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To my many anons that are sad, worried, have read things that have upset them, are nervous about the future or just disappointed today - I want to share something that always makes me feel better:

This was the first thing he wrote to us post-lawsuit. 

We should be thankful for every single triumph and disappointment. We could have ended up with nothing. No Matrix, no Carnival, no Best. Absolute. Perfect, no Put ‘Em Up  no NOIR, no ROSE, no Unlimited and no BLUE. 

If you know, then you know and if you don’t know, you’ve definitely heard. We have been through the very worst together. Please don’t let insignificant things and petty people get you down. 

Don’t misunderstand me, your feelings and fears are valid and I respect you all for caring so much - but what I hope you understand is that B.A.P is a big-picture group, they always have been. It’s why they took so many risks to do what they love on their own terms. Trust in them.

So, watch over them like they asked and enjoy this time! Life is colourful! etc. ;-)

They will be just fine. 

((A little gift for the wonderful and awesome @ask-ghost-feli!!! ^///^)/ Thank you for all your support and kind words!! It means so much to me! TvT)

And this is a little thank you for all the times you drew my good ol’ vintage Ludwig!! It always makes me so frickin happy to see you actually took the time and effort to draw him its just–aaaahhh! Q///Q) Your artstyle is so adorable! Again, thank you very muuuch!! ^v^) and i hope you like it!))

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CONGRATS ON GETTING YOUR SHOP OPEN! I checked it and it looks so professional and cool! I am sure you put a lot of effort into it; it's really awesome! (Does that mean your shop will generally be open all the time??.. There goes my money to a very good cause :)) Again congrats on opening your shop! Thank you!! \^-^/

guH!! Thank you so much!!! This was such a long time coming and with my terrible scheduling i thought i’d never have my store up again

but yes! Now that i have this shop (and since winter is dead con season) i will generally have this shop open all the time! I’ll also be gradually integrating some of my old merch/art into the shop as i get them prepared (i just wanted to get the new stuff out first!) 

Thanks again so much T T 

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Bc I'm too curious: Have you ever gotten hate in your inbox for writing/ drawing/shipping Otayuri, Pliroy and Otapliroy? Because the discourse around those ships is always hot but I never see it near your stuff (thank God)

Haha, yes I do. Frequently? I just refuse to answer or give them any attention, which is why you don’t see it near my stuff. Responding just adds fuel, because all they want is a response, they come looking for a fight, so they can stir up something and flood your inbox more. So, a swift block and delete is all they get. Sometimes people reply directly to my art posts with their Very Important Thoughts on my drawings, but I just block them then too. If they dislike my stuff so much they feel the need to tell me then they shouldn’t mind getting blocked so they don’t have to see it, right? ;) 

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Hi! I'm a member of my school's QSA in California, and i was wondering if there was anything people living in other countries could do to help LGBT people living in Brazil. Is there any sort of organization one could donate to? I've read about Rio Without Homophobia but all of the websites are in Portuguese.

hello! thank you very much for worrying about us, it is very important for us now to have any kind of support from other countries, so i appreciate your kindness.

so, the most effective ways to help us are by signing our petition to stop this (here: ), and most importantly by spreading the word as far as you can. yesterday, hours after the judicial decision was made, i saw brazilian people talking about this all over their social media, but i couldn’t find a single international article about it. that terrified me, and it was the reason why i made that post - because international coverage is important to pressure the government to revert this measure as soon as possible. if you can please help us by spreading this around and signing the petition, it should be more than enough, for now.

as for donations, i wish i could recommend you organizations you could donate, but unfortunately the ones we know are all goverment-funded institutions (including Rio Without Homophobia), and we don’t think they even receive donations. unfortunately, we have very few, small and unknown lgbt+ ONGs in Brazil, but i’ll try to look up for as many as i can find and i’ll post about it! (if anyone reading this knows any brazilian organizations/institutions focused on lgbt+ people that accepts donations, please share with us!). in the meantime, be sure to donate to the international NGOs focused on protecting LGBT+ rights.

p.s.: since the petition site is in portuguese, here’s how to do it:

when filling the “comentário” section, here’s something you can paste in there (it’s not necessary, but you can fill it if you want to): 

“Acredito que a liberação do tratamento da homossexualidade como uma condição patológica é absurda e um retrocesso para a população LGBT+ brasileira, que vem lutando há tanto tempo por direitos humanos básicos. Assino para que seja completamente criminalizado todo o e qualquer tipo de tentativa de tratamento contra a orientação sexual, principalmente pelas crianças e adolescentes que são forçados por seus responsáveis a se submeter a esse tipo de crueldade.”

this basically means you’re against the regression of lgbt+ rights in brazil, and that you support the criminalization of any conversion therapy, which mostly affects underage people who are forced to this torture.

thank you for your attention!


