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Need a hand (Zach DempseyX Reader )

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Request; Hey could you do  a  Zach Dempsey smut where you find him jerking off and offer to help him. Also i really love the Musical fingers imagine.Btw I don’t know if you do 13rw Characters but if you don’t you could just turn it into a reggie mantle one Thanks in advance.

A/N; Let me tell you guys how this is another version of this imagine because the first one I  was doing  my computer shut down in the middle of it so I had to  rewrite the whole thing but  yesss   I do 13rw imagines I love that show and all the characters.In other news I write other things not just smut. I can write fluff romance drama just tell me what you want  sis or bro. Idk ask for a part 2 if yah want i lowkey feel this is short but at the same time long idkk


Warnings;smut,sin, sin,sin ,more sin, jacking off ,blowjobs  blah, blah, blah

Part two (coming soon depends)

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It was a sunny Sunday afternoon one of those day in April when the weather is cooperating. A day meant to go out , the park. shopping , walking  it doesn’t matter as long as you go somewhere to enjoy the weather.Where was I going not anywhere I wished to go. I was walking down the street no not on my way to the park to enjoy this lovely warm weather instead I was stuck studying for a final tomorrow with my study partner Zach Dempsey. Yes you heard right the Zach Dempsey star player of the basketball team.Unlike his teammates he was actually I laid back guy.He knew what mattered.He was pretty smart for a sports guy, He worried about his grades as much as he worried about sports.He wanted to be a biologist or something like that. He told me on one of our study session, I honestly can’t remember correctly maybe I was too busy drooling over the hottie, maybe that’s the problem I’m too  distracted by him. I mean the guy is fit from head to toe, I guess sports really do pay off. Oh if he knew the dreams I have about him and how I fantasize over his lips being on  mine. Zach and I have weird friendship  we are always flirting with each other and making sexual innuendos but we have never made contact that wasn’t just the friend type even though I wished we had. I was early to our study date I was sure Zach wouldn’t mind my parents went out and I didn’t want to be home alone. Zach has texted me earlier to just walk in when I got there. Zach parents were out of town and they took  his little sister with them so it was just going to be me and Zach.I reached the long driveway of the Dempsey home and decided to let myself in.Walking up the driveway I remember all the time Zach has come to open the door for me.How  he’s always wearing a shirt that hugs his bodily perfectly showing off all his muscles and how his sweatpants always hang low on his hips. He looks mesmerizing each time. I reach the door opening it slowly trying to  remember the way to Zach’s room. I’ve been in this house couple of time but the house is a mansion figuring out your way through it is like trying to get out of a maze each time.Making my way up the endless stairs I start to remember the way to his room. When I reach the top of the stairs I hear a something that sounds exactly like a moan. Immediately  I regret my decision of showing up early. What if Zach had someone over? I wouldn’t want to interrupt anything.My mind told me to get out of there but my feet wouldn’t listen they had a mind of their own and I slowly walk towards the door Zach moans got louder and I gotta admit they sounded enticing.Tempted to see what was happening inside I decided to look through the breach of the door. The view was captivating and alluring, Zach was pleasing himself his muscles clenching his hair was damped  and little droplets of sweat decorated his forehead and his eyebrows were furrowed.His hand moving up and down his exquisite cock and in that moment I desired that my mouth was his hand. As a gasp left his mouth I couldn’t hold it any longer my heart palpitated and I felt my body heat up the place in between my legs throbbing for attention.A sudden wave of confidence flowed through me as I stepped into the room speaking up.

“ Need a hand “ I say confidently

Zach is shocked he pulls his pants up in one swift movement turning the chair to face the opposite way that i’m standing.

“ wha… what did you say ?” he says stuttering

I start walking towards him “I asked if you needed help with that” I said standing in front of him. I sit on  his lap and slowly kiss his jawline

