thank you all guys i laughed a lot!!!


Thank you so much!! It means a lot! And I’m the same! haha,,
I love to come up with and see other gijinkasss
I alwa y s fall in l ove with like,,, all of them

And thank you! I’m glad you you love them!!!


Hey guys!! So i had an idea earlier today to make a whole post dedicated to all of my favorite writings i’ve read this year (and i’ve read a lot) a lot of them really stuck with me, like honestly I think about most of these everyday and reference all of them because they were so good. So thank you to all these writers for making an impact on my life and making me the happiest girl while I read these. (Like honestly the amount of times ive screamed, cried, laughed, and fangirled while reading this is too much) (There’s more imagines i’ve read that ive loved but i cant find them anywhere so to the stories i love that aren’t mentioned, i love you)

Punishment / dom-joonie

Morning Baby / ohbabyitsbts

‘Till You Can’t Walk / kinkybangtan

The Way You Lick Your Lips / noonatrash

Don’t tease / exobtssmutimagination

Yes, Oppa / monstaccato

Good Morning, Jagi / dom-joonie

Needing You / schmudt

Guilty Pleasure / jungkxook

Dinner Games / exobtssmutimagination

Tease / btsmutimagines

Make Daddy Proud / sseudanym

What Goes Around Comes Around / lovingthekpoplife

Baby, Can I? / btssmutgalore

Forbidden / btssmutgalore

Lollipop / btssmutgalore

When Stars Cross / jungkxook

Jimin’s Wish / bangtans-baby

Nothing Better / seokvie

The Sweet On Your Lips / brajinian-bootaelift

I ScReAm / bxngtansmut

Christmas Kookie / kpopboysimagines

J-Hope / coffeewithbts (This isnt an imagine but it literally made me so happy i needed to share it.)

Hidden Encounters / kcriture

I Need You / drquinzelharleen

Car Seat Treat / btsxyou (I literally freaked out when i saw this because i remembered how shook i was reading this ugh i love it so much!!!!)

Buzz / floralseokjin

Overstimulation / tayegi

Possession / bngtanah

That Time Of The Month / tayegi

I’m Not A Kid / drquinzelharleen

Finding Love In The Club / hobiandzeloaremyhubbies

Blogs Mentioned :) :

@dom-joonie @ohbabyitsbts @kinkybangtan @noonatrash @exobtssmutimagination @monstaccato @schmudt @jungkxook @btsmutimagines @sseudanym @lovingthekpoplife @btssmutgalore @bangtans-baby @seokvie @brajinian-bootaelift @bxngtansmut @kpopboysimagines
@coffeewithbts @kcriture @drquinzelharleen @btsxyou @floralseokjin @tayegi @bngtanah @hobiandzeloaremyhubbies


First of all, I’d like to thank all the nice comments I received about my video! I’m happy a lot of people liked it or had a good laugh at the memes I dropped in. 

1. anon: Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it And I’m extremely flattered you watched it so many times. Makes it all worth it ;v; <3

2. @shadowtrmn8r : omg Pharmercy musical. Thank you so much! Yes welcome aboard the Somb.Va ship B)

3. @actualasamisato : I’m glad she’s both or this animation would’ve been awkward. Also thank you for supporting me on Patreon! I appreciate it <3

4. anon2: Thank you, anon! And Happy New Year to you too :)

Guys I really hate all this "try apps and get paid" like we all know that things don't work, like ever. So why do you insist on other people to do it? If you can't get a job or do something better with your life than posting that sh*t. well, let me tell you that you need help. We are here just to chill and have a good laugh not to try apps and never get paid + having a virus on our phone, thanks a lot. Bye ✌️

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Hi all! I’m doing another Christmas/birthday follow forever this year. I love doing these, and I’ve followed so many more cool blogs since the last one. Thank you all for being awesome folks and brightening up my dash!! Mutuals bolded.

First, I have to give a shoutout to @fvalcon, my best friend, the Rhodey to my Tony, the Anthony Mackie to my Sebastian Stan. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’m so grateful I get to know you, you never fail to make me laugh and I can’t wait to visit you. ♥

Second shoutout to @perfectopposite@deanwnchestcr@galaxystiel, @poedamxron, @savingchesters, @daisyridlley and @jackfryst, you guys are the best and I admire you a lot. 

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Wow, 50 Really?!

I can’t believe I’m only one away from 50 followers and I know that doesn’t seem like a lot to mot of you guys, but seriously, I’m just a geek from a small town in Oklahoma. I never thought that even 10 people would be interested in the stuff I post/write/reblog. It’s amazing how fast you, my followers, have accumulated and I really appreciate you all supporting me and giving me great laughs and stories everyday. So to thank you guys I want you to give me some ideas to celebrate. So..cough ‘em up lovelies! Mwah! Thanks again!