Hello dear friends! today was (another) little earthquake in my city, I’m fine and safe! thank you so much for your support and sweet wishes ♡ yet my computer is not that ok, my house is very old and with last week’s shaking my room made a crack wich with this new shaking made a small hole in the roof (nothing to worry about) and those pieces fell over my laptop. Screen seems to not work so tomorrow I’ll take it to repair so not sure when I will update stuff ;^; I am terrible sorry about that. I’ll try to make (again xD) all the possible to not take long time ^^
love you all! ♡

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Hey I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do! If life gets too ridiculous you should make sure youre ok above trying to keep this blog updated! Tumblr isn't an obligation. 💙 stay healthy!

Thank you so very much! ;v;

I don’t say it enough, but really - thank you to all of you that follow me! Anytime life has gotten outta hand I’ve always received a tone of support which means the world!

I hope that in turn people in all of your lives can be understanding and that you all take the breaks you need! We can do this (>v>)9

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hi!! i absolutely love all your art, its so expressive and fluid, it reminds me of old timey cartoons while having its own style and charm, so great!! anyways, I hope this isn't rude to ask, but I was wondering, is the use of vector animation in mighty magiswords due to budget reasons or just your preference? if you could would you choose to do drawn frame by frame animation?

Hi! Thank you very much! When I started making the 15 second episodes for CN Anything and the 3 minute shorts, I was given the newly-established in-house flash unit to work with. They were produced quickly and inexpensively. I was given the opportunity to move on from Flash animation as we moved on to TV episodes, but I chose to stick with Flash for several reasons. For one, the Magiswords themselves can have complicated designs with lots of detail. In traditional 2d, those details would have to be in-betweened and would likely wobble around a lot. Changes and retakes are a lot faster and easier to make in Flash, and while the show is animated by the good folks at Inspedia in Malaysia, we still have our in-house Flash crew who can make spur-of-the-moment changes if need be. With our extensive library of assets designed for the cartoons we’d already made, we could make special projects like the ad-libbed Vlog series without doing new designs. Also, I feel like a lot of modern TV traditional animation all moves too similarly. The motion seems non-specific. Trying to make flash work for me the way I wanted to seemed like a task I could wrap my head around.

As we get to the back end of season one, we get closer and closer to the look I’m going for. Check out “Unconventional Dolphinism” and “Get that Borfl” and you’ll see a pretty big upgrade from where the season started. And most of the episodes we’ve gotten back for season 2 so far look even better than those! If the alternative was animation like what TMS and Startoons did for Animaniacs or what Carbunkle did for Ren & Stimpy, I’d, of course, love that, but those things were never going to be available to me.

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I miss my whiskey knot babies. Hope you're doing well lately !! 😘

Hello lovely thoughtful anon! I am doing very well, thanks so much for wondering– just battling the 8,000 word update (this is what’s keeping the NHI asks at bay too– haven’t forgotten!). I’ve been writing deeper into the whole thing so hopefully I can keep up better. Those damn Whiskey Knot babies of yours! Causing trouble all over the place. Here’s a six-sentence bit from Leather (2), along with a song if you’re interested:

But her beauty was not what made Han recall the prizefighter he’d once seen, at this very fair, take a vicious left hook that buckled his knees. She wore trousers, light brown suede, tight from hip to ankle. Across her back was slung a rifle. Her eyes wide and chin set, Leia Organa stood: lithe and armed. And this is what sent Han leaning into the fence as though against taut leather ropes. His expression that knocked-out boxer’s mixture of mortally perplexed and strangely blissful.

Ask for more sometime if that’s your jam, anon! Thanks so much for writing, and for giving a damn about this dorky stranger. 

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Ever since I was young I've had, like, this INTENSE fear of worms. When I came across your page, I realize not all worms r bad. Thank u for breaking the stigma

‘worm’ is a term for very many different sorts of animal. even if you find one type scary, there is another different one you might like very much. some of us can be a bit rude (helminths) and some of us are beautiful and dangerous (bobbit) and some of us have funny naughty nick names (priapulid) and some of us are just simple little dirt guys (earthworm) and some of us are very ancient mysterious animal with many little legs (velvet worm). and so on. 

all of us are very strange so it’s ok to be a bit scared sometimes, but try and remember, we won’t hurt you, and we are each doing a job. thank you very much. you are nice.

