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Hey!! can i request a fake text about a fight with jungkook where the jungkook is being snappy but they're havinf a normal conversation but the reader catches on and like they have af ight and jungkook ends up saying something like "youre clingy" or anything else that really hurts her and then tries to make it up to her?? the ending is up to you happy/sad. i hope i made some sense!!! thank you <3

Hello anon, sorry this took a while! 

following my latest obsession (aka laziness) i’ll divide this into two parts as well. This is part ONE. 


Edit: I’ve corrected all the mistakes in the photoset. Let me know if you find something wrong with the order!



Part 2 is up, check it out!

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FP Jones x Reader- Figure it out

Thank you anon for the request! As I stated before everyone in this fic is legal age, and the reader will be older than Jug. I also made it so FP was young when he had Jug, but there was still a large gap.

Anyway I am so so sorry this was late. Aaaaah I hate that this was so late. I hope I wrote it to your standards and you like it ^^ If not please let me know and I will try to fix it. Also thank you so, so much for the well wishes you sweetheart <3 Hope you are doing well anon!

I don’t know yet if I will continue to allow age differences like this in my writing as I wasn’t too keen on writing it. I wasn’t a big fan but I did want to get this one written, as I said I would

Warnings: Age difference, swearing, implied smut

Words: 2160


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What're your voice head canons for the skellie boys?

ohhhh anon, anon, anon.

bless you.

… i totally have a thing for voices, talking or singing, so i may… spend way too often thinking about this sort of thing. so! brief disclaimer, these are sort of just my ‘tends towards’ voice headcanons-  there are a ton of super talented voice actors out there, and so whenever i hear a clip i really like i’m liable to think ‘yep that voice = this character’… but, that said, here are some headcanons i like to entertain more often than not, with bonus clips from youtube of the voice/singer (almost all of these are guys singing so yknow, take that as you will).

UT Sans - JT Machinima’s commonly-used voice! i know he did a specific rap for Undertale, but i particularly like the version he used for Bendy here:

UT Pap - Jack Skellington. YES. DAMMIT. YOU HEARD ME. JUST. okay, keep an open mind, and listen to Jack’s Lament, and then judge me after you think about Pap and his voice some, okay. >v>;;;

UF Sans - crashboombanger. i know, major fandom bias, yadayadayada, but i just love his UF Sans. and uh, the first ever time i tried lip syncing something - Dec 2016, and posted on my old youtube - was with a UF Sans clip he did, and so woops i guess you’re going to see that because i can’t find the original clip on CBB’s blog anymore. (ahhh geez don’t judge the animation too hard, it really was my first lip sync attempt and before i really got into it all;;;)

UF Pap - Dr. Facilier. i know, he has an accent, but… just think of the possibilities. that smooth talking asshole, with a penchant for power and being far more clever than people give credit for…? mmm.

US Sans - Casey Abrams, aka one of my favorite guy singers who works with Postmodern Jukebox! a mix of a deep voice with occasional higher tendencies, but with a certain rich and super-emotive quality that i think fits Blue really well. TvTb

US Pap - Ashe. he’s the one who sung the cover i did that little animation loop with a few days ago, actually! annnd it looks like i’m out of ‘video links’ for this post, so check out Ashe’s cover of I’m Just Your Problem and think about Stretch here. ;D

SF Sans - Brendon Urie (Panic! at the Disco). ahhhh, gods, i debated over him for awhile. there’s actually a few different voices i really like for him, but i’ll stick with Brendon Urie for now, particularly bc i like the pair with SF Pap. check out one i particularly like for him/his voice - a piano version of This is Gospel Brendon Urie did.

SF Pap - Thorin Oakenshield. yes, dwarf king guy from the Hobbit. yessss, with his accent. just… check out this, check out the song from the first movie, and imagine Russ singing it… (and now i’ve given myself Feelings and also chills)

HT Sans - CK9C… a youtube fansong guy, basically! particularly, for HT Sans, the singer in this portion of a Bendy and the Ink Machine fansong he did. oooo, boi howdy. the underlying promise and threat. (the HT bros are the ones i’m least decided on, honestly… outside of this sort of voice, i also like really really deep voices for Axe.)

HT Pap - Woodkid. wanna give yourself some feelings? here ya go, listen to this while thinking about him singing it. i also imagine the accent pulling a bit from HT Paps’ mouth being so messed up… and then i give myself more feelings.

G!Sans- Arctic Monkeys lead… because of course. dammit. no matter what, i like him with an accent from the british isles, just saying. check out this song in particular.

G! Pap- Dan Stevens in Beast form from the live action Beauty & the Beast movie. particularly when he sings Evermore. ffff, i rarely see anything about G!Paps headcanons. i apparently love pain, so i like to think about all the possibilities and heartaches (but then all the soul-bonding happiness potential because i have to have a happy ending for him oh stars please).

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u mentioned in smthn recently kevin "getting drunk with Neil and Jean on the anniversary of Riko’s death and collecting reasons why Riko deserved to die." which is just such a sick concept, could u write that scene??

Hello dear followers, readers and above all, lovely mutuals <3 as some of you might have noticed, I have not filled any prompts recently. That is because I moved to another town, started my first actual real adult job, started writing my first actual novel (woo) and generally had lots of stress, and ABOVE ALL no (fucking) wifi. As I am typing this, I’m sitting in my friendly neighbourhood starbucks and holding on to their free wifi (thank you, starbucks.)

