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Word of Advice * Daddy Draco Malfoy Request

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Request: “hello! can you please write a dad draco situation? like him and scorpius when scorpius is like 15 and he has a crush on someone, then he would ask his dad about tips to make that person fall in love with him. and scorpius would be all shy and stuff. thank you!”


Warnings: 0


Draco’s POV

“You need help with what?” I asked my 15 year old son, Scorpius.

“C’mon don’t act surprised I’m 15! You should’ve seen this coming.” Scorpius said.

“No I know it’s just… you like someone!”

“… Yeah… so.” Scorpius said in a shy tone.

“Oh my… and you’re shy to talk to her?”

“A-A bit…”

“A bit?”

“Alright fine a lot!” Now will you please help me.”

“Oh I’ll help you alright. Now what exactly do you want to happen between the two of you?”

“I want her to fall in love with me.”

“Y-You what?!” I said while choking on my water.

“Dad please!”

“Ok ok ok. Have you talked to her?”



“We have almost every class together and I sit next to her for most. I ask her questions about the homework and stuff…”

“You have to talk to her outside of class. Dinner maybe… in the dormitories when not a lot of people are there… maybe the library… no one is really there. When you do talk to her, make sure the topic is interesting. Start of with the casually small talk then get straight into something interesting. Don’t be the creep that stalks their crush. You have to look confident and approachable, don’t look mad. If you want, you can pull of the sad look in class so she’ll talk to you first but that normally never works unless she fully knows you, one more thing, never make the girl chase after you and never let the girl do all the work. It’s the man that does everything oh and respect her opinions. Later on you can have a argument about whatever when you fully know her and she fully knows you.” I said to Scorpius.

“Wow… um… this is… quite a bit of information… is their anything else you want to tell me or… is this it?”

“Scorpius, this is only the beginning.”

“Do I have a lot left to learn?”

“Well no, not necessarily. This whole thing is a process. You can’t win a girl’s heart just by one move. Even if you’re smooth, you guys would need to build up trust and a steady friendship. This isn’t your 1st year, this is your 5th year so you can’t get a girlfriend after sharing your broomstick for the third time. A lot would need to built and some arguments will be made.”

“Okay… I-I have no idea what I was getting myself into.” Scorpius said with shock.

“Building a relationship isn’t a easy. Along the way your gonna break a few hearts until you found the one.”

“But mom was your first crush and you guys did everything together… even marriage.”

“Just because it worked out for us doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Every person’s story is different. You just have to learn how to… cope with it. Besides, I am your father. I bet a lot of girls are waiting to be yours. Afterall I did give you this legacy.” I said with a smirk.

“Yeah, you’re right and trust me, I can’t tell you how many girls like me. Whenever I walk into a room someone has to wink and constantly talk to me.”

“Do you have a Pansy?”

“Sadly, I do but I do what mum told me.”

“What did she tell you?’

“Face her like a man! If she does anything creepy, tell her off and live life.” Scorpius said with confidence.

“And those were the words I gave you darling. Remember?” Y/N said while kissing my cheek.

“Of course I remember. Those words helped me a lot. All thanks to you.” I said while kissing Y/N on the lips.

“Hi mom now dad you’re helping me remember?”

“Oh sorry did I interrupt something? I’ll just go shower. Love ya guys!” Then Y/N exited the room.”

“Where was I? Oh yeah, having a Pansy sucks but you have to man up. Just like mum said.”

“Ok is… is that it?” Scorpius asked.

“We have all of winter break to cover this stuff but for now, yes. Please don’t forget about this or else I will buy and write you a guide.”
“Better bring out the guide then.” Scorpius said while walking out of the room.

“No thank you?” I yelled out.

“Thanks dad!” He yelled out.

Oh god, I didn’t know what I was getting into when Scorpius asked for help.