thank you best friend for making me these

as bitter and angry as this hell site makes me sometimes, i cannot be more grateful, thankful and happy for getting to meet some of the best friends i’ve ever had through this social media, the closest friendships i’ve had come through people on here and i’m grateful for each one who follows me, each one of you who has interacted with me at some point, even if that’s just liking everything i post, each ask, each positive vibe, everything, y’all do really help me get through the day and i’m thankful for you. thank you all for letting me be myself, share my interests and moreso than not, make me feel comfortable about who i am and what i enjoy. thank you.

best friends (with benefits) to lovers! daniel

member: kang daniel

summary: the title says it all so….

genre: idk lol angst + fluff?

a/n: requested by an anon and this was really long compare to my other scenarios…..because i really had no idea how to plot this properly and how to end it………….idk if it’s even nice lol anyway hope you guys enjoy reading it??? tell me how it is if you guys want!! (thank you for requesting anon, i’m SO SORRY IF IT’S REALLY THAT BAD) p/s it’s not that rated i think…….i’m actually just an innocent child…….jk and also i’m sorry if there’s any grammatical errors or like ugly sentences that doesn’t make sense because i haven’t reread this… 

  • daniel has been your best friend since you were in high school and it was like a mutual interest on daily escapes from school tbh
  • like you often bump into daniel outside school during school hours and at first you didn’t want to talk to him at all 
  • because daniel is famous for always escaping classes yet he always being liked by the teachers and students
  • while you, on the other hand, always get detentions and etc etc
  • it wasn’t like you hated how daniel always get away from these troubles
  • it was just you beginning to see him often during your escapes and he was always there looking at you and smiling
  • and at one point, daniel went to talk to you and you were just like
  • “i don’t want to talk to you”
  • “then don’t. i just want you to listen”
  • and your brows rose in confusion and you saw daniel’s lips form a smirk
  • “wanna go to the amusement park?”
  • and after that day, you and daniel always escaped classes together
  • and the news spread fast and everyone saw you both as a powerful duo
  • and tbh it was still funny for the both of you
  • because you just wanted to skip school because it was boring, and daniel had that mindset too
  • and then you both got to know each other and slowly, you both just knew everything about each other
  • like his love for cats, his passion for dancing and him making everything seem so calm, so positive
  • while he knows you love to get away from reality, how you always dream big and just want to move away from everything
  • and somehow you both just fill in every flaws you both have
  • and you realized how much daniel really know about you and honestly it was a naturally best friends label between you both
  • you both would text with each other about everything and anything that could possibly be dumb or funny
  • until one day, during one of your stressful days
  • you received a call from daniel and it was almost 12am
  • and you expected for him to say some ranting from his part time job
  • but you hear his breathing only and somehow that made you nervous
  • “what’s up, daniel?”
  • “can you open your door?”
  • and your eyes quickly shifted on your door before you hear a knock
  • “okay”
  • so you opened the door, revealing daniel with his messy hair and his shirt unbuttoned on the top which was a distraction to you
  • “hi”
  • “h-hi” 
  • so you tried to avoid looking at daniel and he realized, he realized that there was something between you both
  • “how are you?”
  • “pretty stressful”
  • daniel softly laughs, his eyes were finding yours as his hand brought your chin to look up at him
  • “do you want me to help you relax?”
  • and you saw him, his eyes turned dark as his hand travel down to your neck 
  • you looked at him longer, and it was killing you both
  • because you knew you both had sexual attractions towards each other but kept it a secret
  • and daniel appearing right before you looking like a sexy mess, had meant he no longer want it as a secret
  • and you smiled, your hand pull his shirt closer to you and you felt daniel’s lips kissing you roughly but passionately
  • and you brought him into your room where everything started
  • a relationship of best friends with benefits
  • daniel and you don’t usually do it often, just when you both need to let go of everything
  • and most of the times it’s when you both are stressed out or just frustrated by one another
  • and somehow it went along for a few months after that and you both just got used to it
  • then one day your friends invited you both to hang out at their apartment and it’s the normal thing to go to and you and daniel are casually going there together
  • and you both see the friends of yours and you spotted this new person
  • and you’re about to ask who are they
  • but daniel just passes by you really quickly and give the person a hug
  • “long time no see!”
  • you see daniel smiling really widely and you feel….weird… like your heart feels empty suddenly
  • and it’s odd because daniel is usually like that to other people but this particular person…it feels a little different
  • and you just force a smile when daniel introduces you to them
  • “this is y/n, my best friend” 
  • and you look at daniel and he looks back at you, smiling before turning his focus back to the person
  • “so where have you been? how are you?”
  • suddenly you feel like you’re being left out? like it’s fine and all but you suddenly crave for daniel’s attention
  • but daniel is still talking to the person, and they got too close for your comfort
  • and you start to think how silly you are because daniel could do anything he wants to do because you’re just his best friend
  • best friend….
  • daniel gets extra excited over whatever the person is talking with him and you got annoyed tbh and then you feel someone tapping your shoulder
  • “are you okay?”
  • you see jisung smiling worriedly to you and you nod your head to reassure
  • “you don’t seem okay to me….”
  • jisung looks at you and looks at daniel 
  • “why aren’t you guys talking with each other?”
  • “daniel seem to know that person from somewhere,,, i guess they want to catch up?”
  • jisung squinted his eyes to see the person that daniel is talking to and his eyes widen, and you’re like ‘what’s the matter’
  • “that’s daniel’s ex”
  • and somehow you feel like everything just crumbles down because daniel never mentioned about this ex to you before and it hurts you? because you are daniel’s best friend…. you have the rights to know……. right?
  • “…when did they got together?”
  • “like, before you guys knew each other? i’m not sure exactly when but maybe before high school?”
  • “that’s long time ago….”
  • “yeah, you don’t have to worry about it”
