thank you all so much

I just wanted to thank @potatocatmani @the-space-between-the-stars @myfriedtofu @qintus @hao-aceakura and @universeofshinytears for the birthday wishes they decided to send me! I didn’t want to spam anyone’s dash with my birthday wishes, so i decided to do this instead. To all of the anons that decided to send me wishes as well, you are very much appreciated!


I promised myself that I would draw Soldier76 when we reached 76 watchers… but I missed the 76, then I missed the 176, 276 and so on. But a couple of days ago I finally managed to screenshot a freaking random number with a 76 as final.

You guys are so many! I and Vany started this blog just as an archive of our Overwatch stuff yet so many of you find it entertaining somehow and we are really glad you do ;w; Thank you so much for sticking with us and for all your beautiful messages and asks (we are working on them! everyone will have an answer in due time! ♥)


In celebration, I’m holding a raffle!! Here are the rules:

○ You must/start following me

○ Reblog for an entry! (Likes don’t count and one reblog per person)


**Prizes can be OCs! I won’t draw gore, furries, mecha, or NSFW**

I got a commission to draw a daiMACura, and here it is :) I had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks to patchesotron-art for commissioning me, this was a total blast!!! After they order one I may see about making prints myself ;)

Reactions to having 1000+ followers
  • Gryffindor : FUCK YEAH ! *high-fives self*
  • Ravenclaw : *calculates under their breath how many followers they get in a day, a week, a month...*
  • Hufflepuff : *squeals* 1000 people like my blog ! That's amazing ! *dances*
  • Slytherin : and so begins my domination of this world.


Wow I can’t believe it! 20 000 followers 😱 It means so much to me to have all your support - I truly wouldn’t be where I am today without this community! You have all helped me push myself to work harder and achieve my goals. I am so so grateful to all of you. Absolutely incredible, thank you all so much 🌸📚

one year

well, how should I start this. I decided to step back from my work to write a little something I probably don’t say enough. I started this blog exactly one year ago today. much like today I started it as an escape from school, a place I was able to come to be able to get my mind off the stress and be able to post gifs, shitpost, make friends with the same interests as me etc. 

within this one year I achieved so many things I honestly didn’t even think would happen. during this year I was able to see bangtan live,  this blog reached 20k+ followers in a year which doesn’t even make any sense but I thank each and every one of you who decided to follow me, talk to me, and just make my days a little brighter. it seriously means ore to me than you can ever imagine. I know I can’t always respond to everyone, but I do read absolutely everything that gets sent to me and once again I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. I also made some incredible friends I can honestly say feel as though they will become life long, some I’ve already met and some I’m going to travel across the world to travel with and those I’ve yet to meet. and I was able to make namjoon become the bias for some of you :’)))

a year is relative in time and truly depends on who you spent it with, and I’m happy I spent the last year with each one of you

thank you,

your local meme

ps: I decided to use yoongi as my new icon as an homage to the only other icon I ever had on this blog which was also a beanie+mask combo;;;

gentle reminder to this blog’s 40000 followers

I honestly didn’t think I would be making this post so soon. I am extremely thankful to @staff and @postitforward for mentioning our community earlier today and bringing all of you to us! 

As it approaches the one year anniversary of this blog being created, I am seriously overwhelmed at the amount of people we have all reached; seriously, my apologies if this thank you isn’t as well coordinated as the others have been, as I am seriously near-speechless. 

From the beginning, gentle reminder’s goal has been to spread positivity within ourselves and throughout the dashboards of tumblr. Since then, this blog has spread from the idea of just tumblr to the internet itself with the gentle reminder self help network; we’ve supported/are supporting charities, self-published a self-help book, and many other things that I seriously couldn’t have done without all of you.

I said this back when I thanked you all for 100 followers, and I will say it again: Thank you to each and every one of you that have been reached by this blog, thank you for sharing my small words of kindness through your reblogs, for contributing your own kind words, and thank you for following in order to continue doing that in the future.

So welcome to everyone who is new. Thank you so much to everyone who has been here since the beginning. Thank you to all of those that found this blog in between. And I can’t wait to see what other milestones or achievements this community can strive for.

