thank you cards

I have to write out ALL of the thank you cards for my bridal shower! DONT LET NE FORGET! I’m doing it now but like…. if I come on here and I’m like hehe I’m taking a break be like okay Danielle but remember to finish. Thank.

My Witchy Wishlist!

Hi guys! This looked fun so I’m going to do it this year! Hopefully I’ll be able to grant some wishes as well! I live Ohio in the United States and I can be contacted anytime through messenger. I’ve been really sick because of my chronic illness so hopefully I’ll get something nice to cheer me up!


1. Some pillar candles or candles of any kind really

2. Any oracle decks/tarot decks that you don’t use/don’t get along with! (or if you want to buy me one here’s my decklust list:

3. A tarot or oracle reading (since I’m a reader, I really don’t get them done often)

4. Any type of herb, specifically mugwort (legal ones)

5. Different types of teas!

6. Spell kits

7. Donate some money to @thetrevorproject or @plannedparenthood in a person’s name that hates these organizations and send them the thank you card. 

8. Crystals of any kind! 

9. Used books on witchcraft, wicca, herblore, divination, etc. 

10. An ouija board! 

11. Gift cards to places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Lush, etc. 

12. Plant a tree (when it’s warmer) in a place where deforestation is a big problem! 

13. To finish it up with the ultimate witchy object… GIVE ME JARS

Thanks so much to anyone who took the time to read the list/anyone who wants to get me something to make me happy!

Merry Witchmas! 

Daily Draw February - Day 23

Fenris companion card - Act1

“My name is Fenris. These men were Imperial bounty hunters seeking to recover a magister’s lost property, namely myself.

It’s done! And it was so fast to work on, I still can’t believe it! Good news folks, I’m officially ready to take card commissions :D The new info should be up in a few days!

Also, this was an absolutely delight to do. And I didn’t think I could love Fenris more than I did.



the organization + major arcana // partial remake of this

To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.

Anything helps!

I was going to write out a long, winded life update and explanation as to why I was making this post, but it got REALLY detailed and personal, so all you need to know is that I’m in a not so great spot(still lmao) and I want to ask you all to signal boost/support my Patreon again!

“But Chris, don’t you have plenty of commissions?”

YES! And it’s great! But sadly, it’s not enough, and it’s causing me to put the content for ATSG on hiatus. :( Patreon is the alternative that I haven’t been utilizing, and now, I’m going to try to sell it to you! Lol.

Basically, if I get enough support on Patreon, I’ll have more time to commit to creating my own content again, and slow down on commissions.

“What would I get for $1?”

  • You get to read my Original Comic! It’s about an inter-dimensional traveling shapeshifter named Lucky who’s trying to “learn” how to be human and has a really diverse cast and even a really awful self-insert!! Just for kicks(and because I love you guys) here’s a cheap preview!

“Eh, I’m not really sold on the purple people eater. What can I get for $3?”

  • Well, if that doesn’t really tickle your fancy, the $3 tier gets access to my sketches that I don’t post anywhere else AND I’ll give you guys linearts to practice coloring!

“Okay, okay. You have my attention. What about $5?”

  • Oh man, okay, so if you’re in the $5, you get everything else PLUS you get a chance to win one of these cool weekly character drawings!

“Not quite sold just yet. What’s in the $10 tier?”

  • Well, you get the original comic, the lineart and sketches, AND a weekly chance to get a painting of the character you choose:
  • NOT TO MENTION You get to see the sketches of the ATSG pages that haven’t been released yet(spoilers and all!) and you’ll be the first ones to see the new panels for my lyricstuck(when I’m able to work on it again). It’s pretty cool!

I mean, it’s a pretty sweet deal, and we’re so close to the next goal!!! Anything and everything helps, so even if you can’t pledge, please signal boost! I’m a man on a mission, and I need all the help I can get! <3

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