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I Can’t Help But Stare

Thanks to the amazing anon! I managed to write something! 
After finishing it, I realised that it is a very  cheesy, fluffy fic that involves you and Mark. I have no shame! 

(Y/E/C)- your eye colour

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“Ok, so I lost to (Y/N) and Ethan lost to Mark,” Tyler summarized. “Meaning the finale is against Mark and (Y/N)!” 
You grinned, taking a seat opposite Mark. “I still think this is the stupidest video that will plague the internet.” You said. “And that’s saying a lot since it’s competing with Mark’s channel.” 
The boys laughed, while Mark took on an expression of mock hurt. “I thought you loved me, (Y/N)” He whimpered. “I thought you believed in my work.” 
You sighed and crossed your legs on the seat. Reclining against the chair and staring at your boyfriend. 
“Your pushing my belief into doubt with this “staring competition challenge”. Can you three not think of anything better?” 
The boys shrugged, not giving you much hope or reassurance. 

“Now remember, the first to look away or blink, loses.” Ethan said. Your eyes were already glued to Mark’s, and it took all of your strength not to look at Ethan as he started making funny faces at the brunet man-child. 
“Starting in, 3…2…1…GO!” Tyler yelled and silence quickly swallowed the room. Seconds ticked by, and you were already giggling. 
Amazing content right here,” You said, “So riveting to watch two grown adults stare at each other.” 
“Well, I’m certainly enjoying the view.” Mark replied. You poked your tongue at him, ignoring the heat that wormed across your cheeks. 
“Flattery won’t give you this victory, Markimoo.” You sneered. 
“We’ll see, babe.” 
More seconds ticked by. Tyler and Ethan danced around the two of you. In the corner of your eye, you could make out Tyler pulling strange faces while wearing a ridiculously orange wig. While Ethan had Chica by the front paws and was doing some sort of waltz. 

“You know you have really beautiful eyes,” Mark said and you focused back on the man. “That shade of (Y/E/C) is mesmerizing. Especially when the afternoon sun reflects off of them. Absolute perfection.” 
Your instinct was to look away. Avoid his adoring stare as the blush brightened your skin. But you held firm. Pressing your lips in a thin line to keep from giggling like an idiot.
“Those delicate cheekbones. Your smooth and soft lips. Everything about your face is so dazzling, I can do nothing but stare.” 
“You shouldn’t have a problem with this challenge then,” You said, unable to keep a wide smile from your face. 
Mark’s grin was almost mocking. A little smug.
He knew how you felt about flattery. It was basically your kryptonite. Turning you to puddy at even the smallest compliment. 

Mark leaned forward a bit. Resting his elbow on his knee and holding his chin in his hand. His eyes gazed into yours, his expression gentle. 
Why did he have to look at you like that?
“Every morning, when I roll over to look at you, I feel so happy to have you by my side. To wake up and see your hair all messy, your face untouched by that cake you put on. And when you open your eyes, all tired and puffy, I feel blessed to see your true beauty.”
You bit your lip. Your whole body was flush with embarrassment and giddiness. “Everything about you is so angelic. Even when you look away in embarrassment. Or laugh so hard you’re on the ground. It’s all so bewitching to watch.” 
“Stop it,” You said with a laugh. “This is so not fair!” 
“But the worst thing about it is that you don’t see it. You’re an amazing person. So full of life, so full of laughter, that when you walk into a room, it’s brightened by your smile.” His gaze burned into you. You were frozen in place. “Even on your bad days  I see so much light radiating from you, it almost blinding. You can do anything and everything! I believe in you. And I hope one day, everything you wish for, will find it’s way to you. And I hope that, when that day comes, I’ll be there to see you bask in your own brilliance. And come to the realization that you are something incredible.” 
Your eyes were almost teary. You glanced down, blinking and smiling, then you snapped your head up and gasped. 
“Wait! No, that’s cheating!” You shrieked. But it was already too late. Mark whooped with victory, grinning profusely and laughing. 
“Sorry, babe, I win! Markimoo flattered his way to victory!” He hollered excitedly.
You groaned and slid off your chair. Pretending to storm off angrily and disappearing off screen. 

You stopped when you saw Tyler and Ethan sitting on the floor. Their eyes fixated on Mark with awe and open mouths.
“Tell us more,” Ethan begged.
“How much do we mean to you Mark?” Tyler asked. And Mark ended the video with you collapsing on the ground in fits of laughter and Ethan wrapping himself around his left leg, yelling “Senpai!”  

love at first sight (bws)

Brad requested separate imagine from anon:  “ So you know how Conor Maynard made a song off with the boys? How about Y/N is Conor’s sister and she comes with him and Brad falls for her and Y/N is also a YouTuber and if you are making this a series (you can make a separate imagine for this) Brad and Y/N make a couple YouTube video. thanks :))”

p.s I am not making this a series…i mean..until i change my mind.
if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it 

“You’re inviting your friends here again?! It’s been the fourth time this week, Conor. And I’m sick of changing my clothes inside the bathroom.” 

You rolled your eyes at your brother, Conor Maynard. Yes, you’re his sister, but you also make youtube videos, so it isn’t really a shock as much. “At least I have friends that knows where I live so we can hang out.” He says snapping back. I brushed him off and continued setting up my tripod and the camera together. “Yeah, okay, whatever. Just try to be quiet while I make this video.”

I heard him laugh a bit so I looked back at him with a confused face. 

“The Vamps.”


The Vamps are coming over. We’re making a youtube video.” You were so shocked. You knew Conor toured with them last time and hung out, but you really haven’t met them in person. You didn’t know what to do, or what to feel. “So…you guys are probably gonna sing, huh?” He just nodded while smirking, crossing his arms. You puffed out your breath, “Fine, well I mean, it’s Sunday and Im gonna post this on wednesday, guess I’ll give it to you then.” Conor smiled, “Thanks, sister, even though I hate you sometimes. Anyways, I’m posting my video tomorrow, so yeah. Thanks alot.” You smiled back at him, hinting a little ‘sorry’ in your eyes. He chuckled and ruffled your head like a puppy. 


