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~Let Us Take a Moment To Appreciate The Different Sides Of Yuuri Katsuki~

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ALL OF YOUR YUURI'S KILL ME OK, IT'S NOT FAIR. EVERY TIME THERE'S ANOTHER YUURI DRAWING I WANT TO SCREAM. LIKE THE PILATES SPOILER. YUURI IS ALSO MY FAVE. (also the constant back and forth with you and zeph gives me L I F E. i think it balances out how much both of your arts kill me.)

thanks <3 I may be a little self-indulgent while drawing him haha but you can never make him too handsome. I think it’s worth noting that I’m heavily insp by yoshi’s yuuris…… idk I’m just totally weak over how she draws him, so sexy & boyish lol

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It may have already been requested but rfa v and saeran helping mc with a period of bad depression and like they like self harmed/ tried to kill themselves (totally not a self indulgent ask hides in the darkness) thank you so much for your work

oooh what a good time for me to write this, in the middle of my depression wave :0 this actually was a good rant for me, thank u for the request! -Green💚

Warning: Mentions of self harm/attempts of suicide 


-it was just a normal day. that’s how they all start, right? 

-you and Yoosung had actually just came home from a date

-nothing bad actually happened. It really was a great day. 

-so why were you in the bathroom in the middle of the night, yoosung just in the other room, cradling yourself and sobbing your eyes out? 

-you don’t know. you dont know you dontknwo you do n t k n oww 

-god it all just hurt so bad. you don’t know what hurts, but it was throbbing 

-you feel like your whole body is struggling against you and you’re about to burst out of your own skin. 

-so you desperately get up and tug open drawers, not even aware of all the noise you were making

-you finally found some scissors at the bottom of one of the drawers. you cut yoosungs hair with this occasionally because hairstylists cost too much. 

-you’re able to dig the blade deep into your hip only once by the time the bathroom door slams open

-when that door open, so did all the realization and the buzzing pain in your side

-you don’t even look at yoosung, you drop to the floor, throwing the blade away from you and cry 

-there’s so much blood

-yoosung doesn’t really know how to act, because everything is happening so fast 

-but the two of you are in each others arms and crying so loudly you’re scared you’ll wake the neighbors 

-he’s petting your hair with shaking hands, telling you with a watery voice how he loves you and whatever you need he’ll get it, he’ll do it, anything for you, so don’t leave him.


-most likely the two of you are doing it together

-that was a horrible joke oh my god ANYWAYs

-Saeyoung was actually out on a mission for his agency let’s just pretend he didn’t quit yet

-and you’ve just grown numb without him around the house let’s also pretend saeran isn’t here okay 

-you miss him a lot. like. way too much. but there’s something else. 

-and you can’t even think straight as you’re walking out the bunker and out towards the road

-you doubt any cars will come but you lay down on the road and look at the sky. hopefully you’ll get hit while looking at the clouds change shape.

-happy thoughts :)

-your mind is cloudy and the world is hazy you really don’t notice the car coming towards you

-you jump when you hear the screech of breaks and you’re suddenly too aware of how close you were to dying

-and when you see your redhead come out of the car, you break and curl into yourself.

-more than anything, you’re ashamed. guilty. ashamed he saw you like this, in this state. 

-Saeyoung is more confused than anything because it hasn’t clicked in his head fast enough that you were there hoping someone would run you over, but when he’s hearing you sob saying how you were sorry and you just couldn’t take it anymore, it does click. and now he’s crying too. oh god he’s crying so much

-he brings you back in the bunker, and barely is able to get you into the bedroom before he collapses. 

-he’s holding his head in his hands and just crying all by himself, with you there infront of him. 

-he’s crying for you to never leave him, that he’s sorry, that he’ll be better, just don’t leave him

-don’t leave him


-committing suicide was too easy in his penthouse

-you were all alone all day. it was so easy. so so easy

-those pills were just mocking you, so you finally took action and downed the whole bottle

-ha. take that, pills. you finally beat them and their stupid game. you finally won

-but did you really?

-little did u kno,,, Jumin came home early that day! Hooray…!


-you hear him call out for you and out of instinct you turn around, slam the bathroom door and lock it. 

-of course he hurries over and he asks what’s wrong

-and you kind of just

-look down at the empty bottle in your hands and you realize you’re going to die. 

“Jumin… I think I’m going to die.”


“What?! ___, princess, are you alright?! What happened?! Open the door-”

“I took all the pills. I just… they’re all gone. I took all of them..”