I have gotten so many sweet anon messages from people asking if I was alright, and letting me know they support me and look forward to more writing. And all of those messages were so incredibly sweet and good for me and my mental state. It’s all a little hard rn, trying to be an actual adult, and so that was really… nice to hear. A big fat Thank you to everybody who messaged me. I hope we soon have wifi, and I can be online more again. Until then, please be patient with me. You can still send prompts ofc, but you might have to wait a little until I’m filling it. 

You guys keep me want to write, and just… thank you. This fandom is such a nice community. <3

alright, enough with the sappy shit, let’s get on with this. This contains Jerejean because i love them. Sorry not sorry. 

Not beta’d. Sorry :D 

It’s been a year, and they are drawn together like some kind of gravity is working its power on them. Some sick force, pulling them together by their bad memories, their trauma, their common denominator. 

Riko Moriyama.

He’s been under the earth for a whole year now, dead and probably rotting away in his grave. They have to remember it from time to time, that he’s gone.

Kevin, when his hand hurts when the weather changes, or when he looks at Wymack showing him thumbs up after a particularly good game and he feels like he’s dreaming.

Jean, when he traces the lines on his body, so many scars, all of them inflicted by Riko. The scars in his soul aren’t traceable, but he knows they’re there, too, when Jeremy hugs him and Jean tenses up for just a second before relaxing and remembering he is allowed to hug back, he is allowed to bury his nose in Jeremy’s hair and enjoy this for himself. 

Neil has to remember it when he looks at Andrew sometimes, and when he looks in the mirror and sees the marred skin of his cheek where the “4″ had been. 

It’s Renee who asks Jean to spend the weekend with them. Jean reluctantly agrees. Jeremy doesn’t try to talk him out of it at all, even though Jean had half expected him. Jean and Kevin haven’t talked since the day Jean left to join the Trojans. 

He’s nervous when he arrives at the airport. But Renee is there with her colorful hair and her sweet smile. And it’s alright.



They stand in the doorway awkwardly, facing each other. Kevin still looks the same. But at the same time, he doesn’t. His hair is growing longer. Back at the nest, this haircut would have been unacceptable. 

“You… had it covered up.”, Kevin says relucantly, pointing to his own cheek where the queen chess piece covers his number 2. Jean touches his own fingertips to his own tattoo. 


Kevin avoids his gaze. “…good for you. I-… uh, I heard you’re getting on well with… with the Trojans, and… it’s… is it… are you…?” He looks up, and Jean wants to slap him suddenly.  

“No.”, he simply replies, answering Kevin’s unasked question. “…I’m not alright. But I’m better.” 

Kevin chews on his bottom lip and nods curtly. “…good.”, he eventually says. “Good.” 

Jean likes Neil, for some reason. He has more of a spine than Kevin, and he doesn’t ask Jean any nonsensical questions. 

Jean isn’t quite sure why Neil is dating Minyard now, but he seems happy with him. Jean sees him smile across the table at Andrew when they’re out for pizza in the evening. 

The Foxes seem to have grown closer. Everyone is invited for the dinner, and Jean notices that they seem… friendlier together. Maybe that’s why they’re a better team now. Not maybe, definitely. 

Jean texts Jeremy under the table. Renee sees and just smiles, patting his thigh. 

They get drunk. Of course they do. 

Kevin is still an alcoholic, Jean knows that much. Some bad habits don’t die. And tonight, on the anniversary of Riko’s death, Jean, too, needs a drink. Or several. 

They end up on the court. Jean doesn’t really remember how. The ceiling spins above him as he stretches out on the polished wooden floor. He distantly remembers Minyard driving them here. But now they’re alone, Neil, Kevin and him. Why? Whose idea was that…? Jean can’t remember.

“He’s… he’s fucking dead…”, Kevin eventually says into the big silence of the court. 

“He deserved it.”, Neil adds, and there is no regret in his voice. He spits the words out with the honesty Jean admires about him. 

A strangled noise escapes Kevin. “Don’t…don’t say that.” 

Neil, who has been lying on his back as well, sits up and points at Kevin. “He fucking did deserve it. He broke your hand. He cut me up into pieces. He treated Jean like a dog.”

Jean doesn’t flinch. But something in his chest stirs. “…he was a bad person.” The words come out lazily and slowly. 

Neil grunts in agreement. 

They fall silent again.

After several minutes, right when Jean’s eyes threaten to fall close, Kevin speaks again. His voice is quiet, timid, almost. “…do you remember when he broke my nose?”, he asks, and it’s clear that it’s directed at Jean. 

Jean does remember. It was one of the rare occasions Riko had actually taken out his rage on Kevin instead of Jean. 

“…he slammed the butt of his racket into your face.”, Jean drawls with a low sigh. “…later that night, he let Jake fuck me.” Jean has never talked about that with Kevin. He is sure Kevin knew though, back then. 

There was another silence, until Neil says, “…we should make a list.” 

“What list?” Jean slowly rolls to his side. His stomach grumbles unhappily, filled with liquor. 

“Reasons why Riko deserved to die- stop choking, Kevin.” 

Kevin is coughing now, red in the face, pressing a hand to his sternum. When he speaks, his voice is an octave higher than usual. “Reasons…?” He is clearly scandalized. Old habits die hard. 

“Yes, let’s.”, Jean agrees after a moment. “Reason one, he fucked up Kevin Day.” 

Kevin glares at Jean. Jean doesn’t know how Kevin isn’t going cross eyed. He has half a bottle of vodka in his system, after all. 

“Reason two, the stupid fucking tattoos.”, Neil adds, and to his own surprise, Jean laughs. 

“Fuck yeah.” 

“Reason three.” Jean and Neil go quiet when Kevin speaks. “…he… he told me I was nothing without him, and he broke my hand.” 