When you finally finished putting back your oh-so-hard-to-make set-up, you flopped down on your bed and sighed. Just the thought of The Vamps are just besides the room next to you made you so curious about wanting to see them. They arrived just five minutes ago and, surely, they haven’t started to record yet. So you decided to try and meet them for the first time without making in awkward. Like You always do.

So the plan was you’re going to pretend to ask Conor whether he used your blow dryer or not and then you pretend that you didn’t notice that the boys were there so then you’re now going to greet them. Great.



Brad’s POV:

“It’s been a long time, boys.” Conor greeted us while the four of us entered the house once again. “Thanks for the invite!” Connor replied as we greeted him back. He led us up the stairs onto his room where we’re about to film a little sing-off that he always does on his channel.

“D’you guys want anything before we start?” He asks. I raised my eyebrows, “Shiiiit are we already starting? Usually when we film together we’ll always joke around for about twenty minutes!” I jokingly said as the other boys laughed. Conor chuckled, “Well maybe I asked the question too early.” We all agreed to just have some bottles of water and he climbed back down the stairs to get some and left all four of us here.

“This place has changed since we last came here!” Tristan exclaimed. “That couch was supposed to be on this side.”

“And why the hell is this flower vase doing here?” James joined as they continued to spot the changes since then. I was looking around the room until we all heard footsteps coming towards the door. “Conor’s back.”

The door swung open, and it was far from what we guessed.

Is this Y/N? Conor’s sister?


“Conor did you see my—oh god, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you guys, uh—I gotta go.” She stuttered nervously. Aw, baby.

Before she could grab the doorknob in this awkward situation (well, for her), I had the sudden urge to grab her arm back and turned her around to face us, to face me. “No, it’s okay, I’m Brad.” I held out my hand for her to shake. She looked down at her feet nervously and looked up back at me with her innocent eyes. “Shit.” I murmured under my breath for only me to hear. She grabbed my hand softly and shook it. I’ve sworn I heard James whistled faintly. “I’m Connor, double ‘n’, nice to meet you.” Connor soon said, pointing at himself while Y/N laughed a bit. “Aaaaand—“ I continued, not wanting to any of the boys to take this away from me. She’s so beautiful.

“—that’s James, and Tristan.” They waved at her and she shyly waved back. I’m already falling, what is this.

“Okay people, here’s your water bottles.” Conor finally walked in with two bottles on each hand and Connor hurriedly helped him. “Oh, sissy, you’re here.” He looked at Y/N with a little smirk on his face while Y/N narrowed his eyes at him. Ohh…I get it now. You chuckled. “So you finally met them, huh?” He continued to joke around her which made Y/N more furious. He slapped his arm, “Just…just start with your video.” Aww, baby, you don’t need to be angry.



While we were already in the middle of the video, I can’t help but to glance at y/n every five seconds. The way her face is so preoccupied when one of us are singing, the way her facial expressions change when we hit a certain note, the way her fingers dance slightly to the beat of the song, and the way she parts her lips slightly to sing a long quietly, everything.

“But she caught me on the counter. Saw me bangin’ on the sofa!” I sang and immediately caught her reaction; her eyebrows raised while smirking slightly (2:14). She saw me looking at her at that moment and blushed. I smiled widely, proud of myself. I couldn’t stop smiling while singing at the same time since then.


“That went amazing!” Conor said while still laughing about the ending. “I’m in love with the coco!” Tristan screamed once again while all of us laughed once more; including y/n. I walked over to her while they’re busy fixing up the set. “So I think you enjoyed that.” I winked at her while drinking my water from earlier. She giggled slightly. Oh I’m already obsessed. “I did…” she quietly said. I got the hint that she was too shy talking about this while the other boys were in this room so I grabbed her arm, out of the room and into, which I believe, is her room.

“Hey! Where are you taking my sister?” Conor said while laughing, “Just a minute!”

I closed the door and looked back at her, still has a smile on her face. “Why did it take so long for us to meet?” I whispered, taking a fallen strand of hair and tucking in behind her ears and resting my palm on her cheeks. “I-I don’t know.”

“You know what, Y/N?”

“Yes, Brad?” First time she says my name, god.

“I have never really believed at love at first sight…until now.” She grabbed both of my hands which made me look straight into her green orbs which you can easily get lost in. “And do you know what, Brad?” she slowly says, and I smirked. We both know that I knew what she’s about to say.

“Me either.”

VIXX Reaction to doing a MV shoot / Photoshoot with their crush

Anon: “ Can you please do a vixx reaction of where they have to do a music video or photo shoot with their crush and they have to physically be close to them? I you do this then thank you” Here you go Anon! I tried my best, but once it got to Hongbin and Hyuk I’m sorry if it seems off for them. XD I know more when it comes to Hyung line + Ravi, but not so much with those two maknae’s. 

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Simon: A Dare

Requested: Anon ‘Can you make a Simon imagine where him and y/n are filming a dare video and y/n is dared to yell around the house that Simon makes her horny and JJ hears it and yell back that he knows and that she says that all the time. And I love you imagines their the best, luv ya’

Warnings: None!

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for a very long time😅 This is a bit rusty but thank you for requesting and enjoy x

You and Simon were filming a dare video and so far you’ve been dared to eat a tea spoon of mayonnaise, eat a raw onion and have a thumb war (which you won in).

Simon started to read the next dare out and started to laugh.

“What’s funny?” You asked raising one brow up.

“It says, I dare Y/N to yell around the house that Simon makes her horny.” He said chuckling, seeing your reaction.

“It’s not that bad, I thought it’ll be something worse than that.” You admitted, shrugging.

“Alright then, you ready?” He questioned.

“Hell yeah I am.” You said confidently, standing up from the chair.

Simon got his camera off from the desk and followed you in the hall.

“Some things I do for you lot.” You muttered, shaking your head slightly.

“Backing down Y/N? Don’t you want to admit that I make you horny?” He taunted.