- “____, honey, what pills?”

“I-i don’t really know? The title is hard to read… it’s the ones the therapist gave me..”

-the knocks get louder and more desperate

-without really thinking about it you open the door and suddenly you’re being dragged through the halls of your home with Jumin ,,

-jumin crying

-jumin crying?

“Honey, why are you crying?” 

“___, you just tried to kill yourself. I don’t want that. I don’t want that ever, ___.”




-she walked in on you struggling to breathe while hanging in the air. your noose is the bed sheets

-she screams for what feels like the first time in her life. She’s never been more terrified then in that moment.

-Jaehee, if anything at all, is a quick thinker. She get’s up on the bed and quickly rips the sheets from the ceiling, making you drop down to the floor, gasping for air

-she tears the sheets off of your neck and shoves you into her, making you fall ontop of her and she doesn’t care

-her hands are gripping on your hair and back so tightly, and they’re moving all over you so fast like she’s trying to convince herself you’re still there 

-she’s sobbing so bad and eventually her hands make it to your face and she’s kissing you all over


-you have a low enough self-esteem as is

-being with zen really doesn’t raise it any higher

-he tries, he really does, but it makes you feel that much worse knowing that his efforts will never be enough for you. 

-the comments will always get to you. the looks will always burn you.

-so maybe you should just do him a favor for once and just leave?

-you’re mindlessly cutting yourself in the mirror, not really thinking about anything other than dying and how you should run the blade a little deeper this next cut

-when you hear Zen come through the front door, you don’t really know what to do. So you sit still, frozen on the tile of the kitchen of course you have a mirror in the kitchen there’s a mirror in every room 

-you don’t try to hide it. maybe when he sees you like this, he’ll finally get the idea that you aren’t worth it and you don’t deserve him. that he should leave you in the dust like you deserve. 

-you make eye contact with him in the mirror, and his smile immediately drops

-good. you don’t deserve that either, that beautiful smile. you don’t deserve to look at him.

-Zen basically glides to you and forces your hand into the kitchen sink, spraying cold water over your wrists. 

-you flinch at the feeling as he’s suddenly rubbing disinfectant over your cuts

-he hasn’t said a word, even as he’s began to bandage your arm. you don’t say anything either. 

-when you’re all patched up, that’s when Zen finally takes a big breath, and you prepare yourself for the heartache when he breaks up with you. why would he want someone so obviously broken?

- “____, I love you. I’m not a liar, don’t think I am. I haven’t lied to you once since I’ve met you. I love you. I love you way too much to let you go. So don’t. Don’t go, okay? We’ll…. we’ll work on this. Together. Because you’re not alone. I’m here. I’m always going to be here.”


-this h u r t s 

-you could never be like Rika. V would always have her in his heart, and you thought you could accept it. But that feeling. that feeling you could never truly earn V’s full love just because you weren’t who he wanted you to be stung more harshly than the water running through your nose

-you were drowning yourself in yours’ bathtub. 

-it was ironic, no? didn’t V say that’s how Rika died? by drowning?

-ha. maybe this will make him love you more? 

-your vision finally starts to go hazy and black when all the sudden everything is white and cold

-you’re gasping for air suddenly, and you look around you

-but. no one is there.

-you curl into your naked body in the tub, and you sob

-you couldn’t do it. you couldn’t do anything.

-by the time V came home, you were still in the cold water, holding yourself and shivering. 

-he couldn’t really know anything was wrong, other than the fact you were horribly cold, and you needed to get out of the water and warm up, honey!!

“V, I tried to kill myself.”



- “I tried to drown myself in the tub and it never worked, I kept coming out last minute. I guess… I was hoping you would find me. But you didn’t.” 


-n nn ooo o oo my ba b ab yyyy y

-Saeran had been a tad bit more… difficult to handle, lately. 

-Saeyoung had noticed you struggling, so even he was trying to help a little more, even with the small amount of time he had. 

-it was actually Saeyoung that had found you bleeding out in the bathroom, and it was Saeyoung who brought you to the hospital for emergency treatment.

-and it was Saeran who was called by his brother to inform him of your state. 

-it was Saeran that punched the wall. Cried his eyes out and rushed over to the hospital 

-he couldn’t understand it at first. why? why would you do this to him? why would you try to leave him?

-he almost wanted to get angry at you. but he couldn’t. he couldn’t do that when he knew it wasn’t your fault. it was his.

