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FT Angst: We Were Friends

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Okay, in all seriousness, this is going to be my Christmas fic. Present particularly for my waifu @giupear because she inspired it~ And also this is a thank you for 958 followers So late I know I’m sorry I’m a horrible person *cries*

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Rated: T for harsh language, graphic violence, and graphic injuries
Character(s): Gray, Natsu, Juvia, Lucy, Happy
Gratsu brotp, Gruvia, NaLu
Synopsis: Do you remember when we were actually good friends? …Yeah…me neither. Because you and me…we were never actually friends to begin with, were we?

Dead silence.

It hung in the air, still and lifeless. One probably could’ve heard a drop of water onto cloth a mile away. It pervaded the area without mercy, standing as its unmoving sentinel. No one dared to break this stillness.

After all, there was no other reaction that was quite as befitting for the truth.

Our entire lives…our entire friendship…our entire understanding of our world…

It was…all a lie.

Gray could no longer take the pressure.

The Ice Devil Slayer whipped up his gaze, tightened in a murderous scowl with his teeth bared. He could feel his veins popping in his rage—so much so that he hardly noticed that he was being held back from charging his former friend and pummeling him within an inch of his life. If it hadn’t been for her hold on him, he would’ve snapped much sooner than this. Even till now, he wasn’t sure if he’d been grateful for that or not.

“The fuck is your problem, Natsu?!” Gray shouted, finally breaking the silence and fighting against his restrainer. “Is this some sort of joke to you?! You think we’re playing some kind of game?! Where do you get off spouting all that bullshit?!

“Gray, my dear; please!” Juvia pleaded, holding him back as best as she could. “There must be some explanation for all this! Let’s listen to what else he has to say!”

Gray huffed furiously, refusing to take his glare off of the pink-haired Dragon Slayer standing mere paces away from him, his expression unsettlingly stony and blank as he stared back. Gray’s outburst hadn’t phased him a bit, which only infuriated him more, but he worked to keep his anger in check. He knew that exploding like this would do little to convince Natsu to explain himself, but even so…

He’d never felt more betrayed by anyone or anything else in his entire life.

Gray exhaled once more in order to rein in his temper before speaking again, his words restrained. “Natsu…what the hell went on between you and Zeref back there, huh? What did he say to you that convinced you that sacrificing yourself in order to kill him was a good idea?!”

Yet again, Natsu didn’t even so much as flinch at his questions. He simply cast his gaze downward without a reply, his eyes still hollow and empty. All of the life that had once burned brightly in them had gone…as if it had all been nothing but a memory. The right side of his face was torn open, and he was injured so badly all-around that it was a miracle that he was still conscious, much less standing. Happy was a sobbing mess on the ground next to him, with only Lucy there to comfort him the best she could (she’d been one of the intercepting party members after the First Master noticed them returning, along with Juvia and Gray himself).

The young blonde rose to her feet with the weeping blue Exceed in her arms, watching her teammate in obvious concern. “Natsu…”

It was clear that something had happened during their encounter with Zeref. Happy’s tears alone proved that. The lack of answers was unbearably grating—on all of them. What could possibly—


The three of them started all at once. Gray’s breath caught at the sight of Natsu’s face.

There was no way…was Natsu…smiling?

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Hello! I'm not sure if this has been posted/requested already, but if not could you do a reaction from Monsta X in which they're sick (but won't admit it) but you take care of them anyway? Thank you!

Hi thank you for your request, I’m sorry this has taken so long to post.


This shy puppy would honestly love the fact that you’re taking care of him, even if he does have a tiny cold. He wouldn’t tell you that he was sick but he definitely would tell you how much he loved you during the time he was sick to show you how grateful he was to you. You’d bring him tea and medicine to help him get better. Cuddles are minimul to prevent yourself from getting sick but on occasion you would pop a kiss onto his forehead while he was resting.

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Okay this little puppy would be the same as shownu. He would never tell you he was sick because he didn’t want you to worry, but when you were taking care of him, he would be so happy and grateful. You’d bring him honey and lemon, and soup to make him feel better and he’d recover within a few days. Cuddles would be a thing although you wore a mask whilst doing so cause you didn’t want to be sick either.

Originally posted by beastdw


Kihyun wouldn’t want you to worry so he wouldn’t tell you he had a cold. You caught on very quickly and put a blanket and a pillow on the sofa & made him lie down and rest. He would do so of course and would love that you were taking care of him. You’d bring him a variation of different medicines and tea to help him. You refrained from cuddling for a while because you didn’t want to get ill but occasionally you’d sit on the sofa and play with his hair whilst he was sleeping.

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Honestly this baby would love the attention he was getting, even if he had the tiniest cold ever lmao. You wouldn’t care though, because as long as he was healthy by the end of the week you’d do anything. You’d make him tea, bring him medicine, you didn’t care how tiny his cold was you’d take care of him and wouldn’t let him get anything for himself. He’d be so grateful to you and would always tell you he was thankful. You’d end up getting sick too because lets be real here, he’d be cuddling you like his life depended on it. But you didn’t mind.

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Hyungwon would get flustered when you took care of him while he was sick. He’d love it though. You’d do everything to try and make him feel better, you’d make him soup, tea, bring him medicine. He thanked you a bajillion times. You’d end up getting ill too because of cuddles. 

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Poor thing would get home really early from practice and just flop on the sofa. He denied he was sick but you brought him blankets and medicine & lemon tea. He’d be really happy to have you looking after him. While he was asleep you kiss his forehead and play with his hair. 

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This baby omg he’d just tell you he was sick, so you’d make him hot tea and some soup and make him lie on the sofa. You’d take his tempretature and you’d go full mother mode. He’d be so happy that he’d almost forgotten he was ill. You cuddled with him for the whole day not worrying that you’d get ill, you just wanted to take care of your baby. 

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so i might have gone through your amazing goodreads shelves for the tropes that interest me and i saw that you gave what a wallflower wants 1 star which kinda confused me cause i put it on my to read pile after i saw a post of yours talking about how well it dealt with past sexual assault of the heroine and i just wanted to ask what cause the 1 star rating so i know if i maybe don't want to read it at all

One, THANK YOU A BAJILLION for letting me know my Goodreads shelves are so useful! I put months of work organizing my collection, so to know that they’re helping you is EPIC GOOD FEELS for me!

Two…can I thank you for the compliment of wanting to know my opinion? I FIND THIS SO FLATTERING AHHH!

Three, of course you can ask! Okay, sooooo…here’s the thing. The characters are amazeballs. The handling of sexual assault was PHENOMENALLY well done. But, alas, it did the one thing that I will almost always DNF a romance over; insta-love. 

The hero is written to be a guy who falls in love hard and fast, so I don’t necessarily think the insta-love wasn’t well established. It’s just…I can’t emotionally invest in a romance when that happens. And no matter how much I might like other aspects to a book, if the central relationship doesn’t hold my attention then I can’t give the book my time. 

If insta-love isn’t a No Go for you, I DEFINITELY think you might still enjoy it! But for me, I couldn’t deal.