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“ like I said I could help but only if you want” I swing my legs to straddle him and get close to his ear I start nibbling on it slightly “Let’s be honest Dempsey you want this as much as I do so what are you waiting for” I say and I start kissing his jawline again.He grabs my hips firmly making me me grind on his bulge. I let out a gasp from the sudden contact. we craved each other. I look up at him his eyes darker full of lust the intensity between us growing. He harshly pulls my face to his crashing our lips together  and a surge of electricity runs through me.The kiss was passionate and lustful at the same time. Like we had been waiting for this forever and like it will last for eternity. I pull away short of breath and see Zach smirking.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that for” he says panting.I get on my knees making eye contact with him eager to have his luscious cock in my mouth my core burning with desire at every touch.I glidle my hand across his bulge and he hisses. I massage it slowly through his boxers. The anticipation of having him in my mouth is killing me but I also want to tease him. I slowly pull down his sweats and he kicks them off he’s only in boxers now giving me a better view.I take off his boxers looking up at him and batting my lashes I take him in my hands and he bucks his hips upward putting more of himself in my hand I pump him a few times before putting his savory tip in my mouth  a suck the tip slowly and he lets out a throaty moan. I take him in my mouth as much as I can slowly bobbing my head up and down  he starts thrusting his cock in my mouth making me moan which sends vibrations onto him.He forcefully pulls my hair into a pony tails guiding me. He hits the back of my throat and I gag. I can hear him cursing under his breath and I know he’s close. The view is consuming , he’s furrowing his eyebrows his mouth slightly open letting string of curse words fall from it once in awhile I moan at the thought of having him come undone inside my mouth. I feel him twitch so I moan again. I feel his milky liquid in my mouth and  I greedily savor his taste, his delicious cock still throbbing in my mouth.He lets go of my hair I wipe the corners of my mouth and get up.I sit on his lap again pulling his lips to mine kissing him passionately.

“Damn Y/N I didn’t know you were such a freak”

he says still short if breath

“Actually there a lot of things you don’t know about me Dempsey” I say smirking.I get up from the chair and start walking towards the door but Zach grabs me and throws me on the bed pinning me down.

“now its my turn to make you feel good” he says kissing my neck

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YEAAAAAHHHHHHH BOIIII!!!! FINALLY TODAY IS THE DAY where burstale start posted at my FB n certain UT group XD ~ n it has reached 1 year (actually so does Epic since we both start at the same time)

Soooo cough cough// Firstly I wanna say thanks to all burstale readers that has read me n @amachi-blaze works for this series!! Without you guys I think I wouldnt go this far xD n Burstale was planned to have 3 chapter where its just a generic story of Chara n Sans fight to death ~ I know its stupid but I just want to try make short doujin of UT but it ended up so complicated but good with machi story,I never thought of putting gaster as a medium for Burst ability at first XD yet it goes so well with my artstyle

Burst was actually inspired by my favourite singer NANO n if checked her out they both wear black hoodies XD n most of NANO MV she wore hoodie to conceal her face ~

Hurmmmmm I have a lot of problem during designing Burst special characteristic at first but the as the story goes I keep changing the design n machi keep going crazy xD its fun to have our character keep going ~ n if some people think Burst is evil n yes she is ~ she have her own reason ok?xD

As the story may go slowly cuz im busy with works i’ll try to keep working on it!! N I know some of u guys keep waiting for the next update XD im sorry for my tight schedule n alot of commission im getting

Idk what to say anymore XD n THANKS FOR READING BURSTALE TILL NOW! Eventho we dont have much fan but I appreciate the small number cuz me n machi can still talk n communicate with u guys ~ <3

Special thanks to - @huroki @yugogeer12 @tehrogue without these 3 I would ended up stop at chap 1 xD hahahahaha

Thanks to
@doge-genesis for few awesome fanart that we rarely get XD
@deusn for who keep asking me how to make more plot n I learn myself from there too
@xxmileikaivanaxx for also the fanart XD
@n you all readers n some fanart that you guys give us, I truly happy with the fanar some of you guys give!!! Im sorry if I didnt mention anyone here

Have my present for Burstale 1 Years old

For once I have news that isn’t book-related: 

Remember that long hiatus I went on roundabout Christmastime? Well, in the midst of moving back to the States and working on two books I was also applying to PhD programs (because I am a chronic overachiever/glutton for punishment). Anyway, it’s been a long process and I haven’t talked about it here because I wanted to wait until I had a decision made (and also I was terrified I wouldn’t get in anywhere and then would have to admit that to the internet), but I’m excited to tell you guys I’ll be starting my doctorate in the fall at UMD. All this really means for the blog is that you have five more years’ bitching and moaning about grad school to look forward to, and that if you have questions about the PhD application process I can now answer those! (Hopefully.)

Thanks, as always, for your patience and unflagging enthusiasm!

Xx Dukesie

500 follower fic giveaway!

I’ve got 500 followers, and to celebrate, I’d like to write a fic FOR YOU! That’s right, YOU!