-you were fast asleep in the hospital bed, and Saeran wasn’t surprised. Apparently you had a very exhausting day. 

-so he held your hand, and refused to leave your side until you woke up. And when you did, he had gotten his act together and greeted you with a smile. 

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I realised I really must write to gush and flail at you and say these Drarry asks are the best thing that have happened to me all week:)). So thank you so much for all this perfect Drarryish awesomeness! :) A question for the boys: if you could change anything about each other would you, and if so what would you change?

(Thank you very much! I’m enjoying myself so much and I’m glad you guys are indulging me and putting up with all my randomness!  ❤️)

Draco: Nothing. Genuinely nothing. ‘cause otherwise he wouldn’t be the man I fell in love with.

Harry: *thoughtful* …He does this one thing–

Draco: *glaring* You’re joking!

Harry: –beats himself up over the past.

Draco: …

Harry: Sometimes I get a feeling that he’s determined to never forget it. It’s like he wants to punish himself every now and then because of who he was pretending to be all those years ago.

Draco: I don’t know what sort of person I’d be if I just forgot everything, Harry. You don’t get it, you’ve only ever done good–

Harry: *barks out a laugh* Are you serious right now?

Draco: I am, but I don’t want to fight about this because you’re not going to understand it from my end and I can’t even blame you for that–

Harry: There is nothing to understand. Stop beating yourself up and leave the past in the past.

Draco: *silent raging*

Harry: It hurts to watch the way he sometimes just…disappears from the room even while sitting right next to me; I can’t see him go through it over and over–

Draco: I change my mind - I do want to change something about him.

Harry: *expectant*

Draco: He can’t bear everybody’s cross; he can’t fight off everybody’s demons. He can’t save everyone and sometimes that’s okay, and he needs to learn this.

Harry: Yes but this is you in question; it’s hysterical if you expect me not to save you.

Draco: You already saved me. You’ve been saving me for years now. And I’ll always come back, no matter how often I slip away like you claim I do.

Harry: …You’d better.

Draco: *shifts closer* I will, I promise.

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Could you maybe write the reactions of RFA (maybe Saeran and V if you have time/inspiration?) to MC having anxiety issues? Like if they had an attack or they need them to order food in a restaurant or something? I really like your writing, and I feel like you could write something really good with this! (Plus I'm a lonely fuck with multiple anxiety disorders and this is just kinda self-indulgent; I'm sorry) If you can't, it's all good; I hope you have a really nice day, too!

Babe, I will always have the time for you, message me if you end up feeling too lonely I’m lonely too. Thank you so much. I love you, anxiety sucks, I know it can feel horrible when you try something new, but it could be the start of something great, please talk to me I’m lonely! I’m also a very nice guy and will always be up to meeting new people. If I don’t reply right away it’s because I don’t have internet or I’m asleep!


I should have tried harder to keep his sweater, MC thought bitterly. It always made them feel so safe and secure, and like nothing was going to happen to them. And, of course, the day Yoosung takes it back, is the day Zen wants to go someplace. They could already feel the anxiety bubbling up inside of them, and they had not even left the apartment yet. Zen was due to come any time, and they knew they shouldn’t be getting themselves worked up, that it would only lead to an attack, but they just couldn’t help it.

They could already feel their breath shortening and their heart start to race. They just couldn’t calm down. The attack was upon them. They knew what they should and shouldn’t do, of course, but things like logic tend to fly out the window at a time like this. All they could hear was their heart pounding, and their short, quick gasps. There’s too much noise, a coherent thought flew by. Shaking hands eagerly pushed against their ears and grasped their hair, what seemed like their only lifeline at the moment.


Zen was worried that MC had hurt themselves, he had been standing in the hallway for over 10 minutes, with no sign of MC. Sighing, he turned the knob, an eyebrow raising as the door opened. He took a step in, scanning the room. In a corner was MC, curled up, hands over their ears, eyes wide with panic. Rushing over to them, he saw no immediate signs of danger, but MC gave no response. Fumbling fingers he dialed Yoosung’s number, praying to whatever god was listening that he wasn’t in class yet.

“Zen? Is everything alright?” Yoosung’s high pitched voice rang out through the speaker.

“Something’s wrong with MC, they’re curled up and not giving me any responces, I’m not sure what to do.”

“What!” Yoosung sounded panicked, “I’m coming home right now! Please make sure MC is alright!”

The line went dead.


