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I’ve been reading Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear recently (for a few centuries now) and our heroes have just started training with Master Fu and ahem ahem….apparently they’ll get hit by a train called Puberty..??!!

Those were my only thoughts while drawing Adrien for the Outfit Prompts! O///O

[#7: A Tank Top]


[PR_SS] Adult to Toddler Bowler!

Hello everyone! OMG OMG OMG thanks for all the notes and downloads!!!! Thank you all! I love youuuu!!! :) :D

I only see 2 hat for toddlers so i convert this one!!! Later post the another one (have some issues i need to fix!)

Feel free to recolor! i dont know tag me? xD

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If something wrong please send me a message and i fix it right away!!!!

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Yuuri Katsuki, DayNightAU
External image

I sent it to you already but i dunno if you received it.

And this drawing is dedicated for you, as a thanks for inspiring me to draw again after a loonggg timeeee.

Sorry if it’s not that good, i hope you like it~ :D


OMG!! this is my first time receiving this and this is just lovely!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH MY MAN I LOVE IT!!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

I love that some of us are feeling a bit or a lot bummed out and heartbroken and disappointed at certain aspects of our favourite show and it’s looking desolate and bleak and we’re just struggling to pull through, and then this sunshine kid Tom and his sunshine dad Rich @richstoughton appear on tumblr and i personally feel better and refreshed and I can finally cry happy tears because they are both so precious and nice. Thank you!

“You’re making me nervous”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff.

Words: 1323

Warning: just some swearing

Tags: @vashanatasha

Request: From anonymous:

Hiiiii!! I really loved “I cannot lie to you” you are awesome. Request are open right? So here’s mine. Reader is an engineer and an avenger. Something like she is a genius and cocky like Tony so they get along well. At first I thought this would be a request about Tont but now I read your Bucky ones can you make this Bucky x reader? Idk she is an asshole towards almost everybody (not team) and picking everybody with Tony and she is really falling hard for bucky and so bucky for her. thank youuuu”

Notes: I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you expected but it’s been a while for me without writing so I guess I’m a bit sore. Hope you like it anyway!

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You were going to kill him or her. Someone had woken you up on your day off, someone was playing music all around the complex doing who-knows-what and you were going to destroy that person. You didn’t care if it was Thor or Barton, they were dead. Once you found your shorts you walked out of the room and looked around. The music came from the room at the end of the aisle.

“Barnes…” you mumbled.

Since Bucky was back in his old self he had spent most of the time discovering the new world, including its music, and it turned out he loved the old Britney Spears’ songs. So every single day you were stuck listening to Baby One More Time more than ten times per day.

“James!” You exclaimed literally banging on his door. Suddenly the music stopped and a couple of seconds later he opened the door.

“Yes?” He asked smiling. Taking a deep breath you tried to be polite.

“Would you please be so kind and turn the damn volume down, please?” You asked.

“Oh sorry, did I wake you?” He questioned.

“Oh no, I’m always up before 10 a.m. on my days off”, you replied sarcastic.

“Oh…sorry”, he mumbled smiling a little.

With a sigh you shook his head. It looked like no one could ever be mad at him with that innocent smile and those blue eyes. You turned around and went to the stairs, knowing you weren’t going to sleep any longer that day.

“Morning”, you told Tony when you walked in the kitchen. “Coffee for me as well, please”, you said taking a seat on the stool.

“Barnes woke you up again?” Tony laughed as he saw your expression.

“I swear I’m going to find the way to go back in time and stop Britney Spears from ever getting into the music industry”, you mumbled making him laugh even more.

“Please don’t, I still love seeing her kiss with Madonna”, you rolled your eyes and got down of the stool to put two slices of bread into the toaster.

“I would save her from her 2007 crisis”, you shrugged as you accepted the mug from Tony.

“Morning guys”, Steve said walking in the kitchen. He looked like he had just finished his morning training.

“Morning Tutankhamun”, you smirked before blowing over the coffee and taking a small sip.

“Really? A mummy?” He replied raising an eyebrow.

“I’ll do it better tomorrow”, you laughed.

“(Y/N) you’re awake!” Natasha said running into the kitchen. “Wait…you’re awake?” She repeated confused.

“Britney’s groupie woke her up”, Tony explained making you laugh.

“I see. I need your help with the quinjet. I think one of the engines is off”, she said.

“What makes you think that?” You asked leaning against the counter.

“It doesn’t work”, she simply reply making you laugh.

“What do you need the quinjet for anyway?” Steve asked.

“Wanda and I are going to Paris for shopping and that’s the fastest way”, she shrugged.

“I’m in!” You exclaimed.

“You’re not. You’re working with me today to improve my suit”, Sam said walking in the kitchen as well.