“Shut up.” You said punching his arm lightly.

“Hey, that hurt.” He pouted, rubbing his arm where you hit it.

“Aw, do you want me to kiss it for you?” You asked, batting your eyelashes at him.

“Yes please mummy.” He responded in a child’s voice, making you giggle.

“Let’s get this over with.” You sighed dramatically, getting into a running position. “Simon makes me horny! Simon makes me horny!” You shouted, Simon following you with his camera. 

“It’s about time you admit that, you say it all the time!” JJ yelled from his room, laughing at the end.

“Shut up Jide, no one said you can butt in.” You joked, Simon still laughing from what JJ said before. “You happy know?” You asked, raising your brow up.

“Yes.” He said smirking.

BTS react to coming home to find you playing video games in nothing but their t-shirt

Aw, this is cute. Thanks for the request anon

J-Hope: “So that’s where my t-shirt went,”

Jimin: Babe, I recognise that t-shirt,”

Y/N: “All my stuff was in the wash,”

Jimin: “Sure it was,”

Jin: “I love you,”

Jungkook: “You’re gorgeous," 

Rap Monster: *Watches as you walk into the kitchen* "Sweet ass!”

Suga: “I don’t deserve you,”

V: “Come here,”

Y/N: “No, I’m winning at Mario Kart,”


anonymous asked:

Hi! I really like your stories❤️ can you please do an imagine where y/n is also a celebrity and they meet on the red carpet with harry styles and then you know he really likes her at first sight and all that cheeky stuff😂 I would be really grateful. Thanks x

MTV Video Music Awards (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: Y/N is a celebrity at the MTV Video Music Awards on the red carpet. While on the red carpet, she meets a flirty Harry Styles who smitten with her at first sight.

Requested: yes

Warnings: no

A/N: Thank you to the anon who requested this! I hope you enjoy it! Requests are open! Thank you for all the support you’ve been giving me!

“Y/N, how does it feel to be nominated for five awards? Let me list them off you if you don’t already know: best female video, best collaboration, best pop video, best cinematography, and brand new artist!” Chelsea from Clever News asks excitingly.

“It feels absolutely incredible! I don’t even know what to think. It’s just crazy that a few years ago I was sitting at home with my mom watching the VMAs, and now I’m here, and I’m nominated for awards! It’s just incredible!” Y/N says.

“Do you have anything to say to your dedicated fans?” Chelsea asks.

Y/N looks into the camera and says “Thank you guys so much for everything! From buying my album, requesting my songs on the radio, and just being the best fans in the world! I love and appreciate every single one of you, never, ever forget that! You all mean the world to me!”

“You are so adorable, Y/N. Good luck tonight!” Chelsea says as she hugs Y/N.

“Thank you so much! Love you Chelsea!” Y/N says as she hugs Chelsea goodbye.

As Y/N is walking off the platform to walk inside since she’s done with her interviews, One Direction is walking up. Harry Styles reaches out his hand to help Y/N walk down the platform safely because of her long dress and high heels.

Thank you” Y/N says as she takes his hand blushing.

“My pleasure, Y/N” Harry says as Y/N steps down from the platform carefully.

When they are at the same height Harry says “Congratulations on your incredible nominations and you look stunning tonight.”

Thank you! Congratulations on yours too! You will guys will probably win best pop video. And you don’t look too bad yourself tonight.” Y/N says looking down at the ground shyly from the beautiful green eyes looking into hers.

“Harry! Stop flirting with Y/N get up here!” Liam jokingly yells.

Harry chuckles and walks past a blushing Y/N, but before stepping up, and whispering in Y/N’s ear, “When you win best pop video, make sure you give me a hug, love.”

Harry walks up to the interview platform, leaving Y/N blushing walking into the stadium.

~Inside Madison Square Garden~

“And the winner for best pop video is” the presenter creates suspension.

Y/N sits there with her leg jumping up and down, and picking at her nails.

“Y/N!” they announce.

The camera pans over to Y/N in just udder shock with her fans screaming around her as she walked up on stage. She hugs the presenter and takes the award as she walks up to the mic with shaking hands.

“I’d like to thank every person who voted for me. Everyone that watched the video, bought the song, my family, friends, and the fans who have been there every step of the way. This award wasn’t just won by me, but by us! This is our award! I love you guys so much, thank you!” Y/N says excitingly into the mic.

After looking out at the cheering crowd for split second to take the moment in, she exits the stage.

When Y/N enters backstage so she can take a picture with her award, she feels two arms wrap around her waist from behind her. As she looks back and up she sees the most beautiful green eyes looking into hers.

“I told you you’d win, beautiful.” He says

“But” he now whispers into Y/N’s ear “you never ended up giving me that hug” kissing right below her ear.

“I’m sorry” Y/N says “I was just so excited…”

Harry interrupts her by turning her around to face him and saying “It’s okay, love. You can make up to me tonight. Dinner, you and me, to celebrate the big win. What do you say?”

Y/N taps the side of her mouth like she’s pondering the idea, then breaks out into a smile,

“I’d love that”

W-what? HOW!

Ship: Tobi x Reader 

Requested? : Yes, by an anon user

Summary: “Hi! Can you write a super fluffy Tobi imagine where you are filming a real life football video and he doesn’t know you’re good at football? Like he’s super cute and proud of Y/N and the guys make fun of you guys for being couple goal or something? Thanks”

Warnings: None, just fluff!



Today the Sidemen, my friends and I are going to the football pitch to film a football video for Tobi’s channel, I think its dizzy corners.

“Y/N, are you ready?” Tobi shouts from across the flat

“Yeah almost I’m just putting boots on!” I shout in reply

Once I get them on I walk out to the front door to see Tobi waiting on his phone patiently, “I’M READY TOBI!” I shout as loud as possible, just to startle him.