“Reason four.”, Neil adds, “…he was an egocentric, manic and manipulative asshole.” 

Jean nodds strongly. “…yes.” 

Another silence settls over them. 

“…he forbade me to speak french. …that’s reason five.”, Jean adds after a moment. 

“You did, anyway.” Kevin is smiling down at his own hands when Jean looks over to him. 


“Reason six: he was bad with knives.” Neil runs a thumb over a scar right above his elbow. 

As Jean tries to think of another reason, something ridiculous comes to his mind, and he has to laugh again. It feels weird to laugh, especially about Riko, about this, but laughing makes the tight feeling in his chest losen up. 
“Reason seven should be the way he pronounced ‘court’. It always sounded like… card.” It’s lame, a lame reason, but he’s still laughing, and now, Neil is too. 

“It did. Caaaahrt.” 

Jean snorts because he is laughing so hard. “Fuck, yes.” 

Kevin isn’t laughing, but smiling. 

Neil’s and Jean’s laughter dies down after some time, and silence settles over the Foxhole court again. 

“…he’s really dead.”, Kevin says into it after several minutes. “He’s dead. Riko is dead.” 

Jean thinks Kevin sounds like he’s tasting every syllable of the sentence in his mouth.

Scars and Healing Kisses (Polyhamilsquad x reader)

A/N: Hello Lovely Wonderful People!! Here’s another request! I really liked the way this one came out and I hope you all enjoy it! To the Anon who requested this, I hope this okay for you, if not please let me know, and I’ll do a rewrite! I hope you’re all having a great day/night!

Request: Hamilsquad x reader, reader is sexually harassed/abused by someone, the boys think they have been acting weird lately, they assume reader was planning breakup/ cheating on them All yell and get mad at reader only to later find out the truth, heavy angst with w/ comfort, fairly happy ending, thank youu :3



TW: sexual harassment, unwanted touching, some curse words




You had been with your boys for two years now, and living together felt so natural that the transition wasn’t difficult at all, and you loved waking up with them everyday. You had only moved in six months ago, but it felt like you had been there for years already. You were in your last year of college, and it felt like it was years ago that you were in your second year and had met Laf.



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Damsel in the Street’s

Request: Could you do a cute Peter/Spiderman where the reader has bad luck and always find herself in trouble and he saves her all the time?? Love love love you and your writing. (I wish I wasn’t so shy to come off anon but I love your stories!)

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Thank you very much love <3 don’t be shy, or at least not to me!

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: none.

Tag’s List: @super-river-walker - @deathofthethrones - @cynicallyxoptimistic
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The first time you saw Spider-Man, your bag had just been stolen. It wasn’t your fault, like most times it was never a victims fault, and the man had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, snatching the bag from your arm. After you’d shouted in alarm and chased after him for a good while, Spider-Man had jumped down in front of the thief. Needless to say the thief had been knocked out and your bag was returned. 

At the time you’d thought nothing of it, Spider-Man was a hero. You’d always thought that.

The second time Spider-Man saved you, it was much more drastic. You’d been in the deli getting you and your mom dinner for that night, when a suddenly beamed had began slicing through the walls. A second after, fire had emitted, and Mr. Delmar had snatched you, bringing you behind the counter. Seconds after the fire had started, Spider-Man swooped in, saving you, Mr. Delmar and his beautiful cat.

Again, you’d thought nothing of it. 

The third time you’d been in the presence of Spider-Man, this was partway your fault. Well, your fault in the way that maybe you should’ve been a bit more careful. It was later in the evening on a fine Saturday evening, and you were returning from hanging out with some friends. The streets were mainly empty, so that was probably a first sign. After a bit of walking, a hand had wrapped around your mouth and your body was slammed into the back of an alleyway. Whatever the man wanted, you never knew because Spider-Man appeared the second you’d mumbled a scream.

At this point you were more than thankful, but couldn’t help but think that first; you managed to get into tricky situations a lot. And second; Spider-Man was appearing more quicker than normal.

The fourth time Spider-Man saved your ass, he probably didn’t really need to save it. Nothing drastic, no robberies, no fires and no creepy man late at night. You tripped, your foot hit the edge of the sidewalk and your body moved to go tumbling down. But hands grabbed your elbows, stopping you from falling before steadying you back on your two feet. You hadn’t even seen him appear. He just did. Like he was there already. And the minute you went to say something, he rushed out a goodbye, shot out a web and left.

Now you were a bit suspicious.

The fifth and final time Spider-Man appeared, he didn’t really appear. You did, mainly. You’d been entering the room of your long-time best friend, it was friend night, which meant the two of you went out and got dinner together wherever you felt like. You hadn’t knocked because well, you never did and swung the door open. What you saw definitely wasn’t what you expected, but didn’t really surprise you.

Peter Parker, A.K.A your best friend, was clad in the same red and blue suit you’d seen Spider-Man in multiple times.

And then it clicked.

“It all makes sense now!”

Midnight Circus -drabble- | #3 #24

Originally posted by ggukz

Anon: #24 and #3 for midnight circus please! 💖

#3. “You’re skirt was hiking up, I fixed it.”

#24. “I dare you to kiss me.”

author’s note: I don’t know what to say, it’s exciting I guess. Midnight Circus’ plot is very linked to this, so read the series if you’re looking to follow it🌸Thanks for requesting🌱

How long are they gonna be in there?” You grumbled, crossing your arms. You were in the passengers seat, Jungkook on the drivers side, Beah and Tae left to get popcorn and it’s taking them longer than necessary. He let out an exasperated sigh, reclining his seat a bit. When you looked at him you had to remind yourself of who you were really looking at—Jeon Jungkook. The neon lights from the signs and the flashing light from the drive in screen illuminated his features beautifully. He was too pretty, too breathtaking to be who he really was. Heartless with an ungodly presence, he seemed to embody temptations of the flesh.

