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My friend Aden Watters was just recently diagnosed with cancer and he said that the only thing keeping his head above water is you, Mark,Seán, and Felix. So I would like to thank you. Thank you for being there for my best friend whether you knew it or not. Thank you.

I am so sorry to hear about your friend Aden. Please tell them that I appreciate their support so so much and that I’m super happy that my videos can help them in any way at all. I wish them nothing but good health and well wishes <3

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I want to draw all of your characters! Do you have a picture with all of them together with their names?



First is Ingus, Second is Lyra, and the last two are Andromeda. (these are the only three that have designs hehe) 

I hope this helps and thank you so much ^W^ 

A little message.

You know how much I thank these people: @spaceristov, @why-only-have-one-fandom, @luke0maker, @shayromi

for trying to help me finish my research papers. ;’) You know how much I appreciate your effort.

And to these people I talk with and who reached out: @deusn, @xxmileikaivanaxx, @the-real-soji-abe, @luke0maker

I have so many friends to tag with, but I have a special gift for them in Undertale 2nd Anniversary.

Thank you so much for being with me. And to all of my followers, especially who have been through the long comic chain event in Sept.

Without you, maybe I didn’t survive this whole school year which was a freaking hell. This site was the only one I could show my real emotions with.

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I absolutely love your art, and I was wondering if you have any tips on noses? Specifically drawn from the front??? I just can't get the hang of it. Btw you're really nice and awesome and I love you okay thanks bye

BOI PEF;ASLFJ i mentioned this before but I absolutely hate drawing front view faces… it’s my kryptonite, man. If you go through my art, you could see how I effectively avoid drawing front view faces at all costs lmao

I’m actually in the middle of doing a tutorial covering eyes, nose and faces in general! But it might take a while to finish so here’s a little snippet from the nose part of the tutorial! ;o;

You could use this prism thingy to draw in all sorts of style. 

e.g. Realism: 

e.g. My own crappy style:

I’ll try to cover more about noses in the actual tutorial, but I hoped this sort of helps! <333 ;o;


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안녕하세요! I was wondering if you could help me: I'm learning about predicates and endings and I've been struggling with the pre-final endings, like the honorific suffix -(으)시, past tense marker 었/았 and the non-sentence-final endings. Is there a way for you to shine some light on me? (My grammar is unhelpful) Thank you so much for all your hard work! This blog has been an inspiration for me to continue studying Korean. 정말감사합니다!!!!


By adding  -시 or -(으)시 to a verb stem, you’re making it an “honorific verb”. This is used when you’re speaking about or to someone who is above you in the social hierarchy. (eg your boss, your friend’s mum etc).  

Please remember that after attaching ~(으)시 to a word, you need to conjugate it to make a sentence. 

“살다” means “to live”. 

 살다 + ~(으)시  = 사시 

Then after conjugating present tense (+ ~아/어요) becomes 사셔요 

Or conjugating past tense (+ ~았/었다) becomes 사셨다

Or conjugating to formal declarative (+ ~ㅂ/습니다) becomes 사십니다.

Some examples include:

“어머니는 무슨 일 하셔?”   -   What kind of work does your mum do?

“언제 가세요?”  -   When do you leave? (technically, it would be “가셔요” but language has evolved so ~셔요 sometimes becomes ~세요 now)

How To Study Korean explains the rules and usage well, so please check out this page if you’re still confused!! :-)

This site also gives examples of the different endings and formulas you can use!

We recently posted a lesson on conjugation [HERE] where we included all the rules.

었/았 is added to the verb stem to change the sentence to past tense. Basically, once added to the verb stem, you then “conjugate it again” by adding 아(요)/어(요) to the end. You do this by taking the last vowel and adding the appropriate ending. 

만들다 = 만들+었+어(요)   =   만들었어요 (the last vowel is ㅡ ) 

가다 =  가+았+아(요  = 갔어요   (the last vowel is ㅏ)

먹다 = 먹+었+어(요) = 먹었어요   (the last vowel is ㅓ)

일어나다 = 일어나+았+어(요) = 일어났어요   (the last vowel is ㅏ)

Non-sentence-final endings end a verb or adjective but not the sentence. The allow you so say one thing (the first “clause” )and connect it to another thing (the second clause) in the same sentence. 