“Blooming Hell Y/N!” Tobi exclaims, hand over his heart

“But let’s go before you two start smooching…” Ethan says appearing from the bathroom

“Oh dear” I say unlocking the door

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Relationship Comments

Anon: I’ve got a sorta long prompt…but can you write one where Dan and Y/N make a video announcing they are a couple and fans react badly and Phil comforts Y/N (best friend Phil makes me melt with feels !!!!!!) while Dan rages out then there’s fluffy smut at the end? Im so sorry for the long prompt but I love your writing so muCH ! (⌒-⌒; )

Thank-you so much dear. I’m so sorry, this is terrible but I’m just so brain dead at the moment. I hope you enjoy it anyway.
Have a wonderful day/night xxoo

WARNING: terribly written smut at the end

“And so, I would like to introduce to you… Y/n, my girlfriend.”

You move into view of the camera, shyly waving while Dan leaves a kiss on your cheek.

“I love this girl with all my heart, and I know you will too. Y/n, would you accompany me in the sexy end screen dance?”

Instead of replying, you simply stand up and leave the room while you listen to the beautiful sound of Dan’s laughter.
You decide to prepare dinner for Dan, Phil and yourself while Dan edits his video.

“Hey y/n, how’d filming go?” Phil questions as he enters the kitchen

“Oh hi Phil, it was fine. I didn’t speak”
You and Phil both giggle, knowing you were quite shy.

“Would you please tell Dan that dinners ready?”

“Sure” Phil smiles before walking to Dan’s room.

You all watch a movie while eating dinner, ending the night in the usual routine, Dan finishing editing and uploading the video while you and Phil practice Mario kart, hoping to one day beat Dan. Eventually (at some ridiculous time) you all get tired and go to bed. Bed with Dan was your favourite place in the world. The warmth from both the duvet and Dan’s long arms wrapped around you. The sweet nothings he would whisper in your ear and the little kisses he would leave on your shoulders until the both of you fell asleep.


You woke up the next morning, noticing the missing warmth.

“Dan?” You call out. No reply.
You decide to walk down to the kitchen, where you find your best friend Phil, sticking some sort of stickers on random objects.

“Morning Phil, do you know where Dan is?” You question, rubbing the sleep from your eyes

“Morning! And Dan’s gone down to the shops, we ran out of milk” Phil informs you.

While you wait for Dan to return, you decide to sit in the living room with your laptop. You remember the video Dan had made yesterday and decided to see how people were reacting.

“Ew, Dan could do so much better!”
“Wow, Dan’s standards or obviously very low”
“Bet she’s just with him for popularity”

These are just a few of the thousands of offensive comments on the video.
You closed the lip of the laptop, closing your eyes tight and trying (but failing) to stop the tears from leaving your eyes.

“Y/n, have you- Oh my gosh, what’s wrong?!” Phil rushes to your side, instantly wrapping his pale arms around you and calmingly rubbing circles on your back.
You can’t stop the little son that leaves your lips.

“Y/n, what happened? Please tell me” Phil asks once again.

Unable to speak, you unwrap your arms for Phil’s torso and open your laptop once again, the comments still showing. You watch as Phil’s piercing blue eyes roll along the lines of words, his eyebrows scrunching together as he takes in the words.

“Oh god, y/n. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Their just jealous, I promise. You are so beautiful, don’t listen to a word their saying.”

“But.. Their r-right Phil… He could do so much b-better” you manage to stutter out as fresh tears make their way to your eyes. Phil gives a tight squeeze before speaking once again.

“Y/n, you have no idea how much Dan loves you. The first time you guys met, he wouldn’t shut up about how he met the most gorgeous, sweet, amazing girl. And he was right, you are all of those things. So please, don’t listen to any of those comments.”

“Th-Thank-you Phil”

“He guys- shit, what’s wrong” Dan suddenly entered the room, taking a moment to take in your distressed figure. Without words, Phil handed Dan the laptop, allowing him to see what’s wrong. Dan suddenly dumped the laptop and stormed off to his room.

You ended up laying on the sofa for an hour, trying to calm yourself down.

“Uh y/n, I just got a notification, Dan uploaded a new video” Phil spoke for the first time in that hour where he had rubbed your back soothingly.
You loaded up the new video, making it full screen and pressing play.
The Dan seen on the screen was not the usual, sarcastic, joyful Dan, but more of an angry but sad Dan.

“You guys always want me to be open with you, and share my life events, so how come when I share the most important part of my life you abuse it. I knew there would be a couple of rude comments about my relationship with y/n, but what you were all saying was completely unacceptable. Does it really make you feel better knowing that you’ve hurt such a kind and caring girl?
A girl that I love more than anything in this world, someone who actually makes me happy and is always there for me.
I don’t want to accuse all of you, but you need to start thinking about how she makes me feel instead of yourselves.”

And with that, the video ended.
Instantly you stood up, making your way to Dan’s room where you found him still sitting in his desk chair.
You walked up behind him, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing his neck softly.

“Thank-you Dan”

Dan spun his chair around to face you, tugging at the back of your knees so that you’d fall to his lap, legs on each side so you straddled him.

“Y/n, I’m so sorry. Your so gorgeous and kind and caring and beautiful and-” you stopped his rambling by kissing his lips softly.
Dan stood up, carrying you to his bed and laying you down gently. His body hovered over you, protecting you from the cold world.

“Don’t ever believe anything they said baby. I love you so much” Dan speaks softly and quietly before his lips return to your own.

Slowly but surely, the both of your bodies end up bare, hands roaming all over each other.

“Your so perfect baby” Dan whispers before kissing your neck, being sure to leave marks of his love.

His hips come down to meet yours as he grinds his hard length on you.

He moans into your kiss as your his buck up, adding pressure.

“Please Dan..” You beg for him

His hand takes hold of his hard on, rubbing the tip up and down your slit, paying special attention to your clit.

“You ready baby?” You smile and nod in response before he slowly thrusts into you, allowing you to adjust before pulling back out.

“F-fuck. So beautiful” Dan moans into the crook of your neck while your fingers dig into his firm back.

Your bodies rocked together perfectly, it wasn’t rough and fast but instead slow passionate. Dan’s lips kissing all that he could while he reminded you how much he loved you.