“You can come with us to Paris and I improve it on our way there”, you smiled widely.

“Don’t think so”, Falcon replied. With a sigh you looked at Natasha.

“Will you at least bring me a croissant?” You begged.

“Consider it done”, she winked at you. “Are you coming?” She added.

“I’ll be right there when I eat”, you said taking the toasts from the toaster. “Who has the butter?” You asked.

“Stop staring”, Steve told Bucky.

They were watching TV at the living room but Bucky was too focused observing you from the distance as you were working with your laptop out in the balcony. He was almost devouring you with his eyes. He just couldn’t help himself. He had had a massive crush on you since the moment he first you. It didn’t matter how much he tried, he had fallen for your sarcasm, your intelligence and, of course, your beauty.

“I’m not staring”, the soldier quickly said.

“I can see the spot on her face where you have been staring at her”, Steve laughed. “Why don’t you ask her out?”

“I tried”, Bucky shrugged.

“No. You have stood in front of her and have mumbled a couple of incoherent phrases. That’s not trying. That’s looking like a nerd”, Steve said laughing.

“Thanks, pal”, James said rolling his eyes.

Steve was right. For some reason, Bucky just couldn’t think straight when he was in front of you. His thoughts got tangled and even the easiest sentence felt like a tongue twister. He got too nervous around you to be coherent and that just frustrated him even more.

“Just go there and ask her if she wants to have dinner with you. It’s not that hard”, Steve shrugged.

“You’re such a pain in the ass since you’re seeing Sharon”, Bucky sighed but Steve just smiled a shrug.

“You could have that too, you know? All you have to do is…going out there”, the Cap said looking in your direction.

Bucky sighed and looked at you once again just when you looked up from your laptop and your eyes met. He immediately felt his cheeks blushing, but all you did was smiling a little and waving before going back to your work. Damn. He really liked you and he had no idea about what to do with those feelings.

“You’re right, I’m going to talk to her. Now”, Bucky said getting up all of sudden.

“I didn’t expect that sudden change of mind but go for it soldier”, Steve said smiling at his best friend. “Good luck”, he added as Bucky started walking towards the balcony.

You were working trying to find a way to make Sam’s suit more resistance. He had been complaining about how he felt like the wings were failing lately and, even when you thought he was making it up to get improvements in his suit and new toys as well, you didn’t want to take any chances. Maybe he was telling the truth.

“Hey (Y/N)”, you looked up and smiled as you saw Bucky.

“Hey”, you smiled closing the laptop. He didn’t use to talk to you so this probably was something important.

“What are you working at?” He asked placing his hands in his pockets.

“In Sam’s suit”, you said with a shrug. “You need anything?”

“Actually…no. Well, yes! But I don’t want to bother you so maybe just…” you stopped him as he started talking faster and faster.

“Bucky! Stop”, you laughed getting up. “Calm down. Breath. Tell me”, you said trying to encourage him.

“Sorry”, he chuckled and took a deep breath. “I was wondering if you…would like to…have dinner with me?”

The proposal took your by surprise. You liked Bucky. He was handsome, gentleman, good and hot. All of that made you want to get to know him better, but you never thought he would be the one asking you out, especially since he never talked any sense in front of you.

“Like…on a date?” You asked.

“Yes…just if you want to, of course. I don’t want to force you into anything”, he said quickly.

“Bucky, calm the fuck down, you’re making me nervous!” You exclaimed.

“Sorry”, he said quickly. “I just…sorry”, he said again.

“Gosh… I’m not eating you or anything and yes! I’ll go on a date with you, of course I will”, you said.

“Really?” He asked shocked.

“Yes! Of course I am. Now get out of here before you pee in your pants and I jump down the tower”, you said.

“I’ll be at the lobby at 8”, he said quickly before walking into the tower again.

Taking a deep breath you sat on the chase again, letting out the laugh and the smile you had been hiding. You had a date with Bucky Barnes.

To Die For || Sirius Black x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: Hi! Could you pretty please do a young Sirius black imagine where the reader has been friends with the marauders since first year and he thinks he likes some new girl (as he does a new one every week) and everything but then he wins a long time bet with the reader and makes her snog severus. Only when he actually sees her flirting with him does he realize he actually loves her. Thank youuuu.]]

yayyyy, my first ever imagine for young!sirius black (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I’m a little nervous about how this is going to turn out, but I’m determined to make this work!!

lmao and I just finished writing a peter parker requested imagine too hhhh I must be a sucker for pain (/ω\)

tags: @betty234

{{request status: got any remus/sirius imagines for me? Send them in right here!!}}

warnings: none, except for a slightly possessive sirius black.

word count: 2,000+

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story! Reblogs are fine!!


