thank you collin

Misha makes one…. fine-apple


This is the most beautiful thing my ears could ever listen to. This just put up a smile on my face after everything. I’m sure it will do the same for y’all <3

Thank you, Colin Farrell

because whatever Johnny Depp now does to Gellert Grindelwald, we will always have his portrayal of the character.

And he was everything I hoped, Grindelwald would be: passionate, scary in a subtle way, devoted to his cause yet terribly misguided.

And look at his face, when he delivers the “What makes Albus Dumbledore so fond of you?” line! That is the face of someone, who still cares, who wonders, why he and Albus had to part. He is not indifferent to Dumbledore! Which raises my hopes for actual, textual grindeldore to unknown hights!

Farrell managed to make Grindelwald a person, so whatever happens now, we will always have this!

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@oaisara has started this thing to show our love and thank Misha Collins for all his effort to save his country.

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