“I’m cold…” He mumbled, looking to you with half lidded eyes. His hand lingered on his thigh as if to tease you. You swallowed, directing your attention back to the movie. He knew what you were thinking—he’s come to take pride in his apparent control over your will but that’s not about to happen.

“Come here, warm me up…” He let his legs drift farther apart, giving you room to crawl over to him. He decided he’d see how willing you were to resist. He moved his finger, signaling you to come like one would a pet.

“No.” You said that almost immediately, insisting on keeping your dignity in this car.

He grinned. “I dare you to.” 

“What’re you? Twelve? I said no. For someone who hates me, you sure won’t leave me the hell alone…” You hissed, crossing your arms as you leaned against the door—you didn’t even want to look at him, but you could hear him shifting around restlessness.

“I don’t know, you’re just fun to play with I guess…” His hand traveled to your thigh. “Other girls would already be half naked and on me by now, but not you. You’re more entertaining than that, so…why don’t you come make yourself comfortable on my lap…like you did the other night.” You figured he wouldn’t shut up until you engaged him.

“Jungkook, stop…I don’t know why you keep doing this but I’m not falling for it again.” It sounded like you were trying to convince yourself—what you two were doing was toxic and wrong. The tension grew slowly. He sat up and you could’ve sworn he looked a little irritated, like he was frustrated but didn’t want to say it.

“I dare you to kiss me Y/N…” He paused, catching you off guard with such a bold request. “I know it makes your heart beat out of your chest, it’s like a shot of adrenaline, I know that better than anyone. I think that’s one thing we can agree on, physically, we get along just fine…” His eyes were dark and he had bad intentions laced in his words.

“That’s the most shallow thing I’ve ever heard in my life, you should be ashamed of yourself. A relationship based on the physical is- is just- just lust, it’s unhealthy and I want no part of it-” He grabbed your jaw, gently cutting you off by pressing a firm kiss to your lips. 

It’s happening again—you melted like ice under his fiery finger tips. His peachy pink lips were the key to your willingness, even just peck made you feel sparks. Like a rag doll he picked you up and pulled you on to his visibly toned thighs, breaking the kiss in his wake.

You just gazed into each other’s eyes, waiting for the other to speak. Your hands pressed against his chest while his hands rested on your hips. He took this chance to press a kiss to your collarbone, the most lethal place to kiss. As nice as his lips were, you saw Tae and Beah in the distance, with more than a bag of popcorn.

“They-…” You cleared your throat, guilt washing over you slowly. “They’re coming back with the popcorn…I- I have to pee…” You opened the drivers side door, quickly trying to get out of your current position before anyone sees. You got out and just as you were about to walk off, Jungkoook pulled you back by your waist.

“Jungkook, please.” That sounded whinier than you intended and he laughed a little. You tried to get his hands off by he only continued his efforts.

“Your skirt was hiking up, I fixed it.” He gave you a sweet smile, letting you walk off to the small drive inn restrooms.

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Hey Chlo! Can you suggest some really good bechloe fics? Thanks x

Hey there, Anon! I sure can!

So I have done fics recs in the past and maybe you’d like to check them first HERE …and some new ones:

Faces by @lifeisbechloe

Wow. Thanks For Letting Me Know, Heart. by bellawrites

Perdition by morningsound15 (ugh, it’s TOO good)

I Don’t Want Us To Burn Out by Permanence29

And I Opened Up My Eyes, I Saw The Sign by dandelion3455

Only Human by @01shane01 (most original story I’ve read so far)

The Teacher and The DJ by emmaface

Pitch Perfect 3: An Unofficial Next Story (The slowest burn I’ve ever read, and I’ve read Experimentation) by RJRMovieFan

Don’t Stop by littlepip ( Read their other bechloe fics too, trust me)

Entirely Intoxicating by DforDanika

Expecting the Unexpected by JustKeepShipping1

Closer by Swanqueenfic13 (and read all their bechloe fics on your way in there)

I Promise You sequel to I Dare You by BlackLightning1212

Forgive Me These November Days by obstinate_questionings

Playtime by Redlance (BONUS SMUT for you)

Lionhearted - Part 1 - Nessian fic

Summary: Modern AU - Nesta and Cassian run into each other frequently due to her sister’s engagement to his best friend, and the encounters never go the way either of them want. Tension boils over at the rehearsal dinner and then the next day at the wedding, where they say and do things they can’t take back.

Notes: Thanks to @blxckbeak and @acourtofstarsanddreams for talking to me about this fic! More specifically, about Nesta. Also I want to tag @christina-dh because she asked for me to tag her in a certain type of fic if I wrote it… which, the thing doesn’t happen until the second part, but I don’t want to spoil it. :) And I hope the anon who sent me this prompt also enjoys it! (The prompt was “the hills are alive with the sound of bullshit”.)

I’ve never written a modern AU, plus it’s nessian, so… let me know what you think!

AO3 linkage


Lionhearted (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

The evening before Feyre and Rhysand’s wedding, Nesta prepared for the rehearsal dinner by getting a drink alone. The bar of the hotel had seemed like as good a place as any for an over-priced gin and tonic, especially if it meant she didn’t have to wander alone down the sidewalk and be subjected to the inevitable leering of men who hung out on the city street corners at all hours of the day. She could play nice and support her sister, but she knew she needed something extra to smooth her sharper edges before she showed up at the restaurant. Edges that would inevitably come up against a certain infuriating best man. And combined with the fact that her father would be there… yes, she definitely needed this drink.

