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Chuck appreciation post. Ok, so I saw a post or two from @gr8writingtips and thought of Chuck, so I went and found some more. (Please have him in season 11…) And also, I made a side blog for my SPN stuff and it’s @silviaspnblog if you wanted to take a look.

A Prod and a Poke

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Oh! Oh! *waves hand wildly* I have a request! How about a one-shot where the reader is the Royal Seamstress and sews all of the Prince’s clothes no matter how painstakingly complex the designs are. When the Enchantress casts her curse, reader gets turned into a pin cushion, so whenever Beast is rude or upset over something little, she pokes him with her needles (“Get yourself together, your highness!”)

Author’s Note: This is a platonic relationship one. I thought it would suit the idea better. As always, tags, requests and questions are OPEN! Hope you all enjoy :) MY MASTERLIST

You’d grown up with Adam. He was your closest friend. There were no secrets between the two of you. You never lied to him even though you were very well aware of the fact that he did to you during the years after the Queen passed. You knew what it felt like to lose a parent. Your mother was the Queen’s closest friend. She was her seamstress and they spent many days talking to one another whilst your mother made a new dress that the King had commissioned to make his Queen look beautiful. Originally employed by the King to make his wife whatever gowns she desired, the Queen got more than what was originally intended. She gained a friend. Just like the Queen, Adam also gained a friend, you. However, your bond was much stronger than that. You were like siblings. You were the only children in the castle (until Chip came along), so you spent most of your time together. Whilst he learned how to be a proper royal, which he resented, you trained with your mother to be the best seamstress that could ever be. You would say that you were both successful in your endeavours. You became skilled with a needle and thread, able to create any garment from a few scraps of cloth, no matter how complex. Adam became a true royal. Pompous, entitled and stuck up. The exact thing he used to tell you he hated.
You understood why he used to hate the royals. They were annoying and extremely picky with what was good and was not. Most times, you were unsure how one blue was too dark for the event they were going to, especially seeing as it was usually as light as possible. Adam was the worst offender. You’d create spectacular suits for him that were so detailed and heavily embroidered you wondered how he could wear something so heavy. You did your best ever work for Adam, yet he was never pleased, always asking for you to improve it. Most times you wanted to prick him extremely hard with one of your pins however he moved so much that he caused pain to himself, much to your amusement. He never scolded you for laughing at his misfortune, he still thought of you as a sister, there were some bonds that you couldn’t break. Though you were more like estranged siblings who barely saw one another. You rarely saw the real Adam, but when you did it was like nothing had changed. He was just as funny and charming. It was a shame that he had such a sour exterior.
On the night of the ball, you were with Adam. Apparently, the suit you had made for him wasn’t blinding enough for him. So, you spent a good two hours embellishing the suit with a ridiculous amount of jewels. In that time, Adam had had a bath, put on his make-up and wig. He was only missing the jacket.
“Hurry up, Y/N!” he scolded you, “There is such a thing as being more than fashionably late.”
You said nothing as you continued embellishing his sleeve. He began stalking up and down the room, his way of stating that he was getting impatient. The noise was extremely annoying so you gave in to your feelings and chucked your shoe at him.
“Get it together! I’m nearly done! Just stand still or I swear I will leave this sleeve unfinished.” He stood still immediately. “Thank you.”
You rushed the last part of the sleeve, now no longer caring to be neat. Thankfully he didn’t care either as he hastily put on the jacket. Without a word to you, he left.
That was the last time you saw him in his human form. The ball came quickly and abruptly ended even quicker. You heard him scream, above all of his guests’. You heard him scream, above all of his guests’. You tried to run to him from your room, but before you could, you felt a surge of cold run throughout your entire body before everything went black.
When you awoke, you were a pin cushion. How you managed to instinctively move you had no idea but you were certain that it looked rather strange. You walked on four pins that stuck out from your lower body. You had pins sticking out from your back so you were certain that you looked like a child’s bad attempt at a toy hedgehog. You set about finding other members of the castle. You found all the staff rather easily as they had all congregated in the kitchen. No one had seen Adam and no one saw him for another two days. It was only when his hunger outshone his wounded pride did he emerge from his tower. He ate and that was the only interaction you had with him for the next few years. He still wore the ripped clothes from the ball, which you found disgusting. You were slightly upset by the fact that he wore it as it was all ripped, all that last minute work was for nothing.
