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Second Chances » “Well, Rey is very forgiving.”

I finally finished this thing and LOOK AT THAT, IT’S REYLO! Thank you, Fandom, for having welcomed me (and my silly fics and art) and indulging my crazy with such open arms. This one’s for you. <3 

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Have some baby versions of the OWL and MONKEY that we all love. 

I originally thought at first squeaker lui was some little brother of lui (a lil kid who is way more cooler than i am in real life) 

But then In a long period of time, it was him all along doing his voice in high pitch, It’s so cool!

Take it from me who always wanted to voice act.


gif meme - rupert giles + favorite quotes (for anon) 

I am thankful for

America: the strong and wonderful people who support, or keep in check, their nations.

England: the amazing variety of cultures around the world.

France: the unique cuisines of each and every culture and family. 

Russia: the soldiers that are willing to sacrifice their own lives to preserve innocence.

Italy: anything that can make a person smile.

Germany: our efficient and reliant workers, who keep the world running.

Japan: the creativity of every mind.

China: families and communities that support each other through everything.

Canada: human compassion.  

*Happy Thanksgiving America :) Happy Thurs. everyone else.


            Holy shit,   w h e r e   do I even start   ?   Qrow was a muse that had started off much as a test, a   spontaneous decision   I had made after re-watching and catching up with RWBY once more after a brief break. He is my second RWBY muse, the first being a Lie Ren   (   long since deactivated due to his muse dying out after a few months   )   which was why I honestly   did not expect Qrow to last   as long as he did. It’s because of this you can consider me   very thankful   along with being   very blessed   as I have met so many wonderful people and have made so many friends here   !   Thank you all for everything   —-   for being there for my ups and downs, for interacting with me, and for putting up with my slow ass self. <3  

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Have you ever thought about writing a fic in which Voldemort went after the Longbottoms instead of the Potters?

If Voldemort had chosen the pureblood boy, not the halfblood, as his opponent? This Neville would have had graves to visit, instead of a hospital. He’d still have grown up in his grandmother’s clutches, tut-tutted at, dropped out windows absentmindedly, left to bounce on paving stones.

Let’s tell this story: Alice Longbottom, who was the better at hexing, told Frank to take Neville and run.

She died on the braided rug of their sitting room floor. Frank heard her fall from where he stood in front of the cradle. He did not have time to run.

When the Dark Lord climbed the stairs and saw Frank, he laughed at the small man in front of him. Frank had crooked teeth, a mis-sized nose, big fingers and small, watery eyes. Voldemort looked at him the way children would look at Neville, in almost a decade, at stubby fingers around a rememberall, a wrinkled brow and a stammer. “Move aside,” he said, the way a different Voldemort had once offered a way out to Lily Potter. That had been for the sake of another man’s love, and this was for his own contempt. “Just let me have the boy. Did you really think you could–”

When Neville met Voldemort again, in his fourth year, when Luna’s advice, his own gillyweed knowledge, and Ginny’s Bat Bogey Hex lessons had gotten him through the Triwizard Tournament he’d never signed up to enter, there would be a bubbling scar on Voldemort’s sunken left cheek. His father had had time for one curse. Frank’s love had saved his son, marked him, but his hate had been enough, too, to scar Tom Riddle through every rebirth and transformation he would ever have.

Harry Potter would have grown up as James’s oldest son. I think Lily, who missed her sister, and James, who had found three brothers at school and loved them more than life, would have had more children: a little sister who James taught to fly (little Tuney’d be Keeper to Ginny’s Seeker, in a decade, and gossip terribly about Harry), a baby brother Lily fervently talked James out of naming Lupeterius. Harry would have grown up spoiled and loved, magical, with toy broomsticks and playdates with the other Order kids– stumbling Neville, the Bones girl and the rollicking Weasley bunch.

If the Potters were never the main targets, never hiding and frightened, I don’t think Peter would have turned when he did. Not enough gain. Not enough tail-tucking fear. Peter would have limped through to the end of the war, whiskers shivering in his soul even when they were popping champagne on the night Neville Longbottom’s parents died.

They raised delicate glasses that had somehow survived all the first war, laughing, in Godric’s Hollow, to the Boy Who Lived. Augusta Longbottom planned her children’s funeral and wondered if her grandson’s forehead would scar like that. Lily danced in the living room with James, on the garish rug that Sirius had bought them as a joke and that they had kept just to spite him.

