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On Your Knees.

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John Shelby x Reader

~warnings: smut~

Request: Anon - #171 “On your knees.” with John Shelby, please Thank you. Xxx

Prompt list here.

A/N: “John is angry because you made him jealous and so he gets super possessive of you.” That’s the angle I went with for this fic so I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for the request! Sorry If there are typos I finished writing this at 4:30 AM because I just really wanted to finish it and because it was 4 AM i didn’t feel like checking for typos (I will probably come back later and fix stuff.) Anyways, this is definitely the most graphic I’ve gotten in terms of smut but it is hard to avoid that when you are describing a blowjob lol. Thank you for reading, liking and reblogging I appreciate it. Requests are Open so feel free to send one in using the prompt list or just anything that comes to mind. Also, I love getting feedback so please tell me what you think. Okay, I’m done rambling. Enjoy!

You’ve always been quite the flirt, saying things you didn’t mean especially when you were drunk. This usually didn’t bug John much being that he is generally the same. He and you had probably gotten together based that commonality itself. The main difference being he caught onto what he was doing quicker and stopped it as soon as he found himself doing so. You, however, did not have much of a filter for this. Maybe it was because you didn’t hold your liquor as well as he did or maybe he was just more in control of himself. John usually helped keep you in check, keeping you from making a fool of yourself. 

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anonymous asked:

Psst *whispers* there is an error on the new episode... when Austen is talking and says "I can handle it" about half way, it's spelt hanlde. Thought you should know! It's nice to see that even professionals aren't perfect! :D

*whispers* oh dear I’m not a professional I’m incapable of even going a month without a typo in Always Human, when will someone make a drawing program that includes a spellcheck? *cries*

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix it and send it to the webtoon staff :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Do you ever Take commissions for art? You are an amazing artist, so I was just wondering if you did…

Awww, thank you so much <3

I have in the past and I probably will open commissions again after Always Human is complete. I’ll post about it here if/when commissions are open in the future :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Can I get a masterpost on mods? How do they work, what all is possible with them? Any and all information about them would be awesome!

I will do this! But only after the comic is complete~

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hi hi! you all are such great writers and cool people and y'all are just 100% quality ty all for all you do!! i'd like to possibly request the drv3 boys rescuing their s/o from being kidnapped by a group of people? (like a gang or something :0)

Kukuku… Thank you for the compliment. Please enjoy.

-Mod Shinguuji

anonymous asked:

hey watching your life stream and im not sure how the site works so i came here to ask if you meant to write the second 'bagel' as 'beagel'?

no no, i meant bagel 

its the vine joke 

edit: thank for letting me know tho anon!! i fixed the typo

anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered adding another mod who could just act as your editor? Idk, I was just thinking about your recent posts about how you can't make your posts as good as you want to, and I thought it might help take some of the pressure off if you had someone to help, so you can focus your spoons on more important things than fixing typos.

Oh, anon. You’re not the only one who’s reached out to me this week, by the way, on the subject of help and mods, so I’m kind of answering everyone in the one discussion. Can I say that it floors me, absolutely floors me, that people are taking such an interest in this little blog, and me, and want to see it keep going? I don’t have words, not really, but there’s teardrops splashing onto the keyboard. Thank you. Just - thank you.

I’ve been thinking about another mod for the last month or so and thinking about it more the last week. And I keep running up against one thing: me. So I’m going to talk it out here, so you can get a sense of where I’m at.

I’ll be honest: part of me very much wants to wrap this blog this chest and go mine, mine, mine. (Think the seagulls in Finding Nemo.) This is, I admit, because I’ve spent years and years blogging on various platforms and struggling to gain an audience for my writing and now … now, somehow, I’ve happened across the right topic on the right platform to not feel, for the first time in my life, as though I’m shouting into the void. And that? That is phenomenally amazing, and something about which I feel extremely possessive.

But it’s also unfair. This blog serves a community and this blog would not exist without the hard work of other people. Tumblr blogs, unless they’re all the blogger’s own content, are a collaboration. That mine, mine, mine feeling is factually incorrect and largely born of my own deep insecurity.

