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AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! - 15 Million Subscribers

@therealjacksepticeye has reached 15 millions subscribers! That’s crazy!! AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Jack, congratulations on reaching such a big milestone. 15 million people is an insane number. And now onwards to the next million! The characters of the amazing Night in the Woods celebrating with Jack at the Donut Wolf. A special cake was prepared! Thank you for always making us smile and laugh Jack. You always cheer my days up and make me feel safer at night when I can’t sleep. You have a big impact on my life and also my art. Thank you. 

Another drawing inspired by amazing series Night In The Woods on @therealjacksepticeye channel. I love this game so much! Everything in this game is incredible! AWOOOOOO!!! Thank you guys and you Sean for all support that you give me. Love you all! 💚


(So sorry for my English)



Art of May!!! (ok I couldn’t put them all on one post because it was starting to be really too much ^^’)

Painted on PS [2017.05]

It was a really good month, I experimented a lot and had so much fun. Also I want to particularly thank all of you for your supports, your likes, reblogs, comments, tags and messages. I am sooo overwhelmed and I feel so blessed by all of you and yup Thank you guys, you are amazing and I am so lucky!!  Have a really really beautiful day <3 <3

May // June // July pt 1 // July pt 2 //

Little Septic Bea 💚 I hope you like my new drawing inspired an amazing game Night In The Woods on @therealjacksepticeye channel. Now everywhere when I see Gregg or Mae I hear your voice 😄 Thank you Sean for incredible series!


(So sorry for my English)


Sneak peek to my first anamatic I’ve been working on. Kinda nervous about making one of these but i was inspired by amazing creators like @galactibun and @gyerangyeran thank you so much for everything These were my favorite to draw

A very, very special commission for an equally special person.  @brewess was the first person whose character I got to draw (because well she has the most amazing characters and it’s always  been instant love on my side!) …AGES ago. I was just a wee lad, who had just arrived on scary tumblr land… here we are,some years after that day, older, none the wiser lol… and destiny wanted the first artwork to come out of my new computer to be for her, once again. Good omen, for sure.

This is her gorgeous Moro Lavellan <3

Hufflepuff what
  • Ravenclaw: what are you doing?
  • Hufflepuff: making tea.
  • Gryffindor: but where's the tea bag?
  • Hufflepuff: I don't need one.
  • Slytherin: but, it's just spices in a pot of water?! How are you going to turn this into tea?
  • Hufflepuff: *strains tea into cups, and gives to others.*
  • Ravenclaw: *sniffs* it smells okay. *goes to sip*
  • Slytherin: Wait!! How do we know this isn't some potion, that- that could turn us into a- a- something bad. Like rule abiding students?
  • Gryffindor: why would a Hufflepuff do something like that to us?
  • Hufflepuff: *sips tea* you see! I'm no different. I wouldn't do that I promise.
  • Gryffindor: *sips tea* whoa!
  • Ravenclaw: *sips tea* I'm sorry, I doubted you. This is amazing!
  • Hufflepuff: thank you!!
  • Slytherin: *cautiously sips tea* ..
  • *mumbles* this is really good... *downs tea*
  • Hufflepuff: *smiles*

As requested……. HERE YOU GO AMAZING PEOPLE! <3

Gosh you guys, i freaking love all of you. The overwhelming responses I got to color this sketch was so kind that I had to do it!

I literally read all the adorable tags you guys put and it always makes me smile. You are all amazing. 

Thank you. :)


My illustration and knight self-portrait for the 1001 Knights zine successfully funded through Kickstarter and run by Kevin Stanton and Annie Stoll! My work will be in the Wisdom volume alongside some of my close friends and favorite artists. Thanks @onethousandandoneknights, @kevinjaystanton, and @anniestoll for the amazing opportunity!

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I have a yoi fan acc on Insta and I post most of your art there W/ CREDS IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE UR MY GOD TBH UR ART IS A RELIGION anyways people always post ur art and other artists art on Instagram without creds and I get so pissed? Like "BITCH IS THIS ZEPHYRINE-GALE FROM TUMBLR. HAVE U NEVER HEARD OF THIS BLESSING TO EARTH U MCNUGGET TRASH." they say "I get it from google idk the creds" and I die a little bit inside just get Tumblr so you can have the newest fanart and creds as well U Dumb hoes?

asdfgfhj ohmygod??? I love you

Day 1 of Potter Week Prompts - Best Friends 

Feels amazing being part of this. 

Last year I tried to join but couldn’t keep up. Thanks lord i have time to do it this year because this challenge is really amazing! 

Special thanks to @taryndraws for the coolest list ever! 

See you tomorrow! :) 

Harry Potter Week Prompts, created by @taryndraws, illustration by @nattibie