One night you snuck into his room whilst he slept, which turned out was most of the time. You managed to rope in Lumière and Plumette to help you, seeing as you had spotted them kissing in the abandoned ballroom. The three of you managed to remove all the items of clothing from his wardrobe and down into your room. Admittedly it took you three nights to move them all as he had made you make so many. You spent most of your days, fixing his clothes so that they would now fit him as a Beast. It was a good thing that you did.
Life threw any surprises at you, the biggest one, second only to waking up as a pin cushion, was that a girl, Belle was willing to stay in the castle. Adam refused to wear anything but the dirty rags he had worn for the past nine years but when he got injured and his clothes ripped beyond recognition, he had finally changed his clothes. You presented Belle with a clean, newly adapted white nightshirt. You helped as best you could putting it on Adam. After a lot of struggling and sweating (the sweating was mainly her), he was now in his first outfit that you made for him. Belle and you discussed many things whilst Adam was sleeping off his injury. You silently approved of her. You knew she and Adam were perfect for one another. As time went on with Belle in the castle, the more hopeful you felt. Adam’s sour shell that grew once his mother died was now slowly dissolving away. He even came down to your room and thanked you on several occasions for the adjustments you made to his clothes. You couldn’t help but smile.
You were sleeping peacefully, during the day (you claimed that you needed a nap), when Adam burst into your room.
“Y/N!” he practically screamed. “I need your help! Desperately.” You jumped in fright but were alert in seconds.
“What! What is it?”
“I asked her to dance!”
“That’s good isn’t it?” You questioned
“Yes but what do I do?” He said as he plopped down on your bed dramatically as if he were seven years old.
“Well when is it?” you asked.
“It’s tonight.” He said whilst shuddering.
“Well then, go upstairs and wash. I will provide your clothes. They will be the best thing I’ve ever done.” You began ushering him out of your room.
“But what if I mess up or do something stupid?” He looked down at you. You break, finally giving in to your feelings. You whip out a pin from your back and begin poking at him with it. It was extremely satisfying.
“Pull yourself together Adam!” You jabbed as he jumped up and down trying to avoid your extremely accurate pin. “You will be fine.”
He relaxed slightly at your words.
“Go,” you screamed at him, “You won’t be dancing at all at this rate!” You finally managed to get him out of the room. You wasted no moments. You hastily gathered several suits together. This new suit, you knew, would beat out any other you had made. You couldn’t help but feel a bit competitive, as you knew that the Madame would be making Belle’s dress. Adam was going to look perfect.
He did look perfect, but it was all in vain. He let Belle go. Attackers came and slowly you and your friends all faded away into darkness. Your last thought was of Adam. How proud you were of him, that the soft centre has finally been released for all to see.
You awoke to Mrs Potts’ voice. You opened your eyes to see her embracing Chip and her husband rather loudly. She was human. Were you dreaming, were you dead or did a miracle just occur? You were unsure until you turned at Lumière’s voice.
“Oh my Prince.”
He was there, Adam, just as you remembered with Belle at his side. You let out a laugh of pure relief before rushing up to him and smothering him in a large hug.
“You’re you!” You point out stupidly.
“Yes I am. I finally pulled myself together. No more need for the pins.” He gestured jokingly at the pin cushion wrapped around your wrist.
“Oh I don’t know about that Mr.” You scold him. “I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to use them a lot more.”
He laughed before a look of slight concern spread across his face.
“What?” You asked, now worried.
“I’ve just realised,” he said sheepishly, “I only have Beast clothes. You’re going to have to figure out a way to re-adjust all the shirts you adjusted.” You let out a large laugh.
“That’s fine. At least the owner won’t be too picky about embellishments.” You point a finger at him. It was just like old times.
You were right about the pins though. You had to use them several times.
Like now, where he stands getting ready for the biggest day of his life. You are one of his groomsmen, not conforming to the usual stencil of society.
“I can’t do this.” He says to you. “I’m going to mess up.”
“Do you love her?” You ask.
“Yes, more than anything.”
“Then,” you say as you whip out a pin from your hair, “Get yourself together, your highness.” He laughs at the pin before taking two deep breaths before strolling out into the chapel, to await his bride.
“You’ve got yourself together, Adam” you whisper as you follow close behind him, replacing the pin in your hair. “Finally.”