But this was a story about Neville now–it would always be a story about Harry, somewhat, because it had never been the scar that made the boy. When Draco Malfoy stole Neville’s rememberall, this Harry would still jump on a broom; when Hermione, weeping in the bathrooms, didn’t know about the troll, Harry would still run to tell her–that instinct was not something even having loving parents (especially these parents) would have kept from him.

But this had always been a story about Neville, too– unscarred Neville, Neville with his pockets full of gum wrappers, this had always been the story of his rise and his steady soul. But this time he was marked from birth, a scar on his forehead and hands that weren’t any better at holding a wand. This time, his grandmother had even more reason to look at him with disappointment when he spent all his childhood looking powerless.

Neville was not the disappeared savior who they whispered about. Halloween was still a celebration of Voldemort’s fall, but Neville was a lucky object, not a small hero, because where there had been a vacuum to fill when it had been Harry Potter, to fill with wonderment and thanks, here Neville toddled down Diagon Alley and held his grandmother’s hand. The whole world knew this boy was probably a squib, with pudgy fingers and a slow stammer, who didn’t learn to read until it was almost time to go to Hogwarts.

When Neville got his Hogwarts letter, the whole wizarding world was very politely surprised. He got told congratulations from strangers in the street, who in different universes would be shaking Harry Potter’s hand and swooning. Neville was far above smart enough to recognize than none of the other children got congratulated for the victory of being asked to attend school.

He asked the Hat for Hufflepuff and it gave him Gryffindor. He hoped they did not expect him to learn how to roar.

This was a Neville scarred. This was a Neville who would still get a rememberall and still forget it in his room two days out of five, who would eat a Weasley treat and turn into a canary, who would take Ginny Weasley to the Yule Ball and not once step on her toes.

This was a Neville who had had long conversations with the garden snakes in his backyard as a child and who had snuck them bits of his breakfast, kept track of which little serpent liked soft boiled eggs and which would dare to try a bit of sausage if he wiggled it properly. When he first got to Hogwarts, lonely, a lion in lamb’s fleece, Neville hid out behind the greenhouses and made friends with the snakes who curled on the warm rocks there.

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Nah nah nah brah, fc stands for face claims, like real live people who you think most look like the characters


tHESE ARE ALL 404’S BUT CAN I SAY SHE DID AN AMAZING JOB??? (404: i am an amazing job thank u) ~ admin 626


Saeyoung Choi: Xiumin from EXO
       -just loOK AT HIM

Jaehee Kang- Jeongyeon from TWICE

Jihyun Kim (V): Min Yoongi (Suga) from BTS
              -I mean seriously he even has the hair he’s sO CUTE

Jumin Han: Baekhyun from EXO
        -f CUK

Yoosung Kim: Kim Kibum (Key) from SHINee
        -beautiful, just beautiful

Saeran Choi: Hyunseong from Boyfriend
     -*high pitched screaming*

Hyun Ryu (Zen): Yoon Jeonghan from Seventeen

Right, this could get long. But I need to get it all out because it’s doing my head in.

Last night was awful to watch. I’m so happy I was watching it at home alone, because I’m not sure I’d have been able to mask my horror/upset at what I was seeing on my TV.

On the surface, it was like someone was literally shitting all over Robron, shitting all over the past years worth of Robert’s character development and erasing all the amazing work the writers have done at not only redeeming his character, but proving his unweilding, death-defying love for Aaron. We had an entire 30-minute episode dedicated to Robert’s love for Aaron, to Robron’s bond, to Robert’s truth. And last night felt like all of that had been shat all over.


I have a logical mind, I always think about things logically and that’s why I’m always so wound up by people who do things that just *don’t make sense*. And last night made no sense.

The only thing that *does* make sense, however, is that this is a part of Robert’s plan. That he is leading Rebecca on because he doesn’t trust that she’d actually sell Lachlan out when push comes to shove, and so he’s trying to keep her on side and give her hope, in order to manipulate her into giving him what he wants; Andy’s freedom.

“Now’s not the time.”

Why isn’t it? If he wanted to shag her, if he wanted them to start up an affair, why isn’t now the time? He had no problem banging her when he was engaged to Chrissie, her own sister, so why is now not the time?

Because it’ll never be the time. He wants to keep her hanging. He wants to give her faith that she will get what she wants in the end (him), and in return giving him what he wants (evidence against Lachlan, talking Lachlan in to confessing (which she does!!)).

Saying it was all about Home Farm was a part of the plan, because he knows Bex doesn’t really care about Andy. Bex cares about Home Farm and she cares about Robert.

These things all make sense. Aaron potentially being in on the plan too, whether pleased about it or not, would make even better sense, and would be a brilliant twist that I could totally get on bored with.

