thank you cards


1. Bring them flowers. Whether it’s you grandmother, aunt or even just a friend a super nice thing to do is to bring them flowers.  You can find them relatively cheap at your local farmer’s market or supermarket.  You can bring them flowers on their birthday, if they are hosting a party or even just a regular old day.

2. Write thank you cards. Always always always write someone a thank you card if they have given you something or even if you were over at their house for a long time. It shows your gratitude and makes them want to have you over again.

3. Say please and thank you. This seems basic but i don’t hear these words enough. If someone holds the door open for you say thank you, if you need to use the restroom use please.  It’s not only polite but makes you seem more mature and put together.

4. Mouth, eyes, hands. This sounds weird I know but this is what I mean, mouth - smile not scowl. Eyes - try to make eye contact with people you are speaking to, don’t be creepy but don’t be too shy. Hands - always have a firm handshake, limp ones are the worse.

5. Hold the door open. I say if there is a person 20 feet or less behind you, hold the door for them.  Especially if it looks like they might need help.

xx Emma

i love when couples take “thank you” sign photos to send as thank you cards.  by the way, writing thank you cards can be monotonous, after a few your mind goes numb and it is hard to push through.  today i saw this awesome advice for writing wedding cards from the wedding chicks:

If you are given a generous check or cash:
Instead of thanking your loved ones for that five hundred dollars. You can write thank you for your generosity or your kindness is much appreciated. You can also share with your giver how you plan to use your recent windfall. Something like … with your help we will be able to purchase our new home, flat screen tv or a trip to Hawaii.

If you are given something of your registry or a gift in general:
Start off by mentioning the gift. For instance, Thank you for the tangerine KitchenAid and let them know what you plan to use it for. We already baked our first batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious.

Finally sign it off with a nice thank you again and wrap it up with love and sincerity. Your loved ones will appreciate your little note. [via How to Write a Thank You Card | The Wedding Chicks]


With the Rule of Three pre-orders coming to an end, we wanted to share with you the three multiplayer-style Tarot Cards you will be receiving with the Deluxe Edition along with the illuminated design on the back. Our printer just notified us they shipped the product and we can barely hold back our excitement! And just in case you were wondering, the artist info on the bottom of these images are not on the physical copies.

Massive thanks to everyone who has signal boosted and purchased the zine so far! We’ve already met printing cost and we’re so, so pumped.

In an effort to give more back… We’re giving out free prints to all of the lovely people who have pre-ordered the book from July 21st until September 1st, 2015. Everyone will be getting a surprise print and at random, some of you may be receiving more than one. We just really want to thank you guys for making a physical edition of the fanzine possible. Thank you!


Woodland Creature Baby Shower!

I had such and amazing time and wow did my friend Carrie do such an amazing job at decorating and throwing the party. She has a real talent for decor and catching a feel of a mood. She and her Mother handmade most all of the decor and the house was transformed into a warm, happy woodland baby shower of fun and good friends.

The last photos are of the thank you cards I made to match the mood.