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My Mate (Part 32)--Finale

Title: My Mate

 Summary: Did you know angels need mates?  Yea, like angelic married…mates.  And sometimes, this heat-like phase takes over where they have to mate, like their biological clock starts ticking.  Well, that is what has happened, and that is how Lucifer wound up in the bunker, his grace fading as he calls out for a mate.  Luckily, the Winchesters are friends with a hunter who is willing to help out.  

 Warnings: none?  Jokes with a sexual undertone.  

***Let me know if you want added to a character/story or forever tag list! :D

My Mate Master Post

Masterlist of FanFiciton

Chapter 32 

“You look beautiful, Riley.”  Chuck said as he poked his head into her room.  She turned and gave him a smile as she tried to flatted out the front of her dress some more.  It was a simple thing, a white lace dress that ended just above her knees.  She didn’t want the big gown or anything, and when she saw this in the store, she knew it was perfect.  

“Thank you, Chuck.”  She said softly as he handed her the bouquet of wildflowers from her garden in hell.  

“I was able to do it.”  He said softly.  “Whenever you are ready to give it to him.”  Riley’s face brightened as she wrapped Chuck up in a tight hug.

“Thank you.  I’ll go right now…”  

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Hi Chuck, thanks for opening up to your followers, and inviting us to open up to you. Right now a wind is blowing through my window, and it is a bit sad knowing August is at its end. Today I ate yummy food and visited cute shops, still it is sad. I wish it could go away, but I think I should accept it. That's what I thought when I saw your words "The only way out is through." I hope to live bravely. I hope you are doing well. If I may ask, why are you sad? I look forward to your heartfelt work

Shee, I love your art ! you are so amazing and the way you draw !! Thanks for sharing with me as well. I was hoping all those cute shops and food could help… I think when we are sad/happy, the art we made must be different. Before that I was always force myself to be happy and make happy art, cheer people up, but what I ignore is my own feeling. You can’t lie or hide your feeling when it comes to art. What we create is honest, it’s also a progress of facing ourselves. So I think it’s totally ok to be sad. Although I wish you can cheer up too :)

I’m sad because… so many things have been going on, I didn’t feel appreciated from work, I thought I found love and then I lost it, and some people I feel interested in are always, always so far away. Most of the time I feel painful, hurt, sad, broken, numb… I have so many bloody feelings and no one , no one can really feel it or respond to it, I am so tired. But I haven’t give up yet. This is not the end, I’m not afraid of being sad or lonely because I can make those things into something painful but yet beautiful, meaningful - art.

Thank you for sharing and listening and reading. I really hope you can live the way you want, support always, x

The award for the best character this year goes to...

Original Imagine Link: Imagine the Winchesters take you to one of Chuck’s conventions and you learn that you are one of the most popular characters in the series.

Warnings: language

Word Count: 1443

(Y/N= your name, Y/H/C= your hair colour, Y/E/C= your eye colour)

Fic/Link to Fic:

Being a friend of Sam and Dean’s, you knew about the books. You knew how much it bothered them and how uncomfortable it made them. That’s why it came as a surprise when they wanted to visit one of his conventions.

“We promised Chuck we will attend. And we promised we’ll take you with.” Sam begged you.

“I simply don’t understand why you did that. I don’t understand why you even promised to go when you hate those books.” You laughed nervously. “Oh, and you hate those people who dress like you. Don’t get me mentioned on the case of Becky.”

This one made Sam rethink his choices a little. “Yes, but it’s still fun. We get to play pranks on them, plus we find out some things from them that we never noticed.”

“Yeah, like?” You clearly doubted that they even spoke to them.

“We found out what happened to you before you joined us.” Dean stated, cold and uninterested.

“I’m in the books?” This surprised you. You knew about everything that was written, Dean and Sam told you, but they never mentioned you. “You only now remembered to tell me I am part of the freaking books?!”

“I guess we just forgot.” Sam had a smug smile on his face.

“Hey, wait.” You ran after them and saw them sitting inside an Impala, you knew they were waiting for you. “What does he say about me?”

“You’ll have to join us and see for yourself.”

This will be fun. You thought for yourself and entered the car. Dean started it and you were on the road. It was really hot day and you regreted this jumper you were wearing. Something ad to be done. With that thought you took it off and were left in black T-shirt and black skinny jeans.

It was boring to drive with them, they spoke to each other and you didn’t care to join. You were wondering what Chuck wrote about you. How could you be so oblivious to thought that you are part of Winchesters’ lives? Of course Chuck was gonna write you in. He wrote about the way Dean fucked and how much Sam was obsesed with his latop, surely he fit you in there somewhere. At least as their sidekick.