  • jisung looks at you, and you’re just like ‘um okay?’ and he’s like smiling while looking back at daniel and the person
  • “just.. you know, don’t get too obvious if you want to keep it a secret”
  • jisung winks at you and you’re so confused…..but later caught on what he was thinking about
  • “whatever you’re thinking, it’s wrong”
  • jisung nods his head, but ignoring your statement and he stands up to leave
  • “an advice would be telling him the truth…. before he makes a move…again”
  • “what do you the truth–okay no, i don’t like–”
  • jisung just leaves you alone quickly and you’re huffing in anger
  • basically like an upset child
  • “hey y/n, come here”
  • daniel calls you and his smile is still plaster on his face and honestly it’s getting on your nerve and you just shook your head to him
  • he blinks, and tilted his head in confusion
  • “what’s the matter?”
  • “nothing” you tell him and leaves the area to where jisung is
  • daniel looks at the person apologetically before headed towards you
  • “hey hey, what’s wrong”
  • “i said nothing, daniel, gosh”
  • daniel stares at you and then looks at jisung who is witnessing the scene
  • jisung shrugs, but his smile creeps on his face which make daniel more confused as ever
  • “then why are you being aggressive so suddenly?”
  • “i am not”
  • “yes, you are. you never get this angry before. did i do something wrong?”
  • “no– actually yes, yes you did”
  • you glare at daniel and he’s taken back and it’s worrying him alot because you never glare at him seriously until now
  • “that’s your ex, right?”
  • “……well, yeah. wait, how do you know?”
  • “jisung told me. but why didn’t you tell me about them?”
  • daniel looks at you in disbelief and you waited for him to answer but he stays silent and you had enough of it
  • tbh why did you even get so fed up with it?
  • ….. because you like him
  • like a lot
  • and it’s so dumb for you to fell for him….. but he’s always there with you doing dumb stuff together and whenever he makes you feel good, you always wonder if daniel even feels the same way as you….
  • but you knew daniel doesn’t feel the same thing as you…. whenever you both are done with late night activities, you always wanted him to stay for awhile and cuddle up… but daniel just leaves the place and it wasn’t a bother to you until you realized you like him… a little too much
  • okay so jisung is right about you liking daniel
  • and jisung looking at you now is making things alot worser
  • “nevermind, daniel. just go have fun with them”
  • “it’s not something to nevermind about. let’s just talk in private”
  • daniel takes your hand and bring you outside of the apartment
  • “talk to me”
  • “no, i don’t want to talk to you”
  • “since when do you not want to talk to me?”
  • “since now! daniel, just give me some space”
  • you push him away but he holds onto your wrist to stop you and you’re getting frustrated over his action
  • “it’s about my ex, right? because i didn’t tell you about them? is that what it is?”
  • “yes, daniel. that’s all”
  • “are you sure? because i feel like there’s more”
  • “there’s no more, daniel”
  • you try to pull your arm from his but he grips it tighter and you look at him angrily 
  • but daniel just looks at you back but now he’s smiling
  • “what”
  • “are you jealous”
  • “jealous? what the hell, i’m not jealous–”
  • “really? i want you to be jealous though”
  • “why would you want me to be jealous of you and that person? i have no time to do that”
  • “because it’s cute. someone i like is actually jealous of me with another person”
  • and you just stands there, frozen, staring back at daniel. your eyes just softens like basically you’re starting to panic because did daniel just said ‘someone i like’……….which is you??
  • daniel smiles wider and his eyesmile plays on his face and your heart flutters over it and half of yourself is so mad at yourself because you’re supposed to be angry at him, NOT getting butterflies in your stomach right now
  • then you feel something on your cheek and you shake yourself off from your thoughts, only to naturally touch your cheek because did kang daniel just kiss your cheek
  • “what are you doing”
  • “i was waking you up. a kiss. from the prince”
  • “are you drunk or something? i didn’t need that kiss”
  • “uh yes you do. you’ve been standing there like a statue for a long time”
  • “that’s because i’m surprised that you…like… me…. but hey, that doesn’t mean i like you back, okay”
  • “what do you mean you don’t like me back? your jealousy only meant one thing”
  • daniel wiggles his eyebrows playfully while swinging your arm and you’re just like ‘what..the..’
  • “how many times do i need to tell you that i’m not jealous about it”
  • “a lot of times. because i won’t believe you”
  • “that’s it. i’m leaving. besides you’re playing with me”
  • “playing with what? if you think i’m lying about me liking you, then you’re wrong”
  • “how am i sure that you really like me, daniel? isn’t it just the friends with benefits that you like me about?”
  • daniel’s smile fades from his face and honestly that scares you 
  • he lets go off your hand and sigh, his eyes never leave yours and you got really nervous
  • “i don’t know how to convince you that i really like you. but i really do like you, y/n…. possibly love you….. alot. and no, it’s not the friends with benefits thing that i like about you. sure, we did a lot of mess with each other but i…actually like you before we even did it for the first time. and it was dumb of me not to confess early… but at the same time, i really thought you had no feelings for me beside as a best friend to you. honestly i really want to do more stuff with you like as a couple… but then i saw you just now, with jisung. and i thought i’m too late…because jisung was smiling a lot more when he was with you just now and i just wanted to give up–”
  • “wait, so you were jealous? because of jisung?”
  • “okay no, i wasn’t jealous–”
  • “so you are jealous”
  • “that’s not the point, y’n”
  • you start to smile at him and he’s frowning at your replies to him and your fingers place on each corner of his lips and bring his lips to make a smile
  • “i love you too, dummy”
  • daniel looks at you and he feels relief because all this time he’s planning what to say to you if you don’t love him back
  • but thank god you love him like how he is to you and he’s so ecstatic and hugs you tightly
  • and it’s a different kind of hug, like a bear hug but a daniel-kind of bear hug and you love it so much
  • daniel releases you and his lips form a smirk and you suddenly get worried yet excited over it because daniel just goes
  • “do you want to ditch this place and go home, you know, so that i can show you how much i love you?” 

happy thanksgiving! 🍁🍂❤️

i know not everyone celebrates this holiday, but i want to express my gratitude for everyone that i have met since starting my blog. you are all so wonderful and amazing, you make my life so much better and happier. there are some people that i would especially like to thank and show my gratitude for.

