into laughter .
“I cant believe you actually fought him” I laugh , Nash chuckling .
“Nobody talks about my girl like that and gets away with it” He chuckles and I smile.
“Thank you for that” I say softly , grabbing his bruised hand and kissing it .
“Anything for you baby” He replys , and i grin.