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ok ive gotten 4d 5d, 5a, 5e, and 6d so far and although it only brought me to tears the first time its got me close with every subsequent ones. also im pinkie kin and i thought dating myself in a sim would be weird but it was actually really charming and made me really happy and your characterisation was so good and perfect. also i love you. also im GAY

Hehe, that does sound like it’d be kind of an odd experience! But I’m very happy it worked out for you. And it means a lot to me that you enjoyed my characterization. Thank you so much!

Hey all, did you know that it’s Exiled Rebels Scans one month anniversary today?

So far we’ve released 13 chapters and have made 800 followers.

I wanted to take the time and thank all you wonderful people for following us and sticking with us while we still figure out what the heck we are doing on our end.



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Remember the galaxy talk? X3 my offer still stands

((You’ve already filled this blog with so much love, all the stars in the sky wouldn’t be enough to count it. I think it’s time that you get some in return <3

Thank you all for being so kind and wonderful and always being there for the people who need it, and for me, even when we say we’re fine. Thank you all for being who you are and making the fandom as fun as it is, and for cheering people on, and for spreading as much love as you have <3 You’re all incredible, and the blog would be less without you <3))

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Hey there Craftsman! I would just love to start off by saying how much I love your work. It is extraordinary! Nothing else turns me on more than your stories. I was wondering how ti would feel like to have Michael Phelps's body and especially his feet. He is so big yet so smooth. Do you think that is something your amazing skills could help me with?

Well thank you very much, glad to hear I can bring you pleasure. As for Michael Phelps, that can certainly be done.

The Caricatures is always the host to the best types of clothing and I can see you already found yourself stumbling in, checking out the multitude of people turned clothing and accessories, all of which was transformative, all of which was only in your mind as suddenly you found yourself staring at your naked body in the mirror.

How did you get here? What were you doing here?

You couldn’t remember, your memory hazy and before you can even take another step, with the click of the fingers, a tight pair of spandex shorts suddenly wrap themselves around your crotch. You don’t know what’s happening but you can’t help but moan as it feels as if a mouth is wrapped around your cock, a hand tightly gripping the base and slowly starting to jerk you off as it seems the spandex is almost contracting, rubbing up against your erect dick as it continues to feel like an invisible mouth is blowing you, the tongue lapping up any pre-cum that already starts to form and dribble out of your sensitive head.

What’s happening?

You couldn’t care, you don’t want to know, why should you care? All you need to do is play dumb, that’s right…just playing dumb, feel the pleasure invade your body as you start to stare into the mirror, dumbfounded at your new abs which almost seemed to be pumping up. Watching as dark brown hairs sprout out with every ab that fills out your shrinking stomach that grows leaner with every moan you give, with every moment you quiver at the tongue at your cock that laps at your sensitive head, every time you give into the pleasure you feel something hypnotic hitting your mind, almost causing it to shrink.

The pleasure racing through your body as you find your hands stretching, the fingers growing larger as your palms suddenly seem to have a mind of their own, shifting through the muscle, rubbing at your pecs and with every part of your body they touch, you watch it swell with muscle. Even a simple caress of your thickening biceps cause them to balloon out with the thick muscularity of an Olympic athlete, of Michael Phelps.

Memories of swimming, training, medals, and water flooding your mind as you feel both your hands grab at your growing pecs, hair starting to grow on them as a bronze tan spreads from your fingertips. Your neck grows slightly longer as you can feel your groans grow deeper, a British accent on your tongue as dialect replaces your everyday language. You can’t fight it, just letting the mouth, the tongue, the spandex just rub against your sensitive cock which throbs, knowing you’re just about to cum.

As your legs seem to stretch you feel your ass growing, both cheeks bouncing as you push against the spandex, feeling a ghostly finger of some kind start to finger you as it rubs against your prostate, sparking more pleasure, almost finding yourself cumming as you try to hold on, try to hold onto yourself and your memories which are quickly dashing away. After all, your name is Michael Phelps, isn’t that right?

Yes, sounds about right, doesn’t it? 

No. You had to get out.