“For Merlin’s sake, you say that for just about any girl who is unlucky enough to capture your fancy!”

You (much to the self proclaimed Marauder’s delight) were having yet another argument with the playboy and heartthrob himself who went by the name of Sirius Black. While they were in the midst of eating, all three boys kept on looking over at you and Sirius.

Whereas your face was filled with an uncontained annoyance and fury, Sirius’ expression retained its natural and aloof expression, only letting out a tiny smile whenever your voice was raised an octave or two.

“But I’m being serious now [Name], Melinda is truly the one for me. Not only that, but her legs are to die for.” You roll your eyes at his daring (and sexual) words, not believing them one bit. “Again, you have practically said that with all of the girls that have attended Hogwarts thus far.”

You had been friends with the group of boys who made up the Marauder’s since first year, sharing all of your classes together with them when you ended up being sorted into Gryffindor as well. Seeing each of them as like a brother to you, you often liked to scold them for their mischievous behavior (not so much with Remus, since he seemed to be the only one with a lick of sense in the group).

You weren’t sure how you managed to stay close to these boys throughout the years, your friendship with each and every one of them lasting until well into your fifth year at Hogwarts. Despite how much they were a pain in your arse, you couldn’t deny that each and every one of them had a special place in your heart (even, you admit with a begrudging respect, Sirius Black himself).

“Come on, [Name], let Sirius have some fun. And why not believe him for once?” James was laughing while taking bites of his Yorkshire pudding, “I meang, ifs he shays dat he lurves her, dan her lurves her!”

You grimace and throw your napkin at James, “Swallow your food before you talk, Potter. Your table manners are atrocious.”

Your words causes a chuckle to go through Peter, “Wow, I didn’t think we would have a second mum when we got accepted into Hogwarts!”

Sirius lets out his own bellowing laugh, completely agreeing with the mouse-like boy, “Indeed! This is why [Name] can never catch a bloke for herself!”

Sirius’ offhanded comment makes you turn red with anger, making Remus slowly speak up when he responds, “Guys, knock it off. You all know that [Name] is just looking out for us.”

Despite Remus’ kind words, you were beyond pissed when you stood and pointed an accusing finger at Sirius, “Yeah? Well at least I know that when a man does fall for me, then I’d be able to keep him for more than a week!”

Sirius follows your lead and stands with you, “Is that a challenge I hear, love?”

“Don’t call me love and lump me in with the rest of the girls you’ve snogged.” You snarled at Sirius, feeling the anger coursing through your veins as the emotion changed your skin into a flushed color. “Take it however you want to take it, as long as you know that I’m right in the end.”

A smirk paints his handsome features when he places a hand beneath his chin, appearing deep in thought when he tells you, “Alright then, love, challenge accepted.”

Several whistles were heard coming from James and Peter while Remus just gave both you and Sirius a look of concern, “Sirius, I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

You hold out a hand to Remus, “It’s okay Rem, I can handle whatever this arse throws at me.”

You watch as the smirk widens on Sirius’ face before he proudly declares, “If I can’t keep Melinda by my side for a full month, then you win and I have to do your every bidding for two months.”

You lift your eyebrows in question, already liking the prospect of this bet, “And if I end up losing by some slim chance?

Sirius flashes you one of his famous shit eating grin before answering you, “You have to go up to Severus Snape and snog him.”

You freeze at the thought of kissing the infamous Slytherin, feeling your back stiffen when you turn around and look at the table where Severus sat with Lily Evans.

Lily was talking animatedly about something as Severus merely nods at her, still picking at his mashed potatoes as James groaned at the sight of him, “I feel sorry for you, [Name]. Snape is so greasy, and- ugh! That fool has no right to be in the presence of Lily like that!”

“Shut up Potter, no one wants to hear about your pathetic crush on her.” You grit your teeth and look at Sirius, feeling your annoyance strengthen at the look of pure amusement in his grey eyes.

“Fine, it’s a deal. I accept this bet, but only because I know I’ll win!” You take Sirius’ hand and give it a shake, “After all, you’re not one to be the monogamous type, Black.”

His smirk simply widens at your proclamation, “We’ll see about that, love.”


You felt sick to your stomach at what was to come.

For the following weeks that made up the bet, you saw Melinda Evers falling deeper and deeper in love with Sirius. Throughout the Gryffindor halls, you would catch Sirius and the girl together, exchanging quick kisses while holding hands, seeming to be in a whole different world of their own when they were together.

How lovey-dovey they appeared was absolutely sickening to you-

And it was achingly clear that you lost the bet.