These “endings” include (but are not limited to)

~고 - and then (점심 먹고 갔어요 I ate lunch and then left)
~어/아서 - so, therefore 
~으면서 - while
~지만 - although, but

Some examples include:

점심 먹고 갔어요 I ate lunch and then left. (”고” ended the verb “먹다” but did not end the sentence)

영화를 보면서 과자 먹었어요 While watching a movie I ate a snack (”면서” ends the verb, and allows you to continue to the second part of the sentence)

Thank you for your questions. We hope this helped!!

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Hey! I don't know if you've seen, but Phil posted your fanart on his community YouTube page, along with a link to your blog! Congratulations!

Aaah thanks everyone for informing me!! I just saw it!
It’s soo so cool and i’m rlly rlly happy

I’m so glad we have youtubers like phil who actually look at all their fan creations and support artist. It helps so much i’m so grateful

Just Some SAMPERV Love

I’ve been going through a lot in my personal life lately and logging on to tumblr to talk to everyone has helped me so much. I promise I won’t get cheesy but you all mean a lot to me, even if we’ve only talked a few times. Seeing everyone stick up for each other made me happy. I’m so thankful I have a little internet family that I know has each other’s backs. 

I try to have a personal relationship with everyone on this list but sometimes I forget to message back or things get hectic. So always feel free to say hi or come to me if you need anything. 

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all the misamo lately is just making me think about how mina seems so tough and strong when she's with others, but she turns into the softest fluff when put between sana and momo

you just made me extremely EMOTIONAL. also when mina cries, they cry with her and runs to her to comfort and cuddle her and mina relied on momo and sana a lot during her trainee days and just imagine how much of a comfort space those two are to her and let’s cry in three two o-

to everyone that sent me messages during the day, I want to say thank you for your support, I really can’t begin to explain how much that helped me
But I’m sorry I had an outburst, I was bottling my emotions which I shouldn’t have been doing because I knew I was going to lose it eventually
And to the people that unfollowed me, I’m not mad or angry, I’m sorry, we come here to escape the negatively of the real world and we don’t want to see more negativity here in our safe place
But seriously I love all of you so much

Okay :D Before your utterly confused, let me explain. 

 Today, March 27, marks the day I first joined tumblr, making this day the first anniversary for my blog. I just want to say, thank you so so much. Through out the year, there have been many ups and downs. I have made many new friends here, i’ve meet great artist, improved my art soooo much, and am blessed to have everyone still here by my side. All of you, all 650+ followers, or people who just stalk me, or people who have found me just now, thank you for being here. I would have never gotten this far without anyone’s help. I seriously can not express my gratitude in words. So much has happened it just makes me so happy :’) 

 As a celebration. I’ll hold a huge art raffle!! ( I SWEAR I’LL ACTUALLY DRAW ART FOR EACH WINNER UNLIKE THE PAST ART RAFFLES )

So ~~ Lets start with the obvious rules :3 

 1. Only two entries per person! One reblog, one like. Please only reblog ONCE.

2. Most people would say “make sure your following me” but i’ll let it slide this time. Anyone can participate! No one needs to follow me ,but its greatly appreciated. 

 3. After I post the winners, I will private message each of them so get what you want drawn ready incase your a winner! ☆ ( If its an OC or a character from an anime/otome game/video game/what ever, make sure to have a ref for me ^^) 

4. No NSFW. I can’t draw it nor am I allowed to owo Like, I can literally draw anything besides NSFW. 

 5. If you read the rules, please reblog this with “clouds” ( with reblog or in tag ) Just gotta make sure no one is just randomly reblogging this ;) 

 Now to the prizes ~ ( Examples will be shown ) 

1st Place ( One winner ) Complete drawing with color, shading, effects, tons of detail, background + a bonus sketch of anything :D 

( Text isnt really added. This drawing just needed text )

2nd Place ( Two winners ) Complete drawing with color, shading, effects, and background. 

