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Right Place, Right Time

Pairing - Sebastian Stan x Reader
- A mishap at a fan convention lands you in the arms of the Winter Soldier himself
- n/a, just adorable fluff, it’s sorta my thang
Word Count
- 3004
- This oneshot has been specially made for the lovely and talented @dianelogan. Happy Birthday Beck! I’ll be floored if this is still a surprise with all the hints I’ve been dropping. You’ve been a wonderful friend to me and have encouraged me time and time again as a writer. Thanks for the advice and inspiration, you are amazing. :)

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As the elevator doors closed behind you, you hit the button for your floor, closed your eyes and leaned against the wall. You had been at the con since well before dawn and were completely exhausted. All you could think about was crawling into bed and not moving until tomorrow.

You knew something wasn’t right just as the elevator reached your floor. There was a dull buzzing in your ears as you stepped out and you stumbled into the wall as you turned in the direction of your room. Crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP! Not here, not now…. I just need to make it to my room and I’ll be fine…..I’ll be fine…….  You fumbled in your bag for your room key as spots began to multiply before your eyes. It was happening too fast, you weren’t going to make it. Your legs gave out as you slid down the wall and the world went completely black.

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Being in coed dorm with Beck. You heard him and his friends being loud in the hall and you're over here trying to study. You slam open the door and starts yelling "Will y'all shut the hell up?! I'm trying to study goddamn it." Then he saw you, he blushed because that's love at first sight. "I'm sorry, uhm cmon guys lets go inside." He said sweetly and smiling at you. Then in the morning, you found chocolates, a card, and white roses in front of your door "sorry about last night, call me?" XXBeck

can I just say… you gave me the idea of writing a drabble series with each of the guys in college, SO THANK YOU 

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Happy 5 years of the selection! (tag)

put when you joined and how the series impacted you!!

thanks @krisspiaria for tagging me (I’m sorry if anyone else tagged me and I missed it)! 

When I joined: Let’s see if I remember this right. I’ve talked about it before and I don’t want to miss out on the details, but I was on vacation from college, the first long vacation I had in a while. Early 2013, I think. I had already hear of the TV series and I was dying to read the story that got a TV show even before the book came out. Read it in a weekend and totally regretted it. I loved The Selection and was dying for the second book.  

How the series has impacted me: Well, first, the story really got me. I’m a slow reader and when I fly through the pages, I know I have something good. I love Aspen, if you follow me and know me at all you know this. So, I just needed to keep reading to hear more about him. I felt his pain, I felt his love. After reading, I decided to deal with the wait for the next book by creating a Tumblr page just for this series. I had no intentions on getting followers, I just wanted a place to talk about this dear book since I had no friends who had read it. Tumblr never fails to gather the lost ones, does it? I found here a community of passionate people who have fangirled with me, supported my silly edits when I didn’t even have photoshop and just talked to me. With that said, The Selection is the reason I got Photoshop, it inspired me to learn how to edit, even if it was just the basics. 

Now about the people I’ve met, let me just talk about @partylikeawordstar  Kiera Cass here. I have never interacted with an author as much as I have with this woman. It always amazes me whenever I see her doing that. From ups and downs to Happy birthday wishes, from rebbloging to joining in on our tags, she’s always been here with me somehow and I very much appreciate that.

Oh, the friends I made. I love you all and I’ll tag you bellow. 

Special Thanks and Tag: I need to thank these blogs for all the support in my ride:

@lorelaikillmore I love you, girl.

@krisspiaria Meu benzinho! Obrigada por ter tanta paciencia comigo! 

@beangirl1389 I miss you, hon!

@illea-capital-report Emily! My blog sister. The one who was there with me since the beginning. You’re amazing. 

@savelapis Becks, my dear.

@aspenlleger I got you, you get me.

Special mention to the inspiring: @thequeenofillea @celesteschreave @marleeandcarter @eadlynschreaveofillea

And my best wishes for these marvelous followers: all of you! I can’t say enough how happy I am to have so many people to share my love for this book with. I’m eternally grateful to @partylikeawordstar for bringing us together.

I’m sure there’s a lot more people to tag here. I’m sorry if I left anyone out. I miss hanging out with you guys. 

I’ve been tagged by @sh3lbysh3rb3rt 👾 thank you, babe!

[the song is Beck’s cover of Diamond Dogs]

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Lou @harrycryingoverstevienicks tagged me to post my top 10 tunes I’ve been vibing to lately 🎧 I’m sorry I don’t quite know what vibing means but here are some songs that I am loving hard rn!


- Foreign Affair by Client Liaison feat. Tina Turner (the video for this is 80s inspired GOLD)

- Regular Touch by Vera Blue

- Lay Down by Touch Sensitive

- Arty Boy by Flight Facilities feat. Emma Louise

- Up All Night by Beck (thanks 2 @verifiedharrie for that gr8 rec!)

- On Your Way Down by the Jungle Giants

- Exactly How You Are by Ball Park Music

- Mess it Up by the Preatures

- Fake Magic by Peking Duk feat. AlunaGeorge (THAT BASS!!!!!!!)

I’m gonna tag @verifiedharrie @starkvivacity and @harleyandfinnley if u wish to do it ♥️

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as someone who only recently found themselves happily identifying as a lesbian, i can definitely say you have been a positive and comforting and inspiring presence in my life. i am so, so much happier now that i know i am a lesbian, and your positivity and happiness and self acceptance really helped me get to this point 💕 thank you for all of the lesbian positivity, it has honestly made a huge difference to me 💕

this makes me v happy! I’m so glad you’ve gotten to a point where you know you’re a lesbian and you feel good in it, it’s hard to get there but it makes life so much better 💕 

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Miss Beck, oh dear I'm actually quite frightened to even type this because you're such a huge inspiration for me (have been for a very long time) and it's such a silly question so, here goes nothing ... Is your Yukiki sadistic and such and smiles when he gets his evil thoughts? *hides back under rock* you're awesome keep being awesome ;^;

Aww, you don’t need to be frightened! ;; I really appreciate you sending me this message, thank you so much!

And as for your question…