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  • Giorno: Thanks dad.
  • Giorno: ...why is everyone staring at me?
  • Fugo: You just called Bruno 'dad'. You said 'thanks dad'.
  • Giorno: What? No I didn't. I said 'thanks man'.
  • Bruno: Do you see me as a father figure, Giorno?
  • Giorno: No, if anything I see you as a bother figure, 'cause you're always bothering me.
  • Abbachio: Hey! Show your father some respect!

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Hi! Can I get a match up? This might be long tho sorry ;;.. I'm a 5'1 straight girl with tan skin, long wavyish black hair and brown eyes. I'm a bit awkward and shy when I meet new people, but once I start getting comfortable around someone, I become an open book and I get really friendly and protective. I'm fiery and passionate when it comes to people I really care about (I.e friends, family, lovers). Despite not being very physically strong, I'd fight to protect someone dear to me. {1/4}

There are times where I can be a bit self-deprecating at times and make jokes about it even though I secretly mean it. When it comes to someone I like, I show off a bit and make them laugh when we’re with other people. Though if I’m alone with that someone I get nervous trying to keep my cool and it’s very obvious when my face turns pink. I get really blushy when someone’s flirtatious with me and I try to look away to mask my embarrassment. I can be really romantic when I fall in love. {2/4}

I really love to draw, it’s been a passion of mine since I was a kid. Whenever I have a crush, my sketchbook would just be filled with pictures of them tbh. I also love video games and bring my 3ds with me wherever I go, playing Pokémon when I get the chance. If there’s one thing I love to see, it’s the ocean at sunrise or sunset because I always think of my hometown when I see it. I also really love the night sky and would stare at it for hours tbh. Stuff like that gets me emotional. {¾}

Which is funny cause I can get pretty sensitive and emotional depending on who I’m talking to. I’d rather push aside my problems when it comes to helping out others or making them feel better or if they feel like venting, I’m always open to listening. However sometimes I can get too bottled up and end up crying alone in my room cause I don’t want others to worry. So not a lot of people have seen me cry and tbh I’d keep it that way. I love to help, but it’s hard for me to ask for help. {4/4}

Of course you can have a mach! Sorry for the wait >_< Also, I relate to you on a spiritual level, omg, and you’re a fellow stargazer too?? Bless <3

I’d ship you with Buccellati

-Bruno also is a very open person around people he is close to, unless he is sure that sharing what is on his mind would worry them, as we see illustrated very well in Vento Aureo. He would be sure to look after you as well as you look after everyone else, as again, he is a very similar person when it comes to caring for others at the risk of his own stability. You would no longer have to be the “strong one” all alone, which might very well be a welcome change. Bruno’s selfless actions that lead to his joining Passione closely parallel your ability to rise to the occasion despite a lack of overt physical prowess.

-You both seem start off a little bit awkward and then grow and progress into deep romanticism with time. This might foster a mutual solidarity between you both, and help overcome some of the initial embarrassment of a relationship.

-Both you and Buccellati hail from seaside towns, and would probably be able to exchange and better understand the many fond stories of your homes that you would share. He also has a profound connection to the ocean, as his family was comprised traditionally of fishermen.

-He is a very emotional person who is usually awoken to joy with nice simple pleasures. I am sure that one of these joys would be stargazing with you. Staring up into the yawning cosmos really would stir something within him, and he would love to share that experience with someone else who understood it as well as you.


the school for good and evil + tumblr text posts (1/12)


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sad thing is that I actually finished them eons ago- I just..never came back here to upload them :”) and now they’re so old to me I’m not too fond of how a lot of them look but I don’t wanna re-do em all aha;;;; I’m sorry orz

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Valentine's Day request. Could I have Bruno Buccellati confessing to his female crush? Who is also very shy? Thank you very much~! <3


It was early in the morning. The day only having just begun. It was Valentine’s yes. Bruno knew entirely what he wanted to do today. Confess to you. Yes maybe it wasn’t the best idea but his division in Passione has been catching on to his little crush and if he didn’t tell you before them… He didn’t want to think about it. He wanted to tell you first, personally from him,  he wanted to know the exact reaction you’d have if he told you the extent of his feelings so there he was now. Sitting at his desk doing paperwork as you walked in with his morning coffee.

“ Sorry but would you mind staying for a while. I… I have something very important to request of.”

Huh. You paused after putting down the cup. It was Valentine’s morning if anything you guessed that he would be confessing to you. You perked up a little readily agreeing opening your mouth to ask him what he needed when he continued speaking.

“ Mind helping with the paperwork today, I need to clear my evening…”

He watched as your expressing fell, closing your mouth before you had a chance to say whatever you were saying, nodding quietly. Wait, did you assume he was…and then that he… Buccellati’s mind went into overdrive processing the small exchange the two of you had before he made up his mind to clear up whatever misunderstandings there were now. Before it got any worse.

“ Are you free this evening though…there’s no point going to a dinner reservation for two alone. Before you question yourself. Yes. Will you be my Valentine’s date…”

Wait, did you hear that correctly? Valentine’s date? You? You quickly checked for any signs that you were being pranked or that this was just a dream, as you stared at the cool facade that Bruno usually had tinged with the faintest blush as you saw the strong resolve that burned in his eyes as he patiently waited for your answer. You knew it wasn’t a sick joke. This was real. You were near tears and aggressively nodding your head before he motions for you to come over for a hug. He loved it, your emotional reaction, the smile on your face, the colour your eyes sparkle with joy.

“ I love you.”

X Factor Valentine Special - Ons Edition
  • Shinoa: and the next one is Mika
  • Mika: It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do
  • Everyone: he's pretty good...
  • Mika: Hey baby
  • Everyone: *tenses*
  • Mika: I think I want to marry Yuu
  • Everyone: ...
  • Yuu: !!!
  • Mika: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Kagami: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)