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hey guys!! 1000+ of you!!

I’m really so happy to share my art and share my passion for things like Pokemon and Assassination Classroom on here! 

I was really nervous making this blog last year because of what happened to my previous blog when someone harassed me about my art. I lost confidence in my art and was too afraid to share.

I have had nothing but endless amounts of support. You guys are so great. I laugh at all your funny tags/responses. I have gained more confidence in myself thanks to a lot of you. I don’t have many friends. So I’m so thankful to have a place where I can get to talk to some really amazing people from all over the world.

thank you sooooo much!

I am opening requests for a short while as a thank you to you guys. ^^

please drop a request in this post/comment section OR in my ask box. you can do so anonymously as well (that just means I can’t tag you!) I might not get around to ALL of them but I am going to do my best. nsfw requests are fine, please understand I have a right to decline requests too if I don’t feel very creative sometimes that happens even when i really wanna draw you guys something  <( ̄︶ ̄);;; but like I said I will do my best!!!  ファイト (๑و•̀ω•́)و

{Hey, between all this fun going on, I do want to thank those who stick around for my portrayal. I know I’m not a 100% serious Leo rper. That there are times I dive into crack rps a bit too much or I joke around with my muse. But I like to think I can even have some laughs with a muse that is usually a pretty serious guy. 

So thanks again to those that stick around and to those that get a chuckle or even a smile out of the things Leo and I do here. You guys mean a lot. Never forget that.}

Cried a bit. Laughed a lot. Still don’t understand why you like or follow me. I’m super basic.
I feel like I’m excepting a Grammy right now, oh lord. Thank you so bloody much. I honestly don’t know what to say other than how proud I am of each and every one of you. That’s sounds stupid but I really am. You’re all talented and have so much potential and I’m so excited to see your books in stores someday. Thank you for following and believing in all my shit posts on my worst days. You’re all such a blessing and I love you. Thank you. Lots and lots and lots of love from Yasmine xoxox

Wow guys, I’m still a bit baffled. My follower count has more than doubled in response to the last part of my phonecall comic and I just want to say a huuuge THANK YOU. :) I’ve enjoyed your comments and tags a LOT, they made me laugh and smile sooo much!

So, this one is for you all! It’s Papyrus’ time to shove back!

Credit for the gorgeous ship shoes goes to dyinglikeicarus!

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I love you so fricking much and you help me to stay alive. I really hope you're mouth surgery goes well and I hope you're doing well. You deserve the world, and you mean so much and I love you more than you could ever know. I love seeing you on my dash and you make me happy. I love you so so much! stay alive fren |-/

Oh friend, this message made me SO happy!! Thank you so much!!! It really means a lot. Everything I want is to make you guys smile, laugh and remind you all of how lovely you are.

And my surgery went well?! Like it’s hurting more than the first one but I’ll be okay. I’m taking the meds and trying to rest as much as I can. Thank you for caring, fren!

Anyway, hope you are having a great day, friend. Love ya

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At Idina Menzel's Concert in Dublin (20/6/15)
  • Male audience member: We love you, Idina!
  • Female audience member: We love you!
  • Male audience member: I said it first!
  • Idina: Thank you! But how come no one says "I want to sleep with you?"
  • Audience: [laughs]
  • Idina: Oh, it's probably because all the guys here tonight are gay.
  • Audience: [laughs and applauds]
  • Idina: I know my demographic.
happy happy birthday to pj!!


dear pj,

thank you for literally adopting me into the tumblr fam when you heard how old i was. thank you for helping me with my anxiety. thank you for making me laugh when i need it most. thank you for a lot of things.


and thank you for all the quotes such as:

“"of course it was a gay joke”

“"i forgot your oc’s last name was rad so i almost put luke everson”


your daughter, kat 

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Oh! So happy for you and your writing contract!!! Any info you can give us (general plot, ETA in our bookshelves...)? I won't lie, I'd be happy to spend some money and own one (or more) of your books! Congratulations! And thank you again for your work (sorry for all the exclamation marks, I'm excited :)

Thank you so much!   Right now I’m just with an agency and it’s not under contract for publishing (although I am told this is the hard part), So I can’t share too much yet.  I wanted you guys to know that I’m not just a working sap, I had other creative obligations that made me put Chef Lexa and Dr. Griffin on the shelf for a bit.  

I can tell you it’s female driven (what a shock!), has lots of action and adventure, there’s some world building and laughs as well.

When I have more news to share, you bet I will.

Thanks for the support!