After you’re gone

From: The Resident (2011)

Characters: Max x ofc (Hellen Brown), Juliet Devereau, August, Jack, other oc’s.

Prompt: Melpomene, Greek Muse of Tragedy, for the 1k Followers Greek Mythology Challenge.

Summary: Helen Brown looks very much average, but as everyone out there, she has a secret. Helen can see the dead. She shouldn’t have been surprised that her apartment had more than one resident

Word count.4,746

Author’s note: First of all, congratulations to my dearest @jeffreydeanneganstrash, hostess of the JeffreyDeanNegansTrash 1K Follower Challenge , love, you deserve every follower, every praise and I’m thankful for finding you, following you is one of my best decisions ever, congratulations on 1k followers, I know more will come. I took on the prompt of Melpomene the Greek Muse of Tragedy, so this is angsty and just plain hurt, with a happy ending of sorts? It takes place after the events of The Resident (2011). Feedback is always appreciated, and yes, you can scream at me, I want to scream at me.

Originally posted by mypapawinchester

gif credit

“For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: it might have been!”—John Greenleaf Whittier  

Helen rubbed the beige paint from her hands and looked around, scanning the walls for imperfections.

“There’s a spot, close to the ceiling, up besides the window.”

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How would Wendy and captain T-bone get along? They both are very dedicated.


“I-I’ll do my best for him, no matter what! *sniff*”

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Hey bud I hope you aren't planning on dying because I look up to you because you're an inspiration to me and I hope to one day be as good as you and I'll be sad if you're gone you're a really cool person and I don't wanna see you go like this, I hope you don't do it and that you'll be happy

Hi thank you so much for this message it is really nice and I appreciate it 8) i want to explain more about my condition…talking about my illness is so embarrassing to me but i want you guys to know why im rarely here lately(also sorry my English is bad)

My mental health been getting worse and worse and I dissociate and had a breakdown a lot more now, so me suddenly posting goodbye or disappearing all of a sudden might be one of those night…it might be really worrying but i try to came back,i am very impulsive, so I really can’t promise anything on not doing anything harmful or deadly to myself but really i tried so hard not to do it for my best friend and you guys … all of you meant so much to me so I tried as of right now not to make my temporary absence to be a forever absence… as of art i know you guys been waiting for more new art… but my condition is making me hard to do it sometimes when I already prepared everything i need to draw i always ended up dissociating and or just all of sudden feel shitty about myself and stopped drawing, i want to have fun drawing so i want to at least feel a bit better before starting to draw again because im more focused when i feel better, i hope you guys understand that.. i will reblog some old art or just post stuff to make this blog less dead, i just want to say thank you so much again it meant meant a lot to me 8’)

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Hello .. first of all I want to say that i really really love your blog, your blog helps me take my mind off of uni stress so thank you ╥﹏╥ can i ask for chūya & dazai hcs with an s/o who is a fashion blogger & earns alot of money off of it ... thanks (^•^)

Thank you so much.I’m so glad I could be helpful to you (๑♡⌓♡๑) ily

I was actually quite inspired by this .D

Nakahara Chuuya

  • First of all,Chuuya would be secretly very proud of his s/o.They, who were shining and enjoying their passion.Contrary to him who was in utter darkness working for the mafia.
  • His s/o would drag Chuuya to be their model and post a couple of photos of him.He agreed to it as long as his face wasn’t showed.
  • But that was quite hard right?Since Chuuya loved modelling for hat and wearing a hat while hiding his face was difficult to pull off.
  • His s/o followers would be like ‘who’s this mysterious model?’ 
  • Kind of jealous of his s/o’s fashion sense but really like the way they coordinate his outfits.It turns out pretty great and it’s comfortable to wear what could he wish for more?
  • He really enjoys listening to his s/o talking about their blog since they put in so much hard work and effort into it and on top of that their efforts paid off.They’re in bliss~ And Chuuya finds it cute because every time his s/o talks about their blog he can notice their passion,fascination and those little sparkles in their eyes.
  • He’d just kiss them to make them flustered and smirks after that
  • His s/o would definitely come to him and ask for advice.