@screamholland - liz my very very best friend, my wife, one of the most important people in my life—thank you. you are so incredibly sweet and lovely to everyone and i cannot express how lucky i am to have you as my friend. you’re always there for me no matter what time of day, and i know i can count on you for anything. i love you so much! 💜

@curiouspeterparker - hannah, the love of my damn life, i love you so much. you are so funny, sweet, and beautiful in ever single way. i am so grateful to have someone like you in my life. thank you for always being there to send tom holland memes to, i love you! 💖

@tbholland - meg, you are so amazing, words can’t describe how incredible you are. you are so unique and sweet, and you do so much for all of us in the fandom, we are all so grateful for you, but i’m especially grateful to be able to call you my friend. you are so important to me, and i hope you know that. i love you! ❤️

@purelyparker - cass, mi cariña, i love you so damn much, you’re so wonderful and sweet, and you’re always there when i need you. you make me smile so much and i love you, thank you for everything you’ve done for me—for all of us in the fandom. 💙

@tomrannosaurusholland - kirby, the aussie love of my life, i know you don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but i needed to express my gratitude to you. you are so fucking wonderful, you’re always there for me when i need to complain or just talk about stupid stuff. you’re so important to me and i cannot tell you how thankful i am for your friendship. i love you!! 💜

@lovelyimagines - tori, mi girasol, you are one of the greatest people on this website. hands down you’re the most kind and wonderful human on this planet. you make me smile every day and you make my day brighter, i can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. please never change, you’re so beautiful and sweet and lovely, you’re the personification of a field of sunflowers. i love you so much, i can’t wait to have a sleepover! ❤️

@loverholland - becca! the love of my life, an angel, you are SO wonderful in every single way. you are so supportive of everyone and are so quick to help when you think someone needs it. i can’t even begin to tell you how much your friendship means to me, my angel. i love you so much! 💖

@midtownsparker - izzy, my babe, i love you so much! you are so funny and sweet in every sense. i look forward to seeing your tags on your reblogs and seeing you pop up on my dash, you make me smile daily. i am so thankful for your friendship and i love you more than words can express! 💙

@spideyman-tom - kat, my angel! you are so wholesome and sweet and i am so happy that you’re my friend. i smile every time i see you on my dash or in my messages, you’re the kindest, sweetest person ever. i love you so much!! 💜

@spideyparkerfilms - bee, mi abeja, words cannot describe how much i love you and how much i value your friendship. you are so sweet and kind to everyone. you have so much love in your heart to give and i’m so thankful to be able to call you my friend. i love you so so much! ❤️

@dej-okay - dej, my girlfriend, i love you so much wow. you are so sweet, kind, lovely, funny, and beautiful in ever way, shape, and form. i am so grateful to be able to call you my friend. i admire your strength and your ability to support all of your friends to the fullest, i love you so so so much, dej. 💖

@parkerscupcake - ambahr, my love, my angel, you are so fucking fantastic. i admire your strength and your kind spirit. you are one of the nicest people i’ve ever come to know on any platform and i am so grateful for your friendship. i love you so much, please never change for anyone. 💙

i could go on for hours about how wonderful people are on this website, but people would find it irritating, so here are some more shoutouts for people who i find wonderful and amazing. i am so thankful for all of you and everything you do for me and this fandom as a whole. @hufflepuffholland @ballyhoobarnes @bittersweetholland @honestholland @honeynutholland @dreamyholland @hollandazing @rileywrites-parker @underoos-tom @spiderparkerboy @spidereyhes @spider-boi @agirlwithpointlessideas @parkerroos @yoinkmyheart @webslingerholland @buckylicious @spidergirlwanab @curly-haired-holland @jbarneswrites @zendmylife @protectsamholland @httpsamholland @panicholland

i’m probably forgetting so many people, but i want you to know that even if you aren’t included in this, i appreciate and love you with all of my heart. you are all so wonderful, thank you for being apart of my life!

i’d also like to take the time to express my gratitude for tom, harrison, sam, and harry. you four if you’re reading this bc of a secret tumblr are the reason we’re here. you are the reason that i have made the greatest friends i’ve ever had. you are the reason i have met the most important people in my life. i love you guys to the moon and back, thank you for everyrhing you’ve done for all of us.

just being thankful

☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆

I just wanted to express how thankful I am for being in such a kind, loving fandom and although I’ve only been here for a couple months, I’ve made so many amazing friends and mutuals. You guys really are the best. It’s made me so happy and I’m always excited to see you all on my dash. I love you all, thank you for everything! I’m gonna go cry now

☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆

@hufflepuffholland Charissa, I don’t know where to begin, but I think you know how much you mean to me, thank you for being such an amazing friend and I’m always thinking about you no matter what. You make me wanna be a better person and I can’t wait to meet you someday!

@tbholland Meg, I just wanna say i love you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being so supportive and I love the way your little messages and reminders light up my day. I’m truly blessed. I love you!

@quackmom Hi Sydni, thank you for being supportive and positive, you’re always reminding how important it is to take breaks and be ok with being ok, I’m forever grateful for you and I just want you to know you mean the world to me!

@honeynutholland michelle! wow can I just say thank you for being an amazing friend, you’re always there for be and ready to talk. I love that we can always pick up a convo from where it left off. I love you so much and you’re the sweetest. I can’t wait to meet you when I go to Canada!!!

@arachnid-kid Isabel, you’re honestly the sweetest and I’m so glad we became friends. I love you and the energy that you generate. I feel grateful that we got to know each other because I’m sure my life would’ve been dull if you weren’t in it!

@dej-okay dej, I’m so glad to know you because you’re so sweet, always thinking of others and making them feel better. I can’t imagine the fandom without you, really nothing could make me happier knowing that you’re happy. I love you thank you! 

@tomhollandxreader CORA you’re one of the sweetest people I know and I’m not joking when I say that you’re honestly someone I look up to a lot! I love you sm thank you for being on my dash and thinking of me. 