There relationship had lasted the entire month, which was what brought you to the Dining Hall as you searched for Severus Snape. While you were walking around the area, you could feel all of the Marauder’s eyes on your back, knowing that they were whispering triumphantly amongst one another.

“I can’t believe [Name] is going to do this!”

“I feel bad for her, but at the same time, this is pretty hilarious.”

You only heard James and Peter’s voice, wincing as their laughter seemed to get louder when you spotted Severus with Lily on the far end of the dining area.

Wiping the sweat from the palm of your hands, you clear your throat and shakily call out, “U-Uhm, Severus?”

Your voice catches the attention of Lily and Severus Snape, and upon seeing you reaching their table, Lily’s green eyes begin to flash with uncertainty, “[Name], what brings you here?”

You nervously twirl at the ends of your hair, “N-No reason at a-all. I-I was just w-wondering if I c-could have a minute alone with S-Severus?”

Lily’s reaction was automatic when she hangs on to his arm, “I don’t think you should-“

“It’s fine, Lily. I’ll be okay. Let her say whatever she needs to say and be done with it.” Severus interrupts her, making the redhead gaze at him with a look of concern, “W-well, if you’re okay with it…”

“I am.”

Taking his answer as all the confirmation she needed, Lily gives you a nod before gathering her books. Only when she leaves was when you were brave enough to sit down on the seat next to him. “Uhm, hello, s-so-“

“Did Potter put you up for this?” You felt your stomach twist with guilt as you shamefully looked away from him. “I…I-I’m sorry. It was just something…something they wanted me to do because I lost this stupid game…”

“And pray tell what they wanted now?” Severus faces you with his nostrils flared in absolute anger, “Did they know that I would never hit a girl? Is that why they sent you to me, just so that you could freely torture me and get away with it?!”

You shake your head and place a gentle hand on his cheek, earning a wince from him. Seeing his features clearly now, you realize that Severus could have the potential to be incredibly handsome if he knew how to properly take care of himself.

His hair was oily as it fell beneath his chin, further hindering his sharp appearance as his pale skin were dotted with various amounts of acne and acne scars. Your hands linger a bit on his damp cheek before sliding down to his lips, “Forgive me, Severus. Just let me do this one thing, as an apology and a wish for you to finally have some form of happiness in your life.”

Without another word, you close your eyes and lean in closer to him.


The Marauders had been keeping an eye on [Name] during her whole interaction with Snape, with Peter and James being the most vocal about it.

Remus could sense that something was amiss with Sirius when [Name] began touching Severus’s face. Being the only one who knew the truth behind Sirius’ bet with [Name], Remus gives his friend a nervous nudge, “Sirius, you have to stop [Name]. If you don’t want to lose her, you’ve got to act now and tell her the truth.”

Even though Remus had warned him, Sirius was much too prideful to stop himself from making that stupid bet with [Name]. All the girls he had dated and snogged had all been a ruse; all he wanted was to get that damn girl to finally look at him and see him as someone that was worthy of her love.

He just wanted to make her jealous; he didn’t think she would despise his lame attempts at making her jealous and take the words of his bet to heart.

So when Sirius saw the young girl he’s been pining for since first year lean even closer to Severus, he ignores his group of friends and begins striding toward her.

He’d be damned if he let Snape take away the girl who held his heart.


“You- what do you think you’re doing?!”

Your lips had just barely touched Severus when you were suddenly ripped away from him. With your head spinning, you were aware of how your back was suddenly pressed against a broad chest, making you look up in response. Finally seeing the person who held you, you gasp, realizing that Sirius was glaring down at Severus, “Sorry, looks like you’re out of luck. Find some other girl to snog, this princess is mine.”

“H-HEY! SINCE WHEN WAS I YOUR PRINCESS?! AND PUT ME DOWN!” Both boys ignore your outburst, and you heard Severus scoff before picking up his own books, “Fine. Take that wretched wench out of my sights and back to the hellhole that she came from.”

“OI, APOLOGIZE TO [NAME] THIS INSTANT!” You stop Sirius from lunging at Severus, keeping a hand on his chest when you shoved him away from the table, “Leave him alone! This is all your fault to begin with!”

You purposely block Sirius each time he wanted to grab Severus, giving him no choice but to admit defeat when he slumps over in defeat. Only when the young Slytherin disappears from your sight do you finally step away from Sirius. “Why do you have to be such an arse?”

“And why do you have to be so goddamn oblivious?” Sirius pulls you to his chest, making you look deeply into his eyes for a brief second before he pulls you with him. “Come with me.”

“Y-You jerk! Let go of me! Where’s Melinda??? I swear if you don’t- ah!” When Sirius breaks out into a run, you stopped your complaints as you tried to keep up with him without falling over.

Sirius Black, what the ever loving FUCK?!