( Text isnt really added. This drawing just needed text )

3rd Place ( Two Winners ) Complete drawing with color, shading, background

4th Place ( Three Winners ) Half drawing with color, simple shading, and simple background. ( I dont really have a picture to show sorry ;; ) 

 ( Runner ups are added every 100 notes on this post. Runner ups get a colored sketch ) 

 Welp, thats it. If I need to add anything else i’ll be just reblog this post with the missing info. It will end on April 10!! Good luck everyone and again, thank you!!


Request: @magical-potato-princess​ Oh my gosh ok with all this Disney stuff I just got a fic ideaa. Ok so what if Ben was like obsessed with Darth Vader so much that he went to Disneyland just to like meet him and when he finally does he’s like blown away by not Vader but the worker who’s helping Vader and they start talking and things and one thing leads to another and Ben shows the reader his oc who’s kylo ren and yeah lol. I hope you have fun at Disney!

A/N: Thank you so much for this, I love the idea (specially that it’s a modern au + disney)! I decided to write this on the drive back home from Disney bc I was in the right mood. I really don’t know if Disneyland has the set up the same as Disney World for the Launch Bay (which is what it’s called for the Star Wars m&g/props) so I’m just gonna go with how Disney World is. Anyways, enjoy some Ben Solo!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.4K+ 

Living near Disneyland was a ‘blessing’ as it already was. The fact that Ben, along with his closest friends, were able to visit whenever they pleased made it all the better. They found themselves visiting quite often, even Rey had a part time job there to pay off for her college and dressed up as the characters. Of course, the second they introduced the Star Wars character meet and greets, Ben was quick to jump for help and getting the job to dress as Darth Vader.

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can i just say i’m so grateful for each and every single person i’ve met through tumblr? 

like seriously. everyone here is so incredibly nice and wonderful and i truly wish the entire world was like that. 

to anyone who’s hit that follow button or sent me any kind words, whether or not we’ve ever actually interacted, i appreciate you so much more than you will ever know. 

i may still be on the road to self-acceptance and self love, but i feel so much better knowing that there’s lovely people on the internet who are always willing to help me every step of the way. 

so thank you. and if you’re reading this thinking i don’t love you, you’re a silly goose and i absolutely do. thank you for making me feel welcomed and taking a chance on this girl with anxiety/self esteem issues and big dreams and a love for bands and youtubers. you’re all better than toast.


So like, I’ve been having a rough month. But I fell so hard for this game, specially Jack’s commentary on it and the voices he gave the characters. It’s just perfect!
It’s 1:25 am and I’m a bit late, I know, but I just watched the last episode.
In a part of the video Jack said, “I want friends like these” and I couldn’t help it but to think “Jack, we got you.” And make a little drawing about it. I’m not one to be posting stuff at all. This is the first time I do something for a youtuber and I must say, @therealjacksepticeye , you really have saved me from my worst days. Thank you so much for being yourself!!! Even though you’re always so happy and jolly in your videos, I understand that you might have your gloomy days at times! So I hope you can come back to this picture whenever you feel sad and remember that: we all got your back. About 14M of us and more on the way!!!

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Your headcanons are so cool! They're so thought out and unique while also reflecting the parent and child nicely! (Could I also cheekily request any headcanons you have for Soliel? Feel free to say no dear!)

ahxsjfgfhfhlk thank you ;\\; I find it fascinating that the same kid can be very different depending on who their mother is.

