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  • Dazai/Atsushi inktober drabbles
  • A collection of fluff, angst, humor, AU, intimacy and introspection


Dazai’s fingers are longer than his.

He presses their hands together, palm to palm (one rough and the other smooth as baby-skin, regenerated again and again), thumb to thumb. He curls his hand, buries his fingers in the spaces between Dazai’s digits, and presses his pads against the older man’s knuckles.

Dazai relents, lets him, stretches out his fingers and wraps Atsushi’s hand in his own. His grip is gentle, firm but gentle, and Atsushi tries not to shake when his chest bursts with warmth.

Inside of him is a wish. Please don’t ever let go.

These hands: stained with gallons of blood and sweat and tears, rough and cruel, nails scratched against earth and gunpowder and flesh, each touch powerful enough to cancel out abilities—

Cradling Atsushi when he shakes, warm against his cheeks, soft against his hair.

The boy leans down and presses grateful lips against Dazai’s fingers.

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Aomine + Kagami + Murasakibara, cute/fluff scenario of them meeting their s/o who, got caught in the rain! ♥

Ahh fluff always makes me melt


You grumbled as you pressed the call button again. Aomine had never been so good in picking up your calls. This time was the worst because you were soaking wet in the pouring rain. The sky was really bright just minutes ago, so the rain was unexpected. The familiar sound of the voicemail rang through your ears again and you gave up. 

“Fine, I’ll just walk home by myself. Stupid Daiki”, you muttered ad stomped your way back home.

But as you took a turn on the first block you bumped into a tall figure, making you fall flat on your behind onto a puddle of rainwater. You groaned and looked up to meet no one other than your boyfriend, Aomine.

“Jeez, [F/N], what the hell are you doing walking in the rain?”, he asked as he helped you up and pulled you under his umbrella.

You glared at him and slapped his chest. “Maybe because my asshole of a boyfriend didn’t care to pick up his phone when I called him a million times to come and pick me up”, you snapped.

Aomine swallowed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry babe.”

You huffed an then thought of an idea. Smirking, you quickly snatched the umbrella that he was holding and threw it far, far away. Soon Aomine started to get soaked and he freaked.

“[F/N] what the fuck was that?!”, he exclaimed trying to cover himself.

“You deserve it, you got me soaked, now it’s you turn”, you said smiling proudly.

Aomine looked at you and smiled mischievously. “Oh yeah? Then take this”, he said and kicked the puddle of water that was in front of him, making it splash over you.

You spluttered in shock and Aomine couldn’t control his laughter. So the two of you had your mini water fight in the rain. You launched yourself at Aomine and he caught you in his arms. He looked down at you with a small smirk, catching you flustered.

“[F/N]?”, he asked.


“You’re boobs look much bigger when you’re soaking wet under these clothes”, he said.

You flushed and flicked his forehead. “Stop being a pervert!”

He chuckled and planted a kiss on your lips. “You love me for it babe.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back. Slowly the kiss went deeper, the rain showering over the two of you. You pulled away breathlessly and smiled softly.

“Maybe getting stuck in the rain wasn’t as bad as I thought.”


You cursed softly when you heard the loud sound of rain drops hitting the window. Now there was no way you could leave without getting wet.

You sighed, “ I should have listened to Taiga when he told me to bring an umbrella.”

So you waited at your table with nothing to do. You had already had your meal, and you were stuffed, so you couldn’t order anything else to keep you occupied. The Maji Burger’s that you had bought for your boyfriend were starting to get cold too. You huffed and rested your chin on your palm waiting, when suddenly the doors to the shop opened and in walked your boyfriend, Kagami.

He looked at you surprised and walked over to your table, sitting down next to you.

“[F/N]? What are you doing here?”, he asked.

“Oh I was just about to head home but I got caught in the rain”, you sighed. “I bought you food but it got cold.”

Kagami smiled and ruffled your hair, “Oi, thanks for the food. I’ll eat it. If you were stuck you could have called me.”

“My phone died”, you groaned and Kagami laughed.

“Well then you’re lucky I came.” he said.

“I sure am”, you said leaning against his chest while he wrapped an arm around you.

“I told you to bring an umbrella”, he teased.

“Shut up”, you giggled.

He kissed the top of your head and stroked your arm. “So do you want to head home now? We can have a hot drink and chill on the sofa. Maybe even watch the latest basketball game…”, he offered shyly.