Sipping from her glass slowly, she listened to the hum of quiet conversation just outside the bar in the cavernous lobby of her hotel, to the first tentative sounds coming from the instruments of the jazz band that was setting up for the evening. She had chosen a hotel where few of the other guests were staying, a decision that she had explained to her sisters as the result of poor last-minute planning, but really had more to do with not wanting to be surrounded by the sycophants who clamored for her future brother-in-law’s attention. The kind of power that Rhysand’s family wielded would ensure security for her sister - for all of them, really - but Nesta had no intention of being caught up with his crowd.

She was seated at the end of the bar, close to where the bartender was cleaning glasses. There was no use in sitting too far away from the man with the bottle, she figured. Nesta was sure that no one she knew would show up here, at a generic hotel bar. Among the many privileges of being on her own was the fact that she could pretend to be ignorant of the group’s plans of where to meet, when, to think about having to please everyone else first. She was responsible for and answered to no one but herself.

As she drank, she thought about Feyre and Elain, the recent changes to their lives that had them seeing a bit more eye-to-eye. A week ago she had talked to Feyre alone, for the first time in ages. The strain between them had become less and less, lately; in fact, it had been the first time that Nesta had spoken frankly to her sister about their mother, their father, the way that Feyre had had to take responsibility of the household when they were teens. Nesta and Elain had left as soon as they could, Elain moving in with her now-former fiancé as soon as she had graduated college and Nesta just… moving on.

Nesta had told herself that their father, if left to his own devices long enough, would figure out that he was needed. That maybe one day he would get his act together and take care of her younger sisters. By leaving the moment she turned 18, she thought she was washing her hands of her responsibility towards them, forcing him to take it on himself. That didn’t happen, though, and she watched from afar as Feyre struggled to pick up the slack at far too young an age.

She told herself that the anger she reserved was for him, but it had a habit of being aimed at the wrong people.

When she had met Feyre for lunch, Nesta hadn’t expected to rehash the past. But over salads and microbrews, the two had come to a sort of… détente, if not outright understanding. Nesta knew her youngest sister would be fine, had found a life worth living, whether she had Rhys or not. And Feyre knew that Nesta had done what she felt necessary at the time, though it had come from a resentful, scornful place. Growing older had the effect of putting their childhood in perspective, and they were both ready to put aside animosity.

Nesta had asked about Rhysand, about how Feyre had met him - there was an ex, someone Rhys knew, who had had a hard time letting go. Nesta had been… displeased to find that her sister had needed help in that way. That she had experienced something like this without reaching to her sisters for help. Not that she could blame her little sister. But if this Rhys was everything that Feyre claimed, then she could be happy for her. She would give him a chance. Which was why she had flown out here and had even helped her sister with some of the wedding planning.

Checking her phone for the time, Nesta saw that she had planned perfectly. She had enough time for a second drink before leaving for the dinner at a new Italian place that Mor had clued Feyre in on, the kind of place where they cured their own meat. Finishing the last sip of her drink, Nesta asked for another and was waiting patiently when a voice came from behind her, smooth and taunting.

“Nesta, sweetheart.”

Her shoulders stiffened and she closed her eyes, cursing under her breath. Shit shit shit… Of all the hotels in the city, of all the bars… Turning her head while keeping her body facing the bar, she answered him.


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I love your writing so much! Your Yoosung X MC X Seven headcons are soooo amazing. When are you doing more? If I can could I suggest doing some fluff like a date night with the three maybe a bedtime with the three.

(I got too excited when I got this message, first of all, thank you so much anon you’re so sweet <3 second! I’m currently working on a date night that’ll be done soon so I hope you’re okay with me going for the bedtime prompt~ I’m going to keep this sfw but if anyone wants a…not so sfw version let me know ;) )

-3AM ticked over on your computer as you continued to click away on whatever it was you were looking up
-Yoosung had finished playing his game awhile ago and decided to lazily lay down on the couch beside you
-It didn’t take long before he was dozing off, the soft feeling of you stroking his hair, head laying just beside your lap
-You looked over and smiled softly before leaning down to give him a small kiss
-You probably woke him up but he wasn’t complaining
-He smiled and let out a hum to spur you on so you kissed him a bit deeper, drawing the kiss out for a few minutes
-You both turned to look at Saeyoung who had turned his chair from his desk to look at you both, that smirk of a smile on his face
-”What about me~? You didn’t think you could get away without kissing me did you~?”
-You both roll your eyes, Yoosung being the first one to get up and go towards Saeyoung, putting his hands on either side of his jaw and giving him a deep kiss, pushing Saeyoung back in his chair
-They kept going and you rolled your eyes seeing Saeyoung lift a hand to motion you to come over as well
-You get up and stroll over, his hand coming around your waist and tugging you closer towards him
-When he pulls away from Yoosung you can see he was noticeably red, how Yoosung managed to fluster himself when he was the initiator, you had no idea but it was absolutely adorable
-You smile and push your lips gently to his, so soft that there’s hardly contact and he lets out an incredibly annoyed sound, trying to push up to deepen the kiss, only for you to pull away
-You can hear Yoosung chuckling beside you, and it only makes you want to do it more
-He pulls away and pouts at you, finally, his face stained with a beautiful soft pink now as well
-”Yoosung~ Could you please show ‘____’ how to please their god”
-Yoosung doesn’t waste much time basically jumping back into Saeyoung’s lap
-There was no end in Yoosung’s sight as he happily pressed deeper into the kiss
-You can’t help but giggle, it was such an adorable sight 
-With Yoosung still happily in his lap, Saeyoung starts pushing the rolling chair towards the bedroom, waving good bye to you as he runs off with Yoosung
-You of course chase after them, grabbing onto the back of the chair to halt it, bending over Saeyoung’s chair and cooing “Yoooosung~” 
-The boy finally pulls off Saeyoung and happily reaches over to pull you into a deep kiss
-The whines of annoyance and cries that this totally wasn’t fair were making you both smile against each other
-Yoosung pops off of Saeyoung and you both plop onto the bed and coo for him to come over 
-”No need to whine~ We’re all yours”
-The growl from Saeyoung is almost primal as he pushes himself out of the chair and jumps onto the bed and starts tickling you both to the best of his ability
-You all bust into laughter and jokingly try to break free from him
-After a couple of minutes you’re all panting from laughing so hard
-Yoosung and you nuzzle up to Saeyoung and start kissing him all over his face and neck
-You both loved spoiling him so much
-You also finally give him the deep slow kiss he wanted, he always says it’s so much sweeter when he has to work for it
-Of course after that Yoosung was wanting another from both of you as well
-You all pass out together snuggled up on the bed
-Yoosung passed out first, you and Saeyoung watching and whispering about how adorable he is
-You watched Saeyoung pass out next, head rested atop Yoosung’s, smiling softly with both his arms wrapped tightly around you both
-You happily drift off feeling so grateful for the two wonderful men beside you


