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Hello, could I request a scenario of Dazai comforting his s/o who usually tries to put up a tough front but she completely breaks down in front of him all of sudden? I've been feeling kinda down lately and I always have a hard time pouring out my feelings, so this would really cheer me up. ;;; Thank you so much!

Hey nonnie! I have a really hard time processing emotions, too. I only ever break down when I’m alone and half the time I don’t even know what I’m upset and I enjoy pushing my emotions down so much that i don’t even recognize them half the time…It kind of sucks. If you ever need to talk, I’m here! Sometimes someone validating you is all you need. <3

~Admin Kat

You were known as the power couple. You and Dazai took the world by storm, being known as the duo that terrified the enemies of the Armed Detective Agency and before that, the Port Mafia. Neither of you ever showed weakness, especially you. The world would have to burn before you allowed yourself to fall. 

And on this one particular day, the world must have burned, for you were on edge more than ever. One little nudge and you’d fall. 

“_____-san?” Atsushi pulled you out of your daze. “Are you okay?” 


“Yeah,” you said with a sigh and a forced smile. “I’m fine. Thanks, Atsushi-kun.”

The entire day at work, you felt like you were going to explode. But of course, you didn’t let yourself show it. 

For others, it seemed like hiding your emotions was the hard part. But in reality, it was showing them that was hard. Hiding them became so habitual that even when you felt like you wanted to scream and explode from hiding so much, you still couldn’t express them. 

So when you finally got home, you were ready to collapse on your bed, turn on the tv and eat ice cream until you fell asleep. 

But when you got home, the ice cream was no longer where you expected it to be. You slammed the door shut and let out a scream, not thinking that anyone was home. 

“_____?!” Dazai came running out of his room over to you.


You quickly composed yourself and forced a smile. 

“What happened?! Are you okay?!” Dazai’s eyes were wide with fear.

How in the hell do I explain this…

“Y-Yeah,” you said, hoping that he wouldn’t push you any further.

“_____…,” he moved closer to you, grabbing your shoulders gently. “Talk to me.”

You looked down, shaking your head. “I-I told you…I’m…fine…” 

You had to bite down on your lip to keep yourself from breaking down. 

Dazai pulled you in for a hug, able to tell that you were near the edge. “You don’t have to pretend around me, love…I know how lonely it can get, but I’m here, love…”

He was whispering directly into your ear. And it was enough. 

You collapsed into him and gripped at his shirt, the tears beginning to flow down your cheeks. You sobbed into Dazai’s shirt as he pulled you into a tighter hug. The whole time, he was stroking your hair with his hand.

“I’ll always be here.”

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how do totty's bros treat u?? (aside from oso i suppos since u already talked abt him dsgdfhdf)

Well I guess this question was bound to happen after the Osomatsu one.
I’m not the best of friends with them yet, but I have done some advances! Let me start by the eldest after Osomatsu!

I really haven’t seen much of Karamatsu, he seems to hide away whenever he sees me entering the house with Todomatsu but I can see him sparkling right around the corner.
I can understand, this might be a display of jealousy or simple protectiveness over his little brother, so I really don’t mind.

In the other hand, I see Choromatsu every time I go in….. every time. Don’t get me wrong, he is a nice, neat and tidy guy but…. I really would love if he could not tell me all his qualities, abilities, resume and life story every time I go in for a glass of water.

Ichimatsu, much like Karamatsu, seems to avoid me as much as possible yet…. he seems to not be able to control his urges to groom me whenever I visit them after being in my home…. I’m glad to meet another cat person but… maybe not like this.

Lastly, Jyushimatsu.
He doesn’t seem able to stop his mouth (and thoughts) from running. It’s…. somewhat frightening seeing him jump all around the house without getting tired. Todomatsu told me he has an obsession with baseball, so that is a plus since I do like baseball too! Maybe one day we’ll be able to watch a game or even go play some day.

I have already explained Osomatsu and you pretty much know how my relationship with Todomatsu is. I hope this information was helpful! Thank you so much for asking!!

Illustration by みっこさん for the release of Switching?! 2nd! Volume 01
, and the upcoming sequel volumes for Ayumu and Yuu! ( • ▽ • )

Kuroko’s Trick Question:

Kuroko: What’s wrong with this sentence: Today, I went to a 24/7 Maji Burger and the guy who was opening the shop asked me, “Hi, may I take your order?”

Kise: It didn’t happen today?