@markiplier, there is a lot of drama surrounding your video, and it’s getting kinda overwhelming all of the negativity running around me, and I just wanted to say, I stand with you. I think you’re a really great, cool, nice guy. I’m sorry about all the stuff going on, and I’d just like to say thank you for bringing laughs and joy to me during your time on Youtube, you have helped cheer me up many times, and right now I want to say thank you.

Yeah, I made this post awkward by the way I said it but meh. I’m dumb and weird.

I don’t think Mark will notice this post, but I don’t really care.

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The more important question should be how can you not ship Karamel. Don't care about those mindless haters and know that you have the support of the karamel fam. Hate, bullying and name calling is poisonous, they do realize they're taking about themselves right lol.

Oh don’t worry, I just make fun of them haha.
Thanks sweetheart, I love having messages like that. 
The whole Karamel fam have my whole love, I love you all guys. Even if I don’t know a lot of you. I love you all, and I would be glad to talk to you all ♥

And the anti-Karamel who send hate, well you’re all funny, come talk to me and send me your hate, you’re making me feel powerful. And let’s be honest: laughing won’t hurt me.

Shoutout to all our followers!!

We recently hit 300 followers on Victagon9 and we just wanted to say thank you for all the love and support.

Admin Ari and I are so happy to be able to share our love for these amazingly talented dorks in VICTON, PENTAGON, and SF9 with you all and hopefully we were able to share a few laughs too.

Thank you for following us and for continuing to support us! Look forward to new content posted every Friday.

And before I sign off, I have a quick question.. How is it that we have 300+ followers and yet 0 messages in our ask/request box? ಠ_ಠ C’mon guys, don’t forget our request box is open every weekend until monday. 

THANK YOU and lots of love,
Admin Sum ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

I’m seeing (and feeling) a lot of negativity today SO I wanted to make a post like I did last Valentine’s Day and just thank you all for following me because I love seeing you guys on my dash and getting to hear about you and laughing at the stuff you reblog. I’ve been on tumblr for about seven years and my blog has changed so much throughout that time but I still have a lot of people I talk to regularly. You’re also so lovely and sweet so yeah just thanks <33

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Hey! Could I please have a teen wolf ship please? I'm a straight female. I'm 5ft 4" with brown curly hair. I often fall for guys who can make me laugh, but I like if they can protect me too. I love lacrosse, and would definitely go to every game! I'm quite studious, but I tend to procrastinate a lot 😂 I am always looking out for adventure! Thanks!

I totally ship you with Liam!

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The two of you would have endless adventures, skipping school to go out into the woods for a picnic every once in a while and falling asleep under the moon. You would be at all of Liam’s games and he’d rush off the field to meet you when the game was finished. You would definitely be best friends with Stiles, although he doesn’t always get along with Liam, he only wants what’s best for you, and he knows how happy the two of you are. Liam would constantly make you smile in every way that he could, whether it’d be pulling a prank on the pack, or bringing you a giant teddy bear in the middle of class. He would be super protective of you, especially when times get rough and the two of you have to fight whatever is attacking Beacon Falls this time.

Doubt; Part 3 (Jungkook Highschool!AU)

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

Summary: You and Jungkook had been best friends ever since high school started, and were inseparable - until she came into the picture. Jungkook is smitten by her; her laugh, her smile, her personality is all he can think about - until he sees you with him.
Characters: Jungkook, Reader, Taehyung, female O/C, and minor appearances from other members.
Genre: Angst&Fluff
Words: 1161 (sorry this wasn’t as long!)
A/N: this is part three to the “doubt” series! thank you guys so much for 100+ notes & for all the lovely messages! it really means a lot to me <33 i hope you guys enjoy and please tell me what you think! also, i’m planning on making this scenario at least 6 parts!
• you can always send your requests (scenarios, written reactions and ships) here 


