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Request: Hello! Can I request something? If I can I would like to request an imagine about the “marry, kiss, fuck” game, where the reader come back to Kattegat after a year and the Ragnarsons have a crush on her so they made that game. I love your work girl, you’re amazing! – By cute anon and thank you for the love babe.

words count: 2.421

pairing: ragnarssons x reader based on a “marry,fuck,kiss” question.

tagging: @odins-missing-eye @raekenimages @cherrytrinkets @georgiagrl1990 @miss-brightly-red @float-autumn-leave

N/t: I had so much fun writting this and I am coming back, so thank you to whoever send this request, you brought me back to life babe.

When I lefted Kattegat it was because my father had a disagreement with Ragnar and to avoid a big fight we left and I had to leave everyone that I cared about behind, it hurted me for a long time but that was until king Ragnar came to our house one day in the blooming spring time, I was helping my mother with the food while my father was teaching my little brother how to defend himself in case it was needed. We heard a knock on the door and since we weren’t expecting no one we expected the worse, my mother grabbed her dagger, I grabbed my little sharp knife that I used to cook, my father grabbed his ax and my lil brother grabbed an hold to his wooden sword and we approached the door to open it and face Ragnar himself, my father looked back and forth confused to why Ragnar was seeing him and my mother smiled being the always sweet person she was.

“Honey please he must come in peace so let him in and Ragnar welcome to our humble house, we are preparing some food would you like to join us for dinner?” my mother smiled and I just chuckled resting my knife on the wooden table and Ragnar looked at me with an intriguing look.

“yes Ingrid I would like very much to join you and your family” Ragnar spoke smiling at my father and my father never lefted his stubborn face leave his features, once we all sat Ragnar looked at me and seemed to be analyzing me, I sighed and looked at him.

“It’s something wrong?” I spoke with a neutral tone and Ragnar smirked.

“you left Kattegat when you were a little kid and now you have become one very beautiful woman that seems deadly if pushed to that point, I saw that you had a knife on your hand hidden” Ragnar looked deep in my eyes and I just shrugged my shoulders continuing to eat.

“ she needs to know how to fight when no one else is around her to protect her” my father spoke and after that he and Ragnar went outside for a more private talk while me and my mother and little brother cleaned everything waiting for our father to tell what the visit was all about, once he entered after long time outside I looked at him and my mother did so, I rested my hands on my little brother shoulders and my mother stood next to me while my father walked inside running his hands on his already unbraided hair and we feared the worst.

“What happened? What did he want now?” my mother spoke approaching my father and he smiled at her holding his wife by the waist tenderly and I smiled at the gesture but stood patiently waiting to hear my father’s answer.

“we talked about everything Ingrid, he wants us to be back in Kattegat and want me to fight by his side in the raids that are yet to come, he said he was foolish when we fought and now he said we are more than welcome to come back to our real home”

When my father said that tears formed in my eyes at the sudden memories that I was obligated to leave behind for a long year and my brother looked at me smiling widely while my mother gave a scream of happiness and hugged my father tight.

“We are coming back home sister?” my brother looked at me and I nodded kissing his nose tenderly,.

“Yes little brother, we are coming back and you will see others of your age and you will be able to meet our friends and to play with kids of your age” I cleaned the tears that fell from my face and I went to hug my father as well.

The next day and after a long trip we arrived in Kattegat, everyone was expecting us and we could see Ragnar with his arms crossed by his chest and smiling at the sight of one his best warriors and my father, when the boat was steady we climbed off of it and walked on the pear to enter in a place that never seemed to make me feel happy, my brother was walking by my side, I was with my hair long and with a braid done having some loose hair falling on my face, I was wearing a yellow dress and a brown fur coat with grey details, my mother greeted Aslaug and Ragnar once again followed by her sons, my father followed my mother cue and my little brother was a little bit shy but still managed to talk with everyone, when I was saying my greetings to Ragnar and Aslaug she smiled and looked me up and down with a pleased look on her face “this one will cause some stir on men in Kattegat” she smirked looking at my mother and I chuckled nodding my head at the non sense and I went to greet the ragnarsons.

First it was Bjorn who I already knew for a long time and he always treated me like a sister of his own, so he just hugged me tight smiling.