You smiled, “Of course.” You kissed his cheek briefly and stood up holding his hand. “C’mon, let’s go”

Kagami smiled and held your hand in one of his, and the other holding the umbrella as the two of you walked home and had a cozy day inside, together.


“I’ll take that whole shelf over there, please”, you said to the cashier.

She looked almost confused and amazed when you said that. “Um, you mean everything that’s on the shelf? Are you sure?”, she asked.

You chuckled, you were pretty used to this. Buying snacks for your boyfriend occurred very often, and so did the reactions from the people. “Yes, please.”

“A-Alright”, she said before packing all the stuff for you.

Once everything was set, you were ready to go. But then you heard the booming sound of thunder, followed by the tattering of rain drops. You sighed, how were you supposed to get home now? Moreover with these heavy bags filled with snacks. You were about to call your boyfriend for help but all of a sudden he walked in and surprised you. 

“[F/N]-chin? Are you okay? Tatsuya-chin told me about the weather forecast and that it was going to rain so I came to help”, he said taking the bags from you and carrying it with ease.

You smiled and gave him a hug. You loved his hugs, they were comforting, warm, and soft. 

“Thank you, Atsushi-kun, I don’t know what I would have done without you”, you sighed.

“Hm, no problem [F/N]-chin. But there are two things that’s missing”, he said.

“And what may they be?”, you asked.

“[F/N]-chin owes me a kiss”, he said bluntly.

You giggled and tip toed as much as you could to plant a kiss on the giant’s lips.

“There. And what’s the other thing?”, you asked.

“I forgot to bring and umbrella”, he said.

You laughed and tugged on his hair playfully while he smiled softly at you.

“God damnit, Atsushi-kun. You know what? It’s fine. We’ll just stay here, eat some snacks and wait for the rain to stop okay?”, you said.

Murasakibara nodded, “Only if [F/N]-chin feeds me”

“It’s a deal”, you replied blushing.


I hope you like it! Thank you for requesting ^-^

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Hello, could I request a scenario of Dazai comforting his s/o who usually tries to put up a tough front but she completely breaks down in front of him all of sudden? I've been feeling kinda down lately and I always have a hard time pouring out my feelings, so this would really cheer me up. ;;; Thank you so much!

Hey nonnie! I have a really hard time processing emotions, too. I only ever break down when I’m alone and half the time I don’t even know what I’m upset and I enjoy pushing my emotions down so much that i don’t even recognize them half the time…It kind of sucks. If you ever need to talk, I’m here! Sometimes someone validating you is all you need. <3

~Admin Kat

You were known as the power couple. You and Dazai took the world by storm, being known as the duo that terrified the enemies of the Armed Detective Agency and before that, the Port Mafia. Neither of you ever showed weakness, especially you. The world would have to burn before you allowed yourself to fall. 

And on this one particular day, the world must have burned, for you were on edge more than ever. One little nudge and you’d fall. 

“_____-san?” Atsushi pulled you out of your daze. “Are you okay?” 


“Yeah,” you said with a sigh and a forced smile. “I’m fine. Thanks, Atsushi-kun.”

The entire day at work, you felt like you were going to explode. But of course, you didn’t let yourself show it. 

For others, it seemed like hiding your emotions was the hard part. But in reality, it was showing them that was hard. Hiding them became so habitual that even when you felt like you wanted to scream and explode from hiding so much, you still couldn’t express them. 

So when you finally got home, you were ready to collapse on your bed, turn on the tv and eat ice cream until you fell asleep. 

But when you got home, the ice cream was no longer where you expected it to be. You slammed the door shut and let out a scream, not thinking that anyone was home. 

“_____?!” Dazai came running out of his room over to you.


You quickly composed yourself and forced a smile. 

“What happened?! Are you okay?!” Dazai’s eyes were wide with fear.

How in the hell do I explain this…

“Y-Yeah,” you said, hoping that he wouldn’t push you any further.

“_____…,” he moved closer to you, grabbing your shoulders gently. “Talk to me.”

You looked down, shaking your head. “I-I told you…I’m…fine…” 

You had to bite down on your lip to keep yourself from breaking down. 

Dazai pulled you in for a hug, able to tell that you were near the edge. “You don’t have to pretend around me, love…I know how lonely it can get, but I’m here, love…”

He was whispering directly into your ear. And it was enough. 

You collapsed into him and gripped at his shirt, the tears beginning to flow down your cheeks. You sobbed into Dazai’s shirt as he pulled you into a tighter hug. The whole time, he was stroking your hair with his hand.