Reply, like, reblog (in other words, show up in the notes for this post) by Wednesday, April 26 at 4:00 pm (PST) and I’ll choose one (maybe more?) lucky noters to have a fic written especially for them!

alright ,, i promise i was working on a huge follow forever and it was going to be very sappy and gross but i literally have no time to finish it :(( but i did want to do something for 1k since im still freakin out and can’t really believe one t h o u s a n d (almost 1.2 now whoops) people have followed this mess of a blog! so i thought id do some blogrates to commemorate my appreciation n love for all y'all :) thank you guys so so so much for 1k !!


mbf me + rb this post
send me an ask telling me what your favorite book/book character is!
blacklist ‘jen does blogrates’ if you don’t want to see these


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Prayer Request

Hey all!  My husband is starting to look for a job.  I would really appreciate it if you guys would keep his job search lifted up at Masses or during your regular prayer time or adoration time.  It will take a while for something to come through.  Pray we find just the right job for him without any problems or loss of income.  Thanks a million!

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Hey there, I'm a CL shipper, I've sent you a couple asks before. I just wanted to pop in and say congratulations on the soon to be bellarke. I've never been one to be angry if my ship isn't endgame, so I'm happy that you guys have stuck through this ride. I just wanted to say this before it actually happened because I feel things are gonna get really crazy really soon(in a good way!) So yeah, keep on enjoying your ship!

Gosh. That is really nice of you. I mean, as in, like, it’s the way we all should be but somehow find it hard to do sometimes, so I want to thank you for that. 

ok but fr i gotta say that im actually really impressed with carats? when the boys were going to the states i was scared that they were going to be bombarded and mobbed and everything but y’all have been so chill? giving them space and respecting their privacy is so important and im so relieved that we’ve been respecting this for the most part and are allowing them to thoroughly enjoy themselves on their trip. i applaud you carats, my faith in this fandom has been fully restored

Auston Matthews - Cabbie Show

Can you do an Austin Matthews one where y'all have to go on Cabbie’s show?

“Hey, guys! So I’m here with Auston Matthews and his girlfriend Y/N! Welcome guys!” Cabbie bubbled at the camera.

“Thanks man!” Auston said.

“Okay, so I have heard a lot of chatter from the guys on the team about you two being so much alike THAT, I thought we would play a game called “Do you know your partner!”

You both gave Cabbie a what the fuck look. While he handed you both a whiteboard and a blue marker.

“See. we’re already having fun!” Cabbie joked when he saw both of your faces.

“Okay, first question….What is something the other likes to do (besides hockey.)?”

You looked over at Auston and smiled as you wrote on your board as Auston did the same.

“Ready?” Cabbie questioned.

“Ready.” You noted.


“Okay, Auston said reading. And Y/N said sleeping.”

“Yup! I read, while he sleep.” you laughed.


“Sleep is right.” He smiled.

“Okay, Who would be most likely to lock themselves out of the house….naked?” You two began writing and waiting for the ready, before flipping over the boards.

“AUSTON!! Oh man! I feel like this has happened before.” Cabbie joked.

You guys went on with more question for what felt like forever, but you two were having so much fun that you didn’t care. Soon, it was coming to the last question.

“Okay, Which guy on the team do you hate being around in the morning?”

“Psssh easy!” Auston smiled as he wrote his answer then waited for you.

“Mitch!! Oh man!” Cabbie laughed. “Alright I have to agree with the guys you two need to get married already. You two got every question the same!”


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Hey guys~!

Just wanted to let y'all know that I won’t be posting very much for the next 2-3 weeks. Final Exams time is just around the corner and I really have to prepare because classes this semester have been brutal and I’m really doing poorly so I have to work hard for finals.

I’m going to put the 100 drabbles on hold for now, but I’ll be doing them again in a few weeks, I promise. I know it sucks because a lot of you requested drabble prompts but please, just be patient and I will write them. I just need to take some time to focus on school.

Texts and three sentence fics will also be slowed down. I might post a few here and there as a study break but I can’t make ant promises.

For those who have been following the blog for a while, you know how much I hate hiatuses. It’s really my least favorite thing to do when running a blog, so I’m not going on a full hiatus - just a small, temporary slow down.

I’ll definitely post a lot once University lets out and I can actually go back home and write and post things.

Thank you guys so much for all of the love and support! I really appreciate it! Hopefully I’ll be back and posting soon! <3 Love you all!

So I’m watching the Yuri On Ice dub because im currently working on a little AMV for it and im watching episode four when this scene that we all know and love comes up

Yes, this one and then it goes to tHIS SCENE



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I hope this isn't annoying, but I would like to announce that I have officially made it through all 1686 pages of your blog and I have not left my bed for 46 hours and 35 minutes. Thanks so much for making this blog so awesome and also thank you for robbing my evenings that I should be using to do something productive :) I love you guys thank you so so so so so so much. I hope you're all having fantastic days.

this is some dedication i applaud you