As you found yourself start making your way towards the door, you couldn’t help but slow down, almost as if you were becoming a statue as your muscles hardened, and your thighs thicken to support your growing body. Your back stretches naturally for your new height, but that’s not the troubling part. Although you continue to moan and groan from the pleasure that invades your body, your own feet refuse to move. You glance down, trying to ignore the beautiful body you now have as you start to watch your own feet begin to crawl forward on the floor, transforming and flexing as the arch lengthens and the larger toes splay until you realise they’re now a size fourteen.

You don’t want to move, why would you? You’re just admiring your body, that’s right…just flex. You watch as you begin to pose and flex in the mirror, still moaning under your breath as you’re suddenly fascinated, amazed at your new body, with every pose, and every groan, your face fills out, your features shifting, your jawline becoming harder and stronger as your hair shrinks, becoming shorter. It’s only after a while as you find yourself backing against the wall and watch your spandex rub your sensitive cock one last time, that you cum, the spandex lapping it up as you close your eyes, unable to focus on anything else as the pleasure causes your body to shake.

You don’t know how long it’s been before you open your bright brown eyes, smirking at yourself as you stood there in your spandex, you were now Michael Phelps, big feet and all, and there was always a pool at Elysium, the gym in The Studio, maybe there’d be a Tom Daley to play around with as well.


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I stumbled into your blog and I completely fell in love with your headcannons and scenarios! Admittedly, I was a silent lurker for a while since I'm a little shy, but I really, really wanted to let you know that you're a talented and amazing person to give some of your time to write all these wonderful pieces for the growing BotW fandom. Thank you very much! Would you mind doing a headcannon on how Sidon's relationship develops with a s/o he met through an arranged marriage?

Awww bb… Thank you so much, I’m lucky to have people like you following

-Mod Pinks

Growing relationship in arranged marriaged (Sidon)

  • The first few days are inevitably a bit awkward
    • Yet Sidon enjoys getting to know this new person he shares his life.
    • Approaches them as a friend first- there’s a good chance they didn’t want to get married, so its better to be a friend than a lover they never wanted.
  • With time, they do become good friends, and bond over duties and having another person they can trust and talk to.
  • They grow to be really close, and one day, Sidon asks if he can properly woo them, since they’re already married, they never got to woo so… He’d like to at least try to give them the proper romance they deserve.
  • What happens next is entirely up to the s/o

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i follow this blog as an education resource, because i have pcos. i'm also agender. now, there's always doubt and questioning for nb folks, and i'm not about to try to connect all of that to biology. but sometimes i personally wonder if my pcos and subsequent hormonal fluctuations led me to feeling agender/genderless within myself. i honestly don't know, but i appreciate you including pcos in your space, because honestly i don't know who else would be talking about it.

Thank you so much for this. Since we grow up gendering our bodies, intersex people are more likely to be non-binary. We have more trouble accessing societal gender ideals. There’s also the notion of brain sex, which is kind of an individual belief. I’m suddenly low on spoons right now, so I can’t have an enlightened conversation on this or whatever, but thanks for letting me know I’m helping you. I’ll continue to include people with PCOS as long as they need it.

I’m not going to recap anything from this weekend because it’s already starting to blur together (in all of its sheer awesomeness), and I’m sure that there are others that have put together something way more eloquent. So instead, I would really prefer to leave a little thank you to everyone I met throughout the whole weekend. I’m not the most active blogger here so I didn’t really know a lot of you guys. However, I will be eternally grateful for the insanely wonderful folks that I DID have a chance to meet and the insightful and FUN conversations that came along with them. You are an incredibly classy bunch and I’m glad to have met all of you!

As for the con itself, the whole weekend was beyond special, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget meeting Jen and Colin. They were incredibly gracious and kind- and SO genuine.

It was a jam-packed weekend, one that I spent all day today recovering from, LOL. But, I have absolutely no regrets, and would do it again in a heartbeat. (Who’s in?!)

So, here’s to a successful Van Con, meeting all of you guys, and seeing the people that we love and appreciate week after week on this hell of an incredible show. 

I really do love this show.

And to whoever’s hitting Toronto, I’ll see ya there! 

Tagging, because you ladies are awesome: @high-seas-swan: my Van travel buddy, I’m so glad we did this! And to @lifeinahole27, @wheres-your-rum, @tlynnwords, @mryddinwilt, @idontdothatveryoften and @ceruleanblueisagentlebreeze: it was great to meet you all!

