thank you carrot

Headcanon: Carrot Pen

So Nick brought with him Judy’s carrot pen, after the Breakup Scene.

Do you think, just before everything went south, right after he filled up the application form, he recorded something on the pen for her?

Maybe something like, “Thank you for the opportunity, Carrots. I love you.”

SO … here’s a headcanon drabble:

Over the next month, he would play back his own words … and cry.

One day, he decided he was through with the past. It was all water under the bridge. He need to get on with life. He had always been a survivor, and he would stay a survivor.

He deleted the recording.

Then he settled on his sun chair, slurping his smoothie…

Part of him was relieved that he can put all those “mistakes” behind him.

Yet part of him kept reminding him that he had lost something… something irreplaceable… something that left a bunny-shaped hole in his heart.

He shut his eyes.

He thought he must be dreaming. Because he heard that voice. Calling his name repeatedly. But… he wasn’t dreaming.

“Nick? … Nick?”

Someone please write my residency personal statement...

I hate these…. 

I know, I know you’re saying: “But you love writing….and you write about medicine….so…”

…but I hate writing personal statements! 

I never know what to say.

Who thinks this is an acceptable personal statement:

I promise I’ll work really hard and be a good doctor. I would like to be a surgical intern at your program and work every day for the next year and sleep 4 hours a night and spend my entire paycheck on coffee and paying back my student loans. Please and thank you. Peas and Carrots. Love, Katharine

Let’s be honest: at one point, we’ve all lain awake in the dead of night and asked the very same question…

Special hugs and love and thanks from all the beautiful people the Babes got to interact with during the BSI Weekend.  We will post more in depth later, but in the meantime are exhausted and delighted and sipping Baker Street Babes blend tea and couldn’t be luckier to be around such amazing people.  Having been gifted (literally) a giant carrot for our efforts this weekend (check @BakerStBabes or @always1895 on Twitter for pictures of this sacred root vegetable with the fandom), we would like to close this Sunday evening by saying:


(credit to MarieLikestoDraw for #ThankYouCarrot art)

Hello! I’ve decided to make a Follow Forever, and though I thought I would never make one of these - I decided to just make it just to show that I do appreciate you putting up with me. You are all amazing and wonderful, and I am so happy to have met so many wonderful people on here because I love seeing you all on my dash, this is one of many places I can be myself and be happy, so thank you again. (sorry if I forgot to add you. I still love all of you equally.)  ♥♥♥

Special Shout Out :

♕  ten-inch-carrot 
Thank you so much for the lovely FF Banner! It means so much to me, and I know that we don’t talk, but you are one of the sweetest mutual I have ever had and have been following since I first started tumblr ; thank you so. ♥♥♥  

♕  paradisewithziam ♕ 
Kady, you’re the only person I can only be myself around, whether it be sad or happy. I don’t think I could have asked for a better friend in my life. Thank you so much for always being there for me - I hope that our friendship can continue in the future!  ♥♥♥

♕  zaynoldpayne   ♕
Angela!! You’re another great friend who has always stuck by my side and had to deal with my shitty blog - haha. You’re the only person I can share my love of Kpop for and not get scolded. ♥♥♥ 

♕  prozaddy   ♕
Tricia, how are the hell are we even mutuals?! I don’t deserve this, you’re too cool and amazing - I can’t even compare. ♥♥♥

♕  trytobullyhimnow-ziam​ ♕ 
Busra, I don’t even know if you will even see this, especially with how busy you are and have made no time for me! I still love you and hope you return back to tumblr!! ♥♥♥

♕  overwhelmedbyfeels​  ♕
Carlos, same goes for you! I don’t understand why you’re following me either - I’m glad you do though because I am in love with your fics! They’re like my bedtime stories. *that’s not weird at all* ♥♥♥  

♕  xocaptainnialler ♕ 
I have never spoken to you in my life, but I feel like you deserve to be on this list. You are probably one of the few who has been following me since I first began - Plus I enjoy seeing you on my dash. ♥♥♥

that-regular-chick twistericecream thispicnicwillsoondepart ♕
Queens of calling out your bullshit, and I fucking love it!! ♥♥♥


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tagged by @carrot-s-cross-station thank you ^^

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Nickname: Liss/Mah

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 170 cm

Time right now: 10:23 am

Last thing googled: higekiri toku II

Favorite music artist: aaa I don’t really have one. I’ve been listening to REOL a lot lately 

Last movie watched: Suicide Squad

Last tv show watched: some cooking competition, I think…

What are you wearing right now: 

Gender: fem

Hogwarts house: I took the new pottermore test and went from Ravenclaw to Hufflepuff o_O

Ilvermorny house: Pukwudgie (Idk what that means tbh xD)

Pokemon team: Instinct 

Favorite color: seijo color, pink, neon green

Average hours of sleep: 8

Lucky number: 7, 13

Favorite character(s): Oikawa Tooru, Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Kusuriuri, Ginko

Dream job: hmmmmm i still don’t know ;w;