I hope you have a lovely day today. :)

In a few moments, the Living Space Kickstarter will end and it is so surreal for me. When I first put up this Kickstarter, I was full of anxiety and doubt (I always am but especially over the success of this project). Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be this successful and have the support of so many wonderful and amazing people. I can’t say enough how truly grateful I am for all of you helping me get here. So from the very bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

I am wrapping up the production of Living Space with just a few pages left to color. As soon as these are done, I will send off LS for printing. Surveys will be sent out by the end of today so I can send you your rewards. PDFs will be sent out by next Wednesday and shipping will begin as soon as the books arrive. I will post updates as this happens. If you have questions, please be sure to email me at Thank you all so much for this. Love ya!

Golddustphans 200 follow forever.

So on Friday I reached 200 followers which is crazy to me to even think about. So I thought i would do a follow forever because they are fun.
Just so you know that I consider all of you friends and I’m always here if you want to talk.

My closest friends,

@daintydodie ~ Zainah, you are so lovely and my dash/day just wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for making me smile.
@phansterdam ~ Emily, where do I start, thank you so much for sticking with me, you were my very first follower and i love you very much, you make me very happy.
@elloimthememelord ~ Grace, I feel we are kinda new friends compared to others but how we have connected, I could talk with you forever, you are lovely and such an amazing friend.

(Also thank you to, @phangirlingforphan ~ @phans-anime-shelf ~ @lovelylilaclester ~ @mairenyaf ~ @thephantastickat ~ @bloomingphil ~ @snow-phan ~ @philledwithpuns )

@litraleehowell ~ @n-asa ~ @philsdrill ~ @phanasourasrex ~ @acephan ~ @dansforeheadcurl ~ @pugjumper ~ @hyungwyn ~ @bubblegumdan ~ @ephemeral-dan ~ @princessdan ~ @starinorbit ~ @energeticwarrior ~ @cloverphan ~ @cosmologicaldan ~ @blazing-eyes ~ @artisticdodie ~ @heartphil ~ @odetododie ~ @sweetpeachlester ~ @dimplydan ~ @rhapsodichowell ~ @saccharjne ~ @lethologicahowell ~ @qxantxm ~ @phillester ~ @philling-trashy ~ @paganlester ~ @imlovephil ~ @starmadephan ~ @spacedust-lester ~ @pastel-lois ~ @amazingsavannaisnotonfire22 / @philseyelashe ~ @cutedodie / @cutedaniel ~ @pretty-boy-dan-howell ~ @lillelester ~ @classicalphilip ~ @pepperminthowell ~ @pinkishphil ~ @phanyone ~ @snowflakephan ~ @rosequartzlester ~ @florallylester ~ @agastopiaphan ~ @vloggery ~ @hazyphil ~ @danshine ~ @nasahowell ~ @cleverlester ~ @anotherinternetfangirl ~ @philsamazing ~ @eli-howlter ~ @articulatehowell ~ @dannyhowell ~ @eros-howell ~ @philpov ~ @mooniva ~ @perplexedhowell ~ @phillybeans ~ @goddesslester ~ @blackparadehowell ~ @rainbowshowell ~ @lestersboy ~ @softdnp ~ @cometphil ~ @takeachillphill ~ can i also mention the anon who goes by 18 you also deserve some love.

Thank you so much to everyone I love you all a lot, if I missed you I’m so sorry and it was definitely done by accident, hope you all have a lovely day and thanks for 200 (at time of doing this I actually have 243) xx💕💕

Hi there....

So recent events have made me realize how much I have distanced myself from, well, everyone in my life including my Klaroline fandom.

I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you to you all for being my friends because some of you have been friends to me even when the people in my real life felt too far away to reach.

So much of the last few years have been about surviving my mental health, not a lot of you that I actually started writing Klaroline multi-fics to keep myself from actually killing myself.

Klaus saved my life for being as damaged as he was and finding his light through Caroline, in Caroline and that is only one of the reasons I am thankful for TVD. The other reasons are each and every one of you.

Thank you for being my light, my friends, and for being these amazingly strong women I can look up to from every walk of life. You all hold a very special place in my heart.

Oh, and Klaroline is ENDGAME.

gooddame’s Follow Forever (In no particular order):

@marvelouskatie, @alyonsden, @shakespeariannerd, @liarfaker-blog, @caritobear, @eternityofklaroline, @jomosfamilyjewels, @klaroline-fantasies, @sophisticatedfangirling, @his-insane-girlfriend, @grandshoes-and-sanddad,

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 Thank you so much for putting up with my mildly successful blogging and on occasion writing skills. Also to my sister who made me get this thing in the first place.

happy 1st birthday, gentle-reminder!