“you look so beautiful, Freya blessed you well sister” Bjorn smiled holding me by my arms far from him so he could look better at me.

“don’t say things like that, Freya blessed everyone you fool” I replied and he just laughed letting go of me and I smiled seeing Ubbe at Bjorn side, along with the rest of the brothers hvitserk, siggurd and Ivar, I greeted them and they all seemed to be whispering things between them while Ivar just stood there watching me closely.

“It’s something wrong?” I look into his bright blue eyes and he smirked never breaking eye contact with me.

“nothing is wrong we are just happy to see you back that is all, we missed our friend after all but you have turned into a very unique looking woman” Ivar tried to compliment me but I didn’t understood it like that so I just frowned at him.

“Excuse me? What do you mean with that? I look normal like every other woman in Kattegat Ivar, you should work on your choice of words better” I huffed and turned around to leave with my family to our home and the brothers stood behind laughing at the awkward situation that happened in front of them.

“You know that you could say she turned to be very pretty and not make such an odd compliment like that brother” hvitserk laughed and all the brothers went to the hall while Ivar sighed.

When we had arrived to the our home we settled for a little bit until we got invited to the big fest that was about to start, I dressed myself in my blue dress with pearl details on the cleavage and let my hair loose and wavy, I didn’t want to put on makeup again so I just followed my parents that were already impatient with me, so I left our house heading towards the big hall. Once we arrived I never let sight of my brother until he went to play with some kids of his age and my parents went away talking with aslaug and Ragnar and I just eat a little bit and drank while trying to control my temper when drunken men would come and try to throw themselves at me. From afar I saw the ragnarson looking at me and I smirked winking at them, if I am going to be here I might as well have a little bit of fun, Ubbe stood up and the rest of his brothers came in following him and in a very fast pace they were in front of me with smirks on their faces while I just sipped my drink not saying a word but never taking my eyes out of them, I  had to be honest to myself, they were very handsome more than I remember them to be. Ubbe was all smiles to me while hvitserk just smirked and Ivar smiled cheekily and siggurd went to approach me very fast surpassing Ubbe.

“By all gods I always knew you were going to be the most beautiful girl I ever seen, I would like to see how much of a woman you have turned into in a more private conversation” he smirked and I just raised my eyebrows amused with it.

“well thank you very much siggurd those words mean the world to me, I always knew you were going to be the…well you were going to be a man one day, I had my doubts at one point may I confess” I took another sip and the rest of the brothers laughed so hard everyone looked at us when siggurd yelled angry.

“You better respect me y/n, or else my sympathy will be over with you!”

“And then what? You are going to hurt me? I would like to see you try that siggurd, don’t forget I don’t fear the fact your mother and your father are the king and queen of Kattegat, maybe then I show you how much of a woman I have become” my words were poison and Ivar smirked feeling highly amused at the confrontation that he was seeing.

“don’t mind my brother y/n, you know how he is when he has to many drinks on him, but I will like to spend more time with you to see how you turned out to be, so shy when a kid and now so fierce, women like that are to be married”  Ubbe smirked and I smiled at him.

“It’s that a proposal I am listening? Too soon son of Ragnar, and who knows if I don’t have an eye on someone else” I winked at him and hvitserk stood by my side resting his arm on my shoulders.

“She is brave! I always knew she was like that, remember how we were the ones who spent more time together talking by the river?” he smiled trying to make himself more personal that the failed attempts of his brothers.

“ I am not remembering that no, but maybe we talked only the gods known and if I remember you used to make fun of me because I couldn’t fight very good like other girls when we were all together, that I remember well” I looked at him and hvitserk stepped away grabbing another drink while Ivar was quiet embarrassed to talk and be afraid of saying something strange like before, I looked at him and siggurd was about to speak again but I raised a finger to him to keep his mouth shut and sat on the floor next to Ivar not caring who was looking.

“I remember you though, you were mean to me but then you said something I never forget” he looked at me curious and I rested my cup on the floor.

“What was that?”

“you said I was odd because I rather be singing and running on the woods then fight like my mother and every woman when they grow, I used that has a push to prove I could do both and maybe better then all of you” Ivar smiled and Ubbe sat with us and so did the other brothers.

“Well I haven’t seen you fighting yet so maybe you are just talking too much, I need proves that you are more than a pretty face and a good singer” Ivar dared me and I narrowed my eyes at him smirking.