“They aren’t even together,” he said harshly, looking at Hoseok. Everyone fell silent – this was the first time Jungkook or Soo Yeon said something that was to the whole group, and not their own private conversation. Jungkook had absolutely no clue why he was so angry, why he wanted to stop you from talking to Taehyung, or any of these guys ever again. Maybe he was just being protective? He just wanted to protect you from being hurt, he thought. Or maybe it was something else.
“Ah, what’s with you, kid? Just talk to your girlfriend. We’re just joking – although we won’t be for long,” Namjoon stated, sending a sharp glare to Jungkook and a small wink at you. Jungkooks head was pounding, his hands clenched into fists, and his blood boiling just watching you talking to Taehyung so happily. He knows what he’s doing is wrong – spending time with Soo Yeon rather than you, but Soo Yeon asked for it to be this way.
“You can’t hang out with another girl that isn’t your girlfriend, can you?” She asked him, laying her head on his shoulder, playing with his fingers.
“Ah, but, she’s not just any other girl. She’s my best friend. You really need to understand, I don’t want to choose between you! She doesn’t even know we’re dating yet…” he said, looking into her eyes for some sign of her understanding.
“Then don’t. You don’t have to choose between us. I understand, I guess. Just make sure to spend more time with me!” She said and smiled up at him, but, somehow, it wasn’t genuine. Jungkook didn’t seem to notice, his mind still thinking about what to do and smiled back at her, enclosing his hand in hers.
Ah, but, I have a question. Why didn’t you tell her about us?” She queried, looking at him with curious eyes.
I’m just waiting for the right time, I guess,” Jungkook said. He didn’t know why he chose to lie – the real reason he didn’t tell you is because he thought that you would distance yourself from him upon finding out – he knew you had the tendency to put others happiness above your own.
Jungkook pushed these memories out of his head for now, snapping back to reality and witnessing Taehyung wiping a bit of the food you had on your left cheek for you. He thought about how long it took for you guys to finally be comfortable with skinship – he had just failed his 10th grade math exam and was close to tears (although he’ll never admit it, he has to keep up his “bad boy image” which you knew was a complete lie). You took his hand in your own and pulled him into a hug. He was stiff at first, but, at much as he’d like to deny it – he enjoyed and missed having you that close to him. He snapped out of his daze upon hearing you shyly giggling and telling Taehyung, “that should be enough, Tae! Wait, is it okay if I call you that? Or would you prefer-“
“Tae’s just fine,” he said. He quickly looked over at Jungkook, only to see Jungkook already staring at him. Jungkook coughed loudly and looked at Taehyungs hand still on your cheek. Taehyung quickly removed his hand and looked down, keeping his hands in his lap. You gave Jungkook an odd look but, still smiled at him. Immediately after, the bell rang, urging you all to head to your classes. You picked up your lunch and offered to throw away Taehyungs strawberry milk for him, but, he quickly took yours and ran off with it, to throw it away for you. He tripped over his own feet a little bit, but, still turned back around to shout “Bye, Y/N! See you tomorrow!”
You laughed to yourself at how cute he was, and stood up, looking around for Jungkook so you guys could head to class together. Surely enough, there he was, hugging Soo Yeon and weirdly, looking directly at you. You stared back, watching him pull back from the hug and head towards you, saying a rushed “goodbye” to Soo Yeon. You smiled at the approaching boy, but he didn’t smile back. You looked at him questioningly but he avoided your gaze completely.
“Ah, Jungkook, is something up? Are you feeling okay?” You asked him, tilting your head to the side.
He opened the door to the biology class and took a seat without replying to you. After a couple moments of silence, he said “You and Taehyung are pretty close for people that have only known each other for like, what, a day?”
You smiled a little, causing Jungkook to glare at you. Your smile immediately dropped as you stated, quite passive-aggressively, “You and Soo Yeon are dating already, and it’s been like, what, 3 weeks?”
“Dating?” He said, biting his lip a little.
“Hm. Yeah. I saw you guys kissing today. It isn’t really much of a secret, really. I’m surprised you didn’t say anything to me,” you mumbled.
Jungkook stopped fiddling with his eraser to look at you directly in the eyes, and you did the same.
“Is that why you’re acting like that with Taehyung? To get back at me?”
You had to keep yourself from not saying anything too aggressive – you had to be the rational one.
Get back at you? Really? I’ll admit, at first, I wasn’t too thrilled about you and Soo Yeon dating. No other reason except for the fact I was afraid of losing you to her. But, then, I started spending time with Taehyung, and I was happy. So, I thought to myself, ‘If I can be happy with Taehyung without Jungkook being petty like I was, it isn’t fair of me to be upset at their relationship, right? As long as he’s happy, I’m happy.’ Now, I’m genuinely glad you’re having a good time with Soo Yeon, I truly am. It bothers me to think that I’d stoop as low as to trying to making you upset by spending time with someone else – it hurt when you did it to me, and I wouldn’t do the same to you,” you stated. You mumbled the last part, but Jungkook still caught it anyways. You weren’t the best at expressing how you felt, so, Jungkook had learnt to listen to every little thing you said, even when you talked fast or didn’t want him to hear you. Jungkook gulped and said quickly, “I’m sorry. You’re right. It isn’t fair of me to be upset with you. You and Taehyung would be, uh, cute together, I think. You have my approval, I guess.” In the back of his mind, he knew he was lying – he didn’t want to fight with you farther because, he was afraid that it would expose what he’d be denying all this time. His feelings for you. The best solution for him? To lie.