This is the logical path, or as I’ll call it, the Logical Explanation. This is the path that could lead to a Robron wedding that isn’t tainted and ruined. This is the path that won’t make people jump ship.


This is a soap, and the reason I’m feeling conflicted is because soaps don’t always go down the logical route. Things happen for shock value, for drama, and then they’re forgotten about. And I accept that, to a point. But this isn’t one of those things that can be forgotten about, if it turns out to not be the Logical Explanation. If it turns out to be something to throw doubt in the viewers mind about Robert’s feelings for Aaron, then that is a major let-down and incredibly sloppy and poor writing on Emmerdale’s part; something which totally contradicts that amazing work they’ve done this year, and something that was totally unecessary.

Now, we know that Robron don’t break up, and we know there’s a wedding. So in theory, that backs up the Logical Explanation that it meant nothing and that Aaron may even have known about it (I don’t think he did, but it would be amazing if that was the case).

What is freaking me out at the moment is that when Aaron finds out about the kiss (again, assuming he doesn’t already know either because A) Robert told him before he did it (unlikely), or B) because Robert told him straight afterwards (and us viewers are kept in the dark to add to the “twist”)) is Robert going to be totally honest about it? Because the idea of him lying scares me, of ED making him pretend Bex is lying, or that it wasn’t as bad as it was.

Because I would literally rather Robron break up than start their engaged journey based on lies. I don’t care if Aaron kicks off at the truth (again, assuming he doesn’t already know), as long as *it is the truth*.

I’m nervous and uneasy, conflicted between the (realistic) Logical Explanation, and the fact that it’s a soap that doesn’t always take the logical path and doesn’t always make sense.

Right now, we need to have faith, and I know a lot of us are trying to do so. Which leads me to the next thing…

There are viewers like us, who re-watch scenes over and over and remember every little line and detail. And then there are the casual viewers, like my parents for example, who miss episodes now and then, who watch them once, who sort-of care about what happens to certain characters but not on the level that we do.

So, basically there are the viewers that remember everything, and the viewers that forget everything. And this is where I get conflicted again.

Last night, did Emmerdale want us to remember everything that has happened with Robert/Robron, or did they want us to forget? Did they trust that us, the main fandom who analyses everything, would remember all the times Robert has pleaded his love for Aaron, has said he wouldn’t cheat, has said this is all about Andy? Did they trust that we’d keep that all in mind while Robert returned Bex’s kiss??

Some things:

  • When Bex offered herself and Home Farm on a plate, Robert told her; “You don’t do it for me anymore.” and proposed to Aaron the next day
  • When Bex said she’d give him 10% on anything she could get her hands on, Robert told her; “I want Andy’s freedom.”
  • “When something matters to me, I lie, I cheat, I do whatever it takes.” - Robert did this for Aaron, and he’s doing it for Andy too - two of only about four people that actually matter to him
  • “No one comes close.” - something Maxine quoted when trying to reassure panicked fans last night
  • Robert being prepared to die with Aaron, or at least die trying to save him
  • Robert diving back to the bottom of a murky lake where he could’ve died just an hour before, just to rescue an engagement ring

Now, did ED want us to remember all of that, or forget it?? It seemed on the surface they wanted us to forget it, by seemingly re-writing Robert’s entire character just to suit the plot.

OR, did they want us to remember all of this, like a little nod and a wink, like “you’re smarter than this. you know this isn’t how it seems. you know what’s happened, and you can trust us. we got this, even though it looks like we haven’t. you know Robert better than this, and we know you do. wait and see what happens. watch this space.”

Could that be what Danny’s tweet was referring to? Him referencing “twist and turns”, and telling people to chill….and you know what, I’ve never been more happy to see a winking emoji!!! Sometimes that little emoji can speak volumes, and that actually calmed me down more than anything. It was like “I obviously know what you don’t know, and I know you’re going to be cool about it. It’s all going to be groovy ;) ”

OR, you know, he could’ve just wanted to calm people down, to keep them watching…. but, I don’t actually think he’d do that if it really was going to turn into a total mess??

And then let’s look at the spoilers. 9 times out of 10, spoilers make out things are way worse than what they actually turn out to be; only this time was totally different. Why? Why was that? They didn’t even tease us like “will Robert give into temptation?” (like they did before); they flat out made out he rejected her. Which, yeah, he did in the end, but after he’d kissed her back for a significant period of time.

