thank you caitlin :3

10 series, 10 favorites

I was tagged by the lovely @mirandacoburns!  Thank you! <3

1. Rip Hunter (Legends of Tomorrow)

2. Caitlin Snow (The Flash)

3. Maya Hart (Girl Meets World)

4. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)

5. Princess Leia (Star Wars)

6. Malcolm Reed (Star Trek Enterprise)

7. Elliot (Leverage)

8. Di Alec Hardy (Broadchurch)

9. General Hammond (Stargate SG1)

10. Neo (RWBY)

Tagging anyone who wants to do this because I’m lazy, and you can say I tagged you. :D

                                      (kindaearly) HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
                 I want to thank you all for being here. I began this blog in March… and I have
                 reached over 1,300 followers. An amount I never believed in reaching. So yes.
                 Thank you to everyone who stuck by me during my random hiatus. Times where
                 I left tumblr all together for Skype roleplay or for other blogs. So this here is my
                 Bias List to end 2014 with ~ I’m sorry if you are not on this, I really am (: But
                 thank you anyhow. 

                   lehnsheerr​ - This person is my best friend. I met her when I was about
                   four years old, and I wouldn’t be a part of the roleplay world if it wasn’t for
                   her… She is my bae, alright. The Erik to my Charles. So congratulations
                   Caitlin you get a special thank you because I love you <3 (*whispers*
                   also one of the best erik roleplayers and you should all go do the
                   following thing. ) 

                                                           B I A S | L I S T 
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