anonymous asked:

Please more chubby daichi! ;u; your art is so great!

aaahh thank you!! <3 i don’t know if you’re asking for headcanons or art but uhh here!! have some squishy daichi based off this doggo :>

Bonfire at La Push

Paul Lahote x reader

Warnings- One kind of suggestive reference (it’s not graphic though) and occasional swearing

This is kind of like a part 2 to ‘Imagine moving to La Push and becoming good friends with the pack’. I wish i made it more flirty but my mind kept going blank sorry guys:( I guess Paul is more flirty than imaginable hahah. I was thinking, if any of you guys wanted, of doing different versions of part 2 with different pairings like one with reader x another pack member? If you guys like the sound of that and want me to write one for another character then inbox me and let me know, i have anons turned on <3

“Hello, i just love your account :3 If you have time, could you write an imagine in which Paul Lahote is teasing/flirting with Y/N after he met her at La Push with the pack ? Thank you :p” requested by @haydenthoughts<3

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Can’t Help Falling in Love

Character: Jungkook - BTS
Genre: Angst
AU: Fuckboy!Jungkook
Authors Note: You all have Challenge Anon to thank for this. <3 Also, please don’t ask for a part two as I won’t be writing one.

Enjoy and let me know what you think! ^^

- Admin T

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She’s mine

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader & Bangtan

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1395

Request: Can you please make a scenario where Jungkook, his wife, and 2 kids have family time with the other 7 members too? I’m sorry I’m in a fluffy mood :’)

↠ Masterlist | ↠ Ask/Request

Originally posted by sassyjungkooks

“Y/N-ah, can you please come here and help me?”

The moment you heard your husbands helpless voice, you chuckled and placed the last plate on the table and walked toward the siblings room. when you opened the door you gasped and your eyes opened widely. Jungkook was sitting on the floor, one hand holding a diaper and the other holding your three year old daughters legs, who was trying to turn around while your husband was struggling to bind the diaper around your daughters belly. Your son on the other hand was standing behind Jungkook, both arms wrapped around his fathers neck while he was trying to feed Jungkook from his own bottle. 

Taking out your phone, your recorded the moment without Jungkook noticing and when your son succeeded putting his own bottle in Jungkook’s mouth, you couldn’t hold it in and a loud laugh escaped your mouth.

All of them turned their head toward the door and your son, Haneul, started running toward you with his arms wide open. “Eommaaa!”

Picking him up, you kissed him on the cheek and walked to his sister, Hana, who was now trying to put her socks on, her father being finally successful with tying her diaper around her belly. 

When you sat in front of Jungkook you looked at his face. He looked really exhausted. You smiled at him and kissed his cheek. “Hey, you okay?”

He slumped his shoulders and leaned forward, nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck and shaking his head cutely. “No, this was harder than I thought.”

Chuckling at his respond, you placed a little kiss on top of his head. “You insisted to do it. I told you that it was not easy.”

From the corner of your eye you saw your little daughter pouting sadly. Walking slowly toward you, she placed herself on your lap and nuzzled her little head on the other side of your neck. “Hana wants a kiss too.”

Melting at her little voice, you placed a big kiss on her head wrapped your arm around her little frame. “I think someone is jealous.”

Seeing this, your son copied the movements his sister did seconds ago and kissed your nose. “Eomma loves me the most!”

Hearing this, your daughter shouted. “No, she loves me the most!”

“No, she loves me the most!” And this time it was Jungkook’s voice.

Standing up, you interrupted their little fight by clapping your hands. “Hey, hey. I love you all the same, okay? So please, let’s go down and prepare the last things for the dinner.”

They all nodded and stood up, ready to go downstairs. Reaching out for Hana’s and Haneul’s hand, you walked with them toward the door. “Ah, and Jungkook, I don’t know if you noticed this or if you’re liking the taste of Haneul’s milk but I think you should stop holding his bottle in your mouth. I don’t think you want to be seen by the boys like that.” 

The only thing you heard from Jungkook was a little gasp and a mumble. “Omg, I think I definitely lost my mind..”

The moment the siblings heard the door bell, they started running toward it. “Yeeey, the uncles are here.” they both said at the same time. 