@planet-holland hi kayla, you sweet angel. Thank you for being a good friend and always there to support me. I love you and you’re one of the cutest people I know. I hope you’re happy and hydrated, and my inbox is always open for you

@screamholland mary liz, you are beautiful. absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. You’re amazing and wonderful and I love seeing you on my dash because it makes me incredibly happy when you are. I’m always here if you need to talk about anything!

@hollandroos soph YOU’RE MY STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE! I love you so much and I love seeing you and seeing your presence because it makes me happy and I just imagine fluffy, pink clouds around you because you’re the sweetest. 

@lovelyimagines: tori, I’m gonna cry because I love you so much!! thanks for being here when I needed it and I’m always gonna say I love your smile it’s so radiating and makes me entire day light up when I see you on my dash. Thank you for being a positive angel.

@peterplanet hi Grace, you’re amazing and wonderful and I’m glad we got to know each other. You’re super sweet and I can’t imagine my dash without you. Thanks always and I’m here for you whenever you need it!

@dearcindymoon ZOë, you’re so sweet!! please continue being such a wonderful and amazing person, I’m really glad to know you and you make me smile all the time with your sweet posts. I love you!

@parkerroos lyss i can’t believe I almost forgot but you’re literally the best angel on this site WOW you’re my fellow sam girl and seeing you on here makes me SO happy!! I love you so much and you make me smile literally any time we interact!!! than you for thinking of me!

@loverholland hi becca you’re really an inspiration, thank you for being such a wonderful positive presence on this site and GOD can I just say that whenever you post anything I wanna cry?? you’re so kind and sweet and thank you for always thinking of me!

I wish I had time write about all of you amazing angels, but if you’re on this list just know that you make me SO incredibly happy and I only wish for every happiness to all of you. Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive and overall, absolute angels. *EDIT I may literally just write about all of you?

☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆

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anyway i saw some people on my dash doing this and even though i don’t celebrate thanksgiving i thought it was cute so im doing it too!!!!

im thankful for being a part of this community, and also to:

@keeksim @peonypyxels @sugabons @cat-nerd-sims @tea-sims @sim-bubble @alpurra @wyattssims (+ jan!) for being the best friends a girl could ask for,

@pirouettingplumbobs @romeo-and-simulet @nerdiesimmer @deathbycowplant @stephaniesim @blurrypxls @aneverendingreality @amixofpixels @deletedladdersanddoors @riseofthecowplant @ahplumbobs and @ressurectonomitron for making me sims for the bachelorette,

@pxelbox @samtastic-sims @simprising @knotleaf @fangflower @meisiu @bratsims @okyio @dnasz @randomcoffeesimmer @strawberrymark and @twikkii for blessing us with beautiful posts,

and to all of you, for following me, for liking my posts, and for supporting me! happy thanksgiving if you celebrate, and even if you don’t have a wonderful day!

happy thanksgiving 🧡🍁

i don’t really have the slightest idea who is celebrating today, but i do love giving thanks and sharing my appreciation!! i’ve only been on here for six months and it’s been some of the best times of my life. i’m so so grateful for each and every one of you and my friends who have made the experience that much better.

@nedandpeter: kass!! the harrison to my tom!! i have so much love and gratitude for you!! you’re one of the sweetest people i know and you never fail to make me smile. i can’t wait until we’re sister-in-laws :,) 💘

@spideyboys: izzy!! my queen from queens!! i am so grateful for your sense of humor and the friendship we have. you’re one of the best writers i know and you’re so kind to everyone. i love you 💘

@starparker: ruby!! my autocorrect queen!! i am so grateful for your friendship and optimism and everything you bring into my life. your personality is stellar and i’ve got so much love in my heart for you 💘

@gingerbreadparker: lj!! quite possibly my fav haz stan!! i am so grateful for your sarcastic nature and your genuinity!! you’re so much fun to talk to and you deserve the world. i love you 💘

@hufflepuffholland: char!! my soulmate!! i am so grateful for you and the kindness of your heart. you’re always there to turn to and have such a caring personality. i’m convinced you’re an actual goddess from like heaven. i love you 💘

@loverholland: becca!! an angel!! you’re so sweet and i’m so grateful to be your friend and scream about sam always. you’re a light to this world and your killer personality always brightens my day. i love you 💘

@cahtastrophie: belle!! when we first started talking i remember thinking you were such a sweetheart and an angel and i still think this. you’re amazing and i’m so grateful for you. i love you 💘

@lovelyimagines: tori!! i am so so grateful for you and your friendship!! you’re such a sweetheart and you always brighten my day when i see you on my dash and in my notifs. i love you 💘

@themultilingualmartell: nika!! you were my first friend on this hell site and i’m so grateful for you!! you’re hilarious and my favorite tony stan. i love you a lot 💘

@httpsamholland: nana!! you are literally such a sweetheart and i feel graced to know you. you have a stunning personality and i’m grateful to be your friend + mutual. i love you 💘

@zendmylife: blair!! you’re an actual angel living on this earth and i’m so grateful for you and everything you do on this site. i love you 💘

@dej-okay: dej!! you’re a goddess and i’m so grateful for you. especially that time you helped read my essay and told me what to fix. i’m grateful for your friendship. i love you 💘

some more little lights in this world that i’m grateful for: 💘

@arachnid-kid @tomhollandxreader @sam-a-holland @quackmom @tbholland @dusktillholland @iamnesta @the-quackson-claxon @webslingerholland @underoossss @parkerbenjaminpeter @dreamyholland @tomhstories @liz-gayllen @purelyparker @honeynutholland @spee-iderman

i’m sure i’ve forgetten people but i hope you all know i’m so entirely grateful for all of you and the opportunity i’ve had to meet you guys on this site. i love all of you and could probably write pages on my gratitude but i’ll settle for this. happy thanksgiving 🧡

What’s In Your Head?

Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three

summary: So, the year is 1999. Eddie is 23 years old, telepathic, and lives with his childhood best friend, Bill, in Portland, Maine. He meets a young musician with a knack for speed named Richie at a bar. Based off @trashmouthloser‘s mutant!loser club headcanons!!

pairing: reddie

words: 1.9K

warnings: mentions of child neglect

A/N: I literally woke up at 3:30 in the morning and thought “wow I’m gay and I need to write something gay.” So, this chapter is literally full of 3 am feelings. Once again, thank you to everyone who read, liked, and reblogged! It makes me so happy when y’all enjoy my stuff. Please message me if you would like to be added to the taglist!