“I’ll always be here.”

Illustration by みっこさん for the release of Switching?! 2nd! Volume 01
, and the upcoming sequel volumes for Ayumu and Yuu! ( • ▽ • )

to undress and redress

Dazatsu Week 2017 Day 7: Eternal, Epilogue

A short, quiet ending to this week. Thank you for sticking with me til the end, everyone! It was lots of fun. And thank you to all those who shared their pieces and support too! Here’s to more Dazatsu~

  • dazai/atsushi
  • fluff, introspective

Atsushi changes Dazai’s bandages.

Atsushi traces the lines on Dazai’s palms, grips the hand that has reached out for him again and again.

The light is odd in this early morning—it’s too fragile, too still. Atsushi holds his breath and the city beyond them disappears out of mind.

He looks up. Dazai’s gaze meets his own. He smiles, a light quirk of the lips, and then leans forward. His body is stiff, starkly pale against the dullness of the room. And the bandages wrapped around him are bone-white, a collection of the past that he always carries.

(How much more of this past Atsushi has to unveil, he doesn’t know. Dazai sometimes feels endless, his soul like a bottomless pit, and Atsushi is no stranger to wanting to forget his own history)

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Kuroko’s Trick Question:

Kuroko: What’s wrong with this sentence: Today, I went to a 24/7 Maji Burger and the guy who was opening the shop asked me, “Hi, may I take your order?”

Kise: It didn’t happen today?

Kagami: He should already know you want a vanilla milkshake?

Aomine: It should’ve been a girl not a guy?

Murasakibara: There’s no order to take. Just give me everything you have.

Midorima: He wasn’t carrying his luck item.

Kuroko: ….

Akashi: You can’t open a 24/7 shop because it never closes and it’s always open.

Kuroko: Thank you, Akashi-kun.

“You Would Have Loved Him”

Atsushi wakes up in the middle of the night to hear Dazai crying and feels powerless to help. The next day, Dazai tells Atsushi about an old friend…

*****************************************************************************************************Notes: so this a dazatsu fic i guess and the pairing was nice to write about, but idk if i’ll be writing more for dazatsu any time soon bc i STILL need to finish part two of “Aftermath” and I’m planning to do more parts of the chuuaku fic too so like, this is gonna be a one-off thing. I hope you all like it :)


Atsushi had never seen Dazai cry before.

Even now, Dazai was facing away, and it would have been too dark to see tears even if they were face-to-face, but Atsushi had tried to contain enough tears under cover of darkness not to recognize the symptoms.

Dazai was trembling; he tried to keep his shoulders tense, to present a facade of stability even when he thought no one was watching, but he couldn’t stop them from shaking with his silent sobs, sending barely perceptible tremors through the bed. Every breath seemed to catch sharply in his throat before spilling out in a hushed, quivering exhalation that sounded like it had been beaten out of him. His head hung low as he stared at something Atsushi couldn’t quite make out in his hands.

Dazai sucked in a shuddering breath and buried his face in his hands. “Odasaku…”

The pain in Dazai’s voice struck Atsushi like a physical blow, and he had to bite his lip to keep from gasping. He sat up and reached out to touch Dazai’s shoulder, then, overcome by doubt, let his hand drop to his side and sank back into the bed.

Atsushi wanted to make Dazai feel better, but would Dazai want his help? After all, Atsushi didn’t even know who Odasaku was- didn’t the fact that Dazai had never mentioned him mean it wasn’t any of Atsushi’s business? That Dazai would just get angry with him for barging in on his secret grief? Tears sprang into Atsushi’s eyes. He wanted to make Dazai feel better, but it seemed like all he could do was make things worse.

Dazai sighed and set something down on the bedside table. He cradled his head in his hands for a moment, then laid down, gently draping one arm over Atsushi’s shoulder. After a while, his breathing slowed and deepened, each warm breath rustling Atsushi’s hair.

Atsushi buried his face in a pillow so he could cry without being seen. He didn’t deserve to sleep next to Dazai, to feel warm and loved in his arms. Dazai deserved better. Dazai deserved someone who could comfort him, not someone as useless and pathetic as Atsushi…

“No,” Atsushi told himself, making his mental voice as stern as he could manage. “Crying like this won’t help Dazai-san.” He took a deep breath, clenching his hands into fists. “Maybe I can’t talk to him directly, but there has to be something I can do tomorrow to make him a little happier, at least…”

Several minutes later, Atsushi fell asleep with a look of determination on his tear-stained face, prepared to do whatever he could to make Dazai happy.