The boys smiled at their cuteness, Taehyung already holding them both in his arms and laughing with them, while the others started taking their shoes off and hugging you tightly. 

Guiding them toward the dining room, you all sat around the table and started eating and talking. You were sitting between Jungkook and Jimin, Jimin already starting to tease his younger dongsaeng. “Mhm, Y/N, I missed your cooking so much. How can you be so talented and beautiful at the same time?”

You felt Jungkook shift beside you and looked at Jimin. He winked at you and leaned in your ear, whispering. “Let’s tease him a little bit.”

You smiled back at him as a sign that you would play along. “Thank you, Oppa. I think you’re really handsome and talented too.”

The moment you heard Jungkook clearing his throat, you looked up at the other boys. They were snickering too.

“Y/N, did you know that Jimin has a little crush on you since you two met-”

Before Yoongi could end his sentence, he was interrupted by an coughing Jungkook, who was literally choking on his drink. 

Patting his back, you looked at him worried. “Are you okay?”

However his eyes were fixed on Jimin, burning little holes in his head. “Hyung, what did Yoongi hyung say?”

Jimin was trying to hold in his laughter but Taehyung being Taehung started laughing and hearing him, everyone else started laughing too. “Yah, we were just joking, calm down.”

Jungkook on the other hand relaxed and took a deep breath. “Oh thank god, I thought Yoongi hyung-”

Suddenly, Jimin wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you toward himself, interrupting Jungkooks words. “But that doesn’t change the fact that I still think that she’s beautiful and talented.”

Jungkook started glaring again and reached out for your hand, pulling you toward himself and connecting your lips. You tried to lean back but he was holding you so tightly that you couldn’t move. You heard the boys groaning and shouting the words ‘Yah, the children are sitting here.’, ‘Yah, yah, get a room.’, ‘Omg, stop it you’re sinning my precious eyes’.

After what felt like ten years, Jungkook leaned back and wrapped his arms around you tightly. “I’m sorry, Hyung. She’s my wife and only belongs to me.”

You on the other hand were sitting there, looking like a tomato while covering your face with your hands. Could someone please think about you too?

After eating your dinner and cooling down from that embarrassing moment, you decided to play Tabu with the boys. The siblings were already sleeping, being tucked to bed by their favorite uncle, Taehyung.

“I want to be in a group with Y/N-ie, Jimin-ie and Taehyung-ie.” Hoseok shouted with his hand raised in the air, jumping around like a little kid.

Jungkook intertwined your hand and left a little kiss on it. “No, Y/N is going to be in my group.”

“Hyung, let them be in a group before Jungkook-ie starts crying in front of us.” Taehyung chuckled in between his words. 

“He’s right, Hoseok.” Seokjin said while laughing too.

When you turned to Jungkook, you saw him glaring at Taehyung. “Hyuuung, stop it~”


The game was already nearing its end and the score was 4:4. It was your turn to explain the word on the card and Jungkook’s turn to guess it. The moment you heard Namjoon’s voice shouting ‘Start!’ you took a card and looked at the word.  



You looked at Jungkook and smiled. He was sitting on his knees, looking carefully at your movements. You held your index finger out in front of you. He nodded and said excitedly. “One word!”

You nodded and confirmed his answer. Moving your hands now in front of your chest, you wrapped your arms like you were holding a baby and started swinging the imaginary baby from side to side. “Wait, a baby? Yes, your holding a baby!” Jungkook shouted again.

For the next move you showed him a 3 with your fingers and pointed at your belly, showing him a imaginary baby bump. “I got it! Pregnant, no no, pregnancy right? But what does the three stand for?”

When Jungkook saw the glistening in your eyes, his mouth fell open and his eyes widened. “No, n-no..” 

The moment he saw you nodding and smiling, he run toward you and wrapped you inside of his arms, laughing and crying at the same time. “Omg, omg! You’re pregnant! I’m going to be a father again. Thank you, Y/N, thank you so much.” 

All of a sudden the boys stood up and formed a group hug around the two of you while shouting sweet things in between their laughs.

Yes, another family member was joining the Bangtan family..

Author’s Note: Anon-ie! I was finally able to write your request and I hope you like it. I hope it turned out the way you imagined it. Let me know what you think about it. <3

anonymous asked:

I just read all your Nalu writing and loved it!!!! Do you have any recommended Nalu stories or nalu authors?

AWWW you’re making me blush <3 Thank you so much for letting me know ;)

I do indeed have favourite Authors. I’ve been busy recently so I haven’t had a chance to read some fanfics. I’ll do a rec list now (since I didn’t do one for fanfic appreciation day):

@mushi0131 - Mushi is mah girl when it comes to nalu goodness. She understands me, smutty/angst is where it’s at ;) *cough*read hurricane*cough

@not-just-any-fangirl  - her nalu fanfics are 🔥🔥🔥

@siriusly-random - She has refined the nalu humour, it’s just 👌

@rivendell101 - Beserk…Natsu is hot af in that fic. How can you not? 

@cinderellasflower - Her drabbles/one-shots put a smile on my face. 

@summylise - She’s good at angsty goodness <3

@zerooff - writes NaLu fluffy drabbles that is food for my shipper heart.

@soprana-snap - Great imagination, love her one-shots very muchly.

And a worthy mention, whose fics I haven’t managed to read but I’ve heard much praise ;)


Originally posted by desingyouruniverse

FP Jones x Reader- Think on it- Part 2

Thank you for the request anon <3 I hope it lives up to your expectations, though I don’t do smut v.v Please let me know what you think, and if I did it wrong, please let me know so I can fix it <3

Part 1   Part 3   Part 4

Warnings: Implied Smut

Words: 839


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BTS reaction to you crying over chicken nuggets/food


LMAO this request is hilarious 😂 Thank you anon for requesting this. Instead of writing paragraphs, I did a bit differently this time with the format of writing. Hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I LOVED writing it! 