In case you missed the info-graphic the blog posted earlier, the 20th of May is the first anniversary of this blog being created! 

Again, I would just like to thank you all for supporting this blog, for following, for submitting your own reminders, and for being kind. When I started this blog, I had a dream to spread kindness within myself and to my friends, and then that dream grew to spreading kindness throughout the internet, and then that dream turned into a book and then a goal for the gentle reminder self help network ( @grshn ) to work towards and achieve in ways that I could have never imagined - but, no matter what stage of that dream, from then to now, that job of spreading kindness cannot be done and will not ever be able to be done alone. 

So thank you so much again, this is surreal. I hope that this next year can be just as bright. And as always:

I hope you have a lovely day today. :)


So, in honour of 2k followers, i decided to make a list of blogs that i’ll follow until my last dying breath.

you were my first friend on here and will be my inspiration until i die. i remember our first conversations about parties and how you managed to make me laugh uncontrollably. in a short amount of time, i considered you a close friend, someone who was always there for me to support me and tell me what i needed to hear rather than what i wanted. i’ll forever love you for that. you are crazy talented and such a beautiful girl, with probably the most amazing finger guns. i love you so bad, my precious!!

lau, my egg. i love you unconditionally. you’re quite possibly the most gorgeous being i’ve ever known, not to mention the sweetest. you inspire me everyday to continue writing and push through any negativity in my life. you were one of the first tumblrs i ever followed and you will always, always, always be one of my closest friends. your writing is flawless, and you’re so talented. you should never let hate get to you, because you are so much better than you think!!

my hay babe. you are my favourite person in the world. you’re like my angel on my shoulder, but also my devil. you have helped me through so much and i could never ever thank you enough for that. you’re like a sister to me and i’d be so lost without you and your suggestive smirks. our friendship is so precious to me and so unique. i love you with all of my heart, you gorgeous foot… with your poppin’ lipgloss. you’re talented af and i’ll be reading your shit till i’m 90. love you boo!!

vi!! you’ve had my heart since the very beginning, with our spontaneous plans of visiting one another and climbing on your roof, watching the stars and talking till we fell asleep. you’ve been with me since the very beginning and i love you unconditionally!!

kenz!! i love you and everything you write. you are such a gift to this world and i want you to know that. you are an absolute angel and so so gorgeous. you’re extremely talented and you never fail to make me smile! i love you so much!

steff, you are the writing queen. you practically own this fucking fandom with your filthy sins and posts in general. you have some serious talent that i absolutely adore. you were one of the first i ever followed and your writing, much like lau’s, inspired me to write too. you are such an inspiration to everyone here and just such a beautiful soul. thank you so much, and i love you!

b!! my twin!! you are quite literally my other half. i love you with everything i have. you’re the most easiest person to ever get along with (providing they understand your humour lmao) you’re my hoe, my bitch, my asshole and my sister. tHANKS FOR BEIN SO COOL AND STUFF, i love you <3

and finally, my love, nia. you were literally the second or third blog i ever followed. you and the other scruffy hoes made me want to write, so thank you for that. i will always love your imagines and your blog, you talented fuck. not to mention you’re gorgeous too so you’re just currently winning at life. i followed you at the beginning and i’ll follow you till the end. i love you !! 


@wolfiehunters @ridin-roscoe @likethismccall @honeystilinski @honestly-lahey @ahbeeguhlyah @void-obriens @ninja-stiles @zachs-dempseys @mischiefstydia @fandomslash @fabulouslodge @dylan-trash-tbh @minhosmeanhoe @celestial-writing @sassy-stilinski @cynicallystiles @onceuponagladerhead @stilinskisunderwear  @mf-despair-queen @just-jordie-things @maya-writing @psychoraeken @whatthehellisastilinski @nothisisstiles @tylerssposeys @fillthevoid-stilinski @holystilinski @scottstiles @bonniebird @godessallison @golddaggers @ohmartin @wydobrien @sabrinas-wolves @deaconhills @coachfinstck @officialmccall @rhaeken @stephobrien25 @twsmuts @lovelydob 

I really have no words to express my feeling rn. Just thank you all so much this is crazy like why are you people following me! I’m just some ordinary guy who reblog things. But seriously thanks for following I really appreciate all the support you guys give me I’m so honoured to be a part of this amazing fandom and I’m just incredibly thankful to you all!

Apologies for the quick doodle just need to express feelings ^-^

Love you all