When he reaches the Gryffindor’s commons area, the young man had stopped so suddenly that [Name] ended up landing on his back. He feels her added weight and smiles down at her, “Feeling comfortable?”

She glares at him (making him fall for her fiery personality even more) before pushing her body off of his back, “Don’t get so cocky, it was because you stopped so suddenly! Now tell me, what happened between you and Melinda?”

He shrugs before admitting, “She’s just a friend. I made her act like we were lovers for the duration of the month. In return for her doing this for me, I would set her up with Lucius Malfoy.”

Sirius swore that he would never get tired of the angry blush that always painted [Name’s] skin whenever she was particularly frustrated with him. “Are you kidding me?! Then that means-“

Unable to control himself, Sirius pulls the girl even closer to him, capturing her unsuspecting lips in a sweet kiss. He hears her involuntarily moan against him, the sound making him smile when he pulls away from her, “I was afraid that you were never going to catch on, so I had to do something in order to get you to see me as someone that wasn’t just a brother to you.”

[Name’s] eyes seemed to have a hazy (yet dreamlike) quality to them, making Sirius want to kiss her even more when he softly admits, “I adore how you aren’t afraid to speak your mind, that’s why I want you to belong to no one else but me. So what do you say?”

She closes her eyes as a wide smile paints her features. Stepping closer to him, [Name] wraps her arms around his back before placing a kiss against his chest, “You do know that this goes both ways, right? I’ll be yours, only under the condition that I be the only woman in your life from this point on.”

Sirius chuckles and frames her face with his hands, leaning in to kiss her forehead before reassuring her, “But of course. And I wouldn’t want it any other way, for your love is to die for.”


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Matthew Tkachuk #5

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  More matthew tkachuk I beg of youuuu. Maybe it could be about giving him concert tickets for his birthday? Your last of him was absolutely fantastic [Thank you so so much!! I hope you like this one. I’m not sure if this is the one you wanted but I hope you still enjoy!:)]

2.  Could yo do a matt tkachuk one where you surprise him for his birthday? [Here it is!! Enjoy!!:)]

Word count: 1, 092

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The cake looked like it was a love child of a red brick and mud. Needless to say, your first foray into birthday cake making has been a bust. At least you can cook a mean spaghetti and meatballs, if it really comes down to party food. Or tacos – but those are still to be judged.

The cake, though. Ugh, it’s taking all of your self-control not to smash your face in it and wallow in self-pity. He’s going to be home in a few minutes and you have nothing to show him for his birthday because you went in over your head. Damn it, you should have just reserved a table at your favorite restaurant like he told you and not try your hand at this surprise birthday dinner thing.

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Candy Cane

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Use Of Sex Toy, Oral (Female Receiving), Unprotected Sex (Use Condoms), Multiple Orgasms, Fluff, Language, PWP (Okay Maybe A Little Plot), NSFW

Words: 1,140+

AN: This is for the one and only @isometimeswritesomethings Merry Christmas bitch, I hope you enjoy this. Love youuuu!

This is also for @averymerryspnxmas‘s Christmas challenge, I got December 28 - candy canes

I hope this is okay! Thank you for letting me participate and for the extinction, I loved writing this!

Requests are open, please send them in! Feedback is always welcomed and greatly appreciated. This fic was inspired by both my love of Christmas and this right here, y’all need to see this.

For those of you who are too lazy to click the link (because I know I would be) here’s a picture of what I’m talking about and yes, this is a legit sex toy. I considered ordering it but resisted.

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Calm of the Storm

PARING- reader x Thor 


WARNING: SMUT, ORAL, UNPROTECTED SEX (keep it wrapped), little it of angst (sorry)   

Request from Anon- Hello beautiful 💕 i’d like to request some smut with thor where you’re his fiance (you are an asgardian as well) and you’re really in love with him but he doesn’t like you at first because of Jane but after some time he likes you already.. Ps. Can you pls put as well that Thor brought you to Earth to meet the Avengers??? Thank you XD THANK YOUUUU!

Another smut for you all! I was so keen with this prompt, there is some back story with this, also you are known as the Goddess of Peace and Wisdom, just because I think it’s a nice contrast with Thor being the God of Thunder! But let’s be honest you’re all just here for the smut hahaha ;) well enjoy xx 


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Family, Honor and loyalty, those were the words that your father had brought you up on. Your family were close allies to the All Father ever since your birth you had been connected with the royal family of Asgard. More specifically to one member, Thor. Ever since your birth it was proclaimed that you were to wed the young prince when the time was right, a fait that had its hold on you your entire life. You had grown up with your betrothed when you were old enough your parents sent you off to the palace with the words.