Yeah, sure. That thought made you laugh a little because you never were their sidekick. You saved their arses quite a few times. Not even Dean could deny that.

“Okay, we’re here.”

Dean parked in front of a tall building which looked pretty scary. It was old and you wondered how it was still standing. Some kind of poster was on it and door were wide opened.

“We don’t know what or who we’ll see inside, but whatever you see, it isn’t real. It’s all costumes and masks, that’s what they do.” Sam informed you.

“They act like Halloween is in the middle of freakin’ summer.” Dean mummbled to himself, but you heard it and it made you laugh a little.

Before you could enter, you saw Chuck coming towards you. He had a huge smile plastered across his face. He shooks Dean’s and Sam’s hand and pulled you in for a hug.

“I must say, you are even more beautiful in reality.” His compliment made you blush and you looked down to your red sneakers.

“There is so much more people than the last year. Almost all of them are cosplaying, there are just a few of them that are part of the staff and the ones that probably don’t know what a convention is.” Chuck laughed and led us all inside.

“Wow.” Was all you could say.

People were walking around and they were all hanging out. What made you most surprised was that most of them looked like you. They had same (Y/H/C) hair and (Y/E/C) eyes just like you had. They wore same red sneakers like you did. Some of them wore same AC/DC shirt that you stole from Dean, some wore your thights that had flowers on them, some of them wore your brown leather jacket.

“I think she’s impressed.” Chuck laughed again and waved his hand in front of your eyes.

“But how do they know? What exactly do they know?” You suddnly remembered all the private things that you did and every private thought that you had.

“Everything, they know everything. Even some things that Sam and Dean don’t know.” Chuck whispered that last part.

“I think I need something to drink.” You said and started to search for the bar. Guy who worked there looked exactly like Dean. It scared you a little, but you reminded yourself to breathe.

“Nice.” He pointed at your outfit. “You look exactly like (Y/N)!”

“Isn’t that spooky.” You rolled your eyes. It suddenly made perfect sense why Dean hated these things.

“You don’t seem that impressed by all of this.” Fake Dean started to mix my drink.

“I was kind of brought here against my will, but I still haven’t checked out everything. Maybe I’ll change my opinion.”

“Dear fans, our dearest writer, Carver Edlund, will speak to us now. You should join us in hall 1.”  The voice over the spaker said and I obeyed. My legs brought me to hall 1 where I met with Sam and Dean again.

“Are you okay? You look a little pale.” Sam had his concerned look.

“Yeah, I’m great. I just feel a bit overwhelmed with all of this.” You smiled to show him everything is fine.

“Everyone give a big clap for the writer of the Supernatural books, Carver Edlund.” Becky announced Chuck and he entered the stage. This was 10th convention and he still looked nervous. You could see his hands shaking, but he tried to hide it with a smile.

“Thank you all for being here today. I’m happy to see so many of you, I hope you’ll have fun in all the activities that we prepared for you. I guess I’ll be taking questions now.” Most of the hands from the audience shot up and your eyes widened.

“Yeah, right. You there.” Chuck picked out a girl who looked just like you.

“Could you descibe (Y/N) for your point of view?” It surprised you to hear that question was about you.

Chuck’s eyes met your’s. “Well, she is this badass character who isn’t in any way related to brothers, but they see her as their sister. She saved them many times, some of them I didn’t even describe in the books. She must be only hunter that didn’t have screwed up family. She just showed up in my mind one day and I knew that was what the story needs. A great hunter who if female equivalent of Sam and Dean combined.” The crowd cheered and clapped at his response. Chuck picked out another question.

“I am a huge fan of (Y/N) and I think you did great with her character. I would love to meet a real person who is like her. My question is: do you plan to make her and Castiel a thing? I think they both have feeling for each other and I am dying to see them happy.”

You felt your cheeks heating up and you knew they were getting red. It made you look down, but you felt Dean’s and Sam’s eyes on you. You knew that if you looked up the questions would start.

“Uhh, I can’t really answer that. You’ll have to wait for the next book and see.” Chuck nervously laughed.

The rest of the day went great, it seemed like everybody forgot about you and Cas question. You went around with the brothers and Chuck even gave you a private tour of every place in that building.