“Dan.. I-I’m going to-”
“Me too baby… Let go for me”
With that, the both of you came together, slowly riding your highs you in sloppy motions.

Dan kisses your lips again before collapsing beside you and pulling you into his warm arms.

“Did I mention how much I love you?”
Dan asks, making you giggle

“I love you too Dan.. So, so much.”

What his followers said didn’t matter now. Dan will always make you feel loved

Rain Date

Pairing: Jungkook x you (ft. Bangtan on the side)


Word Count: 1753

Description: The winner gets to ask the loser anything; a free question. You should’ve known that Jungkook doesn’t lose. Though that doesn’t quite mean you lost either. 

A/N: Sorry for taking 49483483092 years to write this, anon. Thanks for requesting <3

The rain patters lightly on the window pane, casted against the monochrome background of the dreary skies. It looks calming outside, especially when there are seven loud boys crowded together in Jungkook’s living room. While you were definitely ready to have a wild afternoon with them, playing video games and goofing around, you couldn’t help but get that slight sinking feeling at your cancelled adventure with Jungkook. If only it wasn’t raining, you could be outside gazing at the pretty cherry blossoms.

“Hello? Y/N?” A face pops into your view so closely that you scramble back until your back hits the foot of the couch. “Are you alive?”

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anonymous asked:

wWhAaT another series?!? Gurl u trynna kill me?! 😢😢thanx 4 ur amazing fanfics OMG,I can't wait 4 the request box 2 reopen AAAH.oh btw have u seen the video "Got7 in a Nutshell"? It's funny af,watch it when ur free k? N I msged u yesterday 2,I think u lost it,..I asked some things...oh well. Stay healthy,don't b too stressed out about ur writings k? As Jackson said "Health is key to everything" so tc n stay u😙😘😘💟💟 from ur Lil sis anon

Hi lil sis anon!! Yeah I didn’t get anything from you 😟 but as always, thank you so much for your support sweetie 💕

5SOS Preference- You're A Famous Youtuber and They Tweet You (request)

A/N: FINALLY POSTING THIS REQUESTED PREFERENCE! So sorry for the long wait, I’ve been incredibly busy. They didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, but I think Ashton’s and Luke’s are the best. Hope you enjoy!

For Anon. 4/4.


“Okay, guys, today I’m going to do something a little bit different than the usual tutorial. You all know my standard eye shadow colors, and despite how many I’ve accumulated I always fail to stray from my usuals.”

            Luke settled into the chair at the hotel desk, turning up the sound on his phone a little bit. He was subscribed to you ever since your makeup channel was recommended on his account. Although he would never admit that he watched your videos to his friends or that he actually enjoyed them, he almost religiously checked for your newest upload.

            Speaking of things he’d never admit to, he kind of liked you. Who could blame him?  You were beautiful and he felt like he had actually gotten to know you because of the one-on-one style of your videos.

            He might have even made a separate twitter account to tweet you, ask questions when you did Q&A videos, and just try to get a response from you (of course he would never admit that either).

            After finishing your new look video, he left the following in the comments section:

            “Still can’t get over your penguin phone case.”

He chuckled a little at his foolishness and decided to watch the “Ask Y/N” video that he had missed because he couldn’t get away from the rest of the guys for long enough to watch it.

            He smiled at your frantic waving hello at the beginning of the video and laughed at some of your responses to the questions until he was almost done with it.

            “Now, I get a few of these tweets once in a while, but this one stood out especially,” you said, looking down at your phone to read the tweet.

            Luke tried to remember what he tweeted you when you announced you were going to do this particular Q&A video, but for the life of him he couldn’t.

            “This is from @PlaidLuke. He asks…” your voice trailed off as Luke gasped and squealed in a very un-manly way. He hurried to rewind the video and once again you looked at your phone.

            “He asks, ‘If we were to get married, would you want to have an Elvis Impersonator attend?” You slowly looked up at the camera and raise an eyebrow, then burst out laughing. Luke’s jaw dropped.

            You shook your head and chuckled again. “Well, if this is a proposal, than I accept, because you sound like quite the charmer.”

            You answered another question and then the end board was playing some cheery music with a display to your last two videos.

            Luke’s big hand clutched the phone tightly, and he still sat with his mouth hanging open from shock.

            “Oh my god.”

            Suddenly, the door opened and Calum walked in, setting down his bag with a loud thump.

            “You wouldn’t believe what this lady was yelling at me outside,” he grumbled, flopping onto one of the beds.

            Luke quickly placed his phone screen down on the table, and combed a hand through his hair, acting like nothing was going on. However, as Calum began ranting about what had happened, he couldn’t stop thinking of your smiling face when you called him ‘quite the charmer’.


You had been sticking to your schedule of putting up one video a week, whether it be of a cover, or a new song you wrote, or a music video you’d worked hard to create. But lately, you felt a little under pressure and more and more stressed. You opened YouTube and went to your channel to check the response on your latest video. With a gasp you noticed your subscriber count. 500,014 people were subscribed to your channel. Last time you checked you had 499,962! You stared at the computer screen for a second before you squealed and jumped out of your chair, dancing around your room.

            “Oh my god! Oh my god!”” 500,014 people liked your videos! They liked your singing, your songs, something about them! It was an amazing feeling and you couldn’t keep a smile off your face.

            You turned to twitter to announce your accomplishment and also your upcoming video. As soon as you got onto your page, you saw a bunch of tweets at you. A few in a row were from the same person.

            @Calum5SOS: @Y/T/N it’s great when artists get the recognition they deserve. Especially new talented singers/songwriters. ;)

            @Calum5SOS: @Y/T/N and btw, Congratulations on 500k subs!

            @Calum5SOS: @Y/T/N so cool to see your channel grow from the start. Your work is amazing, can’t wait for more!

You smiled at…‘Calum’s’ kindness, and you quickly sent him a big thank you. After a little clicking around on his page, you realized he was from his own band, and that made his tweets from a fellow music artist mean so much more.


