thank you bish

//So my original plan fell through (as expected really, but points for trying) buuuuuut as you can see dearies, I AM BACK ONLINE AT LONG FUCKIN’ LAST.

I shall be hitting the inbox since old memes are lurking there & following that, taking a look at drafts/replies. Checking messages. Might do a fresh starter call for new followers. In the meantime I just wanted to do a very smol bias list; I’ve hit another amazing milestone & though methinks all of you got lost & really shouldn’t be here, you are. So thank you all so much & I love youuuuuse.

Okay, bias list commencing in no particular order - these precious amazing lil’ freakie-deakies are my forever loves & y’all seriously need to follow them right now. Quality right here, no joke. Here are my usual suspects, the ones I always come back to cuz they’re my babies. If I’ve forgotten anyone, blame me being too excited to be back on here to think straight atm

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a friend sent this to me, and i think it’s interesting to watch ~


So I met some giant nerds today in Boston! Thanks for pictures, autographs, shoutouts (The hot bishes thank you very much for that they’re all crying right now) and for being awesome. I hope I get to meet and talk with you all again next year <3