thank you all so much

okay first of all… what!?!??! are you all lost – i can’t believe i have reached 100 followers on this silly little blog of mine. but like .. thank you so much??? i’m going to cry honestly. i was so nervous about bringing kennedy over to a blog of her own and yet i did and it was the best decision of my entire life. it has been my favorite book/movie for such a long time and getting to witness so many people bringing all the amazing characters to life has been the biggest treat and having you all pay attention to my girl who i just inserted in has been a blessing. 

THE MAIN SUNSHINES OF MY LIFE ( aka the people i interact/write with the most and i love and cherish and would pick a thousand sunflowers for, thank you for writing with me, for loving kennedy and making me so genuinely excited to do replies )

@notrealenoughfor / @distraughtdenbrough / @ssxgeorgie / @stillseesghosts / @dcadlites / @scarelosers / @realfor / @wasleftspooked /@noteddieble / @derrybcrn / @derryweirdo / @derrykat / @trashvoiced / @neuroticstuttering / @gazeeebos

THE PEOPLE I WANT TO LOVE ON ( aka the people i interact with on dis.cord and would love to write with/admire from afar and want to get to know and do things with!! )

@derrymouth / @sewerlurking / @sewercheer / @tozielous / @clownlike / @spookmyfricnds / @barmitzvahed / @rabbison

i’m going to be honest, i probably missed so many people but i really love and admire all of you and please feel free to ALWAYS send me messages or tag me in random starters because i would love that so so much. thank you again, i love you all dearly.

You guys it happened, I hit 1k?!? I’m so humbled you all think I deserve a follow. Honestly you guys are some of the nicest people I’ve met on the internet and this fandom feels like my extended family. I wanted to do so much more to celebrate but this milestone hit just as I’m moving house so I’ve decided to do a few small things to thank you all so much! ♥

✨ + two characters for a make me choose edit (please be patient with these as I have a busy few weeks ahead)
⚡ For a hp blog aesthetic (format below)
💕 For a compliment

You can send 2 if you like~

  • must be following this death eater trash
  • must reblog this post
  • send me an ask with the emoji and an f.m.k, random/weird fact, tell me about your day, I dunno come say hi~
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  • (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)

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She dropped her ice cream 

I was so overwhelmed by all the all the kind messages and love I received yesterday. Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement, it meant a lot and helped me feel a lot better c: 
So here’s a small thank you, I know a lot of you all ship this so I hope you like it c: 
Thank you all once again, my night got turned so much better c: 

I did a thing!

So, I hit 1000 followers almost two weeks ago now.  I was going make some custom content to say thank you, and since it is pride month I wanted it to be pride related.

So, I made pride banners!  

~ There are three swatches

~ Get Together is needed, sorry. 

~ If you use these in your game can you please tag me :)

Download here


I promised myself that I would draw Soldier76 when we reached 76 watchers… but I missed the 76, then I missed the 176, 276 and so on. But a couple of days ago I finally managed to screenshot a freaking random number with a 76 as final.

You guys are so many! I and Vany started this blog just as an archive of our Overwatch stuff yet so many of you find it entertaining somehow and we are really glad you do ;w; Thank you so much for sticking with us and for all your beautiful messages and asks (we are working on them! everyone will have an answer in due time! ♥)


500+ Follower Watercolor Raffle!

Thank you all so much! Please read the rules and guidelines to enter :

- Must be following (( I will check! ))
- Reblog to enter (( More than one RB is okay too. ))
- No NSFW winner requests. These will be denied.
- No crazy colors, please! Simple ones, because I have limited paints!
- Nothing TOO complex, please… I’m a beginning painter (๑•̥̥̥́ω•̀ू๑)

1st Prize – 1 Winner :
- One large (or small) background
- 1-3 Colors chosen for background
- One character (of your choice)

2nd Prize – 2 Winners :
- 1-2 colors of your choice
- Black silhouette (nature, characters, animals, etc…)
OPTIONAL: Have the paint “come” from a brush//object. Examples on my blog with #watercolor tag.

3rd Prize – 2 Winners :
- Simple concept (such as a shape or simple animal)
- 1-2 colors of your choice
OPTIONAL: Have the paint “come” from a brush//object. Examples on my blog with #watercolor tag.

Winners will be chosen and posted on October 6th. Once chosen, either reblog the post and//or leave a comment so I can start painting! If I do not hear from you within three days of choosing, I will pick someone else! Again, thank you all SO much for supporting my art, and hopefully, there will be more of these raffles in the future (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

I got a commission to draw a daiMACura, and here it is :) I had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks to patchesotron-art for commissioning me, this was a total blast!!! After they order one I may see about making prints myself ;)


In celebration, I’m holding a raffle!! Here are the rules:

○ You must/start following me

○ Reblog for an entry! (Likes don’t count and one reblog per person)


**Prizes can be OCs! I won’t draw gore, furries, mecha, or NSFW**