I don’t know if people realise it or not, but I started this blog as somewhere to post my own findings and collate and tag other things. Because Tumblr being as ephemeral as it is, it’s hard to find information that’s grouped together, and most blogs tag with an eye of other people finding their blog or advising for content; I’m doing the latter and tagging for grouping and collecting. (I’d be shocked if anyone found this blog through the tags!) There’s lots of great stim toy blogs out there, and I reblog from them, but I don’t think anyone is quite so obsessive about the archival side. Which is pretty understandable, because it’s a big job.

(It makes answering asks like the autism-owned store master post and the DIY master post so much easier to create. Tagging is annoying and the HTML coding for the tags pages even more so, but it is worth doing.)

That I’d have nearly two hundred posts in my draft folder (not counting the 100 posts in my queue) wasn’t in the plan; I thought I’d have problems finding enough content for regular posting. That anyone would ask me anything, about anything, ever … how do I express the depth of my surprise that it happened and has continued to happen? It never crossed my mind. Not even once. That I’d end up in a position of knowing things? That my time as a dabbling crafter and fashion doll collector would be relevant?

I’m trying to say that I’m spectacularly unprepared for what happened and I still have no idea how I ended up having to have this very conversation.

But. The thing is that I don’t play particularly well in shared sandboxes. (It’s a personal failing, one of many.) I’m particular and controlling and very much enjoy the freedom of doing things my way, to my standards. Even when that way drives me up the wall because I cannot myself live up to it!

For example, I couldn’t give the tagging over to someone else. (There’s a multi-page document beside my keyboard instructing me on how to tag and I still make mistakes. I could never unbend enough to watch someone else tag and do it “wrong” - and by “wrong” I mean not “incorrect” but “not following my system 100% to the letter”.) I would likely drive a fellow mod up the wall by complaining or drive myself up the wall by trying not to complain.

I like answering asks - I genuinely enjoy looking things up and discovering new information, so a fellow mod would have to pry that out of my dead hands unless I have to take time off for resting/writing/appointments. If I were to ask someone to mod with me, in all honesty, I’d be asking them to do the grunt work of editing, image descriptions, maybe product links if I unbend enough … while I do all the fun stuff. And I think that’s a little or a lot unfair, personally, which is why I hesitate to ask. There’s also the financial aspects of things like affiliate links - in honesty, I’ve only made a dollar or two from my links, but I don’t know that I feel comfortable with making any kind of money when someone else is doing some of the work. I’ve also been thinking about putting up a tip jar (I suppose for that one, at least, the theoretical co-mod can and should do the same) so that those of you who might have an extra dollar or two and feel moved to help me out can do so.

(It’s complicated, because there’s always a part of me that’s thinking about my online presence and how I might make either any income out of it or gain the kind of internet presence (read: something that appears to be an audience already inclined to buy my work) that means an agent or publisher doesn’t toss my fantasy novel about a physically-disabled, autistic, non-binary, stimming protagonist and hir mentally ill, ace trans companion straight to the slush pile as financially unjustifiable. I wish, I really wish, I were in a situation where neither was a factor and I could do this blog just for the fun of it, but I’m not, and so I hope you’ll forgive me for seriously thinking about the ways in which I can use this blog, now that the miraculous thing of people following me has happened, to help me with, well, living as a disabled, autistic creative who’s in the un-fun position of being far too disabled for full-time employment and not disabled enough for governmental support. Part of that might be through affiliate links and a tip jar. Part of that might be making you all look like an audience.)

Plus, in truth, there’s a high chance my fellow mods would come to hate me with a passion that flares undimmed until the world ends…

So, I’ve dithered, and I’m still dithering. (And, like always, I’ve written a lot of words to describe said dithering.) I don’t know if it’d be best to take on a mod or two, or to post a list of posts and ask people to describe them for me, or … I don’t know. I don’t. Dithering makes it hard to know!

If this doesn’t get me closer to an answer, it at least lets you know what I’m thinking about and why. At this stage, I’m pretty firm in the “no decision yet” camp, despite taking on a mod being the super obvious answer, but is absolutely something that needs thinking about and deciding on.

(If anyone read this to the bottom … wow. Just wow. You’re amazing.)

