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Shownu, minhyuk, and kihyun reaction to their gf randomly saying that they're their fave person and that they never want to lose them and just cute lovey dovey stuff like that? Thank you, angel xoxox

Girlfriend saying lovey-dovey stuff to them (Shownu, Minhyuk & Kihyun)

Shownu; You two would be at the practice room, you watching him dancing and thinking about how lucky you were. Once he came to you to take a break, you couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear, praising him how good his dancing was and how lucky you were to have him. He would chuckle and lean in to kiss you, “You’re so cute. I’m lucky to have you too. “.

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Minhyuk; This boy is so affectionate, so he would feel so happy when you suddenly said “I love you so much, i never want to lose you.” to him. He’d hug you and squeeze you in his embrace, a huge smile on his face, “I love you, baby. You’ll never lose me, trust me!

Kihyun; He’d laugh when you blurted out to him “You’re my favorite person. I’m so glad you’re mine, i love you.”. He’d wrap his arms around you and peck your lips, “What’s with all this random affection?” He’d tease and ruffle your hair, “I love you too.

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