When Dazai woke up the next morning, Atsushi wasn’t in bed. Not that it was suprising, Dazai reflected as he rubbed his eyes. Atsushi was a perennial early riser, no matter what the occasion, greeting work days and days off at the same ungodly hour with the same cheerful smile. Dazai, who was incapable of even the most basic human interactions before several cups of coffee, was predisposed to find fault with this habit, but Atsushi looked so beautiful with the early morning light playing off his white hair that Dazai could never find it in himself to get properly annoyed.

Dazai stretched, yawning, and his eyes fell on the photograph of Odasaku lying face-down on the bedside table. Sighing, he turned the picture over, staring at it for a moment before glancing over his shoulder at the door Atsushi had left open. “You would have loved him, Odasaku,” he whispered, a small smile crossing his face. “A good man, and an orphan to boot- just your type.” Laughing softly to himself, Dazai got dressed, tucking the picture of Odasaku into his pocket, careful to fold it along only the pre-existing creases.

Dazai found Atsushi in the kitchen, watching the coffeepot with so much intensity that he didn’t even notice when Dazai crept up behind him. Atsushi only turned around when Dazai stuck his hands up his shirt and began tickling his stomach mercilessly.

Atsushi fell back into Dazai’s arms, shrieking with laughter. “Stop it, Dazai-san!” he gasped, giggling and attempting to swat Dazai’s hands away. “Dazai-san, don’t-” Atsushi tensed suddenly, jumping when Dazai touched him.

Dazai withdrew his hands, holding them up so Atsushi could see he wasn’t going to do anything. “Atsushi-kun?” Dazai took a step back, dark eyes shining with concern. His mind flashed to the burn scars just below Atsushi’s ribs, and he felt sick. “Did I hurt you?”

“No, no, of course not, Dazai-san!” Atsushi was quick to interject, eyes wide and panicked, face flushing red. “I’m fine!” He gave a rather unconvincing laugh. “I’m having fun.”

Dazai’s eyes narrowed. Atsushi was hiding something. The last time he had acted so blatantly guilty was when he had accidentally broken the lightbulb he was trying to replace in the bathroom, then attempted to lie about it.

“It must have just fallen out, Dazai-san!” Atsushi had exclaimed, his face flushed, tugging at a lock of his hair. “Maybe there was an earthquake?” When Dazai calmly stated that he was certain he had felt an earthquake earlier, Atsushi had burst into tears and flung his arms around Dazai’s shoulders. “I’m sorry, Dazai-san,” he wept, his tears hot on Dazai’s back. “I lied to you. I-I didn’t want to make you angry. Now you have to go out and buy another light bulb because of me. All I do is make your life worse-”

Dazai had silenced Atsushi with a kiss, cradling his face with his hands. “Who needs lightbulbs when I have you to light up my life?” he whispered, stroking Atsushi’s hair. The line was corny beyond all belief, but Atsushi ate it up like it was chazuke, a radiant smile blossoming across his face like he was ready to burst into song at any moment.

That was perhaps what Dazai loved most about Atsushi- he was sincere, straightforward, and so refreshingly simple. The littlest things could make Atsushi smile, which always made Dazai want to smile as well. Atsushi had a way of making life seem brighter, like a sunbeam illuminating everything it falls upon. Dazai felt as if everything good in his heart was strenghtened just by being around Atsushi, like even the darkest parts of his soul were touched by his light.

Dazai watched Atsushi turn away and start fiddling with the coffeepot, hands trembling. The best way to find out what was making Atsushi so nervous, Dazai decided, was to be disarmingly kind and affectionate until guilt forced a confession out of him. Atsushi could never keep anything secret for long, least of all from Dazai.

Atsushi shakily poured a cup of coffee and offered it to Dazai with a painfully wide smile that did nothing to camouflage the anxiety in his eyes. “For you, Dazai-san!” he exclaimed, thrusting the cup toward Dazai with so much vigor that some of the coffee sloshed onto the floor.

Dazai took the cup with a smile, allowing his fingertips to brush against Atsushi’s hands. “Thank you, Atsushi-kun,” he chirped, giving Atsushi a kiss on the cheek. “Aren’t you just the most wonderful boyfriend I could ask for?”