*gifs not mine. Credit to the owners*


He would be happy actually. Not because you were crying but because you were crying over FOOD (his one eternal love other than you). Lowkey he would be proud of himself for finding a good and suitable partner for himself. 

Jin: Wait are you really crying over food? 

You: *nodding*

 Jin: *Hugs you*. I have finally found my soulmate. *cries fake tears of joy by being way too melodramatic* 


He probably wouldnt even know what the hell to say. He would be confused AF. He would kind of regret liking you, of course he wouldn’t mean it but you were ruining his swag by crying over food. Pretty much done with you I imagine. 

You: *whining about chicken nuggets*

Yoongi: If I buy you chicken nuggets will you stop? *rolls eyes*

You: Yes I will. *hug him by jumping on his back* 

Yoongi: Get off me or else no chicken nuggets, he would threaten you.


He would come from work and find you crying. Initial reaction would be worry and concern but when he found out why you were crying he would sigh in relief.

Hoseok: Wait so let me get this straight. You are crying because you want food?

You: Why? Cant I cry over food?

Hoseok: *Silently wonders if you are on your period/or too emotional, but doesn’t say anything* Ok, I will get you food so stop crying, and he wipes your tears away.


Y/N, Look what I brought” he would wave take-out bags in the air. You would run up to him, and he would think you were going to hug him. But no. You took the bags from his hand and ran into the kitchen. 

Nams: *Comes into the kitchen and hears you sniffle* Are you really crying y/n?

You: I love you

Nams: I love you too

You: I was saying that to the food… but okay, you shrug

Nams: gif reaction


He would just laugh at how cute you were being. Secretly would take out his phone and take a video of you to tease you to the ends of this earth and use it as blackmail when needed. *He’s a devil disguised as an angel I swear*

YOU: I WANT FOOD!! *whining*

Jimin: *snickering in the back because its the funniest thing for him*

You: BOYFRIEND!! I need food, you call out for him

Jimin: *Too busy filming to hear you*


Jimin: *runs for his life*


He would try his best to get you to stop whining about food, because he wants you to love him and not food. He would try his hardest to get your attention.

Taehyung: Jagiya! Look *does aegyo*

You: No reaction

Taehyung: Look Jagi! *makes his famous derp face*

You: Still crying over food

Taehyung: Fine I will just get Jimin to love me, *lets just say that got your attention pretty good*


This boy would straight up laugh and make fun of you (not in a mean way). He would just think you were adorable low-key though, for crying over food. 

Kookie: *laughs* Didn’t know you were that big of a foodie

You: Didn’t know you were an ass. Actually never mind I knew that

Kookie: *laughs even harder* Let me get Jin hyung then you can both cry together over your shared love (food) *Proceeds to call Jin* 

You: I hate you

Kookie: I love you too *thumbs up*

I hope you guys like this! I tried to make it as extra and as funny as I could. I hope this is what you wanted anon :) Have a lovely day ahead everyone and thank you for reading! <3

anonymous asked:

I don't know if I like what the manga is doing with the eri story wise right now. Like, after the new chapter, if eri's quirk ends up doing what I think it does, it will probably be a huge loss for the manga story wise. (I love mirio and nighteye, but in this situation, to get them back this way, would probably feel like a huge cop out)

Ah, can’t say you find me on your side on this, anon - generally I’m a positive person! And I like bnha because it’s a positive story! So, yeah, if Eri’s gonna fix it and avoid deaths and permanent damages all around I’m not gonna mind it one bit. I understand your position on this tho, and I’m pretty sure you’re not alone on it. I guess it’s about what you’re looking for in a story, and what the point the story means to bring across is to begin with - you say that having an all around positive outcome to this arc is gonna be a loss for the manga, but bnha isn’t snk. It’s not Tokyo Ghoul, or D.Gray-man, or any other story made to drive across the point that life is sad and sad things happen and you just gotta deal with it as best as you can. The general point of HeroAca, since the very beginning, is that luck exists! Things can turn out for the best! Look at it, our protagonist didn’t even have a quirk and now he’s got the best one out there. Literally became the successor to the greatest hero alive without doing anything aside from being a nice guy

I mean. I get why you’d wish for a… more real story, I guess. I get that you might like the angst and the realness of life being shitty and bad things happening and all that jazz. But that’s never been bnha’s point? Since the very start? Deku’s whole arc is turning into a fight to show you that you should never lose hope and that even set futures can still be rewritten - and, about that, there’s also how big part of this arc is still about Nighteye and what he saw in All Might’s future, and about Deku wanting to prove that he doesn’t have to die, so a girl that can literally rewind said future to make it go some other way? That’s exactly what you need to counter Nighteye’s quirk. Deku might talk about twisting fate all he wants, but considering how Nighteye’s quirk works and how precise and definitive it is, without something that can make what Nighteye saw happen just to bring it back and change it there was no way Deku could have done much.

As I said, I get why you’d be disappointed in the possibility of a total fix-it, but as far as bnha’s plot goes I don’t think the story’s gonna lose anything with simply keeping up the positive-to-a-naive-point look on life it has always had, if that’s what it decides to do. You might end up finding the story less good then you’d been expecting, but that’s because you were seeing bnha as a genre it has never even tried to be. This is still a story in which at some point holding hands saved the day, after all haha

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