thank you anne for making me aware of this

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As a female viewer of color, it's so refreshing to see a character of color who is multidimensional and not just whose storyline depends entirely on the guy. Sally Ann is deep, and what I love about her is that with each scene with her, we get to see a complex woman with tons of layers. She's a strong, capable, thinking, feeling young woman with an old soul. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with her!

Thank You!

I’m happy you got all of that out of how little we see of her. It’s always interesting to see what people will pick up on. 

I like playing Sally Ann. She’s a nice, poor girl who is just trying to make the best of her situation. Very much like me growing up. I had access to Arts Programs and could hop the train to NYC to see shows and go to Museums, but Sally Ann isn’t that fortunate. So much of the stuff you see with her is relative to wanting peace and solitude. But, she is very strong, and aware, much of which you don’t see. 

With the next few episodes, you’ll get to know her a bit more <3