thank you all sooooooo much!!

!!! 6th stretch goal reached: the red color edge cut!!!

Every printed copy will now come with a red color edge cut, picking up the color on the outside, enhancing the book so beautifully!!

We’re so glad this could be reached as well!

Now, RADIANCE is as we have envisioned it! 

Thank YOU all sooooooo much for making RADIANCE the most beautiful we possibly can!


Two more stretch goals coming up!

A lanyard with all the art from the book on it - and Tindu’s wonderful Hannigram poster!

*hugs you all tightly*

Thank you all so much for the 200+ followers ! THIS IS AMAZING !!

Having your support is incredible, thanks !!! It’s a great motivation ! <3

And thank you sooooooo much for all your kind messages about my animatic and Lapstale, it means the world ! I was so happy reading them :’>

And since few asked me, maybe I’ll do an art raffle ! So if you want me to do it, tell me in the comments or somewhere else ^^

Thank you so much to all of you, you’re all so wonderful !

Special thanks to @great-nini, @tsukihotaru and @psukho <3 

Wowdie yAydie!!!! holy water going through my body!!!!! 😁 😁 💓. Thank you sooooooo much all you guys!!! Give me your ship name then I’ll draw short fluffy comics with the most ship I got:))) to thank you!!

We made it to 500 followers, friends!!!!

Thank you all sooooooo much. Again, your love and support is what keeps me going! 

There are going to be a few changes! I’ve closed requests for now and will be opening commissions soon! (Don’t worry! If you have submitted a request I am still trying to work through those! I promise I will get to them eventually!) 

Keep you eyes out for new links! <3 -Topher

anonymous asked:

hey so I want to start off by saying your art makes me cry tears of joy its so good. And second, I was wondering if you would be ever so kind as to draw some early morning cuddles with royai? Please and thank you so much!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you sooooooo much!! I’m really so happy and overwhelmed by all these asks and everyone’s great comments on my drawings. They really mean a lot and they make my day and leave a smile on my face and I just…. AAAAAHHH!! Thank you!

Okay, enough of my rambling. Here you go!

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im in the mood to read some imagines and ive already read all of yours cuz I'm OBSESSED so do you have any other one shot recs like what are some of your favs

First of all thank you sooooooo much it seriously means a lot to me and I’m so glad you enjoyed my imagines

Second, I don’t know if you meant other blogs or specific ones but here are some of my fave accs: 

secuteimagines imaginesjaybiebs (AKA MY BABES) imaginejuzten bieberblurbs blondiebiebs breakfromontario guccibiebs justinbieberimaginesxox mccanndrxws teachmehowtobieber justinjrew nothinglikejdb They’re seriously amazing

I Love You (Part II) - Harry Styles Oneshot

(Part 1) 


“God just shut up, y/n! Don’t you fucking see?! He doesn’t fucking love you! He’s not the one that holds you! He’s not the one who tells you everything will be okay! I am! I am the one, and god, god do i fucking love you.”

Y/n’s eyes widen as she looked at him and stuttered

“W-wait, what?”

Part II:

Harry gulped loudly as he stared ahead shaking his head. God, was he mental? Why did he have to say that? He couldn’t help it though, she set him off. She had him go crazy and tell her the truth. It wasn’t that he regretted saying he loved her. He was scared that she wouldn’t believe him or that she couldn’t handle her best friend being in love with her. 

Instead of facing what just happened, Harry started the car again and turned around. Y/n had different plans though. 

“What? Harry, no. Where are we going?” She asked, fully sitting up now, holding onto the dash board. 

“I’m taking you back home.”

“No, no! We have to talk! We can’t just ignore that fact that you clearly stated that you love me!” She looked at him with pleading eyes while grabbing onto his wrist. “Please.”

“What is there to talk about, Y/n? I’ll admit I love you. You won’t know what to say so you just nod and say ‘i just want to be friends, harry’ and then i’ll be sad because you will go back to that fucking bastard and everything would-” Harrys eyes widen as her lips contacted with his quickly then pulled away. 

“What the fuck! You could have killed us!” 

Y/n smiled brightly while leaning towards him, “but it made you shut up…and you enjoyed it.”

Harry hid is smile while shaking his head, “Only a little bit.” He pulled over once more, turned off the car then turned his body towards y/n. “You want to talk?”

“Yes, actually. More like ask questions.” She looked at him worriedly before asking, “when did you know you loved me?”

“The first time we went on our adventures. Your face was all flushed from running out of your house. Your nose scrunched up because you were smiling so hard. Sometimes you would even snort when you laughed,” He answer earning a gasp from y/n.

“No, I don’t!”

“Yes, you do!” 

Y/n just rolled her eyes while smiling, “Next question. How come you never told me?”

“Well, when I found out, I was still with Cami and you just started talking to douche bag-”


Harry smiled and nodded, “That’s what I said. Anyways, I was just so use to keeping it a secret so when me and Cami broke it off, I didn’t even think about telling you.”

“Why did you guys break up?”

Harry shook his head, “that doesn’t matter.”



Y/n looked at him softly while slowly leaning in, “Can I?”

“I would never stop you,” he whispered back. 

Her lips connected with Harrys as a thousand shocks went through their bodies. Harrys lips molded perfectly against hers as a faint smile came across the two. Her hands found their way up to her hair softly tugging on his hair wanting more. She ached for more. So did he, he ached for her touch. She had a spell on him. At that moment they both knew nothing else in the world matter. It was just them two. The two of them fell in love. Their bodies molded together like a beautiful sculpture. 

They soon found themselves in the back seat. Their clothes made their way to the ground of the car. Soft whispers and faint moans filled the atmosphere as the two lovers (finally) formed into one. 

Harry and Y/n were laying down on the back seat, squished, but they didn’t care. Harry was tracing shapes onto the side of Y/n’s hip as he hummed softly. 