You met a lot of fans of yourself and they all spoke kindly of you. You found out of all the ‘ships’ that existed. It made you laugh when you saw Sam and Dean escape that place as soon as they could. Many people complimented you on great portrait of (Y/N). In the end, you did have a lot of fun there, but it was time to leave.

“Thank you so much for inviting me here. I had fun, but I was also a little spooked.” You gave Chuck a hug.

“It’s nothing, you should come to this things more often. Fans really love you.” He smiled.

“Stay out of trouble, we’ll see you soon.” Dean entered Impala and you followed.

“I’m so tired, I could fall asleep right here.” You nested in your seat and closed your eyes.

“So (Y/N), when did you think of telling us about Cas?”

Supernatural’s 200th episode: In which the fandom learned to trust Robbie

I think most people know that episode 10x05 was written by none other than Mr. Robbie Thompson. Anybody who has read my meta or reviews would know (I guess) that I simply LOVE Robbie. He’s my favorite writer by far because I consider him an elegant Destiel shipper (I wrote about that here). When we learned that the 200th episode was going to be a musical, a lot of people had different reactions. Some were excited; some were afraid that the episode wasn’t going to be good; some were angry because Misha wasn’t in it, and so forth. I was EXCITED and that was it. I was not afraid and, even though I really, really wanted to see Misha in the episode, I trusted Robbie. I have never trusted a writer so much as I do it with him. Now that I’ve seen the episode, I can say I was not disappointed at all. The episode was brilliant! A true love letter to the fans! Thank you, Robbie!

I’m not going to go deep into all the beautiful details included throughout the whole episode that made it remarkable because I don’t want this to be a long post. However, I want to focus on some things related to Destiel (as usual). Many people have already talked about these things, but I just need to give my contribution (and thank you to the people who asked me if I had written or was going to write about this episode in particular).

There are six moments that I consider very important in this episode:

1) Dean’s reaction to the two girls playing Dean and Sam standing too close to each other.

The audience is supposed to see things through Dean’s eyes. Remember Supernatural is told from his point of view, so the way he sees things has a very direct impact on the way the show viewers see the same things. The moment Marie starts to explain to Dean what a BM scene is, a “brotherly tune” starts playing. It’s the same music we have heard when the real Dean and Sam have a moment. The music is immediately interrupted by Dean’s “Why are they standing so close together?” He has a deep frown on his face and looks genuinely bothered by that. He even says, “You know they’re brothers, right?” And finally, he tells the ladies to take a step back so they don’t stand so close. That was Dean basically saying “Wincest… what the hell?” The same reaction he had 5 seasons ago when he learned about the Supernatural books. They’re brothers.

2) Dean’s reaction to the two girls playing Dean and Cas hugging and… well, I cannot tell if they were making out before the hug, but… you know what scene I’m talking about.

Look at Dean’s face in all the scene and tell me if you see him disgusted at any moment when he’s talking with Marie and asking him what they are doing. When Dean asked about the previous scene between “the brothers” he was showing some level of disgust. Can you see that on his face in this scene? He looks surprised or a little awkward at the most, but he doesn’t look upset. He asks if that’s on the show and learns the girls are a couple in real life. He learns about Destiel as well. And that’s perfect not only because Dean finally knows DeanCas is a possibility, but also because now the audience, the general viewers of the show, knows about Destiel too. Not everyone who watches the show knows about Destiel, but now it’s a word even casual viewers will identify easily. And remember the audience’s reaction to things is kind of conditioned by Dean’s reaction. What was his reaction here? Surprised. He didn’t see that coming. Thoughtful. He didn’t yell at them. He didn’t ask them to stop hugging. He didn’t tell Marie, “You know they’re just friends, right?” or any variation of that. If he was so uncomfortable in the situation about “the brothers”, why didn’t he just say something here as well about the situation between Dean and the angel?