“You think I am pretty?” I teased and he blushed hiding away and looking to another side nodding his head no.

“ I never said you weren’t so” Ivar mumbled and I just patted his shoulder getting up so I could leave the feast, once I got up a drunk man groped my ass from behind and I stopped my movements looking at him over my shoulder, my eyes turning cold and my body growing stiff.

“this one looks like a good time in bed, let’s go whore I need some release” the drunk man spoke loud and when the brothers were about to intervene, I knocked him away from me with a punch on his chin and grabbed a jar that was at my hand to hold and broke in his head grabbing him by his hair while he was on the floor and I looked into his eyes.

“touch me again or mistake me for a whore or slave and I will rip your throat with my bare hands and watch you bleed till death while drinking this fine wine you filthy animal” I groaned in his face and everyone stood quietly watching me surprised, the brothers all had shock spread on their faces, I got up and left the man bleeding on the floor and left to my home getting some rest.

“I will marry her” Ubbe spoke first and all the brothers protested.

“In your dreams brother, she is too much of a woman for you to handle” Hitvserk replied quickly. “She will be my wife and our kids will be the strongest ones to ever be alive”

“ you dream to high my brother, she is worth more than just being a mother, but she will be mine like she said, I was inspiration for her to learn how to fight everyone heard that so you better stay back and save a heartbreak” Ivar drank his whole cup in one sip and smirked at his brothers.

“She is very arrogant, that will not fit her with a husband” siggurd grunted still hurted by my words.

“That will not fit her with a husband or you will never have a chance to be her husband? Because the last option sounds more credible” Ivar teased his brother and all the boys fought among them who will be talking and having you by himself from this day on.

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35 with old Sirius Black please???? Thank you!! I love your writing!

Prompt Request - Prompts List
35. “It’s been a while.” “Too long.”

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 308
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

“He’s innocent,” Remus spoke clearly, glancing over at you as you both walked into Number 12 Grimmauld Place - the base for the Order of the Phoenix. “I know,” you said, “I always knew.”

Remus opened the door to the kitchen and nodded into the room, “He’s in there. I’ll give you two a minute.”

“Thank you Remus,” you whispered, as though you didn’t trust your voice to speak any louder, before you finally entered the kitchen.

The man sat at the table in the centre of the room looked up at the sound of someone entering the room, and seemed to freeze when he saw you.

It’s been a while,” you spoke to the dark haired man with a forlorn smile. “Too long,” Sirius whispered. The adoration in Sirius’ eyes almost shocked you as he stared lovingly at you. He stood up from his place at the table and took a step towards you.

His steps were slow and tentative, but quickly sped up as he realised that you were, in fact, standing right in front of him. Sirius pulled you towards him by your hips, resting his forehead against yours, “I’ve missed you so much. You have no idea.”

“Oh I think I do,” You smiled before pressing your lips to his to bring him into a long awaited kiss. His lips were as soft as they were twelve years ago, and though you knew all that time had passed, you believed that the man in your arms was the same mischievous boy who you loved all those years ago.

“I love you so much, I can’t you’re finally back,” you said as Sirius clung onto your frame.

With your arms wrapping around his body, you breathed out happily, as he responded, “I love you too, and trust me when I say I’m never leaving you again.”

Sinners ~ Envy

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut (Eventually)

Word Count: 2625

A/N: This is the start of an 8 part series by @smutandahalf and myself, based off of the concept of the 7 Deadly Sins. It’s going to be a little bit of a slow burn for the first couple chapters and then we will decimate you with so. much. smut. Someone suggested we should get together and kill you all, so you can thank whoever that anon was lol. Hope y’all enjoy! 

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From the moment I met Stiles Stilinski, I’ve made it my mission to shut him up any way possible. The boy likes to talk and argue about anything and everything. The days that I render him unable to form words is a small victory in my book. He’s smart…smarter than anyone I’ve ever met. Besides myself of course. The fact that I can hold my own in debates against him may cause a little bit of tension in the pack every now and then, but it’s so god damn entertaining to see him lose his shit and fumble over his words. Stiles is a man of words. When words are at a complete loss to him, it’s the most gratifying thing in the world, especially if you are the one making his brain overload so much that all he can do is stare at you with his mouth agape.