“…cm…ou..oi…ic..asy…ere we go. Come on MC, pull your hands away from your head. Good, just like that. Deep breaths, come one, in and out. In and out. There’s a good MC.” Yoosung’s voice was low and soothing, MC could feel the rumblings of his voice on their cheek. They felt calm, what had happened? Oh. That’s right. A panic attack. Letting their eyes flutter open, MC blinked owlishly around the room. Letting their eyes fall onto Yoosung last.

“MC, what happened? You had Zen and I worried.”

While they didn’t want to tell, they were more afraid of Yoosung’s disappointment in them. “I.. I have anxiety,” their voice was croaky, and they hated the sign of weakness. “I usually do fine with something to help me focus on the here and now, but..” they trailed off, not wanting Yoosung to blame himself for their attack. “But, you took your sweater, and it makes me feel so safe.” MC said in a rush. A chuckle sounded in MC’s ear. Yoosung grabbed the sweater from next to him, and put it on them as best he could given the seating arrangement.

“Well, We’ll just have to make sure you feel safe, no don’t we?”


  • Mostly MC would get anxiety about being seen with him
  • What if their picture was taken? People could look at them whenever they wanted, they wouldn’t be anonomus anymore.
  • Zen took care of that very well
  • Whenever they were feeling anxious, he would sit down and pull them onto his lap and whisper encouragements into their ear
  • They had some difficulties, but a lot of his fans were very understanding, and even if they didn’t like MC too much they would do their best not to talk about them.
  • This feels like a disappointment after Yoosung’s


  • This princess always takes orders for the café and does the talking
  • MC can just make what needs to be made, and deliver it if needs be.
  • They don’t have to talk
  • Everybody who’s not a regular thinks that they are mute
  • Jaehee always seems to know when they are reaching their limit
  • “Go sit down with a cup of tea, there’s not too many customers right now”
  • Knows the best ways to calm them down


  • MC can’t talk to the guards
  • They just can’t
  • They are big, and scary and loom over them. Their eyes are always watching what they are doing
  • MC just doesn’t like the guards. Period.
  • Jumin is conflicted
  • Eventually the settle on the guards will not follow MC around in the building, and Jumin will let MC pick out the less intimidating guards for when they are needed


  • He’s found that laughter is the best cure.
  • He carries around note cards with jokes on them
  • He writes several jokes and notes of encouragement on MC’s arms so he’s always with them
  • Always calls to check in
  • “God 707 is watching you. You are safe.”


  • The first time you go to a restaurant together it is hell.
  • His eyes are recovering from the surgery so he can’t order, and he leaves it to you to pick out what he’s having
  • Welp, fuck.
  • MC’s panicking a little
  • Actually, a lot
  • The first time the waiter comes to take their order, MC can’t form words so they just vioolently shake their head.
  • V notices something is wrong right away.
  • “What are we having?” was the whispered inquiry.
  • MC replied back, and V told the waiter when he came by.
  • “I noticed you were anxious about ordering. Is this normal? I don’t mind being your voice, as long as you’re my eyes”
  • Get a fucking room you two


  • The two of them are just one big heap of anxiety
  • They have to bring Seven along when they want to get ice cream
  • Looking into each other’s eyes calms them down immensly
  • Whispered I love you’s and tightly grasped hands
  • This has gotten really cheesy so I’m going to stop

I didn’t mean for Yoosung’s to turn into a ficlet, and don’t be afraid to let me know if you don’t like the way I described anxiety! I hope this is what you wanted! Let me know if you want something added or changed!

It’s Been A Long Time - Charles Xavier x Reader

It’s Been A Long Time - (Charles Xavier x Reader)

Words - 2294

Warnings - Reader has time manipulating powers. Few swears, I think. 

AN - Thank you to Nonny, for sending me a Charles Idea. I’ve been wanting one of these, all day. This is also my first Charles x Reader, so feedback is much loved.

London, 1959

Sitting in the University Coffee Shop, was not how one expected their morning to begin. However, after the heating in your Dormitory had broke, and your roommate had scarpered off to her boyfriend’s Dorm, you had nowhere else to go, which was as warm, and provided a nice cup of coffee.

So here you were, sitting in one of the armchairs, indulged in a book, whilst your eyes darted from the pages, to your drink, warm and inviting. You reached your hand, picking up the china cup, taking a sip, before the door of the Cafe opened, letting in a blast of cold air. 

Entering from the doorway, was a man. Blue coat, dark hair, and blue eyes. You were sure you’d seen that face around the Campus, always with a beautiful blonde girl. His eyes darted around the room, before settling on your for a moment. Feeling what he was doing, he pulled his gaze away, a grin on your face.

