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just in case you want to rewatch ground breaking history over & over again! the scene that made me scream, fall on the floor, pace around the room, and cry happy tears. andi mack is just so amazing. these jyrus feels man ahhh!

appreciation post for the under rated newsies.

yes I love jack, davey, crutchie, les and spot. but I would like to acknowledge some of the unsung heroes of newsies the musical.

the ensemble deserves just as much love.

race- nobody can tell me that he doesn’t have some of the most iconic lines in the show. also he manages to do everything the others do, with a cigar in his mouth. -Ryan Breslin, Giuseppe Bausilio, Ben Cook, Daniel Switzer-

specs- is the newsie that knows everything, he gave jacks sketches to Katherine and sparked the beginning of the children’s crusade. -Ryan Steele, John Michael Fiumara, Jordan Samuels-

buttons- possibly the saltiest of all the newsies, constantly calling everyone out, while still managing to look innocent and adorable. -JP Ferreri, Jess LeProtto, Damon Gillespie, Chaz Wolcott-

jojo- without a doubt, no matter the cast, always has the biggest smile, and best expressions on that stage. -Corey Hommerston, Thayne Jasperson, Hogan Fulton, Nico Greetham, Joshua Burrage-

finch- single handedly made slingshots cool again. -Aaron Albano, Julian DeGuzman, David Guzman, Iain Young-

mush- that kid can always tumble like nobodys business -Max Ehrich, Ephram Sykes, David Guzman, Jack Sippel, Nick Masson-

albert- one of the few newsies that can challenge race’s sass. -Garett Hawe, Daniel Quadrino, Sky Flaherty-

sniper- was played by a girl for the entirety of the tour. damn. -Scott Shendenhelm, Alex Wong, Jacob Guzman, Ginna Claire Mason, Kaitlyn Frank, Daniel Switzer-

mike/morris- it takes a lot of takent to make a bully likeable, and yet somehow they manage to do it. -Mike Faist, Adam Kaplan, Mike Ryan, Devin Lewis-

ike/oscar- both the delanceys have some insane quick changes, yet still never miss an entrance. -Brendon Stimpson, Jon Hacker, Anthony Norman-

smalls- get it kid, be proud of the bronx. -Laurie Valdheer, Molly Jobe, Josh Assor, Julian DeGuzman-

henry- is here to keep things real and will show you who’s boss. also can’t understand race. -Kyle Coffman, Iain Young, DeMarius Copes, Michel Rios-

elmer- pure comic relief, you can never have enough Elmer. -Evan Kasprzak, Jeff Heimbrock, Anthony Zas-

kenny- may have only been there for the filmed production but that doesn’t mean we forgot you. -Jack Sippel-

tommy boy- has possibly the best reactions onstage. -Tommy Bracco, Michael Dameski-

kid blink- another newsie only named in the filmed production, played by the one and only Andy Richardson, someone who’s been in every American cast of newsies. nobody deserves to carry the namesake of Louis Balett, the kid that inspired this all. -Andy Richardson-

romeo- oh romeo, you cheeky little charmer. -Andy Richardson, Hogan Fulton, Tommy Martinez, Nico DeJesus-

peanuts- only part of the paper mill production, but had one of the most developed backstories of any ensemble newsie -Jack Scott-

feel free to add your own ;)

(EDIT: this post was written before the live recording was released. you can find an updated list here )

The Loud House (L is for Love)

Luna Loud is confirmed bisexual after leaving a love letter in her crush’s locker, who turns out to be a girl.

Andi Mack (Best Surprise Ever)

Cyrus looks back at Jonah after one of the main characters states to Jonah “If she looks back, she likes you.” Both Andi and Cyrus look back at Jonah.

The Lodge (Help)

Josh, talking to one of his friends, states that “girls aren’t his type.”

cant we just agree that every band member is equally important to the band

thank you fansies.

thank you for making newsies what it is today.

let’s never forget that we turned a movie about a few 1899 new york newspaper boys, into the global sensation that it is today.

-we convinced disney to turn a box office failure into a regional stage production. making it the most requested stage adaptation of its time.

-we again convinced them to take that small regional show to broadway for a limited run of 101 performances in 12 weeks.

-we showed them that the run deserved to be extended after making it the fastest disney theatrical production to turn a profit – $5 million in just 7 months. ultimately leading to an open ended run.

-with the announcement that the broadway run would come to a close after 1,005 performances in 2 ½ years, we convinced disney to send the production on the road for their first national tour.

-the tour was expected to run for 43 weeks, traveling to 25 cities. but again we showed disney that those newsboys deserved more, and the tour was brought to 65 cities across the US and Canada, performing a total 784 shows over 2 years.

-again, upon the announcement of the tour conclusion, we begged for more, and again disney heard our voice. they responded the announcement of a live capture recording of the show.

-with the original three day theatrical release, the show grossed a total of $3.5 million, making it the second highest grossing theatrical release. following that success, disney announced a fourth encore screening.

-after much support, disney has officially announced a digital release of the live capture for may 23rd!

-thank you newsies for giving us something to believe in, and thank you fansies for carrying the banner and letting this legacy live on once and for all!


a fansie <3

ashinan  asked:

Listen. Listen. I got an amazing Voltron AU headcanon idea for you but you CAN'T GO RUNNING WITH IT MISS ONIONS I KNOW HOW YOU DO THINGS. From me to you: a Star Wars AU.