3) Dean telling Sam about Destiel and Sam’s reaction

Robbie definitely used the word “Destiel” in canon so that now Dean (and all the audience of the show) knows what Destiel is. In case it was not so clear for people that Destiel is Dean + Castiel (believe me, that’s possible for people who are NOT in the fandom!), we had Sammy playing with the words (Dea-stiel) and even casually mentioning other ships (Sastiel, Samstiel). It cannot get any clearer than that. Besides, Sam’s reaction here is just perfection. He’s very cool about the whole thing. He’s smiling normally. He doesn’t freak out at all, and Dean doesn’t mention one single time that he and Castiel are only friends. He could have said something like, “We’re two dudes, come on,” or “He’s a freaking angel of the Lord,” or “He’s family, dammit”. But nope! NADA. Dean Winchester never said anything AGAINST the idea of Destiel. He even shared the information with Sammy and just wanted to shut Sam up because he was teasing Dean (CasDean?). I think not only did Robbie give a nod to the Destiel shippers, but he also helped us see that Sam is totally cool about it, because… well, Sammy is Sammy, and sometimes Sammy knows.  And if the brothers seem cool about it, why should the show viewers freak out? We’re always conditioned to feel the same ways the boys do.

4) Dean flipping Cas’ tie.

Dean KNOWS that Cas, HIS Cas, doesn’t wear the tie neatly, and when he sees the girl with the tie like that, he flips it because that’s what the real Cas is supposed to look like.

5) Dean’s “I want you to put as much SUB in that TEXT as you possibly can” while directly looking at the girl playing Cas.

That’s like saying, “I don’t mind the subtext between you and Dean”.

6) Castiel’s song “I’ll just wait here then”.

Seriously? How much more romantic than that can this get? That was a freaking love song! And we know that scene was based on canon. In fact, the phone scene was identical to the one the real Dean and Cas had in 5x04. The only difference was that the real Cas didn’t sing that song (that we know of lol). But the waiting really happened. If we add this song, and the Destiel and CasDean mentions to the subtext even from previous seasons, the show viewers who are not part of the fandom should start to wonder some things. Remember we still have some unaddressed things like, “WHAT BROKE THE CONNECTION?” (from 8x17, Robbie’s episode) and the “HE’S IN LOVE… WITH HUMANITY” (from 9x22) plus the “IT WAS ALL ABOUT SAVING ONE HUMAN, RIGHT?” (from 9x23). We have all those things in the air, and then Robbie comes and gives the… “I’ll just wait here then… I’ll wait FOR YOU”. The subtext cannot get more obvious than that. Robbie Thompson is very elegantly telling us that, yeah, a romantic interpretation is valid. The Dean and Cas’ sexual tension in Marie’s play is real because the two girls are a couple in “real life”. What can that mean for Dean and for all of us, the audience of the show? That the sexual tension between the real Dean and Cas when they stand too close, hug, and stare is real because the two of them are a couple or COULD BE a couple? At least, it’s a possibility.

It’s a shame Misha was not in the 200th episode, but given the nature of it, I understand why he was not in it. The episode was a common MOTW, and Misha is never in such episodes. However, I’m glad Robbie took the opportunity of this whole “200th episode” thing to take this concept and bring it to life. It’s the only way he could introduce many things from the fandom to the canon of the show. And you cannot imagine how glad and thankful I am that he did.

PS: Chuck at the end of the episode was the best plot twist in the history of forever. I literally screamed when I saw him. This episode will be one of my favorites! 


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In honor of fanfic writers appreciation day, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your grace of god series and your writing in general. You're a beautiful and talented soul ❤️

I saw a couple posts about Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day floating around, and then promptly lost track of time.  I ended up spending the whole day writing, and not appreciating ANY writers!! *hangs head in shame*

Thank you darlin!!  You are the queen of Destiel, and the bringer of love and kindness to this odd place known as Tumblr <3<3<3

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Yeah so this happened today…I was finallyyy able to go to an OUAS match meet Nico and I’m SO HAPPY :)
Here’s a rundown because I love reading other people’s encounters with Nico…ok, I got there at about 2:15 having walked from the station and waited around at the entrance to the car park for a few minutes to wait for the gates to open and prepare myself…and I swear I saw Cel Spellman and Nico drive in together but I might be wrong (the person in the passenger seat looked at me and I swear it looked like Nico but it was over the space of about 2 seconds so idk really)…anyway then I went and bought a ticket and went inside to go to the toilet and then by the time I got round the back to the field Nico was on it in his football kit warming up. So then I found a spot at the fence and watched and he looked over to around where I was quite a few times…then the match started :) I didn’t get any really good pictures of Nico during the match bc whenever he came really close I concentrated on looking at him haha but it was amazing even though they ended up losing 3-2. Nico scored the second of their 2 goals as a penalty which I have video evidence of :) During the match his team kept calling him Neeks and he kept shouting stuff in his amazing accent <3