Michael pulled the convers on his bed around himself, snuggling down to watch your latest upload of the week on his phone. He scrolled down his YouTube page until he found your video, but paused for a second when he did. The thumbnail picture was you, looking very serious and the video was titled “Girl’s Don’t Have Game?”

            His brow creased in confusion as he clicked on it, and he rubbed his face anxiously. The screen came to life and there you were, but instead of your usual gaming setup it was just you facing the camera.

            “Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well. Today’s video is going to be a bit different than normal if you hadn’t already noticed.”

            Michael didn’t like where this was going. Usually your videos always cheered him up because you were constantly laughing, and to him it was almost like hanging out with you when he watched a clip. But this video was just making him concerned. What was going on?

            “For a long time I’ve gotten comments and tweets saying ‘oh, you can’t play video games because you’re a girl,’ or ‘why would I watch your videos? You shouldn’t be doing these,’ or things like that. And usually I just brush it off.”

            As you continued, Michael felt himself getting more and more mad. Why would anyone ever say something like that?

            “But recently there’s just been an overflow of these types of things and they’re getting really harsh. So I’m just going to say,” you paused and looked straight into the camera, “obviously you’ve never watched my videos, or any of my friends videos, or even just stepped out your front door, because then you’d know you’re completely ridiculous.” You winked.

            Michael laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. You were always straightforward but that was one of his favorite things about you. For the rest of the video you played your old favorite game, LittleBigPlanet, and created a new level as a sort of tutorial on the controls. Once it was over, Michael immediately went to twitter. He still couldn’t believe how rude those people had been, and he needed to take it out somehow.

            @Michael5SOS: @Y /T/N those people are completely ridiculous just like you said. They’re just angry because you could kick their asses.

In about ten minutes, as Michael was falling asleep, his phone buzzed and he picked it up sleepily.

            @Y/T/N: @Michael5SOS thanks Michael ;) Glad to know you see it my way.

            For a moment Michaels mouth hung open with shock. “How does she know my name?” he wondered out loud. He didn’t realize until the next day that ‘Michael’ is in his twitter name.


You sighed, leaning back in the desk chair you always edited your videos in. The project you’d been working on for the past months hadn’t turned out exactly as you had wanted, and after spending hours editing it, that was not a happy conclusion to come to. However, you had nothing else to upload that week! You had already announced the release of your special new sketch, so you had to put it up, but you didn’t want to disappoint your growing number of viewers.

            You uploaded it despite your worries and walked away from the computer.


It was the next day, and as the time went on you could only think about the video and how people might hate it. You wouldn’t let yourself look on YouTube but you son found yourself on twitter. You cringed as tweets at you popped up. You noticed a few tweets from a username that you recognized: @Ashton5SOS. He had tweeted you before, and not just sweet compliments- he always had something funny and clever to say. Since discovering he was the drummer for an Australian band, you listened to some of their music and liked it enough that his tweets always made you feel like you were talking to a celebrity. You smiled to yourself as you read his latest message:

            @Ashton5SOS: @Y/T/N Loved your new vid! You never fail to make me laugh with your sketches. Keep it up!

You smiled wider and pressed ‘follow’ on his account.

            @Y/T/N: @Ashton5SOS Thanks for all your support! Love reading your tweets.

Soon your phone went off; it was another tweet from Ashton.

            @Ashton5SOS: @Y/T/N Dying because you followed me. Now I feel the need to impress you with my tweets…

You laughed. A few minutes later he tweeted again.

            @Ashton5SOS: I like bananas.

You just shook your head, feeling the stress over your latest video disappear with Ashton’s words.

'Best friend' does my makeup//Joe Sugg

Anon asked:

Can you write one where y/n had a secret crush on Joe and they do something like “best friend does my makeup challenge” and it leads them to confess their love for each other? Thanks!

Do an imagine where you are one of the biggest you tubers and Joe is In love with you. You two make a a video together and it goes on from there. Please.


Sure thing loves. Again I can’t apologise enough for the wait time, but I hope this makes up for it!

“Pleeeaaaseee Y/N!” Joe whined. He had been trying for about 15 minutes, to convince you to do the ‘boyfriend does my makeup' challenge. However, You didn’t have a boyfriend, nor did Joe have a girlfriend. You had become inseparable through YouTube, so therefore it would be 'My best friend does my makeup’. You’d be lying if you said you had no feelings towards Joe whatsoever.. Oh who were you kidding. You were pretty much in love with the boy since the first day you met him! Your heart rate increased ten to the dozen even if your hands brushed. You were pretty sure that he didn’t like you, besides, he’d been talking about this girl that he really liked for a while now, always asking you for advice. It was torture, but you couldn’t tell him.

“But I’ll look stupid!” You argued, rolling your eyes.

“No you won’t. I’ll actually try, please..” He then played the one card that he always knew would work. The puppy dog face. It made your heart melt, every time.

“Fine, fine I’ll do it.” You agreed half-heartedly, letting out a loud sigh.

“Thank you Thank you Thank you Y/N!” Joe said, wrapping his arms around you in a tight grip.



“Hello everyone, so today I decided to do something that’s been very highly requested, and that is the 'My boyfriend does my makeup challenge.’ However I am lacking in that department, as I don’t actually have a boyfriend, so I’ve had to call in this big goof!” You explained, as Joe popped into view of the camera from the floor. “Hello!!” He exclaimed. You both knew that the viewers got very excited when the two of you collabed. So many people had shipped you, and you actually hated it, as it just made you want him more.

“So this is Joe for those of you who don’t know, and he is going to act as my substitute boyfriend for this video.” You looked over at Joe to see him wiggle his eyebrows at the camera. You’d have to zoom on that when you edited.

“Right so.. foundation first is that right?” Joe asked, picking up the glass bottle. “I’m not telling, you’re the one who wanted to do this!" You pointed out.

"Oh fudge it.” Joe said, unscrewing the cap, he knew fully well he wasn’t allowed to swear in your main channel videos, you have a lot of young viewers. He began to violently apply the foundation to your face, with a blusher brush.