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Love Doesn’t Discriminate (Part II)

Word Count: 4329

Authors Note: So this is part two of our collab Beauty and the Beast AU, Lin x Reader fic. We’re very excited to be sharing this part with everyone and we hope that you enjoy it.

Part I

“Goodbye, Papa! Good Luck!”

You yelled after your father as he and his invention traveled to the fair, which you were sure would make him the world-famous inventor that he wanted to be.

“Goodbye (Y/N), and take care while I’m gone!” Jefferson yelled as he steered Icarus and the cart away from the house.

Normally the route to the fair was long and tedious, just barely interesting enough that he didn’t fall asleep at the reins. But he was alone this trip, with just Icarus to keep him company. So when he found what he thought to be a shortcut to get there faster, he took it, despite Icarus protesting the entire way.

A sudden movement in the woods beyond the small gravel path caused Icarus to back up, his eyes wide and scared. At the sudden wolf howl, the back of the cart rammed into a hollow tree, and the bats residing within took flight obscuring Jefferson’s vision as he encouraged the horse to go.

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Came home to a nice surprise! Whoever on here bought me this off my wishlist…. THANK YOU!!! I FUCKING LUV YOU TO DEATH!!!!

I already made something too!

Homemade Brownie Quest Bars!

Base for all bar flavors

- 2 Tbsp Vitafiber

- 1 Tbsp Almond Flour

- 4 Tbsp (1 scoop) vanilla whey isolate

- ½ tbsp to 1 tbsp unsweetened almond milk


- 1 Tbsp cocoa powder

Mix up all 3 dry ingredients. Set aside.

Heat up vitafiber in a microwave dish for 15 sec until it starts to bubble. Stop microwave immediately.

mix in dry ingredients. Work it in. Vibafiber is like corn syrup. It’ll become taffy-like, caramel-like after it’s heated!

Scoop into zip lock bag. Add ½ tbsp unsweetened almond milk. Close bag and knead it all together like hard bread dough. Add more milk if needed. This step will take about 5-10 minutes.

remove from bag. It should be like sculpting clay or play-dough. Separate into 2 bars. Actually, you can shape into anything you want. Refrigerate for an hour and you’re done.

Macros for 1 bar: 104cal, 8.3 C, 2.5 F, 15.8 P, 70.1 Na, 45.0 K, 4.9 Fiber… Double all of these stats for 1 giant bar (don’t separate into 2 bars lmao)


Request: “If you’re not busy could you do a Cassian Andor request of being a good friend of his as well as being a rebel lieutenant who Cassian has feelings for and she isn’t so into making a big deal of her birthday combined with coming home from a mission which leads her to forget her own birthday but Cassian remembers and does something small but intimate and thoughtful and they somehow end up together?”

Author’s Note: This was so freaking cute to write, I gotta admit. Thank you to whoever requested this because I think my soul is at rest due to the amount of cuteness in this fic. 

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ladykedavra  asked:

For the imagine based off of the prompt, would this do? [29] "You said my name in your sleep." [44] "Am I dreaming?" Character: Draco Thank you in advance! // and happy new year

Prompt Request - Prompts List
29. “You said my name in your sleep.”
44. “Am I dreaming?”

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 314
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

You turned over on the couch in the common room, waking from your sleep, and let out a small yawn, your eyes still shut. When you finally, gradually opened them, you jumped, and almost screamed from the sight, your heart beating fast.

“Draco!” You yelled, sitting up and glaring at him, “What the hell is wrong with you?! Why are you watching me sleep?!” Draco smirked, looking smug, “Oh, it’s nothing really. Just… You said something… rather interesting… whilst you were sleeping.”

“Oh yeah? And what would that be?” You asked, expecting something a little strange perhaps, or maybe something funny. Instead, his reply made you freeze.

You said my name in your sleep.“ Draco looked even more smug than before.

“W-What? No I didn’t!” You denied, crossing your arms over your chest indignantly, “You must be hallucinating things!”

Draco’s smirk became wider, more cocky, as he leant forward, “Well, to be more specific, you moaned my name in your sleep.” He cleared his throat and began to mimic you, “‘Oh Draco! Oh! Mmm! Yes, Draco! Right there!’”

Your cheeks burned red, your mouth falling open as you tried to hide your face behind your hair as best you could.

