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(3) Awesome chapter by the way; I'm just so caught up with the fact that he HAS to tell Miranda what's going on that I sort of got a little mad 😬I'm seriously pissed at him 😂😂 and I was kind of expecting Miranda to freak out at how awful he looked. Way to throw a curve ball at us!! Keeping the readers intrigued and on their toes is one of the best qualities of a writer; and you do a damn good job of it. Well done girl; I just want him to tell Miranda so bad; she NEEDS to know!

Thanks!! And you aren’t the only anon pissed at Blake for not telling her 😂😂😂 And don’t worry he’ll show the signs of a higher dosage chemo and of the cancer pretty soon.. and by then you’ll probably want to go back to when he wasn’t showing any physical changes lol


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