Who was he? Why was he staring. It didn’t bother you. Your eyes turned back to to book, hearing his footsteps approach the counter, and then his voice, asking for a drink.

Focus on the book. Focus on the book. Focus on the-

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This is “Dulceria,” my 8-portrait series of xingonxs surrounded by pan dulce and Mexican candy. This series means so much more than muxeres indulging unapologetically in food. It’s a statement about what we face being brown and womxn identifying… Being made to feel SHAME for our desires and emotions… Body shaming when we want to wear certain clothes that maybe don’t fit a certain standard. Sex shaming. Feeling guilty for indulging in the things that make us happy. Selfies. Whatever it may be that make us feel good…whether those feelings are temporary, we as muxeres deserve to experience joy, pleasure, and self confidence.

Thank you to all the beautiful muxeres who let me paint them. I appreciate you more than you know. Xoxox

@nataliaquerida @gringaxtears @xtalxicana Natalia, Cassandra, Xtal, Carina, Araceli, Yoselin, Ramona, and Anayvette.

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So besides writing my fav fic ever, here are ten times I thought you were fucking amazing (in no particular order): 1) when you answer all kinds of asks on an almost daily basis and worldbuild with us 2) when you decided to write a companion fic to umfb&mha 3) when you set writing deadlines for yourself and announce ahead of time when you're going to post updates 4) when you made the In Defense of Viktor Nikiforov post 5) when you indulged our thirst for wall sex and rimming

6) when you offered to write Top Ten lists in exchange for prompts 7) when you write iconic lines like “I hate you. Now fuck me” and “So make me remember you when I do” 8) when you made the 15 Things That Might Happen in Chapter 13 post 9) when you stayed up late/pulled an all-nighter to get chapter updates done in time 10) when you promised us a happy ending for umfb&mha and even happier ending in the future

Aw thank you so much! This is so cute :D


[I tried to make a fancy graphic but I wasn’t happy with any of it so here I go and write. 

First of all:


Life has been pretty terrible as of late again. I am living off 100 euros a month and only by careful planning can I make it work but I don’t have money for anything unless I have a coupon or something else that gives me a huge discount. I won’t get paid until August at the earliest so that’s really tough. I’d feel terrible asking for money though.

This blog means the world to me and being able to share it with this many people is fantastic!!!

I’m actually going to try and tag some people and write something nice about them. It is stressing me out as I want to thank a lot of people but I can’t thank over 600 people so aaaah here it goes:

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Poetry for Im-on-fire-today

Title: Indulge

Sidon’s POV, fluff for @im-on-fire-today

Wiping the sleep from your eyes, my gaze lingers on, like you’re a fantastic prize. Still sleepy and spent as you’re laid down to rest, nuzzling and humming against my broad chest.

There’s no better time to enjoy your face, than when you utterly relax and lose your grace. Stubborn, abrasive, so sure what you want, that cute little pout when I give you a taunt.

Your eyes they beg in the subtlest way, pleading without words, for me to stay.

Only you can draw me into your sweet embrace, as your hand reaches out to skim my face. So much conveyed in those lidded eyes, your bitten lip, those quivering thighs.

I indulge you too much some would say, but I’d never want it, any other way.

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widow mercy and sombra with a female demon s/o that really likes hugs and cuddles but they are just too sharp and pointy for that so they try and make up a solution?


“Urgh! No hugs, cherie!” she groaned in exasperation.

Her s/o suddenly pulled back, a guilty look on their face. All they wanted to do was hug their girlfriend when she came home, but they couldn’t with all their poky demon horns. It just made them so sad.

“But I wanna hug you…” the pouted as Widow proceeded to make herself at home with a glass of wine.

“I am not really the ‘huggy’ type, regardless, so you are not missing out on much,” Widow scoffed.

With a big frown on their face, Widow’s s/o plopped down next to her on the couch, head in their hands. Then they started doing that thing that Amelie couldn’t stand. They swung their legs back and forth off the edge of the couch, making little sad whines and occasionally glancing back over at her. She tried to keep a straight face and ignore it, but she could already feel herself being inclined to indulge them.

Suddenly she sighed, “Next time you want to hug me, just…just kiss me instead,”

That made her partner gasp in delight, a big toothy grin spread across their face.

“Oh, thank you Amelie! I love you so–” they went to hug her, but suddenly stopped.