“Ow!” You complained, as he scratched your skin with the brush.

“Don’t complain, beauty is pain right.” He sassed, making you chuckle.

“If you say so.”

Next, Joe straight for powder. “Are you sure you don’t want to add something to accentuate my features?" You asked, hinting that he should add some concealer and contouring. He looked thoughtful for a minute before a light went off in his head and he immediately reached for the bronzer. "Good.” You said simply.

He grabbed a brush, and swirled it heavily in the powder. Without tapping or blowing it, he brushed it along the tops of your cheekbones, and you let out a little laugh. “OH CRAP!” He exclaimed, making you jump out of your seat. “You actually look like you’ve been punched.” He started wiping your cheek with his hand, trying to blend the orange line he’d created. It was then that you noticed the closeness of the two of you. You felt a swarm of butterflies in the pit of your stomach. You pushed them down and replied, “You shouldn’t have got so much on the brush.” You hoped that your tone had been even enough to disguise your growing nerves. “You know what, I’m just gonna move onto eyes, I’m good at that.” He stated.

“Ok go for it.” You laughed, calming yourself a little.

Before you knew it, you had a light pink coating of eye shadow on your eyelids, and Joe was now attempting to perfect a winged eyeliner look. “Eurghh this is impossible!” He complained.

“No it’s not, you can do it, I believe in you.” You said, overdramatically.

He smiled that incredible smile, making your heart flutter. “Why do you even wear this stuff, you’re beautiful without it!” You felt a lump in your throat, did you just imagine that. “No I’m not.” You mumbled, trying to hide your love fro him. Joe placed down the brush on your bed and tilted your chin up with his index finger. “I’m not kidding Y/N. I could be in a room full of beautiful women and I’d still only be looking at you. You’re my favourite kind of beautiful.” You eyes widened, and Joe blushed slightly in realisation of what he’d just let slip. “What..what about the girl you like?” You stuttered.

“You really didn’t know, Y/N that girl is you!” He then placed a hand on your cheek stroking it with his thumb, you placed your hand on the back of his neck, and it was like slow motion, your lips collided, and moved slowly in sync. When you pulled apart, the pair of you were grinning widely. “It’s always been you.”

Fair to say that the video took a great deal of editing, the camera having been rolling the entire time.

A/N:I hoped you liked this. I love you all, thank you for being so patient!

Just Learning - Luke

Requested by anon - can you do an imagine where Luke is teaching (y/n) to play guitar but their best friends and it’s all cute and they like kiss in the end or something?? THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ACCOUNT SO MUCH❤️❤️❤️😻😻

Aww! Thanks. I hope this is what you wanted!

“First of all Y/N, you have your hands all wrong” Luke tells me as he adjusts my position. He has wanted to teach me guitar for months but he has been on tour. He sent me videos while he was out and I learned some of the cords and was able to make it sound recognizable. He face timed me a few times and that helped but I don’t know why I’m locking up all of the sudden. When he adjusted me I begun to relax slightly. 

“Why am I such shit at this?” I groan. 

“You’re not. You just have to get use to it is all. Come on, try Amnesia.” I take a deep breath and try to remember how it starts. Clearly I do it wrong because he comes and sits behind me. He wraps his arms around mine and leans in. He says the cords softly in my ear and it comes to me. Soon Luke is singing along with the tune. I don’t know when I stop playing but I give him the guitar and stand. 

“I have to pee” I say suddenly and walk out of the room. My face is flush and my head is swimming with the weirdest thoughts of Luke. We have been best friends for 15 years, what the hell changed to make me feel this way? I take what feels like the five hundredth deep breath for the day and walk back in. 

“You okay?” 

“Yeah, just felt a little funny” I answer. It’s not a lie but I won’t tell him what the word ‘funny’ means. 

“We can stop.”

“No, it’s fine. I feel better now.” I sit back down next to him and hold the guitar like he showed me. He picks up a different one and we play Long Way Home. 

“That was awesome!” He says excitedly.

“You did awesome” I say less enthusiastic. 

“Don’t do that.”


“You did amazing for someone who is just learning.”

“I’m trying my best but it’s still so bad.”

“One day you are going to come on stage with me and …”

“Never gonna happen” I laugh. 

“Isn’t your job as best friend to make me happy?” He cocks an eyebrow with a smirk.

“I’m not sure that includes playing a guitar horribly in front of thousands of people” I reply with an eye roll.

“Fine, will you at least jam with the rest of the guys?”

“If they don’t make fun of me.”

“They would never make fun of a pretty girl.” I blush and Luke gives a small smile before looking down at his hands. 

“You’re just saying that so I do it.”

“I’m serious” he looks up through his lashes before squaring his shoulders. “I just” he starts but then leans in and kisses me. My heartbeat speeds up and my brain stops working.

“Oh” I say after we pull apart.

“I’m sorry” he panics and stands. “I shouldn’t have assumed that you felt the same.”

“Wait” I stop him by reaching out and grabbing his hand. “I do” I say softly.

“You do?” he is shocked. 

“That’s why I left before. I admit. “I didn’t have to pee, it’s just that you were so close and for some reason it felt different then before.”

“I felt it too.”

“This is so cliche” I laugh.


“Best friends to lovers.”

“Who is lovers?” Calum asks, eyes wide. Luke and I both jump. “No way! MIKEY” he yells. “You owe me!”

“Why” Michael asks confused. His eyes lock on Luke and my intertwined hands. “Shit.”

“Come on lovers, Lunch is on Mikey” Cal teases. 

“So you’re cool with this?” I question.

“We were all waiting for you two boneheads to realize it” Michael tells us. 

“I guess we are a thing now” I tell Luke.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way” he smiles. 

“Me neither Lukey, me neither.”



Request from anon: Could you make a sad imagine about Y/N and Sam being together but only because other guys made a bet that he couldn’t make her fall in love with him but he does, and he falls for her too, but she finds out? Thanks!


