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Ganondorf and the Darkness of Hyrule

I’m having some intense Ganondorf feels, and I want to talk about Ocarina of Time. Specifically, I want to speculate on why Ganondorf chooses to remain alone in Hyrule Castle.

In The Wind Waker, Ganondorf explains to Link that the suffering of his people motivated him to act against Hyrule. In Twilight Princess, he tells Link that “the history of light and shadow is written in blood;” and, based on everything Midna explains over the course of the game, he’s not wrong. These two villain monologues reveal two aspects of Hyrule that are suggested but never otherwise explicitly stated. First, Hyrule is more prosperous than its surrounding territories. Second, this prosperity is only maintained by means of bloodshed. In other words, Hyrule is pleasing to look at but rotten at its core.

Imagine Ganondorf coming to Hyrule as a young man and seeing the wealth of the kingdom. He manages to uncover the fact that the line of Hylian nobility possesses “a golden power” that has an actual physical manifestation, which appears on the formal crest of the royal family along with the outstretched wings of a rapacious eagle. Ganondorf desires this power, and who can blame him? If he can lay claim to it, not only will it supposedly grant his wishes, but it will also shift the political balance in the region. As the king of a marginalized people who have had to resort to theft and violence in order to sustain themselves, and as one of the few individuals in Hyrule who is aware that magic still exists in the land, Ganondorf’s interest in the Triforce is understandable.

What Ganondorf does not fully grasp, however, is the true cost of Hyrule’s prosperity.

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Most mortal’s worst nightmares are flight of macabre imagination. Yours, Sharon Carter, are actual memories. What amazes me is that there’s any part of you that can still believe in the American Dream, after your patriotic spirit was so thoroughly broken once the spymasters of SHIELD cut you off behind enemy lines all those years ago! How many of your ethics were you forced to cash in just to survive? How long did you spend imprisoned in a filthy cell, not large enough for a dog? Given the disgusting punishments you had to endure… One would think you’d have turned into a complete cynical, that’s certainly how you describe yourself… But you’re wrong. Despite your hardened heart, something’s been fanning a spark of belief in you lately must be the company you keep.  “Get out… out of my head…”  // Captain America #12 (1998)

  • Fushimi: *scoffing* Boyfriend? I don't want to be Misaki's boyfriend!
  • Kusanagi: *cleaning a glass in the bar* Well, what do you want then?
  • Fushimi: *slumps down and hits head on bar* I don't know. I just want to be with him. All the time. I want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. I want to hold his hand and smell his hair. But I don't want to be his stupid boyfriend. Because Misaki is stupid. And HOMRA is stupid. And you're stupid. And Captain is stupid. You know who else is stupid? Everyone. Everyone is stupid. Stupid Misaki won't even look at me. And another thing-
  • Kusanagi: ...

Talking about bath bombs and bath buddies with @ismoresjunkie and here we have…

Goku with a space themed super colourful something and mandatory rubber duckie
And maybe later, have a shower with something pine scented to remind him of the forest.

Vegeta with his favourite colour, pampering himself!
I think he might like something glittery. He’d say it’s the sweat glistening after a hard workout but…it’s glitter.

And Bulma being dramatic and fabulous as always!
The only other choice would be something suuuuuuper strawberry scented!!


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What are your plans once unspoken is finished? Are you planning on making another undertale comic? Or something else? I love your work by the way! Have a great day :3

After finishin UNSPKN, i plan to move on to my collegePapyrus idea, and make a longer take on it <similair to Sans’ b-day one>

Plus, i have much more ideas for UNSPKN universe, so propably gonna throw up with lots of epilogues and oneshots about them ^^ and maybe one longer idea…

Thank you, bruh! Have a good one too! ;3