Like she had said, they leaned in tenderly and placed a chaste kiss on her lips.

“…so much,” they finished.


The hacker sat on the briefing room table, staring at all her little holo vids of confidential information and clicking her tongue at all her targets. Meanwhile, her demon s/o was sneaking up behind her, and doing so successfully. It was rare they were able to get this close to her without noticing, so they knew they had to pounce fast before she did.

Lunging out of their hiding spot and wrapping their spiky arms around Sombra, they sang, “Guuuuesss whooo?”

“aaaAAAH! Stop it! Mierda! That hurts!” Sombra explained, flailing her arms and legs around, trying to get free.

That got her partner to drop them, hunching their back like a dog who had gotten in trouble.

“Oops…” they mumbled, holding their demon tail nervously.

“You can’t just surprise attack me like that, [Name]! It’s all fun and games until you stab me with your demon-y, poke-y bits!” Sombra lectured them.

“I just thought it would be fun,” they sulked, “Besides, if I can’t hug you now, when am I ever gonna get to hug you?”

Looking at their adorable puppy, demon eyes, Sombra couldn’t help but feel like she had to do something to make up for her outburst.

“Okay, well next time you just cannot hold back from hugging me, instead you can…” she thought for a few moments, tapping a finger to her chin, “You can boop me instead.”


“Yeah, like this,” Sombra said, leaning in close to them and tapping them on the nose, “Boop!”

Her partner’s nose crinkled in surprise and they let out a bubbly giggle.

“Heehee! That was funny! Let me try!” they chirped.

Leaning in just like she had, they gently tapped her nose with their clawed finger, careful not to poke too hard, “Boop!”

“There ya go, you’re a natural,” Sombra smirked.

“Boop!” They booped her again, “Just remember that every time I boop you, it’s in place of a hug!”


Mercy sat on one end of the couch, giving her demon partner the stink eye, who was sitting on the other end of the couch as their slender demon tail flicked back and forth like a cat.

“C’mon Angela, it can’t hurt that bad,” they purred.

“I still have a mark on my arm from the last time we cuddled,” she shot back.

“Those are just love marks, Angel, they just show how much I love you,” they tried to reason with her.

But judging by the glare she was giving them, she wasn’t buying it.

Letting out a little whine, they complained, “So this is it? We’re just not gonna cuddle and hug for the rest of our days? What are we gonna do for wedding photos?”

“W-Who said we were getting married?” Mercy gasped.

“Nobody, but if we do, what then? If I ever see you in something cute or pretty and I want to embrace you, what am I supposed to do? What if you’re scared and you need me to hold you, what will you do?” they interrogated.

All the questions brought up good points. Mercy shifted uncomfortably in her seat, thinking things over for a few moments as she tried to come up with a solution. Then a look of realization crossed her face and she sped off to the bedroom for a few moments. When she came back out, she was holding a big, fuzzy sweater.

“Did your grandma make you that for Christmas or something?” her partner snorted.

“Yes, but that is beside the point,” she snapped, “This should keep you from poking me, so put it on.”

She threw the baggy sweater at them and they easily slipped into the fuzzy wool.

“It’s a little itchy, but not bad,” her demon said, “Sooo, now can I cuddle you, Angel?”

Giving them a sweet smile, she blushed and looked away, making space on the couch for them. They practically leapt to her side, wrapping their warm and comfy arms around her.

–Mod Sirana

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Hello <3

Aw, thank you so much for your question. There’s not much up over here to be completely honest. It’s been a super quiet day at work and now I indulge in a pleasantly calm evening at home (couch, blanket, me), just as I love it. So yes, all in all my day could almost be summed up in one picture: 

I hope your day has been good or is about to be and send you all my hugs.
we all gotta lil' bit of ho in us -- ch 3. bonus
by commandmetobewell, a Trini x Kimberly fan fiction in Power Rangers (2017)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Kim and Trini have more sex and it’s great.


special thanks to @ohdangitsang and @gillytweed for letting me yell to them about this fic and about all my trimberly headcannons (angst included). these two queer children are literally the end of my life and i am living for it!!!

anyways kim’s family is literally my family in a nutshell just so you know.

thank you all for reading this filth show and for indulging your inner daddy kinks with me, it’s been such a journey my friends, and i’m kinda sad it’s over. but i will be having more trimberly in the future, i just don’t really know what to write first. i’m gonna update my clexa fics first before i touch trimberly, tho.