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You & Me

I don’t think many people write about this topic and I wanted to write about the different ways people deal with it. I also want to write about things that are important and true to me. I have never been through this but I have been harassed and I know so many others have as well. If this makes you too uncomfortable,  then please don’t read it. Also, thanks for the love on Bad Again. I’m so happy you enjoyed it.

TW: rape

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I’m your best friend and I love you. I need you to be okay.” Harry said softly as you were wrapped in a blanket on his couch. He was sitting next to you but with a good amount of distance between you.

“I’m not okay. I won’t ever be okay again.” Your voice cracked, it was the first time you spoke since you showed up crying on his doorstep.

“Y/N, what do you mean? Did someone hurt you?” You didn’t say anything, that’s when Harry knew that it was really serious. “I swear to god if anyone hurt you, I’m gonna kill them.”

“H, please.” You whispered. You hated violence and after what happened earlier, you don’t need any more of it.

“What happened, love?” Harry asked you, but you didn’t say anything.

“Please, don’t make me tell you.” You begged with a weak, tired voice. “I’ll tell you soon, I promise, but I just can’t right now.”

Harry was clueless, he had no idea how to help you and not knowing what happened didn’t make it any easier. He felt so sorry for you, he didn’t want to see you like that - ever. It wasn’t the first time you showed up crying on his doorstep, but he’s never seen you so broken.

“You don’t mind if I go to bed, do you?” You asked Harry timidly, you were never timid. “I know it’s still early but I’m just really tired.”

“Yeah, I’ll set up the guest room for you.” Harry rushes up to the guest room and fixes up the room for you. You’re so thankful for Harry right now, he’s doing everything in his power to make you feel as okay as you can be.

You tried to get up, but it was painful. As the pain came, so did your tears. You didn’t want to be reminded of what happened to you. I need to shower, you thought. You needed to wash away the pain. Harry was gone for a while, maybe he was getting himself ready for an early night too. So, you decided to head upstairs and use the bathroom.

You barely made it up the stairs, and Harry noticed. Were you really so sad that you could barely even walk? So much was going through Harry’s mind, his best friend was going through something so painful all by herself and it was hard to watch.

You were sitting on the bed with your knees to your chest. You didn’t want to be crying, you knew it didn’t help. You knew nothing was your fault, that the tiny but of alcohol in your system didn’t mean that you were to blame. But felt disgusting and you felt violated. You could still feel him and you could still smell him and you could still see him. You wanted it to stop. You didn’t know what to do with yourself, or how to deal with it. You knew you wouldn’t sleep, you didn’t want to. Every time you closed your eyes, you saw him - sleeping wouldn’t help.

There was a knock at the door, you didn’t know what Harry wanted. He was probably just checking on you. You opened the door and Harry was standing with all of your favourite snacks and a cup of tea.

“I know you might want to just be alone, or not eat but I know that these are you favourite. Thought we could watch a movie or something to get your mind off of whatever’s going on.” Harry looked at you with hopeful eyes, there’s no way you could say no. You took the tea from his hands so he could come in with all the snacks and put them on the bed. 

You felt weird being in the bed with Harry, and the weird feeling made you feel even weirder because this wasn’t new. Yourself and Harry had shared a bed before, you’d have a little cuddle as you watched a movie or just fell asleep. But now, you just hoped he stayed on his side.

“Thanks for letting me stay, by the way.” You said randomly. “I know I kind of just showed up, it’s a good thing you weren’t busy.”

“I could never be too busy for you, especially when I’ve seen you like this.”

You watched a random movie, you didn’t really care for it. You heard the words but you didn’t listen, you looked at the screen but you didn’t see anything. For the first time that night, you weren’t thinking and you loved it. That was until the sound from the TV brought you back to reality - it was a sex scene. You tried to look for the remote but you couldn’t seem to find it.

“Harry, turn it off.” You said frantically.

“Why? What’s up?” He asked you, the sound of the TV seemed so loud and you couldn’t take it.

“Turn it off!” Your voice was the loudest it had been for the whole night. Harry was shocked but he listened and turned it off nonetheless. “Fuck,” you muttered - you were so frustrated.

“Y/N? Please tell me what happened.”

You were with a couple of friends from university. You had all graduated almost a year ago and you decided it would be nice to catch up. You were all older now, so going out and getting drunk didn’t seem as fun as it did when you were nineteen. While you could definitely appreciate alcohol, the four of you weren’t really up for that. It was you and three other friends - Avery, Ethan and James. You were close with all of them because you all had the same classes, and James was even one of your flatmates. You all decided to just spend the evening at James’ new place and since he had spare rooms, you were just gonna stay there if it got too late.  

“So, Y/N, what’s your love life looking like?” Avery asked you, you really wanted to roll your eyes.

“It’s not really looking like anything,” you explained. “I’m not too focused on that if I’m honest. You know, I have work commitments and things like that.”

“What about Harry? You guys have been friends since I can remember, how is he?” James asked. The few times Harry and James encountered each other, they seemed to get on really well.

“Conquering the world as always.” You smiled, you face probably lit up just talking about Harry. “But he’s actually home now so I’ll probably spend most of my time with him before he goes on tour again.”

As you continued to converse with you friends, you couldn’t help but notice how quiet Ethan was being. He didn’t say much and every time you eyes flickered to him, he eyes were set on you. You know when you catch someone staring and they quickly look away? Ethan didn’t do that and you felt extremely uncomfortable under his gaze. 

You were all on the couch now, it was around two in the morning and you were all beginning to fall asleep. There was a random movie playing quietly in the background and that was the only source of light in the room.

You must have fallen asleep, when your eyes opened, you noticed that Avery wasn’t there anymore - she must have gone up to the guest room. James was on the other couch, he was out like a light. You remembered that he was always a heavy sleeper. But where was Ethan?