SO. Are the mags/spoilers/insiders/whoever trying to add to this twist, by helping last night be more shocking than we ever expected? By, quite frankly, tricking us into thinking it was going to be fine, just so the blow was more extreme/painful, which would ultimately make the “twist” more satisfying/more of a relief??

Is this all the create an even bigger shock when it turns out this is all some evil genius plan by Robert, and potentially an even bigger shock that Aaron was in on it too??

I mean, their scene happened very early in the episode, and we didn’t see Aaron again, and didn’t see Robert until later. Maybe they discussed it all then? Maybe Robert really does know he can’t trust Rebecca so wanted to screw her over too??

I’m not so sure about Aaron knowing about it right now, although I stand by that being an amazing twist.

Yeah, the spoiler says Rebecca blackmails Robert, but that could all be a part of the plan too. And it also says she tells Aaron, but it’s not to say he doesn’t already know. I mean what a better fuck you than being like “yeah, I already know, and it’s hilarious you think you actually had a chance with him. he was playing you, SOZ.”

The spoiler says they argue, but that could be about anything. As could “Robert has some explaining to do.” And would they really suddenly make up and Robert start thinking about buying them a house the very next day???

Like I said earlier, if they have Robert lying and twisting the truth into getting Aaron to believe him then you know what, I’d be fucking done. BUT that literally goes against everything that they’ve been building this past year, so would they really shoot themselves in the foot like that???

In a nutshell, there are three main options;

1a) This is a part of Robert’s genius plan to keep Bex on side/get her to do whatever he wants (and it works; she gets Lachlan to confess!) and Aaron completely understands this; “you’d do the same for Liv.”

1b) This is a part of Robert’s genius plan, and Aaron was in on it before it even happened (unlikely, but…WISHFUL THINKING).

1c) This is a part of Robert’s genius plan, and he fills Aaron in on it right away (without us viewers knowing until the hour long ep in two weeks….PLEASE)

2) Emmerdale are lazy and sloppy and want us to forget everything wonderful they’ve done for Robert and doubt his feelings for Aaron all over again, therefore shooting themselves in the foot, alienating fans, letting themselves and their fans down and kissing goodbye to any awards they might win next year

3) Emmerdale were lazy and sloppy for a single episode purely to create drama, but Maxine will somehow fix this and that hideous scene is to be banished to The Vault of hideousness along with the Shitman episode and the Teeth Picking scene, to be forgotten forever for being a lump of human shit and never to be mentioned again.

What will actually happen remains to be seen, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a long and nervous wait over the next two weeks, UNLESS some light is shed tonight when Robert talks to Diane (PLEASE GOD).

Basically, I don’t blame people for being upset/scared because I am too. But it might be a little too soon to lose faith completely. I think whatever happens, and even if it turns out to be a part of The Plan/Logical Explanation, it still could’ve been done better and a few more hints could’ve been dropped that it *is* a part of the plan, but I’d accept it. Anything else then…..well, I’ll be crushed. We all will be.

But for now let’s try and wait and see. It might be a little too soon to give up completely/jump ship. But if it turns out to be as bad as it could potentially be, then I could be jumping ship with you.

In the meantime, I think we need to remember everything ED has done for Robert/Robron this year, and hang onto that. And as Danny said, there are twists and turns ahead. And as Maxine said;

“no one else comes close.”

He remembers being scared. Not during the scuffle, not with Stevie by his side instead of fighting someone all by himself in God-knew-which back alley, and confident of his own strength the way only a teenager could be.

But later, when Eddie had explained what’d happened, when he’d told them what they said about him—why they had jumped him—God, had he been scared. His hands had felt cold and clammy as he’d unavoidably looked down at Steve and seen the similarities, seen the same small, delicate frame and the full, pink lips Eddie had. And as he’d tried to breathe around the lump in his throat, Bucky had been scared.

They’d fought, him and Steve; the tension and fear stealing his words and making him say things he didn’t mean. And then they’d made amends, because they may be a pair of stubborn punks, but they just didn’t know how to stay mad at each other.

Bucky remembers how badly he’d wanted to tell Steve, then. With them sitting across each other just like they’re now, only bone-tired and raw from all the yelling. He remembers the bruise forming on Steve’s cheek and the way he’d swept his bangs off his forehead, remembers the tears in Steve’s eyes, welling up but not falling, and how his own eyes stung with fear and worry.

He remembers the words getting stuck in his throat, and how Steve had looked at him like he knew them, looked at him with hopeful eyes that maybe, maybe, had been just as terrified as Bucky’s of speaking up.

The moment lasts but a few seconds, and then Steve’s laughing and pulling Bucky back to the present.

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