During half time Nico was mainly on the other side of the pitch where no one could get to and then he came over but just talked to his family for a bit (Claudia, his mum and his little cousin + others). After the match he went in pretty quickly after signing autographs for a couple of little children so I thought I’d missed my chance but I hung around for a while, quite near his family (who were talking about the Common screening and how Nico did in the q+a)…then I went in to go to the toilet again while deciding what to do. I decided to go back round to the field just in case and he was there talking to his family with Cel and another guy from his team, having got changed into his normal clothes (which, by the way…unfff) :)

So then I hung around pretty close to them at the fence on my phone, kind of chickening out of going over to him because I didn’t want to disturb them…and then he started kicking a football around with his little cousin and being cuteeee…and the ball kept coming over to the corner where I was so he kept getting really close and then at one point he (or maybe his cousin) kicked it pretty hard and it bounced off the fence really close to me so I looked up and he came over to get it and looked me straight in the face and said ‘Sorry, we’re not trying to hit ya’ and laughed and externally I was like ‘haha it’s alright’ but internally I was like OMFGGGG…and then I was like this is my chance…but I chickened out and hated myself for it!

So then a few minutes later he went and got his bag and headed off round the left side of the building, which you could only do from the pitch, with Cel and his cousin (and someone else I think) as if he was leaving and I thought I’d missed my chance again…so I started to leave, going round the right side and then I saw him on the path into the car park with 2 other fans who had just gone up to him sooo I went over before I could chicken out again and waited for the other girls to finish taking photos with him and then he looked at me and I said ‘Could I get one as well please?’ and he smiled and said ‘Yeah of course’ (or something like that). So I got my camera out and asked his little cousin if he could take the photo because I was crap at taking them myself and then his cousin asked how to work the camera and Nico and I showed him which button to press etc (EDIT: Nico already had his arm round me at this point ready for the photo and he just left it there while showing his cousin how to work the camera with his other hand oh my lord) and then he took 3 for me :) For the photos I had my arm round Nico’s waist and his arm was round my back with his hand kind of just under my shoulder and our heads were pretty much touching and I was just there like IS THIS REAL LIFE…he felt amazing and he was so cute and short and just omgg <3 Anyway, then I said thank you etc and we started walking down the path thing together towards the car park because we both needed to go that way and he said ‘So did you enjoy the match today?’ and I said ‘Yeah, well done on your penalty’ and he laughed and said thank you and was all smiley and cute and then when we got to the end of the path he saw some people he knew and had to talk to them so I said thank you and then that was it :)

And then I proceeded to go the wrong way twice once I was out of the car park and god knows if Nico saw me wandering around like an idiot but hopefully not haha! Anyway yeah, it was amazinggg and I did want to talk to him about Common etc and maybe ask him to sign my mmfd boxset that I chucked into my bag last minute but I don’t even care because it was amazing enough to get to meet him and yep the rumours are true…he’s insanely nice. I hope you all get to meet him one day :)

ps. I did want to do a Read More on this but apparently you can’t do that with photos…sorryyy :/



straygodess  asked:

hey so im completely out of the loop with spn but im really excited that they brought mary back!! is it her teenager hunter self we met in that one time travel ep back in the day or an older mary?? thank you

hello!! welcome back to the spn trashbin fam WE WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN HANDS 

and to answer your question, it’s definitely the older mary! in the season 11 finale, dean sorta kinda “helped” amara get along with chuck again, and in return, amara said, “Dean, you gave me what I needed most. I want to do the same for you” in this dramatic af tone before she swooshed away with chuck. in hindsight she really could’ve just said “bruh thanks for helping me make my brother not hate me anymore, here have ur dead mom back” but yeah ESSENTIALLY at the end of the episode we saw mama winchester lookin confused af in that white dress she died in (which is pretty fucked up tbh couldnt have amara at least given her a bit more decent clothing?? r00d)

and dean, my teenie weenie deanie beanie, bless his heart, went all ?????????????? and was like:

and then the episode ended. fuckin cliffhangers man.


and then there’s another promo where apparently mary and cas are having coffee together?? talking about sam???? yes you read that right. mary and cas. talking about the boys. like cas is included in the family. is this fanfiction or canonverse do wE EVEN KNOW ANYMORE

to conclude: yes, mary’s back from the dead, she’s going to kick some serious ass, sam and dean are going to have a pretty hard time just casually “plugging” her into their lives, and im ready for mary and cas scenes to FUCK ME UP