Better Late Than Never (You Guys All Rule)

OOC: So I’m hearing that greeting followers is a thing on tumblr?! In which case I’ve been super rude up till now and, let’s face it, kind of shy to just get on messenger and say hi to you guys so, if anyone has felt like I’m just sitting here feeling superior - absolutely not, every single one of you makes me distinctly un-British and mushy and I’m so so grateful and inspired by you lot taking an interest in what I’m doing on here!

Obviously it’s not just me you inspire though, so my muses have something to say:





Harri (fem!Harry)

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anonymous asked:

First off, THANK YOU for this blog! Reading the headcanons give me my SSS fix as I impatiently wait for new scenerios/routes. Could I request the brothers learning it's MC's birthday, but she's the one that actually ends up forgetting it's her birthday because she's too focused on her job

You’re very welcome! I indulge writing these just as much as you all do reading them. I’m so afraid for the new routes to come though, because then I’ll feel like I’ve done everything wrong with the characters lol ;;


  • type to throw surprise birthday parties
  • sends you off to work with the other concierges which si very strange bc
  • that’s not something he usually did, he was v selfish with you and wanted to keep you all to himself
  • but just fills the flat with balloons and cotton candy bags and stuff from your first date together with mutsuki and the amusement park
  • so when you come in there’s balloons in your face and the strong smell of elephant ears (or fried dough with powdered sugar)
  • and you’re just ?????
  • chiaki has a party hat on his head and mutsuki is even there too
  • and drew you a little picture of the three of you together with balloons just like this was going to go
  • and both of them blow on their blowout noisemaker party favor things at you
  • “Murayama reminded me it was your birthday today.”
  • Says that with a slight distaste in his mouth but
  • he’d be damned if he didn’t plan something more than murayama anyway


  • arranges a day off of work for you without you knowing
  • so when you’re going down to the concierge desk to pick up your assignments today they’re just like
  • “ya you don’t need to be here lol”
  • so you’re just confused, but you return back to the suite to talk to toma and
  • he’s not there either???
  • so you’re just going around looking for him and you think to find him in his usual thinking spot
  • and in the blue shaded room with light flickering through the water you see him there, and he’s facing away from you and just watching the dolphins swim and play in the water
  • and he turns to you with that handsome af grin and produces out a small velvety blue box
  • and it’s a necklace with two dolphins that make a heart and it’s super cute
  • and while he’s putting it on for you, he just murmurs into your ear,
  • “Sometimes, you still need to take a break and care about yourself you know.”


  • how to plan for birthdays
  • assumedly the worst gift giver out of all of them and he’s just like
  • oh god what does she want does she want shoes? sneakers? FOOD???
  • and while you’re running some errands that he set out for you earlier you run into him in the shop and you’re just
  • ????
  • “Shizuka? Why are you here?”
  • but then he’s just
  • “Uh, while you’re here… could you try these on? I want to see if they’d fit you..”
  • And shizu’s style is impeccable let me tell u
  • they’re just cute frilly dresses and shirts and blouses and just full outfits 
  • and while you’re trying them on in the fitting room he just presses you into the stall quietly and kisses you sweeetly and murmurs a happy birthday to you


  • this big idiot would disappear
  • like you would wake up one morning and he wouldn’t be there, and you’d think he’d be off to work but he’s just nowhere to be found
  • but you’re panicking again bc oh god what the fuck what if he ran away again
  • nope, there’s little notes laying around the house and the first one is left on your bedside table
  • just a long fucking scavenger hunt while he makes you ignore all your duties as a concierge (read: he begged toma to give you a day off that day so you could spend it for your birthday)
  • but ofc you’re worried so while you’re cleaning up around the house, you find other little notes
  • “Haha, I knew you’d try to clean ! But nope, this is your focus today, and this is your work!”
  • more little notes & one left with a dress that he got specifically for this day, and instructs you to wear
  • until you finally find yourself at the local theatre and there’s a crane machine there
  • and to get the last note you have to win the damn toy
  • but ofc you don’t you suck and magically out of nowhere
  • “Need help?” And it’s him, quick to cling to you before he takes you into the theatre for a hot makeout session movie date


  • mei, probably: how do i show affection to this girl on her birthday any different than i would any other day
  • probably wouldn’t do anything different but 
  • would compose a short piece for you to come home, because he knows how curious you are still about the music that he plays
  • and also welcomes you home with a big box of sweets
  • in fact you see two there, (but one’s actually for him)
  • a nice, quiet candlelit dinner out on the balcony with just sweet music in the background after one of your longer days at work
  • and he’s the one serving you 
  • and ofc he starts it with 
  • “Don’t expect this every day. It’s just because today’s your birthday, and you just got home… And it’s your first birthday with me.”