Just as Dazai had predicted, tears welled up in Atsushi’s eyes, but, rather than falling into Dazai’s open arms, Atsushi bit his lip, then smiled. “I love you, too, Dazai-san. Do you like the coffee? Are you hungry? I can make breakfast for you- anything you want!” Atsushi kept talking at a breakneck pace, gesturing wildly with his hands and avoiding Dazai’s eyes.

It seemed like this would be a little harder than Dazai had expected. “Well,” Dazai thought, the bright smile on his face not flickering for an instant. “Two can play at this game, Atsushi-kun. It looks like I’ll just have to take it up a notch.”

Dazai planted a hard kiss on Atsushi’s lips. “My Atsushi-kun is sweeter than any coffee,” he purred. He kissed Atsushi again, slower this time, softer, caressing his cheek with the hand that wasn’t holding the coffee cup. “My Atsushi-kun…”

“If this doesn’t get it out of him,” Dazai thought to himself, stroking Atsushi’s hair. “Then I’ll have to try a more direct approach.”

Dazai could feel Atsushi trembling, so he held him closer. “Atsushi-kun,” Dazai whispered, gently massaging Atsushi’s shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

“Dazai-san, I’m sorry!” Atsushi cried, tears pouring down his face. “I-I just- I wanted to- I didn’t mean to-”

Dazai gave Atsushi a little shake. “Sorry for what, Atsushi-kun?” Dazai asked, his tone gentle but firm. “Tell me.”

Atsushi bit his lip to try to keep it from trembling. “I’m sorry I can’t make you happy.”

“Can’t make me happy?” Dazai couldn’t conceal his surprise. “Atsushi-kun, what on earth gives you that idea?”

“I-I just wanted to make you happy,” Atsushi whispered, his tears falling and shattering on the ground. “But I’m too pathetic to even do that. I tried, Dazai-san,” he said, lifting his face to look Dazai in the eyes. “But-but you were just too nice to me. I don’t deserve all the nice things you do for me when I can’t do anything when you’re crying and need-”Atsushi’s eyes widened, and he clapped his hands over his mouth.

“Ah.” Dazai understood instantly. “So you did wake up.” Dazai sighed and pushed some of his hair out of his face. “I thought I felt you move, but I wasn’t sure if you were awake. I’m sorry, Atsushi-kun.”

“Y-you don’t have to apologize!” Atsushi exclaimed, tearful eyes wide. “Dazai-san, please, you-you shouldn’t be sorry for crying.” Atsushi wrapped his arms around himself and dropped his gaze again. “I know I cry too much, but I-I think it’s okay for everyone to cry some of the time.” He gave Dazai a shaky smile. “Even someone strong like you.”

Dazai threw his arms around Atsushi and held him close. “You do make me happy, Atsushi-kun,” he whispered. If Atsushi was surprised to feel tears fall on his shoulder, he didn’t show it. “Don’t ever trick yourself into thinking otherwise.”

Atsushi hugged Dazai back, his touch hesitant but warm, then pulled back, looking up slightly to meet Dazai’s eyes. “I want to know why you were crying, i-if that’s something you can share,” he said, his voice shaking slightly. “I understand if you don’t want to tell me, and it’s okay, but I want to help, and I don’t think I can unless I know what’s hurting you.”

Dazai closed his eyes and sighed. Then, opening his eyes, he gave Atsushi a sad smile. “I think it’s time I told you about Odasaku.”


The graveyard overlooked the ocean. Atsushi could hear waves crashing against the shore below and taste the salt in the air, warm yet somehow distant. He turned to Dazai and found him staring at the far-off horizon where the setting sun sunk into the sea, dyeing the dark water bloody crimson and beating back the encroaching blackness of night.

“He always wanted to live somewhere he could see the ocean,” said Dazai softly, taking Atsushi’s hand and leading him through the graves.  “I couldn’t manage the living part, but there’s the ocean.” Dazai sighed. “I wonder if he can see it now.”

Atsushi didn’t say anything; he knew Dazai didn’t expect an answer. Instead, he gave Dazai’s hand a gentle, reassuring squeeze, a reminder that, in spite of all Dazai had lost, he still had someone that loved him to stand by his side.

“I might not be able to give Dazai a reason to live like Odasaku did,” Atsushi thought. “And I might not be as strong as Odasaku was, but I do love Dazai, just like Odasaku did, and I hope he can understand.” Atsushi glanced at Dazai’s face, then down at their intertwined fingers. “I’ll give Dazai all of my heart, and I just have to hope it’s enough.”

