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Hey Mimi!!!! Thank you so so so much for your dedication to this blog (I check it daily to keep updated, I don't know what I would do without you ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ). I just wanted to tell you that you're amazing and so so kind!!!!! \(≧▽≦)/ ❤️❤️❤️We all love and appreciate you.

I am blessed to have you all, thank you  ❤️❤️❤️ Let’s keep making this fandom into a beautiful, helping and respectful community. I will keep spreading positivity dear and working hard for ARMYs and our boys. 

hellu hellu ! could you kindly LIKE / REBLOG this post if you’d be willing to interact with a fandomless MULTI-OC BLOG based on THE FOUR CARDINAL GUARDIANS ( along with side-muses who are all non-human ) run by a floof pupper name hina ? it’d be much appreciated, thank you so much !

Confessions from my Perfect Life

Louis Tomlinson is living the dream: a lavish penthouse, loving friends, and family, a cuddle-bug dog, a well-paying job with high-profile contacts. Best of all, he’s married to Harry Styles. He lives in the moment and doesn’t really worry about the future. He knows Harry has it all under control.

That is, until everything goes wrong.

Pairings: Harry/ Louis and Liam/ Zayn

word count: 82k

read on ao3  

Special Thanks to @seasurfacefullofclouds  

Sea! thank you so so much for reading it as I wrote and telling me where I needed to work on scenes and situations. thankyou for helping me with the fic :))  You are amazing. Love ya x

Anon (or multiple? I don’t even know perhaps there’s 2 or more considering the number since yesterday), I know this will probably fall on deaf ears but please think about getting some metal health support or therapy?

I just don’t think it’s healthy to send so much hate to someone online, who you don’t know at all, for liking a show that about 2 million people also like and calling this enjoyment pathetic etc and speculating into my real life. 

My real life is wonderful thank you, I spent this week enjoying seeing old friends and making new ones (shoutout to those online too!), I was offered a new job, booked some awesome snorkelling catamaran cruises for our January vacation and my husband is currently booking our weekend tickets to do some outdoorsy fun stuff with the family. I am absolutely fine, no need to believe that my life is pathetic.

But please do consider looking at why you feel the need to send me hate. I am a strong woman who can easily shrug this off but were you to bully someone else like this they may really suffer and for yourself this just is not healthy.

Please. Take care.



demon baekhyun headcanons/scenario when you’re sick? thank you!!❤️❤️

★the second he smells that you’re ill  

★he’s going to be all over you  

★you’ll be wrapped in blankets

★put in bed  

★and nuzzled  

★he doesn’t need much sleep

★so he can monitor you the entire night 

★and get you whatever you need when you need it  

★if you even so much as move  

★he’ll whine and wrap his arms and let around you  

★’let me care for you!’ 

★he’ll vanish now and then to get supplies 

★and a nurse costume 

★’nurse baekhyun will see you now!’ 

★he’ll help you take all of your meds 

★and feed you soup 

★’what if you get sick?’ 

★’i can’t get sick’ 

★’are you sure?’


★if he sees you vomit

★he’ll cry

★bc he hates seeing you like that

★kisses you none stop

★’baek stop’

★’they’re healing kisses!’

★thinks you look really cute like this

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the look dan gives phil is what really kills me. it’s so direct and intent and i can just feel all the emotion behind his eyes of like ‘thank you for sticking with me even when it’s not so easy, i love you and us so much, thank you for helping me live this life with you’

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HAYATE AS A HELL HOUND IN THAT HADES/PERSEPHONE AU. Shiba dogs, or just black and white dogs, being a Sign of the Queen ruler of the underworld. *_* (you can take this as a request or just a comment, either one)


  • He is normally very smol. Smol enough to be carried. But he can grow considerably. He has to defend the Gates of Heck Hell, after all.
  • There are other black and white dogs depicted in myth and legend that help to guard certain aspects of the underworld, but he’s the one that is illustrated and spoken of most often.
  • He only eats the most vile of souls.
  • He takes to Roy fairly quickly, though not without scaring him first… After Roy offers him scratches behind the ear, he begins to warm up to him.
  • I just imagined Riza on this epic throne with Hayate sitting tall and proud in front of her. He protec

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Now, I'm feeling a lot stronger of a pull, so I'm looking into it more seriously, and finding that it actually looks kind of expensive, with special candles and crystals and herbs and jars and equipment referenced in almost every single source I've found. Is there anything that I can do without those accouterments? Or are those all completely and totally necessary, and I'm just boned? Do you have any suggestions for better sources that I could use? Thank you so much for your time! 2/2

You don’t need a single damn one of those things. 