“Yes, baby?”

Y/n blushed softly at the pet name he gave her, before looking up at him and saying, 

“I love you.”

A/n: Part 3 maybe? No, I don’t know. Thank you all sooooooo much for all the support and great feedback! I love you all and thank you thank you thank you thank you. Don’t forget to keep on requesting and submitting (my submissions aren’t working so that may be awhile) buuuut you can still request. Much love   -Zoxx

First Dates (Tony)

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

First Dates (Tony)

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Prompt: Hey, I was wondering whether you could do a fan fiction where all the guys in the Avengers have a crush on you so you go on a date with all of them and then choose one? I don’t know, just an idea (berrystained)
Warnings: Groping


Hey guys! I just wanted to say thank you sooooooo freakin much for sticking with me during all of these crappy updates! You have no idea how much that means to me, you guys are the best <3

    “Ugh, this dress is getting on my last nerve,” you muttered as you pulled on the fabric of your dress.

    “We’re about to go on the red carpet,” hissed Tony. “Just smile and act like you belong, and then we’ll get out of here." 

    "This better go quickly,” you murmured, and you and Tony stepped out of the limo, only to be bombarded with dozens of flashing cameras.

    A few days ago, Tony asked if you wanted to attend a black tie gala with him. And of course, you said yes. It would be the first red carpet event you would have ever attended, and plus it would also be a nice first date with Tony. Tony picked out a long silver dress for you, and with the help of Bucky (who was surprisingly skilled at the curling iron), you were ready for the gala in just a few hours. A few hours later, you met up with Tony at the entrance of the building, only to be whisked away by the limo. Currently, you and Tony had just stepped out of the limo and is about to enter the gala. But first, the two of you have to pass through the cameras. 

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gaynightvale 1,000 followers raffle!

First of all, thank you sooooooo much! I remember when myself and Kai were getting excited over just having 11 followers and now we’re here. We love all of you and ohmygod thank you thank you thank you!

So, as a way to thank you we are holding a raffle! It’s simple, to enter all you have to do is
a) be following this blog
b) reblog this post :D

3 winners will be chosen at random, and 1st/2nd/3rd place will all win something each.

1st place: Any drawing of choice, made by the lovely Kai
2nd place: A sketch of yourself/Night Vale oc OR a sketch of your favourite Night Vale character, once again by the cutie pie Kai
3rd place: A follow and a shout-out! :D 

This raffle will end on June 29th, (2 weeks today), I hope you guys all have fun entering! Once again thank you so, so much for bringing the blog this far. It means the world to myself and Kai, you’re all amazing  ❤ -Cas and Kai

p.s Cas is typing this- so Kai  you’re a huge nerd and I love you because you’re a sweet cute squishy Prince and you should marry meeeeeeee

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I’ve recently hit 955 followers so I’ve decided to do a follow forever.

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I’m going to make another part to this because its past midnight now and im tired af. Anyway thank you all so much for following me!

hello. ok i tend to unintentionally follow any trend ever, so this follow forever is not a holiday follow forever, let me just clear that up. 

ANYWAY, everyone that i follow is a gem and i love dearly and i’m so glad that i get on tumblr everyday and get to see your cute lil icons. :-)

these people here are my forever faves on tumblr ok:

santaliam LORA!!!!! oh my god i love you soooooo much, thank you for being an amazing friend and pal and everything i could ever want. also thanks for the ketchup chips n shit they were beautiful.

admireharry oh jesus. aline. alien. uh lee nee. you and i have a lot of history and ilysm we have been through, and survived every group chat together and it’s been a beautiful experience ily bae. i will forever live in your ass w pugzy.

cozyhaz GARYYYYYY! you are harry styles there is not a single doubt in my mind that you are him. you’re so sososososo sweet and ily. but i also resent you for calling me shat. ok bye.

girlalmihgty BRENDA!!!!!!!!!! i love you. i’m sosososososooss glad we got to meet at our concert it was great!!!! wow i want to meet you again!

cocksuckerlou olivia is love olivia is life. that is all. i am olivia af. goodbye.

daddylimpdick nat you are shay af and i am so glad someone is ily

buttpluglouis ann i am so glad you rec me fics bc now i have someone to cry over fics with ok it really is a beautiful thing

and now for the mutuals!!!!! (in no particular order)

bolds are people i consider friends!!!!

inkedpals snowinghazza angryniall blurberrys smirkhazza britishpunks ofdisny nudeshaz lirrypaynes godamniall thscripts tornbytomlinson dicksconnected girlalmigtey punkbrits poisonhoran unclenouis fuksmalik beautiflourry nonbinaryharry exceptharry bewbies peppermintslouis playboyliam zjmalikafstokholmsyndromeaf louisbutts hanukkahtommo zeysus hrrys lmaomalum ughpunk marinakink hazhugs officiaclifford birdsnotbeards zaynsdulhan abczayn sizekinksquad fukczarry harrysdominant kitswlker foolgolds bumstagram tomlinbooties leggingsharry welingtonvideo teasedalou narrywinks fukswithniall suspiciousbuttons wtfnah happyzayns hipsterpls acoustictommo analcrabs girlalmightys larrytrash donechapel darkzayns larryindecember coffeeshopfic

non-mutuals that i’m in love with:

supersnowpe povverbottoms loaded-gunn soleilouis infinitelymint j4ya modestmgmtofficial gagmeniall

*DISCLAIMER* if i missed anyone or left anyone out i’m terribly sorry, i honestly didn’t mean to. i follow quite a few blogs and a lot of people have changed url’s so it’s hard to keep track. but i love all of you guys so much!!!!

also thank u sooooooo much cocksuckerlou for the edit i’m so incapable of doing it myself. ily