Dazai stopped suddenly in front of an unmarked grave like so many others, his breathing quick and tense. Atsushi could see tears in his eyes, burning like rubies in the red light of sunset. “Here we are,” Dazai whispered, clencing Atsushi’s hand so tightly it ached. “Odasaku.” With shaking hands, Dazai took a package of cigarettes out of his pocket, then, after digging through his pockets for a minute, cursed. “I left the matches in the car.”

“I’ll go get them,” Atsushi offered.

“No!” Dazai snapped. Taking in the frightened look Atsushi’s face, he took a deep breath. “I… I mean, I want to get them myself, Atsushi-kun. It’s something I do every year, and I-”

“Oh, yeah, no, I-I understand,” Atsushi stammered, flushing. “It’s an important tradition for you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

Dazai sighed. “No, I’m sorry.” He stroked Atsushi’s hand. “I want you to be here, Atsushi-kun, and-” Dazai looked down at the tombstone, and a tear rolled down his cheek. “-I think it’s what Odasaku would have wanted, too.” He gave Atsushi’s hand a quick squeeze, then let go. “Wait here, okay? I’ll be back once I grab the matches.”

Atsushi nodded. “Okay, Dazai-san.”

Once Dazai was gone, little more than a dark speck racing down the hill, Atsushi turned to the tombstone with a faint smile. “Um, hello, Odasaku,” he said, giving a little wave. “It’s nice to meet you.” A warm breeze blew by, stirring the diaphanous petals of the white flowers Dazai had set beside the grave just moments before.

“I-I never knew you,” said Atsushi a bit hesitantly, still feeling somewhat awkward to be addressing the grave of someone who, up until a couple hours ago, he had no idea existed. “But I do know Dazai,” he said, his voice growing stronger. “And I hope you’ll believe me when I tell you that Dazai- that Dazai-” Atsushi could feel tears on his cheeks, but he was smiling. “Dazai is a good man, Odasaku, one of the best I know. He’s good, and kind, and he treats me well, and he saves people all the time. He-he saved me, after all,” Atsushi added with a little laugh. He sighed, glancing back at Dazai who had retrieved the matches and was running up the hill. “I think you would be proud of him, if you could see him now.”

Atsushi recalled when Dazai had taken the photograph out of his pocket, holding it so carefully, as if it was fragile and could shatter at any moment. “Do you see this man, Atsushi-kun?” Dazai had whispered, eyes locked on the image of his friend’s face. Atsushi reached out on instinct, then immediately drew his hand back, ashamed, but Dazai had taken his wrist and allowed Atsushi to place one finger on the corner of the photograph. “It’s okay, Atsushi-kun,” Dazai murmured. “We’re all friends here.”

Dazai’s grip tightened on Atsushi’s wrist. “Listen to me, Atsushi-kun,” he had said, his voice suddenly firm, declarative. “Every good thing that I’ve done, I did because he told me to. Every good thing I’ve done, I did because it’s what I thought he would have wanted. Every good thing I’ve done, I-” Dazai’s words were cut off by a sharp gasp. Atsushi stroked his arm until his breathing calmed down. “Every… every good thing I’ve done…” Dazai spoke slowly, every word heavy with emotion. “Every good thing I’ve done was his doing more than mine.” He gave Atsushi a watery smile. “Odasaku’s been kinder to you than I ever have.”

Although Atsushi believed Dazai should give himself more credit for all that he’d done, he was grateful to Odasaku for setting Dazai on the right path, on the path that led to the angecy, and to Atsushi, and to a way for Dazai to be happy.

“It was nice to see you, Odasaku,” Atsushi said again, smiling at Odasaku’s grave like he was greeting an old friend. “And thanks.”

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how do totty's bros treat u?? (aside from oso i suppos since u already talked abt him dsgdfhdf)

Well I guess this question was bound to happen after the Osomatsu one.
I’m not the best of friends with them yet, but I have done some advances! Let me start by the eldest after Osomatsu!

I really haven’t seen much of Karamatsu, he seems to hide away whenever he sees me entering the house with Todomatsu but I can see him sparkling right around the corner.
I can understand, this might be a display of jealousy or simple protectiveness over his little brother, so I really don’t mind.

In the other hand, I see Choromatsu every time I go in….. every time. Don’t get me wrong, he is a nice, neat and tidy guy but…. I really would love if he could not tell me all his qualities, abilities, resume and life story every time I go in for a glass of water.