You heard something from the kitchen and you were sure it was Ethan. For a while, you stayed on the sofa - you were too tired to join Avery in the guest room at the minute. You decided to grab a glass of water from the kitchen because your throat was really dry for some reason. When you walked into the kitchen, you found Ethan sitting at the island with a drink - you assumed it was water. 

“Hey, what are you doing up?” You asked him as you took a bottle of water out of the fridge. Hopefully James wouldn’t mind.

“Couldn’t really get to sleep, just thinking.” He told, he didn’t even look at you at - he just stared at his glass. “What about you? You looked pretty peaceful while you were asleep.” 

So, was he watching you while you were asleep? “I guess the couch didn’t really cut it. Honestly, I don’t sleep well unless it’s at my place or Harry’s.”

“I take it Harry hasn’t made his move yet.” He chuckled, it wasn’t a light-hearted chuckle, it was darker than that. Honestly, you were a bit offended. “Don’t look at me, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were together.”

“Well, we’re not together. Harry and I have been friends since we were kids, that’s just… weird.

“He must be crazy - it’s obvious that he’s in love with you. I don’t know what the two of you are waiting for, you clearly in love with him too.” Ethan couldn’t stop talking, and he sounded very judgemental to you. 

“What? Harry’s not in love with me. We’re not -”

“Does that mean I’ve got a chance then?” Ethan said bravely, it caught you off guard. He was moving closer to you and you were honestly confused. “You know I always had a bit of a crush on you.”

“When we were twenty,” you reminded him. “Then you got with Jess.”

You didn’t realise how close Ethan was to you until you were trapped between him and the counter. “Well, you turned me down before. But here we are, I’ve got my chance now. We just can’t wake up the others.”

“What the hell, Ethan? I’m not doing this with you. You didn’t have a chance then, and you don’t have one now.” You managed out, you could barely breathe because he was so close. You knew Ethan could get angry quickly, and right now, he was fuming. “Seriously, get off of me.”

“Just go with it…” He whispered as he attached his lips to your neck. Usually, when guys try to make a move and you say no, they get the hint. But Ethan just couldn’t seem to understand, and now you were scared. 

Ethan was gripping on you waist and he was leaving kisses all over you. You tried to push him off, you really did. He was strong - he had always been strong. You had absolutely no chance fighting him off. No matter how much you tried, he wouldn’t move. He removed his lips from your neck and his dark, lustful eyes met your teary, fearful ones for a brief moment. He knew exactly what he was doing. You didn’t quite know how you ended up over on the island - but that was your current situation.

Your face was pressed against the freezing cold marble and his hand were in your hair. It was painful as fuck. You’re prominent hipbones were being pressed against the counter, you wanted nothing more than to get the fuck out.

“Ethan,” you tried but his hands didn’t stop roaming your body. “Ethan, please…”

He didn’t stop at all, it was like he couldn’t even hear you. All he did was pull harder at your hair, probably to make you shut up. His blunt finger nails were digging into the exposed flesh of your hips, you knew that there would be bruises. You wanted to scream, you wanted to kick him or punch him, you wanted to do something… anything to make him stop. You were frozen, though. For years, you had told yourself that if you were in a situation like this that you would do anything to get out of it, you told yourself that you would do anything but let it happen. But what did you do? You fucking froze. 

Ethan forced himself into you before you had time to move, and it hurt like a bitch. You hadn’t had sex in a while so the pain was excruciating, it was almost unbearable. The pain didn’t die down either, even after he started moving. Why didn’t the pain stop? While this was all happening, you eyes were closed and tears were pouring out - but you were silent. It was like you physically couldn’t open you mouth to say or do anything. You could feel everything, his hands, the way he was moving in and out of you. You could hear him too, his brutish grunts and nasty whispers, telling you to keep quiet. You had always heard stories about people going numb and not being able to hear anything. Well, that wasn’t the case for you - if anything, all the feelings were heightened.

You don’t know how long it lasted, it was probably quick but it felt like it was never going to stop. When Ethan decided he was done with you, he finally pushed himself off of you. You didn’t want to look at him so you didn’t move, you waited for him to leave. What were you supposed to do now? What if James or Avery had woken up? Why didn’t they? When Ethan left the kitchen - he didn’t even look at he, he just walked out as if nothing happened. 

What the hell were you supposed to do?

“I’m gonna fucking kill him,” was the first thing Harry said when you stopped talking.

“H, please.” You cried, you really didn’t need him to be angry right now. “I just… need you here.”

Harry eyes softened as soon as he saw the pained look on your face. He couldn’t believe that anyone could ever do that to you - or to anyone. Someone you classed as an old friend, someone he met and spoke to and had drinks and joked with. He was disgusted to say the least. No man, woman, or child deserved something like that. He knows that his best friend, whom he loved so dearly, didn’t deserve that.

“I don’t know what to do, H.” You were sobbing now, you were sure you’d run out of tears soon. “I want to tell, I know I should but I’m so scared.”

“You’ve told me, and I can’t begin to imagine what you’re thinking or feeling. When you’re ready, we can tell the police - only if you want to. We can send him to prison so he can never hurt you or anyone else again.” Harry’s voice cracked, you knew it must’ve been hard for him to hear. You knew that he was kicking himself because of the pact you made when you were eleven to always protect each other.

Your elbows rested on your knees as your palms dug into you eyes in attempt to stop your tears. But nothing seemed to be stopping for you at all anymore. “I want to tell the police, I really do. But they’re gonna make me strip naked and take pictures and look for bruises. They’ll look for evidence. But how much evidence are they gonna need?”

“Y/N, look at me.” Harry said and you looked up at him slowly. “You’re so fucking strong. You and I both know that. And maybe right now, you don’t feel like that, maybe you feel like the weakest person in the world. But I’m gonna be here for you the whole time, we’ll get through this together. Do you remember, what we promised each other when we were like thirteen?”

“We said that no matter what, we’d never leave each other’s side.” You whispered, remembering clearly what you told each other. The both of you were walking home from school and it had been a rough day for you. Harry promised that he’d never leave you if you were upset or down, and you did the same. Neither one of you had broken that promise since, even after Harry went on to rule the world.

