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The results of the request Livestream!

1.  Drey and Mizuki.  To them, Dry juice IS their Family…and each other too but you know.  that hasn’t changed.  Also Mizuki is still hot????? He’s like in his 40′s now????


3.  Noiz singing in the shower and Aoba laughing at him.

4.  The prompt was “Hot Dad Mink” but of course I fluffed it.

Thanks to those of you who joined me, and thank you for being the best followers ever!


Happy Easter my amazing Assassins :) i wish you all a very great Day :)
Picture made by me :)

Happy Easter! :D

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I know we haven’t talked since Valentine’s Day, but that’s okay! We’ll have to find time to talk again soon! ^^

Ahhh, what are these?! They’re so cute! Can I… can I eat them? Little cute EATABLE SQUISHY BIRDS? *insert more freaking out noises here*

This is the raddest thing anyone has ever gotten me, thanks! We definitely need to talk again soon!

Coliver/Addie!Verse Easter egg hunt.
(And, to any followers who may celebrate, Happy Easter! Hope you have a wonderful day! -Jules xoxo)

“I founds another one!” Addie cries, holding the colored egg aloft as she runs to add the egg to her Easter basket between her fathers on the stairs. From their vantage point on the bottom steps, Connor and Oliver have a perfect view of their open first floor and are sipping coffee while enjoying their daughter’s search for her Easter eggs.

“Found,” Oliver corrects and reaches down to brush her hair back when she stops to look at all the brightly colored eggs in the basket. “How many did you find so far?” They bend over the basket, counting together as Addie points to each one.

“…Eight. Nine.” Addie looks up, her gaze darting between her fathers. “Any more?”

“Well, the Easter Bunny hid fifteen and you found nine so that means there are six left.” Connor places his coffee cup a step behind him and holds up one hand and the other thumb. “This is six.” He counts out each number, bobbing each finger in time to help demonstrate. “There are this many left.”

Addie processes this, taking a moment to look at Connor’s fingers and then at the eggs in her basket. “Okay,” she says, turning back to the living room with a determined look in her eye. “Six.”

Oliver smiles, leaning back on his elbows. “Where’d you hide the other ones?”

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Hello Follower and Future-Follower ;-)!

I wish you a Happy Easter and thank you for all reblogs, comments, fav´s and messages!

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Hello loves! Quick update because I can’t emphasize enough how sorry I am to my commissioners. I didn’t ration my work load or time wisely. It was my mistake, but I’ve certainly learned from it!

The end of March is creeping up, which means due dates are creeping up. I will be gone this weekend, which will leave me about 2 or 3 days to be done with the projects! Therefor I’ll be able to continue the commission work later next week in April.

Thank you everyone for you patience!

Have a happy Easter!