  • wakes you up early in the morning, like before the sun even comes up
  • takes you to his car and you’re going on a long journey my friend
  • it’s just silence in the car though, you’ve stopped trying to protest where you’re going, and just end up dozing again lol
  • and you’re just out someplace nice and secluded and away from society
  • “I figured that for once, you could relax completely.”
  • And you’re confused why????
  • “Shouldn’t you be relaxing on your birthday?”
  • oh and when it clicks you’re just so smiley and blushy because he thought of you
  • even brought the picnic basket and the wine and alcohol for you guys to celebrate together and just spend the day/afternoon/evening together
  • and just enjoy each others’ company among the clouds and the stars
  • and it’s just really you two, and each others’ world

anonymous asked:

hey cali ^^ I wanted to ask you about something I've been curious about lately... I'm also an artist drawing anime fanart and I wondered how one goes from just making art to creating f.e. charms to sell. How do you know when your art is "good enough" to take a step forward and decide to open a store? And if you do, what are the first steps (or important steps) in producing? Sry if this ask bothers you or smt but idk who to ask about this and I myself have 0 experience in stuff like that ^^"

Hi hi anon! Don’t worry, your ask doesn’t bother me at all! Thank you so much for reaching out to me for help! I’m not sure if I’m the best person to ask, because my first and foremost principle with merch making is….self indulgence fffs.

I made my very first merch (acrylic standee) years ago because: 1) I was really into the characters; 2) I desperately wanted an acrylic standee of the characters for myself; 3) I had the means to print them! I was happy and grateful when it turned out there were other people who wanted the standee too, but in my opinion, the thing that decides whether an artist is ready for merch selling isn’t really how “good” they are, because where does that line even lie? 

Personally, I think an artist is ready to open a shop and make merch: 1) if they love the characters enough 2) if they have the means to treat themselves to the wonderful experience that is having your own art printed and held in your hands!! 

I know this isn’t probably the answer you were looking for, but this is how it was for me, and I hope this helps a little bit. Good luck with your art endeavors, anon!

Fatale: Black Lace (one)

Genre: Nasty, filthy smut with inklings of fluff throughout.

Pairing: Namjoon x Jimin, Minjoon

Count: 9030

Summary: CEO!Namjoon is on his way home from buying new lingerie for his Baby Boy as he reminisces about how he fucked Journalist!Jimin’s brains out in the literature club room when they were in university.

A/N: A HUGE THANK YOU TO @bxebxee​!!! She’s too good for me and had the heart to read through my writing. Thanks to her advice I was able to make this smut as filthy as possible finish my story <3 Please read her works, they will ruin your favorite pair of panties.

Fatale: Black Lace (one) | (interlude) | (two)

Also posted on ao3!

6:00 pm. The lights of Seoul city trickled into Namjoon’s office much earlier now that winter was approaching. He hadn’t realized shadows had overtaken the room as the phone call with a particularly aggravating client was dragging out for longer than he had anticipated. Namjoon had handled difficult authors before, but never in his six years of experience as CEO of a publishing company had he dealt with a writer that insisted on submitting such mediocre work and demanded so much in return. His publishing team was not a glamor squad, ready to cater to the author’s every whim on command. Instead, they functioned to provide commercial success for works of literature, and sometimes that equates to not wrapping pure rubbish in extravagant cover art. Loosening his tie in frustration, Namjoon slowly rubbed his temples as he let out a deep sigh. The only thing keeping him sane was Mrs. Sung’s email from earlier in the day, notifying him that new lingerie designs were finally available for purchase.

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AHHH TNT My really self indulgent charms have arrived from Acorn Press!! They did such a lovely job on them (even let me know I put shiro’s arm on the wrong arm BLESS THEM LAWL);;

ALSO THEY SENT ME LIGHT UP KEYCHAINS THAT MATCH THEIR PALADIN COLORS!?! /screams Thank you SO much!? You guys really are the best! VnV!! 

I’ll probably open up some orders for them in late nov or early dec..>< These were made for my and a few of my friends so qty is kinda limited. Pricing will be a bit high cause I went all out;; S-Sorry;;; (They will have vintage swarovski star crystals on them L O L. rip m e also i gotta…assemble..them…/lazy)