I can try for Soleil but I don’t know her too well so…

  • (Peri!Soleil) First of all: heterochromia. She loves her eyes and considers them her best attrait. Not unlike her mother, she is a bit of a mood-swinger (though to a much lesser extent) and dyes the tips of her hair pink whenever she can. While it’s true she asked Peri to teach her how to cook partly to impress girls, she also did out of nostalgia (she used to “help” Peri bake when she was a kid, even if she mostly was playing with the flour)… Also quality time with mom! Peri became somewhat more careful in battle since she gave birth to Soleil: her little girl will NEVER go through the agony of seeing her mother’s bloody corpse and growing up without her like herself did.
  • (Elise!Soleil) Damn she wished her hair would grow as long as her mom’s but she is not patient enough to try all the oils and stuff her aunt Camilla recommended. Elise is so tiny and adorable with her bright eyes and her cute dress, Soleil wished she could wear ribbons and clothes like this without looking weird. When she was a kid, Elise would doll her up and style her hair in a cute fashion, but now she’s too old and too tall for that. Elise gave her violin lessons when she was a child and, while not a virtuoso, she is good at it.
  • (Aqua!Soleil) She wants to be good enough. Not better or even as good as her mother and brother, no - she just wants to be good enough to not shame them. Okay, Shigure inherited her pretty voice, fair enough, but couldn’t she at least inherit her amazing dancing skills? A fraction of it? This is so unfair. She tries and tries again but her feet just don’t WORK and her brain cannot process the song’s rythmn. Her body is not lean and delicate-looking like Aqua’s is; she’s afraid to be told she’s too strong and tall to dance like this. She’s so tired of failing at dancing she could tear her hair out… but it’s the same color as her mother’s and she likes it too much. Her father often tells her about her grandmother the dancer and she feels a little more out of place each time. At least she’s a good fighter. People even compliments her fighting skills, saying she looks graceful and deadly. And fast too! It might be true, but it’s not good enough.
  • (Kazahana!Soleil) She always prefered katanas over Nohrian swords, much to her mother’s delight, and has a hard time deciding if Nohrian girls are better looking or not than Hoshidan girls. Kazahana and her like to talk about cute things and they both collect flower-related stuff (Kazahana even offered her a katana with an engraved sunflower on the guard, saying that it’d go well with her name).

Got to make the trip up to see this wonderful girl today! And with incredible news!! She got her PICC line already and she’s responded so amazingly well to the antibiotics that she just might get to come home tomorrow! So excited! And thank you all so so so much for all the shares and donations helping this little lady out!

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Does it ever annoy you when you're thanked too much? I feel bad because I want to send you thank you messages all the time, but I don't want to be annoying... I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and everything you do!

they never annoy me. i always keep “thank you” messages. they help me stay alive. they remind me that someone out there might need me so i gotta stay for them.

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Hi Rebecca, how are you? One day, a while ago, someone asked for an advice and I also started following it; you told us to put a thick layer of charcoal mask on top of cystic acne and let it dry. I even remember you said could take up to 2 hours. I suffer from that problem even though Im not that person who asked you. Out of all good things Ive read on your blog, this is the best one. Of course I follow many other points you said in here but this one has saved me. Thank you so much, from my ❤.

I’m great! On break at work 😊
I’m so happy that has helped you! Thank you for being so sweet.❣️

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I really love Lapidot. Platonic or romantic, I really like the healing-relationship between Peri and Lapi o\\\o Lapidot's helped me much in many of my down time. Your blog is one of the Lapidot blogs I love most U\\\U Your passion and love for Lapidot really inspire me (sr if I made mistakes 'cuz English is not my native language, just know that I really love you and appreciate all your hard work)

Aw, thanks so much for your lovely message, I really appreciate it :)

(Your English is absolutely fine, please don’t apologise!)

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Your edit of the android skin looks so good so far. I am really looking forward to having it in my game in the future. And I just wanted to say, thank you for all of your dedication in making custom contents for TS2 neighbourhoods. You're a pioneer in this department and you help us make our game look so amazing. For the past 6 months my game's aesthetics has changed dramatically, I'm really thankful and I wish I could just hug you or something.

Oh, thank you so much! This is so inspiring!
As for the servo recolor, it’s almost ready and I hope to share it in the next few days. Though, yeah. A servo recolor from the pioneer of the hood deco department – sounds weird, lol! 

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I was the "brexit" Anon, THAAANK YOOOU SO MUCH!!! :DDD How did you find it?? I was looking 2 days for it! It is really important for me to have this one too since, I'm doing a Hetalia Presentation x'D also it's in German ahaha.. Thank you again dear!

No worries! I proofread most of these translations so I have a general gist of where things are. It also helps that all hetascans posts are tagged so i did a quick search using “aph england” :) Good luck on your presentation!