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Dude, I love your art so much. You seriously inspire me and I look forward to your posts every day! You've really quickly become one of my favorite artists. I'm sorry people have been giving you a lot of shit recently--you don't deserve that at all. Anyway, I love your art and you're wonderful 💖 I hope you continue working on Cynosure because I'm dying to know more about the story and the characters!! 👋

you are a sweet angel and i love you, thank you  ⭐️ 💖 💖 💖

You, Thomas, are such an amazing person. Honestly, I’d say you’re like a guardian angel that was sent to help right the world’s wrongs. Okay, maybe not quiiite that extreme, but Jesus, you’ve helped so many people just by being <i>you </i>. You’re just so sweet and supportive of everyone! No matter their gender, sexuality, skin color, looks, anything! Well, except those who are hateful towards others but they don’t deserve to even look at your (very handsome) face so who cares about that. Anyway, you’ve made me go from crying to laughing with all your wonderful videos that you put so much hard work into. Thank you for being such an amazing person, Thomas. <3


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Hey. I know you don't know me and I don't know exactly what's wrong, but hon, I love you and your blog. Keep fighting and know that so many people love you and support you. And if you ever need anything, ever, just ask. <3

Awww this is so sweet. Thank you, friend. It means a lot that you sent me this message. You guys are just the best and I’m so glad I’m not alone in all of this. 

Love you too, fren! Hope you are okay and having a wonderful day. If you need anything, just let me know. <3

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i love my friends and everybody i met this semester ;;;;;

I’m rlly sorry if i’m being dumb here but i just- high school was super tough for me. I was bullied really bad, family was an issue. Sheridan has always been my dream school, and i thought that coming here i would never make any friends and- wow! i just! i never expected to meet so many wonderful people! 

Im just. So thankful to have met all of you. Again im rlly sorry if i sound super corny rn lmao but im just- blown away by everything thats happened this semester. 

I wish. ALL OF YOU. The very VERY best with your dreams. 

You are now leaving Storybrooke...

But I had such a wonderful time in Vancouver. I got to meet so many lovely people! So happy to finally meet @wholockgal @kat2609 and @mryddinwilt especially in person. And meeting @xhookswenchx @annytecture and @asthewheelwills And thanks to @fergus80 and @flipperbrain for hanging with me a bit in Steveston today. All you ladies are so lovely and I’m glad I got to spend time with all of you!!

Time to leave the land of Fairytales and head back to the real world (blah) but I’ll definitely treasure this vacation. So much.


okay so this got out of hand but anyway

The signs as comebacks/insults

Aries : Remember that time I said I thought you were cool? I lied.

Taurus : You only annoy me when you’re breathing, really.

Gemini : Do yourself a favor and ignore anyone who tells you to be yourself. Bad idea in your case.

Cancer: Everyone’s entitled to act stupid once in awhile, but you really abuse the privilege.

Leo : Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you’re stupid than open it and remove all doubt.

Virgo: Remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither.

Libra : Do your parents even realize they’re living proof that two wrongs don’t make a right?

Scorpio : Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d gotten enough oxygen at birth?

Sagittarius : Are you always such an idiot, or do you just show off when I’m around?

Capricorn : There are some remarkably dumb people in this world. Thanks for helping me understand that.

Aquarius: I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than whatever you just said.

Pisces : Some day you’ll go far—and I really hope you stay there.


In which Bakugou is me



!Trash Mammals Unite!

@therealjacksepticeye This is amazing!!!! Congratulations on this great achievement! I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. It is so nice and full of such wonderful, genuine, creative and determined people. And with such a wonderful example as Sean I’m not surprised. Thank you for everything and here is to continued growth and most of all happiness and inspiration!

By the way here LOL this is a little animation and pic I drew to celebrate 15 Million. Totally LOVE animating in this art style! Night in the Woods is one of my favorite series of yours (along with almost every other story-based game you play) and watching you play all these wonderful games continues to inspire me to try and make a game of my own someday. Who knows…

Had a lovely sleepover with these wonderful people and I hope I can have many more with more friends!! Missing Dominic from this photo, but thank you to all of you for helping with the YouTube silliness so far!! 🙌

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“I always get happy when the sun’s out, shining. I’ve always had a thing about that. Like, I hate it when it’s like raining. But when the sun’s out, I can’t help but be like smiling.” x

Happy Birthday, Alexander David Turner - January 6th 1986