Those are focuses. They help. They make things easier. 

But in the end, it’s all you. 

If I’m working a spell, I use a stick and a knife. That’s it, and the stick and knife are strictly unnecessary. You could do runes or sigils by drawing them with anything, on anything. 

In the end, the only thing that matters here is you, and your will. 

And I hope your situation improves in the future, so that you can indulge in all the neat jars and rocks you deserve. 

Another computer update, I have a friend running a diagnostic on my computer for free. Unfortunately, I won’t get any type of update until next Thursday.  If it’s what he thinks it is it could run me about $200, and another 2 weeks to get which I don’t have the money for.

I’m going to try and keep my chin up and hope for the best, and all it takes is him just “tightening a screw”. I want to thank all of you who have sent kind words!

A Kofi was an option that was stated, which I have and someone already donated to get the new charger, which I am so grateful for! Thank you so much!

 The thing is I’m too -prideful? arrogant? stubborn? crazy?-to ask for help and your hard earned monies, and don’t want to request any more money from you beauties, you guys are awesome enough! 

Just keep me in your prayers, if you do that. Hug your computer for me, or you know, yell at the moon, take a nap in my honor, whichever you’re more comfortable with!  

I will do everything in my power to keep Golden Slumber’s going! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

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hi i wanted to tell you that you've helped me in so many ways. 1) i actually care about shakespeare and have put effort into examining macbeth in school 2) i used to be god awful at planning what i wrote and now i'm ok at it thanks to the stuff on your blog 3) you're so encouraging all the time that it's made me a lot more confident sharing what i've written with my friends there are more things but i can't put them all down into one ask so i'm just going to say thank you so so much <3

Thank you so much for sharing this. Writing often feels a bit like yelling into the void, and running a writing blog even more so, and it’s lovely to be reminded that there are people out there somewhere, reading and finding a little something helpful in what they read. I’m so glad to have been of any help, and I wish you the absolute best of luck in all your academic and creative endeavors. 


I haven’t decided if I really should or not, but I may be taking a hiatus for a little while. I don’t know how long, hopefully not too long.

Things have just been tough for me and forcing myself to write hasn’t been helping distract as much as I have hoped, so I need to figure something out.

I’m going to clear through the requests that I currently have, I’ll try to post them as soon as I can so that you all don’t have to wait too long. But I do feel that I need to take a break from writing for a while, if that’s alright.

Thank you, sorry ♥

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Hiya! How are you? :3 I have a question... WHY YOUR DRAWINGS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL?!?!? I LOVE THEM >_< Also who is your favorite MM character? I cant decide between Luciel Zen and Yoosung ; ; End of the message plz continue with your awesome work :3


my all time favorite mm character will always be saeyoung

the depth of his character feels so unique to me that i cant help but feel gravitated toward him… 

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I'm so happy! My friend who had an alcohol problem confided in me tonight that she is in an outpatient program as a direct result of me contacting her therapist when she wouldn't listen to my concern, and she isn't mad! She even invited me to go to her family night, and I plan on going since her family is out of state and I want to support her. Thank you so much for all your advice, it helped me get through this really really tough time and I'm hopeful that the future holds good things for us

We’re very happy for you! If you ever need anything, we’re here to help. My apologies for the delayed response–your ask seemed to have been buried beneath many others. Stay lovely~! 

You’re beautiful by-the-by. 

Jude, a.k.a. Paige Gilmar 

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how did i get so blessed to have incredible mutuals like you??? i’m not even joking i’m crying again i’m a mess i love you all so much thank you wow 

also special shoutout to @holdinghim, michael you’ve helped me in more ways than you could ever imagine i love you so much 💘💘💘💘💘

After going through the car accident I hadn’t had much motivation to draw ideas for myself so I had done those emergency commissions. The people that have helped me not only fund the repair of my car but also was able to help get motivated to art again. I couldn’t thank all of you enough for your love and support. <3 If you guys weren’t around I really wouldn’t know what to do.

I have all the money I need now to get my car back into shape, though I don’t know if I should close commissions. I guess I could keep them open just in case anyone else wanted. I will however be opening up requests/asks again and will continue to post my art regularly. Again thank you to the people who commissioned me,donated,spread the word, and have given their comforting words.

Especially to my best friends. I couldn’t live without you guys.

Here’s some ocs I haven’t named. They are deer creatures that have magical powers or what not idk. 

~Please do not remove artist comments or repost anywhere else~