Respond to your ask and praise for my BillDip comic strip~ Cause I don’t want to spam followers’s newsfeed so let me just summarize here ;; w ;;~

Anon #1: Glad you feel that way hun~

Anon #2: Thanks so much for pointing that out baby ;;w;;, to be honest with you I’m not very good at English, as you can see in the strip there’s many typos ;;w;;~ You’re not rude dear this is very kind of you thank you~ I’ll fix that later~

Anon #3: Aww you making me blush ;;w;;~ Really happy my comic could do that XD~ Have fun in becoming BillDip shipper honey~

Anon #4: It’s okay dear~ I love to see your reaction XD~ Love ya too~

@sexiscience: Thank you baby~ I’ll try to draw more~

@shakespork: Thanks dear~ Glad you like it >w<)//

Rough Sex Imagine ||Stiles Stilinski||

You were having a long day, school was dragging on the people were being annoying. Or maybe it was you just annoyed with everything else, you just wanted to get home. Stiles was going to be there, and you couldn’t wait to just see him, you were horny, extremely horny. Stiles stayed home today, and all morning he’s been texting you dirty things, saying what he’d do to you if you were there, sending you a couple pictures. You tried not to read them, knowing he’d make you horny but you failed at that. Instead of staying at school the rest of the day you decided to go to Stile’s house. You sent him a quick text letting him know you were going to house and shut your phone off after that not wanting to get anymore texts. You had excused yourself for being sick, and got you belongings from your locker, you drove as fast as the speed limit allowed .

After you had pulled into Stiles’ driveway and opened up his house door, “Stiles?” You called out and looked around, most of the lights were out except for the on in his room. “In here baby!” You heard him call from his room, you walked in and saw him laying on the bed. His shirt was off, and had a blanket covering his waist, you could tell he was horny, the way his cock was sticking up from underneath the blanket. You bit you lip, gently at first but then a bit harder after realizing how horny he was making you just by seeing him hard. He smirked, and raised an eyebrow, his way of both asking and telling you he wanted it. He wanted you.

You slid your pants down kicking them off your feat, and pulled your shirt up over your head. Stiles watched you closely, unable to take his eyes off you. You left on your bra and panties as you walked over to his bed, While you sat down on the side of the bed, Stiles sat up. He pulled you on top of him and gave you a rough but passionate kiss. He unhooked your bra, and slid it off your shoulders. As he squeezed your boobs gently with one hand, he used his other to slide it under your panties. You watched as he smirked, he rubbed your clit, gently at first but began to add pressure seeing how much you enjoyed it. “Stiles..” You moaned his name quietly, you didn’t want to play around, he was teasing you and getting his own pleasure out of it. He pulled his hand away and slid your panties down, throwing them off the bed. You were completely exposed now, you wanted Stiles so badly and he wanted you too. He flipped you both over so he was on top as he did that you spread your legs a bit. Stiles positioned himself, you bit your lip waiting but obviously he was taking his time. “For Gods sake, Stiles just fuck me already!” You yelled out at him, he smirked, “Whatever you say baby.” He trusted into you roughly causing you to moan out, you bit your lip so you wouldn’t be so loud. He pulled out and pushed back in. You felt every inch of him inside you, and it felt amazing, you were trying so hard not to moan, but Stiles could tell what you were doing. He went harder, groaning every time he slid back into your warmth. You gripped the sheets on either side of you as he lifted one of your legs onto his shoulder, it gave him more access to go deeper inside you. He went harder, causing you to feel a little pain, you cried out a moan, it was both painful and satisfying. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he wanted to keep doing it.

The harder he trusted the louder you moaned, he was doing this to make you scream, and you tried not to but it almost seemed impossible. Like it was forcing itself to come out of your mouth. It was a quiet scream, not too loud but it still satisfied Stiles. He was sweating, and you felt yourself getting hot too, you moaned again, louder when he pulled your other leg on his shoulder. He kept going, you felt a knot in your stomach. The kind of knot that felt amazing, and it kept getting tighter, you bucked your hips up but Stiles held them down, squeezing them tightly. You let out another loud moan, louder than the others as you tightened around Stiles’ cock. You came on him, whimpering and moaning as you did. After you calmed down from your high, Stiles hit his climax, pushing inside you deeper as he did. He moaned, making you bite your lip. Even just the sound of his moans turned you back on. He pulled out of you, and rolled off from on top of you.

“You should probably go back to school now.”

A/N OMG that was my first dirty one shot. it sucks doesn’t it ugh. Idk guys I love feedback. Thank you to the anon who wanted “Anything Stiles, preferably hot rough sex.” xD I was too scared to read over this so if there’s some mistakes or typos then I’ll try to fix them.