Dazai Osamu

  • They’d ask him to collab from time to time.Which Dazai would be more than glad to but in exchange his s/o would need to participate in his daily double-suicide adventures
  • working together is a must.Dazai loves wearing those cheesy matching outfits to show the world and all of their followers that they were his.
  • His s/o would get jealous of Dazai because he’d become more popular than them haha
  • His s/o’s followers would find Dazai’s modelling pictures to be very cool.
  • He would just be messy on purpose (like button his shirt wrongly,or not tie his necktie,or have bed head) just to make his s/o dress him up.
  • ‘I love it when you dress me up like this but you know what I’d enjoy more?’ Dazai would come closer and whispers into his s/o ears ‘I’d love you to help me undress
  • He loves seeing his s/o brimming with confidence and having fun trying all of the outfits.They looked really lovely to him.And he just melts at the sight of them enjoying themselves so much.
  • Also Dazai’s s/o would secretly enjoy the way his bandages shows.They’d just make him wear slightly revealing outfits on purpose.Because his bandages coordinated with their carefully-choosen outfits seems to be matching and very endearing.

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Realistic introspection and intimacy are two of my fav things in dnp fics and you've captured it so, so beautifully with your fic. I love it, it gives me the warm fuzzies, you've breathed so much warmth and life into it. Very well done.

all i could ever want in life is to give someone the warm fuzzies w my writing :( thank you sooo much i love this message and im so happy the story resonated with you <3<3<3

1 year!!!

it’s my blog’s very first birthday!!! 😚🌻💞

happy birthday to wizardwritings, hehe. so many amazing memories were made and here’s to many more! shout out to all my followers. bc this blog wouldn’t be what it is without you. :) xx fia

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Hey Nikki I def don't want to pry but did you get enough on PayPal to buy a go pro (or at least close)? I'm just hoping the little I was able to give was helpful :') Thanks for all your hard work, you're amazing and helped me get off my gay ass to get fit for the ladies (and myself ;]) I've lost almost six pounds and I'm seeing more definition, enough that I felt the confidence to send a flexing pic (very scenic too in the outdoors lol) to a cute girl I play Overwatch with xD Thx again 💗

wow congrats friend that’s awesome!! :) and yess it helped me tons!! With the paypal donations im able to replace the stolen shoes :’) So thank you so much!!

Hey sweeties! Can I ask for your help?

This is totally OOC, so please read and help me out! That’d be really appreciated!

A good friend of mine @jichimin is really going through a rough time she really doesn’t deserve. She’s an amazing friend who deserves all the love of the world and she’s not feeling well, at all even. I want to make her happy with sending sweet (anonymous) messages!

Please help me out and spread the love towards her! That’d be very much appreciated!

Thanks guys! I love you!! <3 

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hi!! can i request a poly chen + baekhyun and their partner maybe on a day off or a date together? thank you so much! <3

cute aww

-with these two there’s no day off so let’s go for a date

-ok so baekhyun got this random idea in his head that it would be a good idea to go see a movie 

-and jongdae had to be a little shit and dare you guys to see IT

-(and you can’t back down from a dare c’mon) 

-so you three approach the theater with great trepidation, hands all sweaty while you’re holding on for dear life

-from the very start you three are screaming 

-jongdae also jerks around a lot and you’re lucky that you three finished the popcorn during the previews because it would be everywhere by now

-you are terrified too (it’s a scary movie man) but you have to be strong for your two baby boyfriends who are clinging to each of your arms

-they don’t let go for a second and you’re actually pretty grateful because you need that kind of support in your life

-and you exit the theater thoroughly shaken

-baekhyun doesn’t want to walk to the car (it’s in a dark parking structure) so you and jongdae take him to get decaf coffee and settle down

-and end up watching mean girls on your phone on the shop’s wifi to take your mind off that crazy clown

-eventually it’s late enough for the baristas to kick you out and you have to do it. face the parking garage. oh god. 

-the whole way through you three are looking like pale ghosts behind your flashlights and jongdae keeps rattling off his list of terrible things that could happen

-’what if we get kidnapped. what if a murderer is waiting at the car. what if there’s an ax maniac running though the rows. what if-’ 

-and then you hear something move in a shadow and run shrieking to your car

-and you’re out of there so fast! zoom! 

-baekhyun makes you two stay over at his house and cram into his double bed so that he won’t die in the night 

-and you complain about it being too tight of a fit but it’s really the thing you want most in the world to be snuggled up close enough to feel both of your boyfriends’ breaths 

-it’s probably like 1am before you actually get in bed (you three are a little bit diva and have a long night routine okay) 

-and it’s all just very warm and comfy and jongdae get your hand off my butt

-but it’s perfect and you feel safe and soft and you know that at least tonight a killer clown won’t get you <3