“What were you dreaming about, love? Was I kissing you? Touching you? Pleasing you?” Draco teased, moving closer to you and slowly pushing your hair back out of your face. Your breath hitched in your throat and you gulped.

“W-What?” You whispered shakily in disbelief. He stopped, inches away from your face, hot breath hitting you as he grazed his lips against yours.

Am I dreaming?” You muttered quietly, your breathing picking up speed. “No, love. You’re very much awake now,” Draco replied in a low voice, trailing soft kisses across your jawline as your eyes fluttered shut.

“I’m gonna make your dreams come true,” he murmured, before finally crashing his lips against yours.

i made some voltron shenanigans while half asleep here we go:

  • “did whoever named nunvill thought of a village of nuns?” “I’m going to have to stop you right there”
  • [places hands on shiro’s pecs] “dan….shiro…. ur bobbies…..”
  • [finds a galra base] [this plays over the comms]
  • [someone is ejected into space] [this plays over the comms] 
  • “hey allura, coran, you ned any help?” “No thanks we’re good!” [an hour later] “YOU ARE THE PALADINS OF VOLTRON WHY ARE YOU LAZING AROUND ALL DAY AND NOT HELPING CORAN AND I WITH THE CASTLE”
  • “we’re lions, we can hakuna matata our way out of here”
  • lance: [breathes] pidge: ITS TIME. TO STOP.
Movie Review

Good list

  • * The scenery was really good! Cairnholm and the children’s home were exactly as I pictured them.
  • * The part where Emma and Jake are under water was really breathtaking.
  • * The soundtrack was so beautiful I need it!
  • * When they reset the loop, and they start playing run rabbit run  made me squealed, it was just like the books.
  • * Miss Peregrine’s outfit was gorgeous
  • * The beginning credits made me cry, they were perfect 
  • * The hollows transformation was really terrifying, I like it

And that’s it

Bad List.   (Where do I begin)

  • * We open the movie with “Jake” working at smart aid, a loser, pathetic kid who’s best pick up line is “I’m in your math class”
  • * The character of Ricky was literally changed to Shelly
  • * Abe’s death was so suden and really not emotional at all? 
  • * “Jake’s” whole trauma was so irrelevant, that I didn’t felt sorry for him 
  • * The surprise party was in reality a big Charlie and the chocolate factory reunion, with Paloma Faith playing at the back
  • * Jake was so disrespectful and acting like a little shit when he made fun of the bird
  • * The fact that Abe called Jake “brave tigger” instead of “Yakob” made me want to puke
  • * the fact that Jake runs away from the children INSTEAD OF CHASING THEM LIKE IN THE BOOKS, HE STRIPS AND GET KNOCKED OUT made me cry so hard, this is not how Jacob would act
  • * They burned the Priest Hole for nothing
  • * Jake, after being rescued because he can’t save himself, finds it very normal to be with your grandfather’s childhood friends
  • * Movie!Miss p was a total time freak, and didn’t have much of a role in the film
  • * The kids were whatever TBH
  • * Encoch’s character was so awful too, apparently he was jealous of Jake because he was with Emma??
  • * Olive didn’t have much of a part in the film, she was just the cheerleader of Enoch’s disturbing puppets
  • * Jake fell in love with a girl he didn’t even had a full conversation with
  • * Emma acts as if Jake was their only savior and that if he prefers  Abe OVER A GIRL HE JUST MET that she “understands”
  • * When Enoch takes Jake to Victor, was just so cringeworthy
  • * Watching Horace’s nightmares as bed time movies was disappointing
  • * When Barron reveals that he was Dr Golan, it was so flat and really you saw it coming. NOTHING LIKE THE BOOKS
  • * Barron wants the ymbrynes to make the machine so they can live outside the loops. WHICH IS WRONG BECAUSE THE LOOPS WHERE CREATED TO HIDE FROM THE HOLLOWS
  • * So he trades Wimp Jake for Miss P who at this point in the movie I thought she was better
  • * So they stay in the house with Miss Avocet and make the place a barricade for the hollow
  • * There’s always a telephone call and it’s Abe from the war, WHICH IS WRONG BECAUSE WHEN ABE ARRIVED IT WAS SEPTEMBER 3 1943, and Jake says that he is the best grandfather ever and blah blah blah
  • * Jake is the one that makes the rules now, even though they are stupid and I agree with Enoch
  • * The hollow storms in and eats poor Judi Dench, it gets Enoch and after 3 hours of tossing him around and everyone looking, Jake shoots him
  • * They all go the beach and use a ghost ship to get to Blackpool where  the  machine is
  • * So apparently, with the loop of Cairnholm crashed, and if they reset the loop of Miss Avocet, Abe would be alive (I think that was it because honestly I didn’t understand SHIT of what they were saying)
  • * Emma is sentimental with Jake because he prefers his grandfather than to stay with her
  • * “You know that I would stay for you” LAAME
  • *  the boy is so desperate to be with girls that he lunges to Emma when (thank heavens) Enoch arrives and wants to know what the heck is Jake’s plans (and makes fun that he only wants the girl instead of helping them which I totally agree)
  • * In the base of the hollows, Barron is giving a speech of how he hates Florida and whatever when Emma floats on view and challenges them on a duel
  • * The wights are ACTUALLY SCARED????
  • * When some of them go out they get attacked with snow and cotton candy (instead of using their peculiarities)
  • * One wight just stands there and watches as a skeleton army pokes at them
  • * the edgy modern music playing at the back made me cry
  • * Jake makes Millard take all of his cloths for nothing
  • * the masked kids turned out to be like medusa
  • * When Olive gets freeze to death by A wight Enoch kisses her and she then melts and I’m so done
  • * Jake couldn’t open the cage with Ymbrynes after 10 m, (just press buttons you idiot)
  • * Barron then changes into Jake to confuse Enoch and Emma
  • * “I know I’m me because I can see the monsters” *slow clapping*
  • * A hollow takes Barron’s eyes and the scene was disgusting
  • * Enoch and Olive are now holding hands and Jake looks at them mourning
  • * He stays outside the loop as it resets and the children go
  • * Abe is alive and Jake tells him what happened and all the old man has to say is “go to her”
  • * Apparently Jake pulls a time traveler shit, since he used every loop known to man to get to the boat and stay
  • * Emma kisses him an at this point I want to scream
  • * The children all now live in the boat and miss peregrine soars at the distance
  • * The end