Kagami: He should already know you want a vanilla milkshake?

Aomine: It should’ve been a girl not a guy?

Murasakibara: There’s no order to take. Just give me everything you have.

Midorima: He wasn’t carrying his luck item.

Kuroko: ….

Akashi: You can’t open a 24/7 shop because it never closes and it’s always open.

Kuroko: Thank you, Akashi-kun.


Continuation from x:

[text -> Atsushi-kun]  I’m awake, Atsushi-kun…
[text -> Atsushi-kun]  Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me all this.
[text -> Atsushi-kun]  Some scars take a long time to heal but they will eventually.
[text -> Atsushi-kun]  You’re currently in a state when I believe you need to talk about what happened.
[text -> Atsushi-kun]  If you push it back too often, it will overflow and swallow you whole.
[text -> Atsushi-kun]  You have me and I’m always willing to listen to you. Anytime you need.
[text -> Atsushi-kun]  So use it.
[text -> Atsushi-kun]  You’re going to beat that foul feeling to a pulp and live happily.
[text -> Atsushi-kun]  You have a strength to make yourself happy. That’s something I’ve been positive about ever since I met you for the first time.
[text -> Atsushi-kun]  If you feel like it, wanna come over for a snack to calm down a bit?

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Can i request akashi, mura, takao, nebuya, & kagami's s/o who usually wears their hair down wear it in a bun/ponytail in front of them one day? (or other way around) thanks!

This is such a cute request and I’m sorry it took so long! I hope you meant Murasakibara? /is shot/

Akashi: He had to blink several times, wondering if he was seeing things. You, were usually shy and preferred hiding under your hair. Instead, you had it up in a simple ponytail, bangs swiped to the side. He could see your eyes, which avoided his in embarrassment. A small smile graced his lips as he walked towards you, catching your hand before you could run away. “I like your hair up, _____. I can see your eyes better.” A frown appeared on your lips, eyebrows furrowed in embarrassment. Shyly looking away, you whispered, “Thank you, Akashi-kun.”

Murasakibara: “Ne _____-chin, has your hair always been this long?” he mumbled as he grabbed your hair gently, strands loosely falling between his large fingers. You felt yourself blush, scratching the back of your head, as you avoided eye contact. “Yes, Atsushi-kun. It’s always been this long.” There was a brief moment of silence, before he let go, rubbing the top of your head, “You should wear it down more often.”

Takao: “Wow, _____-chan! Did you do something with your hair? You look lovely with it down!” An excited Takao asked as he crushed you in a bear hug. You felt yourself blush at his behaviour, still not used to his displays of affection at school. Nodding your head, you whispered, “I just kept it down today.. It’s not really that special…” He blinked, expression changing to one of seriousness, “_____-chan looks stunning! I really love it down. And you’ll always be special to me.” You chose to hide your face in the crook of his neck, face burning from his compliments.

Nebuya: You stood there in silence, fidgeting as your boyfriend stared down at you, eyes wide. You’d decided to wear your hair up, as you were running late that morning. But you weren’t prepared for your boyfriend to see you like this. When you heard him exhale, you looked up at him, nervous of his reaction. A smile graced his lips as he grabbed your hand, “You look lovely ______. I’d like to see you wear it up more.”

Kagami: “D-Did you do something to your hair, _____?” A blushing Kagami asked as he avoided eye contact. He didn’t want to sound like a sap, so he chose to rub his head in embarrassment. A smile graced your lips as you nodded, “I decided to keep it down today. It’s unusually cold.” Nodding, he placed a hand on your head, rubbing the top gently before looking at you, “I-I like it this way.” You felt your eyes widen, a blush of your own appearing before you grabbed his hand in yours. “T-Thank you, Kagami-kun.”

This is a birthday present for our dear friend Admin A over at imagining-with-knb! Thank you for being amazing and thank you meiruem for telling us! Please enjoy, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY A-CHAN!!!

It’s today.

Murasakibara scrambles out of bed, exhausted but excited at the same time. He sees the bright red circle on the calendar and smiles. He calls Himuro, Fukui, Okamura, and even Liu Wei. He wants everything to be perfect for you, and for that to happen, he needs his team’s help.

After all, it’s your birthday.

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something different for a change! author’s comments were “a scummy atsushi-kun is good, but i think a pure white atsushi-kun would be nice too." 

moe atsushi is good…..

events take place right after episode 13b (accident?)

link to comic (by __yone115) (translation below)

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