thank you anon for letting me know :3

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(“Keith cajoles the Black Lion” anon) I have just been checking tumblr again and [insert shrill happy noise] you liked my ask…and you are actually already writing a story of this nature! A story on the very thing which I have been musing on and (perhaps overly specifically) wishing for! Huzzah, I could not be happier:-)

Yes!! Oh I’m so happy you checked back, I’m glad you saw that :) I loved that ask very much…the second it popped into my inbox I had that weird moment of “¯\_(ツ)_/¯” because I couldn’t answer and “eeeeeee!” because in a while or so I DEFINITELY can. I love Shiro and Keith headcanons in my askbox; I’m only sorry I couldn’t respond in more detail. <3 But I’ve got you, nonny. It’ll go up on the Archive once it’s finished and I’ll post here when that happens, too.

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Shay! Did you hear the new version of "Beauty and the Beast"?? The one by Ariana Grande and John Legend?? It actually gave me feels, and as a Royai trash, I suddenly remembered your BATB AU! I really hope you do write a oneshot featuring Beast!Roy & Belle!Riza. I love you and your blog and your writing so much!!! 💕

I did hear it, Nonny! And oh my god I loved it! I’m excited about the orchestral version too alsdfkjaksldfjafdj <3

I definitely plan on writing one ahhhhhhhh!!! Maybe I’ll write the ballroom scene…


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