“Exactly, I don’t plan on leaving you.” He told you, pressing a kiss to the side of your head. “You and me forever, love.”

“You and me forever.”

You and Harry stayed in silence for a while as he held you, he didn’t have to say anything to make you feel even the tiniest bit better. You were both broken out of your trance when your phone went off. You assumed it was Avery asking where you ran off to, so as much as you didn’t want to, you picked up your phone.

Ethan Davies:

Did you have fun last night?x 

Guys, this was so hard to write, I’m literally crying. I really want to do a part two to this so let me know if you want that. I know this was really intense and Y/N didn’t come to a conclusion in the end about what she wanted to do but I feel like that’s the case for most people. If you have anything else you’d like me to write, please let me know. Thank you all x

Okay okay, so I’m not usually one to go for being overly sappy on Thanksgiving, but there’s a lot I’m grateful for on this site.

@chemiosmosises thank you for putting up with my weirdness for almost three years now?? You’ve been there for me when I needed it most, given me the best advice that I try to follow, and have inspired me to take better care of myself. Thank you, Nik, and thank you for being my sestra, my best friend, the Jemma to my Daisy (and vice versa)

@hanorganaas Nor! Can you believe it’s almost been two years since we met?? I certainly can’t. Thank you for the past two years of fangirling and brainstorming, of making me laugh more times than I can count (and when I needed it most) and for inspiring me to have more of a Carrie attitude. Thank you for being my best friend, my beta reader, and motivator!

Thank you to @evaceratops & @naberiie for introducing me to the wonder that is @arcmaiden, for being wonderful friends that always support my writing, and listen to my rambles.

To everyone in @thefitzsimmonsnetwork, @aospositivitynet, @quakeridernet, @aosficnet2, @yoyomacknet for bringing some of the best content in the aos fandom, and for being so welcoming to me, and really just being my internet family. And thank you to the fantastic mods behind those blogs, @fitzsimmonsy, @theclaravoyant, @omgfitzsimmons, @lornamarcos, and @muchadoaboutdoctorwho!

(apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve been really active in networks).

Thank you to @sighfitz, @the-shy-and-anxious-fangirl, and @stilinski-martin for chatting with me, providing me with insightful meta, and making some of the best icons ever. Y'all rock!

And thank you to @tenthdoctorr for, a: the awesome nickname “Teegs” and b, for always sending me messages when I do ask games. Thank you for being a marvelous mutual, and I hope we get to talk more!

And thank you, of course, to everyone who followed me and continues to today. You’re all marvelous and I love you.

I’m so thankful for my super best friend :)

Maru, thank you for being the best friend I’ve ever had. You make me laugh every day and you always know how to make me feel better. You’ve helped me grow into a better person and I’m so happy you’ve always stuck by me. I hope we can be together forever!

You’re a real one :)

Happy thanksgiving, I love you!

Thank You

So, today is Thanksgiving. A day for giving thanks and being grateful for the things you have in life. I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been lacking in art and I’m in pain almost every single day, but I don’t want to focus on the negative in this moment. I want to focus on the things that make me happy. Friends, Family, a home.

@nerdymetalhead - Thank you for helping me through really difficult times, and always making me feel better. I’m also sorry for not responding to texts and such.. but it always makes me happy when we do talk. You’re the best brother in the world, and I don’t know what I’d do with out you. *Hugs*

@ladyxgilex - Thank you so much. You also helped me through tough times and you, and Lix, always make me feel better. You are the best mom and I’m so happy we met. *Hugs*

@shippingsquad - Because I have limited time and there are a lot of peeps, I want to thank the rest of you guys. You guys have all inspired me to continue and make my art great! And just having all of you.. knowing all of you care about a kid like me… Makes me feel a lot better about myself. I remember when I was informed I was in the shipping squad, I’d be able to communicate with my all time favorite artists and authors, it was just so exciting! It was maybe near January when that happened.. almost a year. Thank you all so much for giving me a chance, and being there for me, for helping me improve in art and in myself, and being family.

I hope everyone has a goodnight! Enjoy your time with family and friends, pets, or lovers! Enjoy the feast, if you plan on having one! I care deeply about each and everyone of you!

Thank you all so much!

anonymous asked:

Hey! So, I’m a writer, and I have several trans guy characters, and I tend to refer to all of my characters as my children, but I have this one friend who always calls one of them her ‘smol trans boi’. It makes me really uncomfortable, especially given his personality and experiences. I don’t really know how to talk to her about it. She also jokes about me breaking the dresscode bc I’m ‘biologically female’. If y’all have any advice, that’d be really appreciated. Thank you!

I think the best way to deal with this is talking about it in person with her. She needs to know she’s making you uncomfortable
That’s what I’d do anyway, try talk in person -Matt

What I’m Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving in the US, yet another holiday built on the back of death, prejudice, and theft. It brings family together, both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on your family. But I do have some things that I am really Thankful for, so I thought I would share them.

First, I am grateful for my mother. Thirty years separate us in age, but you’d never notice to see us together. She’s my best friend and she loves me no matter what, which is a very powerful thing to know and feel. I hope we are able to take care of each other when we’re both out of surgery.

Second, I’m grateful for my cats. They are so sweet and such a big part of making my life happy. I love them so much.

Third, I’m grateful that I was able to publish TWO books this year! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my back operated on soon so I can resume writing my next one.

Fourth, I’m grateful for all of my Tumblr friends. I’ve met such wonderful people on this sometime-hellsite and I love you all. Thank you for your feedback on my writing and painting, you make me feel like I’m not creating into a vacuum. Your encouragement and support mean so much to me.

Fifth, I’m grateful that I have the time to write and paint, to maintain my calm and sense of peace.

Sixth, I’m grateful that mom and I are on our own for Thanksgiving this year, since my back prevents me from traveling. We’re making our own dinner with just the stuff that WE like! Great food and better company, without any stressful extended family bullshit. And we’re marathoning Christmas movies too!

