thank you creatures

  • me, anytime i see a scary looking insect/bug/arthropod: i appreciate your role in the environment and i'm sure you are a beautiful example of your species but please stay 19274538382 miles away from me, thank you
  • Lord Petyr was seated on his window seat, languid and elegant in a plush plum-colored doublet and a yellow satin cape, one gloved hand resting on his knee. “The king is fighting hares with a crossbow,” he said. “The hares are winning. Come see.”
  • “I am a knight,” he told them. He opened the silver fastenings of his breastplate and let that fall as well. “I shall die a knight.”“A naked knight, it would seem,” quipped Littlefinger.
  • Littlefinger came calling an hour after the Grand Maester had left, clad in a plum-colored doublet with a mockingbird embroidered on the breast in black thread, and a striped cloak of black and white. “I cannot visit long, my lord,” he announced. “Lady Tanda expects me to lunch with her. No doubt she will roast me a fatted calf. If it’s near as fatted as her daughter, I’m like to rupture and die.”
  • As Ned looked to him, Lord Petyr stifled a yawn. "When you find yourself in bed with an ugly woman, the best thing to do is close your eyes and get on with it,” he declared. “Waiting won’t make the maid any prettier. Kiss her and be done with it.”
  • “Chataya runs a choice establishment,” Littlefinger said as they rode. “I’ve half a mind to buy it. Brothels are a much sounder investment than ships, I’ve found. Whores seldom sink, and when they are boarded by pirates, why, the pirates pay good coin like everyone else." 
  • Varys made a tsking sound. "Sweet Petyr, surely you do not mean to suggest that these puissant lords and noble knights could be bought like so many chickens in the market.”“Have you been to our markets of late, Lord Varys?” asked Littlefinger. “You’d find it easier to buy a lord than a chicken.”
  • Petyr Baelish gave a shrug. "Tides and brides wait on no man, my lord. Once the autumn storms begin the voyage will be much more hazardous. Drowning would definitely diminish my charms as a bridegroom.”
  • Grand Maester Pycelle gaped at him, aghast. “Surely you do not mean to suggest that Lady Selyse would bring a fool into her bed?”“You’d have to be a fool to want to bed Selyse Florent,” said Littlefinger. 
  • There was a hermit’s cave on his land as well, but no hermit. “He’s dead now, but when I was a boy my father took me to see him. The man had not washed in forty years, so you can imagine how he smelled, but supposedly he had the gift of prophecy. He groped me a bit and said I would be a great man, and for that my father gave him a skin of wine.” Petyr snorted. “I would have told him the same thing for half a cup.”
  • “Perhaps I could bed you now, and wed you later?”The Lady Lysa giggled like a girl. “Oh, Petyr Baelish, you are so wicked. No, I say no, I am the Lady of the Eyrie, and I command you to wed me this very moment!”
  • “That will give it strength enough to stand, I’d think,” Petyr said. “May I come into your castle, my lady?” Sansa was wary. “Don’t break it. Be …”“… gentle?” He smiled.
  • “We did not come for your signature. Nor do we mean to bandy words with you, Littlefinger.”“What a pity. I do so love a nicely bandied word.”
  • Cersei smiled the sort of smile she customarily reserved for Jaime. “Lord Petyr, you are a wicked creature.”“Thank you, Your Grace." 

-Petyr Baelish being a smartass

im gonna try to draw the paladins with eeveelutions! (Idk if its been done already or not..??)

So here’s what I was thinking:

Pidge-leafeon and jolteon
Lance-vaporeon and glaceon

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So I had this convoluted dream last night about finding this dark haired cranky witch man in the forrest who I was trying to get to help me but he slammed his door in my face so I gave up and started crying but a chipmunksquirrelthingy came to cheer me up and because of its kindness the wizard guy decided to help me and anyway not sure if this was legit or not but I decided that Ryland looks amazing with long flowing hair and Basils spirit animal is totes a cute woodland creature. Had to share.

omg?! i love,, im totally down for this au

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For the Creature Feature, how about mermaids? Not like the little mermaid, more like Abe Sapien-- like actually 'Human evolved to live underwater' and isn't just a human with a fish tail? human woman with merman?

I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I had a great time writing it. 

Content warnings: Suicidal ideation, the ocean, alcoholism. ~3300 words.


The ocean pulls at him.

Obron walks down to the water, at night. There is nothing there but ocean and black sky. A constant roar of waves and wind. All the grand hotels behind him have shut off the lights and he feels the pull and tug, the massive presence of nature begging him to drown. The fear takes him and he returns home.

Novi Sad was a city of colors and vibrancy. Here on the Oregon coast, where he’s been since he was ten, everything was grey, green and brown. There is a certain beauty in the moss covered trees, but he misses the color of his youth. Father wasn’t so unhappy back home. Here he drinks, every night. Obron walks in the house, sees father lying on the couch, his face slack from the cheap beer he puts away every night. Mother is in bed, as usual. He stares at the snoring beast on the couch and goes to bed, dreaming of the depths.

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Horace, you and Seymour were in my dream last night! But unfortunately it very quickly turned into a nightmare. If it's not too much trouble, could you reassure me that you are still a very strong boar who is fighting against wendigos and such creatures? Thank you...

Gerold Is Walking

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Asra♡♡♡ Please tell me more oh god. I just... love Asra. Is this even allowed to be called a question? I don't know. But can you tell us something. It can even be super irrelevant. Asra is super cute I'm sorry. Thank you for this beautiful creature.

Asra grew up on the streets of the city you both call home. Here he is as a very small ragamuffin, with a less small friend:



Which is a place it technically never should have been in, considering that @cold-creature lives in the eastern states of mY OWN COUNTRY :V IT TOOK OVER SEVERAL MONTHS FOR A PARCEL SENT FROM AUSTRALIA TO ESSENTIALLY GET TO AUSTRALIA ISNT THAT AMAZING LMAO.


(I was a bit worried Veron had sent me perishable food or something because she said and i quote “i dont know if it will last such a long trip” and i was like 😱 and was almost scared to open the box XD)