  • * Asa’s acting was more than bad, his character was just some big pathetic loser.
  • * Emma’s character was so flat and bad written TBH, you couldn’t tell what was wrong with the girl
  • * They made a snappy teenage love story WHICH IS NOTHING LIKE IN THE BOOKS
  • * The whole plot of the first book was shredded, and combined with the other two,(so no sequel THANK THE LORD)
  • * Emma and Abe weren’t a thing in the movie, which basically tore Emma’s character, once more
  • * Franklin was the same loser as his son
  • * The whole “we’re peculiar” base was just stating they were different
  • * Which isn’t the message Ransom’s book gave
  • * Whoever wrote the script should be thrown the book to their faces so they can read it properly 
  • * The attempts of being funny made me cringe once more
  • * The children were lacking of background, they looked like extras TBH
  • * The movie and the plot were so bad written, that if I haven’t read the books, I couldn’t make sense of what was happening.
  • * Florence song was the only good thing that came from this train wreck

In overall, I hated the movie, I hated Jake, I hate Tim Burton from ruining Ransom’s book, it seems that he only used it to get back on the game of movie industry.

I actually left the theater crying, I was so disappointed.

I’m sorry for Ransom Riggs

- Amy


this is super short and indulgent haha please don’t expect much.

@ihavea1dbloghelp, I feel like this is….not at all what you prompted haha, but I couldn’t help it. Thank you for the very base of the idea for this fic (basically the same premise, but switched roles).

credits to whoever made the manip…i lost you i’m sorry….

you like making me wait for it | niall/harry | 4k

Harry would wish that he were in a different outfit, that he wouldn’t have to meet this angel in a ridiculous costume that is much too right for him, but. The bloke is wearing the same thing, unstyled hair swooping in a soft swirl, the police cap in his hands, and he looks unfairly good in the outfit, his body tight and defined.

As if the pants were tight enough on Harry.

(in simpler terms, Harry and Niall work as cheesy dancers that aren’t quite strippers but are close to it, and Harry’s kind of wanted Niall since he’s met him)