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Birthdays (Peter Parker x Reader)

(for @betty234) and happy birthday!! sorry this is so late, I am the worst at being organised but I hope you enjoy,


Request;  Hii! So sorry to bother you but could I request an imagine please? 😆😆 Tomorrow (23rd) is my birthday and I would love a birthday-themed imagine with Peter Parker or Tony Stark, your choice. Thank youuuu! 😘 

Other characters featured; gwen stacey but tbh it morphs more into an OC, tony stark is mentioned


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; none

Word count; 1411

Originally posted by elizbtholsen

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(i was gonna send you all of this in asks, but it got kinda long, so just enjoy this random set of king au ideas i somehow felt the need to share. also figured you’d greatly enjoy)

ok, so random idea ima ramble to you about based off of a combo of a lot of other ideas. So king au Gavs. Adopted by Geoff after he flees from his homeland as it’s torn apart from war and invaders. All on his own, young, and just barely scrapping enough to live, of course Geoff takes pity on him and takes him in. Especially after it’s discovered gavin has no family left, no friends. Everyone was killed back in his village when the invaders came, that’s why he had to flee.

Or, at least, he thought everyone was dead.

Gavin of course starts becoming close to everyone in the court. Within a few years its almost like he’s always been there. Barely anyone can remember life without the light that he is. They get very few stories of when he was a kid, back in his birthland. But there is one name that always comes up, over and over.


They want to ask more, but Gavin always gets this sad look in his eyes when they try, so they always drop it. Gavin keeps his happy demeanor of course, happy smiles, and they all sort of just… forget about it.

Until, of course, Dan shows up.

At this point it’s been years, six, seven, eight, Gavin’s lost count exactly how many. Gavin’s been just completely ingrained in the court, slowly growing relationships (cough mavin or mavinseg cough). Mentions of his past have become less and less and the name Dan has been forgotten from nearly all of their minds.

The first to meet Dan is Geoff. News has spread of the foreign trickster with with weird words and strange accent. News that has somehow reached Dan’s ears and sent him running to the castle. Just on the hunch, the small idea that maybe. Maybe. It was him. Dan comes in, respectfully asking the King to meet him. Geoff doesn’t trust him fully at first, but there’s something in Dan’s tone, some desperation in it, that has Geoff agreeing.

None of them expected what followed when the two saw each other.

Gavin practically leaped into Dan’s arms when he sees him, once he’s sure it’s Dan, his friend from another life, his close childhood friend. It’s a very tearful reunion, both crying as they hold each other and see if the other is alright, breathless as they tell each other how they survived. They’re both so happy, Gavin at least the happiest they’ve ever seen him. All for someone they’ve never met, never known. Some stranger is able to make Gavin cry in joy (and he never cries) and they all watch, flabbergasted at the scene.

And they just can’t small buds of jealously dropping in their guts.


avinseg tbhy, bc whats better than king au mavinseg? its one of the littest flavors of mavinseg tbh and OOOO YESS GIVE ME ALL THE DANVIN ANGST AND HAPPY REUNIONS,A++++++++++++++++++++++

Valentines Karaoke

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,028
Warnings: Fluff. Destiel
Request: ( anonymous  ) I have a request! It’s Lucifer x Reader with some slight background Destiel if that’s okay? Where everyone goes to a bar after a hunt, Cas and Reader get a little drunk and sing an intense karaoke love duet. Lucifer gets jealous and thinks Cas and Reader are together, but later on Reader admits she’s in love with Lucifer and tells him that Cas is actually in love with Dean.
Request: ( anonymous  ) Hey hey! Could you write a fic where Lucifer gets really jelly because the reader spends a lot of time with Cas? Thank youuuu

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Joker Imagine - When did you stop loving me?

Anonymous said:Can you please do a joker imagine based on “When Did You Stop Loving Me” by Hunter Hayes? 😭😭 but it ends with fluffy fluffff. THANK YOUUUU. ps. LOVE YOUR STORIES SO MUCH 💜💜

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Your P.O.V.

After so many crimes we had commited together, all the laughs, the tattoos, the kisses, the ‘I love you’s and sharing nights in the same bed, it all came crashing down. J was standing in front of me and his chest was rising as he breathed very heavily. Our eyes met, others filled with rage and others with tears. Also confusion was washed across both of us, smacked against our faces very obviously.

‘’When did you stop loving me?’’ I breathed out and bit the inside of my cheek so I wouldn’t start crying which would lead me to break down. We were in an alley in Gotham yet somehow the wind made my hair messy. ‘’J..I thought you already knew that you can trust me! You let me in can do it again’’ I tried to convince him, but it made him roll his eyes. 