These six things are at the forefront of my gratitude, there is more, but I’ll leave it at six. Feel free to reblog with what you’re grateful for if you feel like it. ^_^

@nerdqueenkat hey friend *hugs really warmly* I just want to say that I’m really thankful I know you ^-^ you’re an amazing person, through and through. I know you don’t always think that, but you’re trying your best and you’re making a difference. You make me so happy kit kat. I see you as someone I can always go to for a hug or a kind word or to just.. feel wanted. You make me feel happy and safe and gosh I love you so much ^-^

And well.. I’m not the best person for metaphors or stuff like that, but.. it’s like we’re going on a nice walk together ^-^ sometimes one of us might stumble but we can help each other up, bandage each other if we need to. Sometimes we might step on a little darker path, but even if we get lost or feel scared, we’re there for each other ^-^ and at the end of the dark path there’s always something beautiful and bright, even if it takes a while to get there. So lets walk together okay? Let’s just enjoy the little things that make us happy and keep going forward together ^-^ it’s not really action packed or anything, but I think it’s still a nice adventure, and I would love to go with you *hugs really really close* kit kat you’re amazing and wonderful and nice and you are trying your best and even if it might not always seem that way to you, you’re doing a really good job ^-^ I love you. Thank you so much for being here.

So in the thanksgiving thankful mood (bleh) here goes

@mane-maniac I’m thankful for you because you’re a good friend and give great advice, and plus I love your art style so much it’s unreal?? Ur characters are great and yeah I’m thankful you’re my friend

@miss-mishi I’m thankful for you cause ur a great mom and monster friend, plus you’re hilarious in the group chat and always make me snicker, and plus ur art is so unique and whoa your characters are great too

@wendigoboi last but not least I’m thankful for you cause ur the best friend I could ever ask for, ur funny, amazing, handsome, and a really cool kid with really cool characters

I’m thankful for these dweebs a lot

Hi it is midnight which means it is officially the day that I can brag about having the best friends in the whole entire world, and thank them for making my life so much more beautiful. I do not know where I would be without my people. This is directed at ALL OF YOU. You have all been here with me through it all, thank you for everything. 

Since it’s Thanksgiving today in America I wanted to do a post talking about the people who appreciate the most on Tumblr:

(Ps I know that some of you don’t live in America but who cares!)

(Pss: I wrote this way too late at night so excuse the spelling mistakes)

Sammy: @sammyindramaland

We’ve been best friends since we were (I think) 12 years old. Although over those years we did have our ups and down I’m still glad you are by my side. I’m thankful for you always listening to my ramble about Infinite. I’m thankful for you accepting my weirdness and never making me feel bad for who I am. I’m so glad that we were paired up to sing together in high school because I got a best friend for life.

Ps. Who else would fangirl over harry potter with me and sit in the middle of the street with?

Pss. Sorry I dragged you down a black hole called kpop.

Psss: I lied I’m not sorry at all.


Can I just say how glad I am that you messaged me over my dog. If you didn’t I would have been able to meet you and that would have been horrible. You’re someone that I can depend on without any judgment. You give me great advice and never make me feel bad for oversharing or being annoying. Thank you for always being a great friend and a great human being. Also, we need to meet up so we can fangirl about Infinite in public together.

Lor: @kyustastu

Lor, I like to think of you as the key holder of Twitter and giving us updates. You make me feel like a bad inspirit tbh! So, thanks for that! Lor you are so sweet, and your dancing is amazing. You dance group deserve more popularity because you’re amazing. Although we didn’t know each other until we join the Infinite chat I’m glad I met you. It’s crazy to think that I have known you almost as long as Eri! Thank you for not giving up on our small chat and always giving us news about our boys.
Ps. Also thank you for helping me bring out my inner Slytherin.

Bunny!: @becuzgyu

Bunny! Bunny! That one thing that I love about Bunny is how passionate you get about Infinite. How you are strong-willed and never letting anyone make fun of our boys. I view you as a strong woman in our chat who is always there to beat someone up who messes with our boys or chatroom members.

Ps. Don’t beat me up. Jk Bunny your too sweet to beat up anyone.

B: @leesungjongg

B, you’re the cutest person I know. I just want to squish your cheeks or something like that. I can’t even count the number of times I smile when I see your text messages cheering me up or rooting for me. I’ve never had a friend like you before and I cherish you so much. Thank you for being the best cheerleader I know! Also remember to not stress out about exams and eat regularly and drink enough water! Also look at a picture of Sungjong to cheer you up when you are feeling too stressed.

Ada: @woollimcanchoke

Ada I think of you as the bodyguard of the group. Also, the slightly crazy one who I feel like one day I will have to bail out of jail. Ada thank you for always telling me how to handle my situations with no BS. Thank you for your crazy stories which are sometimes can be scary. Thank you for making me laugh way too many times! Also, let’s grab a drink together sometime because that would make a crazy story.

Millie: @jdw-juseyo

Millie when I first saw you in the chat I was nervous, and I didn’t know what to say or do. Tbh I fangirled quiet a bit because I always enjoyed your blog. But now that I know you can I just say how glad I am to meet you. You always bring a sense of humor to our chat not to mention you and Eri are the moms of the group. What I feel like most people don’t know about you is that you’re extremely hardworking not only in real life (I’m assuming) but online. The amount of work you have done for this fandom deserves a medal or a handwritten letter from Sunggyu (you sunggyu trash dont deny it). So as a friend and as an Inspirit I just want to thank you for being a part of this fandom and being a great friend.

Ps. Thank you for all your ghost stories that kept me up way late at night. Especially the one about the archway that contains a witch.

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Omg your first few mutant!losers posts inspired me to make like Xavier’s school hc’s and thank you these kids at that school would be The Worst™ just imagine richie hanging out with negasonic teenage warhead and being somewhat of a big brother to Laura (Logan’s clone)

He’d be best friends negasonic teenage warhead to be honest
They all go the Xavier’s school, let’s be real


My best friend got me this Korrasami engagement necklace. Nobody irl properly appreciates it so please appreciate how delightful this is

Like pls

I love it so much

I ship them so hard