~Plays video from 6 months ago.~

“Let’s make a bet.” Rupp says. “What’s the bet?” Sam questions. “I bet you can’t make Y/N fall in love with you.” “And if I do?” “I’ll be your slave for a month. Anything you want, anytime.” Rupp says. “Deal.” Rupp and Sam shake hands. “Do you really want to do this Sam? She’s not even your type.” G says. “Yeah, once she falls for me, I’ll just break it to her that I’m not feeling it anymore but we can still be friends.” “What if you fall for her?” G asks. “Highly doubt it. She’s not my type.” “That’s rough dude. Don’t do that to her.” J says. “It’s cool. She’ll never fall for Sam anyways. She has standards.” Nate jokes. “And I definitely reach her standards and beyond.” Sam laughs. “Sam I don’t think this is a good idea.” J says. “It’s fine. Relax Johnson.” Sam brushes Johnson off. 

 “I’m sorry….” J frowns, locking his phone after showing me the video of the bet. I quickly wipe the tears that fell down my cheeks, trying to hide the pain that it just caused me. “Hey, I’m sorry. Come here.” J saw that I started crying more so he hugs me. “I was just a bet?” I said softly. He just rubbed my back to make me feel better. 

The next day, I felt so numb, my face was just emotionless. I started packing all the things Sam gave me since we met, sweaters, shirts, pants, rings, letters, pictures, everything. I put it in a box, set it next to me on the couch and sat there, staring at the blank TV. 2 hours later, Sam walks in happy, plopping next to me, kissing my cheek, telling me about his day. I was zoned out, not listening to a word he says until he catches my attention, “Y/N? Y/N! What’s in the box?” He sits up, looking over to the other side of me. I grab the box and hand it to him. He looks through it and realizes it all of the things he has given me. “Wh-why is this out? Why is it in a box? What’s going on?” His face drops. 

“I don’t want to be with you anymore.” I say dull. “Wh-what do you mean? I thought we were going great! We weren’t fighting, we weren’t at each other’s necks, what happened? What’s wrong? What is making you do this? Are you okay? Did something happen?” He puts a hand on my thigh. I brush off his hand, and stare at the blank tv again. “Y/N, talk to me. Please.” His voice starts to get weak. “Just leave.” I say bluntly. “No, I’m not leaving until you give me a reason why you are doing this!” 

“You won your stupid bet now you can go! You don’t have to be in my life anymore. You don’t have to try to make me fall in love with you anymore because I did. And since I did, you won your stupid little bet and now you can go. Now please, just, leave.” My voice became shaky. “H-how did you,” I cut him off, “There’s a video Sam. J showed me. He said it has gone way too long for him to just sit back and let it happen and watch me get hurt. And here I am, hurting so much.” Tears running down my face. “I loved you Sammy. I gave you and showed you my world all for a bet? All because you wanted to prove a point? How could you do this to me…” I looked at him. 

“No, no, no! Y/N PLEASE! Yes, it was a bet a first but during the whole process, I fell in love with you too. Please, please believe me. I fell so deeply in love with you and I didn’t mean to, but I did, and I don’t regret it at all.” He grabs my hand in his. I just slowly pull my hands away, “I wish, I wish I could believe you, but-but I just can’t. I can’t.” I bury my face in my hands, crying. Sam wraps his arms around me, rubbing my back, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done this because of a bet. But this bet was the best thing that could happen to me. It created us. It created a new me. It created something new for me to love. It created a whole new world and I love this world. Please, I love you Y/N and I don’t want to lose you…” His head rests on mines.

“Yes, at the beginning, it was a bet. But do you want to know the first time I started realizing I had feelings for you?” He pulls my face up from my hands, wiping my tears with his thumbs. He then digs through the box, and got out a sweater. “After a month of going on dates, and talking, and hanging out, and getting to know each other. When we were on your rooftop, lying down just talking about life and everything you could think of, you started getting cold, but didn’t want to leave because you just wanted to keep looking at the stars so I gave you my sweater. I looked at you smile and love the way the stars looked, kept interest in the things we kept talking about, you were so open, and heartfelt, and passionate about everything we talked about. After that night, I knew that I have fallen for you because that is the night I always want to relive. That is my favorite moment together. That’s my favorite moment in this world because it was the day I knew I loved you. The day I knew I wanted you in my life forever. Yes, you gave me your world, but I gave you mine too. I gave you my heart and soul too. So please, believe me when I say, I love you!” He cups my cheeks in his hands, kissing my forehead. 

“It may have started as a bet, but it’s ending with a relationship.” 

Eggs (C.D & Magcon+Sammy Imagine)

Request By Anon: Hi! Can you do imagine where y/n , cameron and nash are filming video and other boys are here too and then they gonna throw eggs on each other including y/n? Thanks. ❤️ and if you will write it when it will be up? Ily!😘


“Hello everyone it’s Y/n here with Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas—” I was cut off by a perky Tez “And me!” He peeked his head in from the side, “And Tez!” I giggled as Nash through my throw pillow at him. “So today we’re gonna do a mega challenge, much like the one JC and Kian did and if you want to you can check that out here.” We pointed where I was gonna edit in the vid.

“That’s enough chitchat lets do this!” Cameron cheered. “Also a lot of the guys are here so please excuse their rudeness.” I playfully rolled my eyes. Tez and Nash were partners, so that left Cam and I to team up. “First things first–”

“I’M THE REALEST!” Johnson jumped infront of the Camera. “I’ll chop your balls off if you don’t get away Jack.” I said playfully. Then out of no where he got hit with an egg and I heard Hayes burst into a fit of laughter. Then Sammy came out of the kitchen and threw one at Nash; who wiped it off and rubbed it in Cameron’s hair. “Really dude?” He chuckled. “Um guys did y'all forget about the video?” I huffed in annoyance.

But they didn’t pay attention eggs were flying everywhere then one got in my hair and everyone stopped starring at me with wide expressions. “HELL NO!” I fussed grabbing eggs from Gilinsky’s cart and just starting swing them at anybody. We laughed and during the mist of the egg battle I headed to my camera doing my outtro and turning off my camera.