‘’Yeah right..’’He growled and it broke my heart. Tears rolled down my face silently and I felt how my world was crumbling down right in front of my eyes. ‘’J I love you’’ I told him and wished with all of my dark heart that he’d love me too. Instead he just looked at me coldly with those icy blue eyes of his. The mental pain was worse than being shot. He didn’t reply.

‘’Goodbye’’ I told him and suddenly stormed off. I couldn’t just stand there anymore. Tears blurred my vision as I ran off , away from him. Away from the person I loved but he didn’t love me. But after a few alleys I stopped.I leaned against a tile wall and held my breath. Realization washed upon me. I slid down onto my butt so I was hugging my knees and I started crying loudly. Honestly I couldn’t care less about people hearing me now.

J didn’t love me. When did it stop? When did he feel like trusting me wasn’t a good idea? ‘’No..’’ I whimpered and then inhaled a sharp breath. I heard two footsteps in front of me. Thinking it was J, I looked up and opened my mouth to tell him to leave, but I saw someone dressed in a black costume.

My heart skipped a beat. It was Batman.

Instead of doing some crazy trick and vanishing away, I sat there. He seemed surprised even tho he had the same ugly face as always. ‘’Go ahead. T-Take me away’’ I stuttered weakly and wiped my tears that just got replaced again. Batman didn’t move for a while. He was obviously thinking. ‘’Did J finally leave you?’’ He asked me with that deep voice.

His words just made things worse. A loud cry left my lips and I pulled my hair in agony. ‘’Shut ut!’’ I winced painfully and struggled to breathe well. ‘’Well a trip to Arkham might still heal you, since you’re not as crazy as him yet’’ Batman suggested almost too kindly. Arkham asylum..

‘’Take me. I don’t care’’ I mumbled and stood up in surrender. Batman probably found this too good to be true, but he still cuffed me and I let him do it. Oh my J..why? Why would he suddenly stop loving me after everything? He was my reason to live for fucks’s sake!


‘’Hello Y/N, I’m your doctor. You can call me Harleen if it makes you more comfortable’’ My psycholog Dr. Harleen Quinzel smiled as she entered the room. I was sitting on a grey chair in this grey room and I was wearing a white straitjacket. My eyes were probably sunken in from little sleep and my hair was a mess. Under the straitjacket I had an Arkham Asylum orange prisoner suit. I just nodded smally to acknowledge that I was here mentally.

‘’I was told that you surrendered to Batman. Is that right?’’ Harleen asked me and put her coffee cup of the boring grey table. The room smelled like bad air and old coffee. I just nodded again, too sad to speak unless I had to. I kept thinking about J. He was so deep in my heart, my soul and my mind that I could probably never remove him.

‘’Would you like to tell me why?’’ Harleen pushed my buttons, but I didn’t mind anymore. I moved my eyes from the table to Harleen’s blue eyes. She was quite hot to be a psycholog at Arkham Asylum. ‘’He doesn’t love me anymore’’ I whispered, beginning the sentence calmly but it just made my eyes sting again. 

Three days ago Batman took me here and this was my first session. They got me a cage prison where I had at least a dozen guards all the time. Being the ex girlfriend (I suppose) of Joker was a crazy role so they wouldn’t leave me unwatched. 

A tear fell down my cheek and soaked onto my straitjacket. Harleen gave me a sorry look, but she had to continue her work. ‘’Why would he stop loving you?’’ She questioned me carefully. She was probably scared of an attack out of the blue like I was known to do. I was mostly unexpected, but I wasn’t feeling my vibe anymore. The second J took me out and told me that he didn’t trust me, my flame was killed like fire in water. He let me down so easily, like I was nothing to him. He just gave up on us.

It hurt like hell.

‘’I have no idea..I think he finds it hard to let people in and something made him..doubt me’’ I admitted and poured details to a damn doctor. ‘’I..I’m sorry..I-’’ I started as tears just kept coming out of me like a damn waterfall. The straitjacket was uncomfortable and I felt anxious and weak. ‘’ I love him so much’’ I whispered and then looked down to hide my tears and my red eyes. My body was trembling and I got weaker and weaker.

‘’I’m sorry Y/N’’ Harleen tried to comfort me, but I just shook my head. No one would ever understand me! ‘’Sorry H but I don’t think you understand. I’m crazy for loving someone like him..’’ I tried to giggle, but it made me think of J. He really knew how to make me laugh. What the fuck had I done to him?! The questions left unanswered would kill me. 

‘’I might Y/N. You just need to trust me. Did you have a hard time growing up?’’ She asked me and got me quiet. Oh doctor if I’d remember much then I could answer your question better. I just had flashbacks and some faint memories, but I barely remembered the most of my childhood. I knew how things were, but I couldn’t remember it well. ‘’I guess’’ I whispered and sniffled. 