Predictably………..this is the longest one.

(I SCREAMED when this showed up in my inbox. Thank you for this gift, my friend. I hope you enjoy.)

(As a thank you to my followers for 100+, I took a handful of AU prompts in celebration! Prompts are quite closed, and I’m proud to present the culminating and final piece of this milestone series. Thank you all for choosing me on your dash!)


00. Lance has wanted to be a Jedi his entire life.

It’s his deepest, most sincere and heartfelt desire.

A Jedi is belonging.

A Jedi has purpose, a path and a place in life. A Jedi looks after others; a Jedi takes care of people. A Jedi is a protector of the galaxy. It’s a longing and a calling Lance has always aspired to.

A Jedi is great, and a Jedi is kind. A Jedi is a keeper of the peace. A Jedi has the Force, wide open and beckoning, bright and true. Lance has loved the Force and the Light for as long as he can remember.

A Jedi looks out for others. A Jedi looks outs for their own.

A Jedi belongs.

Lance is going to be a Jedi.

Little Lance, a handful of years old and toddling on tiptoes in the creche, pudgy face smushed against the transparisteel of the creche window. Stubby fingers leave messy prints, watching all the ships come and go in the distant hustle and bustle of Coruscant night traffic. That’ll be me someday.

Little Lance, older, peeking out from amongst his crechemates as they travel the halls. He watches the robes of the great Jedi Knights swishing about their ankles, Padawans rushing to catch up. That’ll be me someday.

Little Lance, sneaking out to the Temple Gardens late at night to watch the waterfall play, closing his eyes and listening to the Force gurgle over rocks, splash onto stones. The soft breeze of the Force through the grass, the flowers, the trees. The Force is everywhere. A pair of Jedi sit in the grass nearby, quiet, heads bowed in meditation. The Force swirls around them gently, a stream in its own right. Lance hides by his waterfall and observes, content. That’ll be me someday.

Lance, even older. Finally a Padawan himself, following at the heels of his Master as they head down to the hangars for their first mission assignment. Looking over his shoulder at all the other Jedi embarking on ships, returning from missions of their own. A hub of galactic peace, in and out, busy keeping the galaxy safe.

That’ll be me someday.

Lance, at the conclusion of his Trials.

Jedi protect.

Jedi belong.

Lance is going to be a Jedi.

01. Lance and Hunk have been best friends since the days of the creche.

“Are we getting anywhere?” Lance asks, leaning on the engine. The sleeve of his robe swings down and nearly smacks Hunk in the face.

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  • Andy: Would you like to learn how to make popcorn on a stove?
  • Pete: Uh, not really.
  • Joe: Well then, what are you going to do if you’re home alone and the only food left in the house is popcorn?
  • Patrick: When is that ever going to happen?
  • Patrick: Why would we ever leave Pete alone with a stove?

guys can i just talk about andi mack

first, it’s the first disney show to have an asian american as a lead

second, its the first disney show to talk about teen pregnancy, let alone address it as something almost positive, and not a mistake that deserves to be shamed. it shows teem mothers and their children as PEOPLE

third, there is a gay character. cyrus is confirmed gay. he’s a kid. disney is addressing that lgbt isnt a mature adult thing that only has to do with sex- that girls can have crushes on girls and boys can have crushes on boys at a young age. 

if there was a gay character on disney when i was growing up… god, my life would be different. i didn’t know ‘gay’ was a thing until i was 11 and i learned about it from a hateful church, so i was told it was negative, obviously. if i had seen cyrus having a crush on a boy as a good thing and being told by my idols on disney channel that i could like girls, that would have saved so much repression and pain.

and it gets better; he is jewish. DISNEY HAS A GAY JEWISH CHARACTER. I PHYSICALLY CANNOT WRAP MY HEAD AROUND THE CONCEPT. religious lgbt characters are so important because lgbt kids who are religious constantly question if their god loves them. my mom tells me that christianity and lgbt are mutually exclusive and it hurts so fucking much.

thank you, disney. thank you so much.

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Hey. Hey Onions. Hey. Micro fill time: Shiro. Star Wars AU. First time he felt the Force. *finger guns*

okay you had to have known there was no way this was going to stay micro

Shiro’s known the Force for as long as he can remember.

Even if this isn’t the first first, it’s certainly one of the most defining.

“It is too late,” the Pashoni leader says. Her face is ashen but firm, her beetle-like eyes and the green markings of her crown of office stoic and unyielding. “I am sorry, young Jedi. There is no way we will reach them in time.”

“But my Master’s down there,” Shiro cries.

The training bond in the back of his mind has been silent for six terrifying minutes, stretching on to seven. Eight. Shiro’s tried again and again, but there’s no response. There’s nothing, nothing but the horrified whispers from the Pashonians gathering with Shiro at the top of the hill and the dust rising from the rockslide at the bottom.

Stay here, Master Ulaz had said. The cart down into the mines had only been big enough for one person to join the workers heading below.

Stay here, Master Ulaz had said, laying his large hand on top of Shiro’s head, thumb pressing gently against the center of Shiro’s forehead. It is a calming gesture for the Galra people, with their sagittal crest; Shiro’s used to it. At the tender age of thirteen he still barely comes up to Master Ulaz’s waist.

Stay here.

Here, staring down at the settling remnants of the rockslide neatly blocking the only access to the caves.

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