Ichimatsu, much like Karamatsu, seems to avoid me as much as possible yet…. he seems to not be able to control his urges to groom me whenever I visit them after being in my home…. I’m glad to meet another cat person but… maybe not like this.

Lastly, Jyushimatsu.
He doesn’t seem able to stop his mouth (and thoughts) from running. It’s…. somewhat frightening seeing him jump all around the house without getting tired. Todomatsu told me he has an obsession with baseball, so that is a plus since I do like baseball too! Maybe one day we’ll be able to watch a game or even go play some day.

I have already explained Osomatsu and you pretty much know how my relationship with Todomatsu is. I hope this information was helpful! Thank you so much for asking!!

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i love your works and your writing style and i wish you happiness for the rest of your life and i love you too pls marry me

DFLKJ;SLFJAS;DF who is this anon!! you’re so kind!! aaaaaahhh i’m really glad that you enjoy my writing. i wish you happiness for the rest of your life too! i hope you finally achieve something you’ve been wanting to~!

unfortunately my heart is reserved for a certain Nakajima Atsushi-kun, but i still appreciate the gesture. thank you for sending this <3 :)

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Can i request akashi, mura, takao, nebuya, & kagami's s/o who usually wears their hair down wear it in a bun/ponytail in front of them one day? (or other way around) thanks!

This is such a cute request and I’m sorry it took so long! I hope you meant Murasakibara? /is shot/

Akashi: He had to blink several times, wondering if he was seeing things. You, were usually shy and preferred hiding under your hair. Instead, you had it up in a simple ponytail, bangs swiped to the side. He could see your eyes, which avoided his in embarrassment. A small smile graced his lips as he walked towards you, catching your hand before you could run away. “I like your hair up, _____. I can see your eyes better.” A frown appeared on your lips, eyebrows furrowed in embarrassment. Shyly looking away, you whispered, “Thank you, Akashi-kun.”

Murasakibara: “Ne _____-chin, has your hair always been this long?” he mumbled as he grabbed your hair gently, strands loosely falling between his large fingers. You felt yourself blush, scratching the back of your head, as you avoided eye contact. “Yes, Atsushi-kun. It’s always been this long.” There was a brief moment of silence, before he let go, rubbing the top of your head, “You should wear it down more often.”

Takao: “Wow, _____-chan! Did you do something with your hair? You look lovely with it down!” An excited Takao asked as he crushed you in a bear hug. You felt yourself blush at his behaviour, still not used to his displays of affection at school. Nodding your head, you whispered, “I just kept it down today.. It’s not really that special…” He blinked, expression changing to one of seriousness, “_____-chan looks stunning! I really love it down. And you’ll always be special to me.” You chose to hide your face in the crook of his neck, face burning from his compliments.

Nebuya: You stood there in silence, fidgeting as your boyfriend stared down at you, eyes wide. You’d decided to wear your hair up, as you were running late that morning. But you weren’t prepared for your boyfriend to see you like this. When you heard him exhale, you looked up at him, nervous of his reaction. A smile graced his lips as he grabbed your hand, “You look lovely ______. I’d like to see you wear it up more.”

Kagami: “D-Did you do something to your hair, _____?” A blushing Kagami asked as he avoided eye contact. He didn’t want to sound like a sap, so he chose to rub his head in embarrassment. A smile graced your lips as you nodded, “I decided to keep it down today. It’s unusually cold.” Nodding, he placed a hand on your head, rubbing the top gently before looking at you, “I-I like it this way.” You felt your eyes widen, a blush of your own appearing before you grabbed his hand in yours. “T-Thank you, Kagami-kun.”

something different for a change! author’s comments were “a scummy atsushi-kun is good, but i think a pure white atsushi-kun would be nice too." 

moe atsushi is good…..

events take place right after episode 13b (accident?)

link to comic (by __yone115) (translation below)

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This is a birthday present for our dear friend Admin A over at imagining-with-knb! Thank you for being amazing and thank you meiruem for telling us! Please enjoy, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY A-CHAN!!!

It’s today.

Murasakibara scrambles out of bed, exhausted but excited at the same time. He sees the bright red circle on the calendar and smiles. He calls Himuro, Fukui, Okamura, and even Liu Wei. He wants everything to be perfect for you, and for that to happen, he needs his team’s help.

After all, it’s your birthday.

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