A knock on the door made her get up. I watched as she opened it and a guard walked in, wearing a mask so the criminals couldn’t remember them when they’d get out.  I stood up and let the guard take me out of the room, leaving our session short. ‘’See you tomorrow Y/N’’ Harleen yelled after me before the door closed.

The asylum halls were very disgusting. It was like an old jail and it had a bad vibe. The guard held my straitjacket tightly and kept walking silently. Other prisoners who were lucky enough to have a see through wall stared at me. They all knew me. How could they not?

Instead or turning right where my cage was, the guard took me to the left. ‘’Wrong way’’ I muttered bluntly, but he shushed me. What the fuck? Suddenly I saw a body on the floor, laying in his own blood. The man was a guard that only had a white T-shirt on now, soaked in blood. Oh and underwear. I stared at the dead man and then at the other guard who didn’t even care. That wasn’t right..

‘’Be quiet’’ He whispered and sent shivers down my spine. That wasn’t an Arkham guard! It was Joker! My heart started beating faster, but I listened to him like a dog. What on earth? Why would he come here? I just walked kindly by his side as he took us outside where I saw more dead bodies. A helicopter was waiting for us and I was surprised the alarm hadn’t started beeping. How did they get here? When ? Why? 

Joker took me into the black helicopter and then the door shut. It took off and so we just left Gotham without being noticed. A few henchmen sat here with guns. ‘’Why would you do that?!’’ I looked at J and bit my bottom lip. He took off the mask and I saw his red lips and those pretty blue eyes. ‘’Well duh I couldn’t just leave you there. They’d give you medicines that would turn you to a soulless goodie idiot’’ He spat and then grabbed a knife. I stared at it nervously as he came closer. Instead of getting stabbed, he cut the straitjacket open so my arms were free.

An overwhelming desire to hug him took over me, but I didn’t dare to do that. It hurt. ‘’I thought you just made it clear that you didn’t love me’’ I whispered quietly and looked into his eyes. J looked a little sad and tired. ‘’No..No Y/N..I love you. I really do, but something happened. You stormed off before I could even clear my mind’’ He sighed deeply and put his hand on you cheek. His touch felt good, but I didn’t let him know that. I wasn’t over it.

‘’Can we talk when we get home?’’ He looked deep into my eyes.Oh wow he still called it home. ‘’Sure’’ I mumbled and then broke eye contact. A sigh escaped his red lips and instead of ignoring me and taking a seat, he leaned in to kiss me. My eyes widened in surprise of the sudden touch. I let his wamr lips sink the truth into my mind until I shut my eyes and kissed him back. I couldn’t not kiss him.

J’s hand held onto the wall and the other one onto me. I felt his tongue on my bottom lip and then it slid into my mouth. He kissed me like we had been separated for years. It made my lips feel a sparkly sensation and I forgot everything that happened for a few slow seconds. After a while he pulled back and smiled. ‘’I hope that makes you believe that I love you. I never stopped idiot’’ he said playfully and cuased me to blush. But it still felt too good to be true.

‘’Let’s talk when we get home’’ I repeated his words just to be a tease and to show him that I wouldn’t forgive so easily. I was really broken ,left into my agony so bad that I fucking surrendered to Batman. ‘’Okay princess but you need to promise me to never go back there again’’ 


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well :) Last week I fell down some stairs and hurt my tailbone. I got some X-rays and nothing is broken so i just need to ibuprofen until it doesn’t hurt anymore haha. I scared the shit out of my mom 😅

This week’s doodle is inspired by the game “Subnautica” which I’ve been watching Markiplier play now for a while and I have to say it looks fucking beautiful (reefbacks are just giant babies that are there to just float around and have a good time). It’s on my wishlist and I really wanna get it but I also need to wait for it to be on sale because I spent lots of money on groceries for Valentine’s Day (he’s making dinner and I’m making dessert) and money for bills T.T hope you’re staying safe and beautiful and I love you all very VERY much! ALSO **THANK YOUUUU** FOR OVER 4100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?

Jamie Benn #4

Requested by @roryclaus:  Could you do a really, really cute and fluffy Jamie Benn imagine, where you and him have a really cute family day with your kids????? Thank you love!!!!

*Love youuuu. I hope you like this one. Not really about them out and about but the kids are there and s’cute. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 1, 127

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You called out from the foyer, “we don’t have all day,” you yelled at the little monsters running around upstairs, their footsteps sounding like they’re nineteen and not three and five.

“Yeah, yeah, almost done,” you heard their father monster yell back as you heard giggling from your daughters, “someone just has to put her socks on,” you heard Jamie say pointedly.

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